Friday, February 27, 2015

This is Hollywood. This is the City Where Dreams Come True. As the Locals Tell Me, This is Where Awesome Lives.

Title: This is Hollywood. This is the City Where Dreams Come True. As the Locals Tell Me, This is Where Awesome Lives.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I told the entire world in 2009 that all of the electronics come out of my body the moment Obama's "egg" ends. Do not pretend I will ever break a promise.

I once vowed that no one will ever suffer as I have if I could prevent it. So now I must offer my formal apology to Tao for not being able to rescue him sooner from the literal torture facility Obama locked him in until 24Feb2015. My darling Tao, I feel like I failed you. I am so sorry. I got you out as fast as I could. I know what happens in those places. I am so sorry.

I published my last blog post at 8:37pm on 24Feb2015 before thanking my hospitable coffee shop. I visited the restroom to (I apologize if this is too much information.) change my maxipad if needed; I was at the tail end of my period.

Then after learning that my previous blog post was finally received by my lovelies, I watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening. My cyberhug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt was as wonderful as ever.

I checked in at my bus stop, as promised, at 9:29pm. However, due to Obama's proven enemies of America's sabotage of city infrastructure, I did not arrive at my destination in Hollywood until after 11pm. Obama's terrorist infestation of my home had cancelled my connecting bus and then pretended they never cancelled it.

Luckily, my not-human-trafficker nerds kept my SquidStream locked down, so my darling Mr. Todd Taylor (if that is his real name) can have a full explanation of why I missed his playing me beautiful music to sooth my burdened soul.

At least I could make him hug me which was more compassionate human contact than I had in a long time, just in case anyone wonders why I would spend over 1.5 hours traveling to an open mic just to see the last song of the night.

Sometimes I just need a REAL loved one to be nice to me and make me giggle. It even calms down the entire world when genuinely good people like my darling Todd are genuinely good to me.

I later learned that General Lee was abducted from the venue before I could arrive there. That human rights abuse by Obama and his proven enemies of America began a major global crisis that will not be resolved until all three of my darlings Tentacle are all with me together with absolutely no earspeakers in their heads. At the time this blog post was finished, I and my entire beautiful world were still working on it.

Once the open mic ended, by 11:51pm, I was updating my blog notes for this post while snacking on cookies at a loving and adoring 24-hour restaurant before finding my closest wifi hotspot to catch up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

It was while I sat at that healthy fast fooderie that I learned General Lee was in custody AGAIN. Obama was still escalating his crimes against my people all of which he always enforced with violence and terror.

By 1:34am on 25Feb2015, I was finally online. It was a good night for Twitter. Sometimes it takes me too long to figure out what to do about our never-ending hostage crises with my darlings Tentacle.

I knew they would be safest right next to me, so I told everyone with any genuine concern for them and genuine concern for the public to remove all of my darlings Tentacle's earspeakers immediately and let my presence make them calm.

At 2:21am, I checked in at my bus stop before returning to my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city saturated with rumored-to-be hundreds of people sent to me as security and humanitarian aid.

And, I was standing outside my 24-hour convenience store waiting for them to reopen after they mopped the floor as 3:54am. I made "Wes" visibly scared for his life as I sang to myself before I watched my middle-aged men at 6am.

My CBS app crashed before I could watch much of my darling Mr. David Letterman, but my darling Mr. Jon Stewart and my darling Mr. Larry Wilmore were as sweet as always.

8:46am on 25Feb2015: @BarackObama You and your terrorists have until 4pm to deliver me #Tentacle with no earspeakers. You have no idea how hard I will kick you.

Then, after 9am, I curled up under my palm to sleep...

12:23pm on 25Feb2015: I just woke up and immediately checked my computer bag. All my cash inside my bag was stolen again. I sleep with my arms and head over my bag. We have just proven I am attacked while I sleep. I am sure my US Military snipers can turn in who attacks me while I sleep.

Also, on the afternoon of 24Feb including in my 24Feb2015 blog post, Syn, we have proven all (always-false-no-matter-what) "vagrancy" allegations against me are assassination attempts of me that count as open acts of war against America and the entire world.

