Friday, December 30, 2011

If Someone Tells You to Break the Law, no Matter Who That Person is, You are Both Guilty.

San Francisco, the federal government has no love for you. It is okay to press charges against them for lying to you, terrorizing you, oppressing you, and poisoning your water supply... repeatedly. I saw your faces during this most recent time I lived there. You were terrorized by the Feds as they enforced the unconstitutional bubble on you. They kept claiming you were "leaking" and threatening you because of it. In all reality, if they had never put me in a bubble in the first place, I would not have known the bubble was there. It is okay, San Francisco. Just exercise your right to demand justice to make it all right.

I recently asked my beautiful world to make sure they bring me problems they would like me to help fix. Debt crisis in Greece... hikers in exotic locations... People seem to like hearing my opinions. Challenge me. I am here to help.

My beautiful America, do you know where our domestic economic problems came from? There are some better places than others to look for the answer to that question. I recommend you start here. Ole President Gee-Dub forbade the Feds from arresting the guilty parties in 2008, and President Corrupt completed the travesty of patriotic American leadership by giving all the guilty parties cash bailouts in 2009.

This begs a few questions... How much do you know about the New World Order? Who preened Obama the Terrorist to get elected to ruin America?

Do not forget: If you do what Obama the Sociopath (or the FBI) commands and break the law, you are all prosecutable. The dictionary calls this corruption. If you do as I suggest and defy his oppression, you are a hero saving America. No law was ever written that says you cannot have your Constitutional rights. That is just a policy of President Corrupt; there are very good reasons the executive branch is not allowed to create laws in this country.

My beautiful world, I have been receiving verbally abusive comments on my blog posts. The comments are attempts to coerce me into no longer writing snail mail to my beloved Sweetness. Obama, you bratty child, you should know by now that I do not respond favorably to verbal abuse. That is, I respond appropriately. It is illegal for a reason.

Similarly, do you remember how my criminal father, a quack who made the conscious choice to commit malpractice, and the corrupt Polk County District Court's Mental Health Division claimed everything in this here blog was symptoms of a debilitating and incurable mental illness in order to illegally confine me to a hospital and traumatize me with threats of forced torture injections? One of their many goals was to terrorize me into no longer keeping my blog which was changing the world. This is all I have to say on the topic to Obama the Slave Driver who commanded it... I have the internet, and I know how to use it.

And now that I have your undivided attention, I will now blushingly reveal my hidden agenda.

I am not just out to do good all over the world in the ways I flat out state. I also have a secret goal. I have always said that I should not have to present myself to the world as a man to be treated with decency and respect, listened to in the areas in which I am expert, and acknowledged as more than capable at what I do in this world. I fight my battles in a skirt and heels because I am the type of woman who likes a skirt and heels, and I am not about to pretend I am something I am not. I believe that by proving I have worth in the world as a woman, despite the president deciding and enforcing that I am disposable, I can end female infanticide... among other things. I figure I can do this just by being myself.

"Revolutionary Dreams" by Nikki Giovanni
i used to dream militant
dreams of taking
over america to show
these white folks how it should be done
i used to dream radical dreams
of blowing everyone away with my perceptive powers
of correct analysis
i even used to think i’d be the one
to stop the riot and negotiate the peace
then i awoke and dug
that if i dreamed natural
dreams of being a natural
woman doing what a woman
does when she’s natural
i would have a revolution

Sweetness, eres el rey dulce de mi corazon. Juntos y pronto bailaremos bajo el lluvia del paraíso de nuestra amor inmortal. Tenemos las ganas de triunfar, ¿no? Espero aquí solo, pero entiendo que el futuro esta viniendome en el acercamiento de tu alma elegante.

Romance languages can be so romantic.

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