Friday, December 16, 2011

Ask Questions. Demand Answers.

What is the purpose of the bubble I live in? Ask the people who mandate and control it. Find out why you, the American public, are paying with your human rights to continue this persecution of me. Most importantly, why are you allowing it to continue?

And now, some random links...

AG: "President Obama is adopting some of the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and yet he's also receiving more money from Wall Street than any other president in history." NP: "Yes and that's why nothing will happen..."

Our human rights are evaporating.

"The death squads and concentration camps of history were never staffed by rebels and dissidents. They were were run by those who followed the rules."

I wonder sometimes what Obama the Sociopath's prolonged oppression of this entire nation has done to us... permanently... spiritually... psychologically.

Sweetness, I mailed you something late Tuesday night. You should get it today or tomorrow. I love you. I worry that I stress you out, but, WOW, do I ever love you.

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