Monday, December 12, 2011

Model T

General Motors, Tesla Motors,... Yes, you too, Ford... Who else is in the States? Anyway, this should actually be addressed to car companies across the world...

How long before we get a solar-powered Model T?

Do you have any idea how many world problems we could fix with an affordable way to get the world off of its oil dependency? Do you have any idea what good would come to poverty stricken areas if they were not pinching pennies to buy gasoline? Do you have any idea how much money would stay in the middle class economy instead of disappearing into rich oil companies as they just get richer? Do you know how many carbon emissions we can keep out of the sky? Global Climate Change is real. Think of the lives you could save.

Besides, the first company to put an affordable, stable, solar-powered car on the market would make billions.

Yes, there will always be a need for oil. This planet will never completely kick its habit... until the oil runs out. And I have already warned OPEC nations to develop their economies, so they will be ready for when the oil runs dry.

But please, car companies, start the race to our much more healthy future. We need a solar-powered car that even your factory workers can afford to buy. Please do it for the planet. Please do it for the future. Please do it for me.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter late last night. It should arrive in LA on Wednesday or Thursday. I will probably mail you something tomorrow, too. Tonight I think I am going to stay in. I am pretty sure I can fix my squeaky, old headset mic with a little WD40, and I need to figure what to get you as a gift this year. I know how busy I keep you. All I want this year is lots and lots of kissing. Hee-hee. Can you look into starting an investigation of the tainted water supplies in San Francisco, Mexico City, Wigan, Liverpool, Ankeny, and Des Moines? Every city has witnesses... but I do fear Iowa is so drugged it is in denial. Everyone here is sleepy and depressed.

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