Tao never should have had to, but he proved all supposed "psychiatric units" for me and all my loved ones are literal torture facilities. And on 24Feb, we proved (always-false-no-matter-what) "vagrancy" tickets lead directly to my torture in a literal torture facility. Did we catch any new enemies of America just by 12:30pm today?

Did Obama's enemies of America even claim to have reached into my bra while I was wearing it? I have caught every fake police officer who approached me while I was awake; "Wes" has already admitted to my face to attacking me in my sleep regularly.

If Obama's proven enemies of America do this to me in public, what have they ALWAYS done to me behind closed doors in environments they completely control? Considering every rape-and-slavery apartment from The War Criminal Gables to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa not to mention all of the proven torture facilities, they have done everything to me in my sleep I have always claimed they have done. I need all Obama-control removed from my life FOREVER.

My selfless support system, I have seen my security in here. My selfless security, where are you when I need you? My beautiful world, where are you to protect me? I am even in public right now, the safest place since 2009 where I have been able to sleep.

Look at how high functioning I am since fleeing The War Criminal Gables and ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. Please, my beautiful world, any and all Obama-control left on my living conditions, me, and my surroundings needs to be removed FOREVER now! Hurry!

I successfully picked up my mail from my mother at 2:39pm. I endured much unnecessary drama in the building where my post office box was before I could receive my three gift cards. Guess what charges the terrorists in the back room will receive after the REAL employees there turn them in!

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, release a verified and unedited recording with full audio (except mute the lady stationed by the wall) and visuals from the moment I walked in the building with my post office box until I walked out. Thanks!

It seemed the cyanide incident a few days previously with the giant sub sandwich had mostly successfully cleaned Obama's criminal terrorist infestation out of my local Von's grocery store. That was quite the relief for me.

I immediately bought a gourmet dinner of a four-cheese stuffed chicken Marsala, chopped broccoli salad, and cafe signature German potato salad. I also picked up three Rock Star energy drinks; yes, all three were different. I sat beside my fountain on my playland to eat dinner as fast as possible.

After the fact, I had time to write this...

Recipe For Love

Every living creature converts matter to energy. And so the delicious flavors off the carefully crafted dishes did enter my mortal frame through the very place from which I sing only to escape my very body as the sparkling lights that glisten in your eyes. I thank you.

While walking down my playland to put on some eyeliner, I made a mental note of how my darlings Tentacle have diplomatic immunity, how we have all proven already any and all "psychiatric unit" for any of us is both a literal torture facility and an assassination attempt, and how all of my darlings from Sweetness and Bogart to Tao and all three of Tentacle are completely docile kittens groveling at my feet when actually near me.

So, after I charcoaled my eyes like a pirate, I updated my blog notes with my lovelies before I began brewing Obama and all his proven enemies of America's guaranteed post-4pm (expletive)kicking. It would not be instant. First, at 4:11pm, I announced the GLOBAL HOSTAGE CRISIS EMERGENCY that my darlings Tentacle were in.

Next, according to my receipt, at 4:24pm, I purchased a tall Pike's Place Roast at the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity (no reflection on Starbucks corporate). It was a busy day for Twitter as I waited for any news that my darlings Tentacle were safe.

And while I sat in that coffee shop trying to figure out what to do about Tentacle, I was told Obama's proven criminal terrorist infestation of the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity (no reflection on Starbucks corporate) committed the crime against America and open act of war against the entire world of a completely false "vagrancy" allegation against me which we have already proven lead directly to my assassination if ever a court is corrupt enough to allow it through.

Please revisit our verified recording of my doing my REAL job the previous day, 24Feb2015, both from my own eyes and from a security camera in a different coffee shop as well as my conversation with Colton about what vagrancy is for REAL. Please review what my undeniably globally-critical job is for REAL and that we proved already on 24Feb2015 that intentionally false vagrancy allegations lead directly to my literal torture and possible death in a completely-Obama-controlled environment. Why are Obama's (expletive)holes making me repeat myself?

