Saturday, December 10, 2011

Third Eye Open

Okay, my beautiful world, what is your opinion of Eric H. Holder, Jr.? Do you believe he is doing his job properly? I am deferring to your judgment of him. Yes, my third eye has been open lately, but I do not have a connection with him like I do with other people... like my Sweetness. Mr. Holder is a public servant. As the public, you get to flex your muscles and tell him what to do. You also get to tell him when he is doing a good job. Please be honest and appropriate.

On the topic of the government, I caught the last half hour of so of the Republican debate last night. Why, Squid, if you care so much for this country, do you not endorse a candidate?... You ask a very good question. Well, you see, I am not a Republican.

Out of respect for the democratic process in this country and for the integrity of the Republican party as a whole, I am not going to endorse a candidate for nomination. I will talk policy with anyone, but since I am not a Republican, it is completely inappropriate for me to meddle in their affairs. (But I worry that Newt has made it too clear for his own good that he does not like me much. Everyone else seems to like me just fine.... Just in case that matters to you Republicans.)

If I like the candidate they nominate, I will vote for him or her in November next year... And if I do not like their nominee, I will write in "Hillary Clinton." I can only hope and pray more liberals will do the same. Who knows, maybe Mrs. Clinton will carry a few states.

At the end of the debate, the commentators expressed wishes that the leaders in this country would work together to fix our national problems instead of fighting all the time. Well, to be honest, I am not actually allowed to fix problems in this nation. I do my best, though, in spite of a corrupt president's horrible intentions to shut me up forever. George and Diane, I could really use your help getting rid of him and replacing him with a better president who would actually allow me to do everything I can to help this once fine nation. That is how to make your own dreams come true.

As for world news,...

Moscow, WOW! I know how you feel. When the government is corrupt, you have to go to the next higher authority to hold the guilty parties accountable. When it is the highest level of the government that is corrupt, what can you do? In a democracy, the only authority higher than the government is the people. The people need to put the corrupt parties on trial. I understand why you are using your power to clean up your government. As always, stay strong. Stay peaceful. Stay organized, and make concrete demands. Oh, and STAY WARM! I have heard about your Russian winters.

Dearest Iran and Afghanistan, can I ask you for help with something? Have you heard of Bob Levinson? He went missing while investigating criminal activity in 2009, and people seem to think he is being held hostage in one of your two countries. I know you are very busy governments concerned with today's global realities, but can I ask you to help locate him? Will you do it for me? Will you do it to prove all people and self-sovereign nations deserve respect because they do have goodness in their hearts? Mr. Levinson's wife and kids are worried sick about him, and no one should be forced to be apart from his or her loved ones. No one.

Finally, where is the UN conference on Global Climate Change right now? Why does no one know about it, where it is, or what they are doing in there? We need global leadership on this topic, and we needed it to start a decade ago. No, I cannot help as long as I am still in this damned bubble. Can the world really wait for Obama the Criminal to get arrested before we have a leader willing and able to carry humanity through this? Can the world really wait any longer?

Sweetness, please stop worrying about hurting my feelings or letting me down. Please just concentrate your energies on the battle at hand. I doubt you could ever do anything that would make me unhappy... ever... and that is one of the reasons I love you so dearly. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Oh, and if you are considering making a plea for help from the UN for added pressure on the human rights violators to release me from this bubble, please consider doing so before the end of December. We have Nigeria and a few other rock stars in there until the end of the year... Yes, we have some rock stars in there still next year, but trust me.

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