Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Rascism Against Middle Easterners is Fueling Obama's Agenda.

Let us all be honest. If Iran finally develops a nuclear weapon or if it looks like a war with Iran is dangerously imminent, the American public will finally revolt and set me free from this bubble themselves, so I can fix the problem. That said, it is not in my immediately best interests to write the rest of this new blog post. However, my beautiful world, you all know how hard it is for me to bite my tongue when I see warmongering and the unpatriotic habits of our current terrorist of a president in action as he ruins America and destroys stability in the world as a whole. So, I really am going to write the rest of this blog post.

The US government is antagonizing Iran again, so Iran is making threats to defend itself again. Why is the US government constantly antagonizing Iran? They claim Iran's nuclear program is a threat.

Let us all be honest. Take a good look at the world. How many countries have nuclear weapons? How many countries with nuclear weapons has the US fought a war against (after they gained the nuclear technology, of course)? None. Absolutely none.

Having nuclear weaponry is a defensive strategy, not an offensive one. It is a way to prevent war because it means the warmongering Americans will not hit you anymore. If you attack anyone enough times (he or) she will find a way to defend (himself or) herself.

We all know that Iran cannot drop a nuclear bomb in Israel because they will be hitting themselves with fallout. For the same reasons, Israel has nothing to gain from threatening Iran with the bomb.

I have already tried explaining to Iran that nuclear technology is obsolete for these very reasons, but I do not want to end up in a discussion of what is not obsolete technology.

What the American government needs to learn to do is break the cycle of racism and hatred that fuels all of these conflicts with Arab nations, so we can finally have a peaceful and stable world.

Why does the US government attack Iran all the time? It is because Iran is constantly defending themselves against the US. Iran has a nuclear program because the US government has driven them to build one. If the US government would finally stop creating conflict, the conflict would go away.

On the short term, if the US would just stop using so much oil (and most American oil comes from Canada anyway) the Strait of Hormuz will no longer be something worth fighting over. Try telling the truth. Try solving the real problem.

Sweetness, I am staying in tonight, so I can bake pastries. I finally found where the grocery store shelves its almond paste. I will be at the Des Moines Social Club's open mic tomorrow night, and I will probably stop for drinks somewhere afterwards. I will probably also be out and about Saturday night. I love and adore you. I also trust you completely. You can do anything you want in my name, and you know that.

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