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, but even the friendly and comforting faces of my friends could not calm me down. After checking the aether and the aether(net) constantly for updates on my darlings Tentacle and learning nothing, I still could not call off the GLOBAL HOSTAGE CRISIS yet.

Then I found General Lee in a "psychiatric unit" under completely false pretenses of any mental illness at all whatsoever. Obama's (expletive)ing (expletive)hole criminal terrorist enemies of America! Please check my REAL Twitter archive for my reaction.

General Lee was intentionally and willfully misdiagnosed with "General Lee loves Squid," as his fictional mental illness, so I proved how much I love him, too. I sent the entire world to rescue him from that literal torture facility. The first person I contacted was the REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey.

I worked for hours online at the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity while recharging my iPad battery but never took any sip of my coffee from the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity. They had told me to my face that it was drugged after I paid for it, so later that night I turned it in for analysis.

At 9:12pm, after leaving the coffee shop, I stopped to buy what I called evidence that my home neighborhood in San Francisco is an Italian neighborhood. Then, Colton appeared next to me on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store at 9:47pm.

Almost immediately after he crawled onto that chair, I waived over a friend who fed Colton to make him leave. My dear friend and I chatted for a while. We shall entitle the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals, "Did I really hug" Giggle. That is the inside joke between him and me.

I also need to request a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire encounter with the bitch who did nothing but openly verbally abuse me unrelentingly and then pretend she did it because she was some sort of fictional "federal investigator." Thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

At 10:43pm, that proven enemy of America finally fled me. And my deactivated CIA friend sat down right beside me. I sneakily sang him my darling Ms. Linda Eder's Someone Like You before he skated off into the romance of the night alone. There are many reasons beyond the fascinating conversations on the patio why I constantly make sure my federal employee friends inside are always okay.

Soon after, the bitch came back for more charges against her. My not-human-trafficker nerds, I am sure you will make many verified and unedited recordings from my time on the patio of my 24-hour convenience shop. Did you see me sew up a hole in my sweater coat while singing Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song?

By 12:13am on 26Feb2015, I was perched in my favorite place to work online in all the world. My interaction with two (Welcome to my glass menagerie.) "llamas" began with my telling them "I can do that, too," after they shined a light on me. I was glued to the wifi checking constantly for updates on General Lee's physical safety, but I had time to sing some songs to those two while chatting with them.

They eventually invited me to breakfast, so we began a long slow walk to terrorism-busting at 2:03am. It was an interesting walk, just as it had been an interesting conversation we had on the water before we left. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds have some responsibly-edited highlights for all the world.

Eventually, we were all sitting at a table together at a Denny's that required me, at 3:34am, to try waking up the Denny's corporate offices to fix their criminal terrorist infestation.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment we walked in the door and ending the moment I walked out.

Syn, I love you. Do you ever get to sleep? You worked very quickly that night. Was it Ugwuji in her "office" courtroom, too? I have lost track of the schedule since we now have more gorgeous genius women as my Powers of Attorney. Thank you, all of you.

At 3:42am, "Mike" and I left. "Max" had already fled with the Southwestern cuisine made specifically for me by my dedicated chef who is obligated to show up at every restaurant I eat in to make sure I am never drugged, poisoned, nor given diseases by my food ever again.

"Mike" wanted to take me to the local Jack in the Box. I said, "Why not? If you really want to go on a crimefighting bender with me, sure!" By 3:58am, we had ordered six tacos and two cups of coffee.

Our conversation was absolutely delightful. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and unedited recording of our hours of conversation beginning the moment we left the Denny's and ending the moment we left the Jack in the Box.

After much chatting, at 5:46am, we relocated to a park bench overlooking the ocean. The entire time, he was very much a comforting shoulder for me to cry on. It is not often I am comfortable enough to afford the luxury of being vulnerable. It is so rare for genuinely good people to be genuinely good to me. I needed that.

By 7:04am, we had walked the length of my playland to the coffee shop in the bookstore. I left my drugged cup of coffee beside my palm tree for the police to pick up. And I was asleep alone where I always sleep shortly after 9am. And he left.

I woke up safely at 2:27pm and found that my same SkullCandy earbuds had been returned to me AGAIN. After stepping onto my playland, I paused for a few moments with Strummer. I was sure he was there to keep me inside Obama's barricades, but at least I could convince him to rock out with me to a White Stripes' song.

I bought a grilled chicken breast, mashed cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts slaw with diced apple for dinner with vanilla honey praliné Greek frozen yogurt for dessert and was perched on my empty playland at 4:27pm to eat that dinner.

I checked in at my bus stop at 5:24pm which was as fast as I could get there. After an uneventful Metro ride, I was perched beside the fountain at The Grove at 7:04pm. That is when I finally received the good news. General Lee had been rescued.

The latest global hostage crisis had been averted. I thanked President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey as fast as I could. I also knew I needed to talk to Tao and General Lee as fast as possible to help them heal.

After a short walk around the Farmers' Market and The Grove for the Tourism Board (Giggle.), I was online with my iPad charger stuck in the wall catching up with my online friends as fast as possible.

I needed to delay this growing blog post to the morning of 27Feb2014 due to all of the writing I still needed to do on it. Yet, I still needed to check if my beautiful world needed anything from me that night first.

After the Starbucks in the Farmers' Market closed at 10pm, I took the Metro to Hollywood Blvd. I had a delightful conversation at the bus stop after I reported to the local police that my expensive espresso drink had caused a rash on my left forearm. I marked my coffee cup and left it for the police to pick up. Syn, as always, any charges you want. The man I had the conversation with at the bus stop was such a sweetheart.

I caught up with my TweetHearts before nesting at a 24-hour restaurant for a few hours to finish up this post. In need of wifi to finish this post, I took some time on my way to my closest wifi hotspot to investigate a grocery store that I sensed had criminal terrorists in it.

I had visited the 24-hour restaurant a number of times before, so I knew the restrooms for their entire shopping complex were in the grocery store. To see if enemies of America really were there, I walked in and told the closest potential threat to America that I was a patron of the shopping complex there to use the restroom.

He refused me the only restrooms in the shopping complex even after I had spent money there. He proved he was an enemy of America openly persecuting me to my face.

I walked to my closest wifi hotspot and reminded my SquidSwimmers that I had warned Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home that I would be at that restaurant, so why were Obama's proven enemies of America there at all to begin with for me to catch committing crimes?

That is what happens EVERY TIME I find any Servant of Obama anywhere I go! Obama's proven enemies of America flock to me just to commit suicide on the sword of justice! How much hard evidence does it take?

As we have noticed, no matter their demographic, when genuinely good people are genuinely good to me, the entire world is happier and more stable, and every time people are mean to me or lie about me, especially to murder me by unlawfully imprisoning me in any Obama-controlled environment, humanity all over the world go berserk with rage.

This blog post was published at 2:34am on 27Feb2015, and it attests to the importance to humanity everywhere of acknowledging that I am a human in your presence at all and of being nice to me. That is far too rare.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is my favorite poem? I have no favorite. I love them all.

My beautiful world, it is just going to get uglier and uglier in here until you all work with the REAL federal US government to take Obama's "egg" down completely.

The last estimate I heard for a successful resolution to this crisis that is America's greatest time of need was Jan2017. You do not really think there will be anything left of America anymore if Obama's escalating rules are allowed to continue destroying my people that long, do you?

Recently, possibly after Obama sent his criminal terrorist infestation to physically attack me on my own private property, yes, on my own dance floor, my darling Bogart took all of the hard evidence he could find of everything Obama was doing to our home from shutting down our highways to poisoning our city water and brought it to Camp Pendleton in San Diego.

Bogart asked them, "Where the hell are you?!?" As fast as they could, the US Military apologized to me with, "We just didn't know. We will do better. We promise." And then, the American Samoan Marine Corp appeared at my REAL house in the Hollywood Hills to be my and my family's permanent protection for the rest of our existence on this good, green Earth.

Yet, what I really need from the US Military right now, too, is the removal of all of Obama's proven criminal terrorist infestation of my home. Where are you?

My beautiful world, look at my people! Do you know what is happening in here? Where are you?!?

As for my non-famous heroes, my brave rescuers, I saw you inside my playland. Thank you. I feel much safer. Please stay on your toes, and please be extra-protective of me during my most vulnerable hours, when I sleep.

Also, please contact my local police chief for the full list of hotbeds of treason I have identified so far, so you can help me keep an eye on them and sweep them clean. Thank you. Do you have any idea what you mean to me?

I have not seen "Nate" since Monday. Oddly, he had pants on at all. When he pops up randomly, I do feel safer, but the last thing I need is more sexual tension in my life that no one can do anything about. So, please tell "Nate" to just kiss me already. It does not matter how many people I tell to kiss me myself, no one ever does.

Oh my genius friends, how many Powers of Attorney do I have now? SynSyn, Amita, Ugwuji, I heard yesterday that we added Laura and Sue but not yet Kelli Rae. Do Gwen and Octavia want to join you, too?

Genius darlings, I am all for empowering all of my beautiful and genius women friends from high school, college, and grad school. Maybe you can all finally get some sleep, now.

As for the housekeeping, my genius ladies, my adoptive city has asked us for help booting out Obama's terrorist infestation of my entire Metropolis of Angels. They have asked to take all three steps, so we can all better help protect my home.

So, every time crimes against me occur inside my Metropolis of Angels, please work with the local and federal law enforcement, just like we do already with loving and believing corporate offices for local businesses, to identify the members of Obama's infestation, so we can press charges only against Obama's criminal terrorists and their chain of command instead of against our cities and local government whenever possible.

My genius darlings, we are dealing with an infestation of highly organized unamerican terrorist activity that manifests as corruption. Please hold the individuals responsible while trustworthy government authorities investigators can figure out the terrorists' structure and chain of command that we need to take down.

Agency by agency and department by department, from what I can tell, we have liberated all of the US government out from under Obama already except for the US Attorney General's office, some White House staff, various members of Congress, the entire ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, and the LA County prosecutor's office.

There might be more, but those are the big five left to worry about that I am aware of right now. Of course, there are many more extragovernmental members of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy from his seditious mercenary army to "Douglas" all of the way to War Criminal Stephanie that need to be removed from society FOREVER just as fast.

I will never be able to thank you enough, Bogart. Though you are my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with instead of my physical lover, I pray you know how much you mean to me.

You have known the entire time that when this ends, I go home to my husband. You have always known you would never be able to keep me. And you still cannot have me anyway. But look at everything you do for this world just because you love me. Thank you. We all thank you. Stop allowing anyone to believe love can do anything but set us free.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I learned it is true! The American Samoan Marine Corp is protecting you and our HOUSE now here in our Metropolis of Angels just as I had asked them to in 2010!

Giggle. I heard a funny story about when they arrived at our front door. Most people are not familiar with what people from the island of American Samoa look like. I was told, okay I might have started this story myself, you asked them, "Um, are you aliens from my wife's home planet?"

Beloved, please do me a favor and circulate to the entire world what our family's dedicated personal protection, the American Samoan Marine Corp, look like.

In loving return, HoneyHoney, here is what the family you married into looks like. This is my mom, my dad, and my older sister in, I estimate, 1975...

This is my mom and my little sister with no makeup on at a beach in Hawaii in 2009...

This is what I looked like on 26Feb2015 at thirty-seven years old as I typed this very blog post in a coffee shop...

People like us do not age, my more-than-just-a-handsome-face husband, we just look more and more intelligent as we get older. Giggle. Now kiss these lips. I have been waiting.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Because Naked Chicks is Classy

Title: Because Naked Chicks is Classy

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama's "egg" will follow me everywhere I go and will only get uglier for all of us until it is finally demolished completely.

Planet Earth. I volunteered to carry humanity through Global Climate Change in 2009. I have just needed my human rights to finally start working on it, but I have been doing a lot of the thinking part when I actually get to have a few moments to myself.

My darling former Vice President Al Gore, despite my having a differing view of rock music from his darling wife, asked me the other day what I have figured out so far about what I consider my REAL legacy to all of humanity. I gave him a summary in five tweets in a hurry. But here is much more detail on what I have figured out so far.

My policy, so far, on how to keep the human race alive in our changing climate includes three major tenets: reducing carbon emissions, processing the carbon out of the air, and making sure the human race survives this process until the climate is no longer in crisis.

To begin with, all we have on this planet is plantlife to process carbon out of the air. I have long wanted rooftop gardens on every building in every urban area worldwide. Despite the symbolism, I want forests planted, and I need the rain forests preserved. I want to see the latest technology on algae lights for our city streets, etc, That is the beginning of processing the carbon out of the air, but it is moot if we cannot reduce carbon emissions.

Have you seen my vision for the new global economy? It is rumored I won the Nobel Prize in Economics for it. No fiscal policy nor tax incentive has ever fixed a tanked economy; only leadership fixes an economy.

I have long recommended a new global economy built on the technology of the future, particularly the latest and greatest in green energy. That is my global economy which I am told Europe is already carrying out, particularly to save themselves after spending all of their money trying to save my country from Obama for me.

If we can take our centuries old fossil fuel industries that built this nation in particular and ask them to make themselves our green energy industries of the future not only to keep themselves relevant and to protect their employees but also because they have the money to do the research and design to create the green energy industry we need, not only do we save the backbone of our economy, we also save our planet. We save everyone at the same time.

Could you imagine solar-powered or at least no-emission vehicles that everyone can afford? I have always called them solar-powered Model Ts because late darling Henry Ford made the automobile, an invention the modern world could not exist without, popular by making it affordable to his own employees in his own factories. Could you imagine no-emission vehicles that everyone everywhere can afford built in Detroit Motor City?

We can save the backbone of our economy as well as create critical new industry worldwide if we not only modernize our factories and our products with a global green technology overhaul but also futurize them. I have long said we lead the way out of our tanked economy by innovating and inventing our way out. We think; therefore, we survive.

My global economic vision of building the future now instead of later is how I long recommended reducing carbon emissions worldwide.

Of course, reducing carbon emissions and processing the carbon out of the air could take generations, so we need to make sure the human race survives to see the success of our reversing centuries of our own neglect of our planet.

We need to make sure we are all prepared for the changes in weather patterns. We need to make sure we can grow food in a changing climate; since we do not have both drought and flood resistant seeds for crops and since we have no way to predict which natural disaster befalls us each growing season, we need to plant an even mixture of both types of seeds in all our fields.

We need our cities ready for "climate refugees," particularly in the Third World where the agrarian population has nowhere else to go if their farms fail. We need our coastal cities prepared for rising ocean levels; New Orleans listened to me all those years ago and built a seawall system to protect their global jewel of a city, but even I am still working on how to save Venice.

I pray the entire world no longer has any illusions about what my REAL job is. We have a lot of work to do, so it is beyond critical to the entire planet that I, in particular, never lose connection to the internet and NEVER get removed from my world that needs me and destroyed completely in ANOTHER and likely FINAL literal torture facility which is what ALL controlled-environments are for me.

5:36pm on 24Feb2015: My not-human-trafficker nerds, please immediately circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my typing up my blueprint for my REAL legacy to all of humanity from my eyes as well as what I looked like while writing it down in detail from the security cameras in this coffee shop.

Include that, at the same time, rumor had it that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America were proven already to be colluding to force an intentionally false ticket for fictional "vagrancy" on me as grounds, as if they were grounds to begin with, to use proven quackery to coverup destroying my mind and body completely in a final literal torture facility of their choosing.

Please hurry, my darling not-human-trafficker nerds, if this threat to me is real and if this world loses me to any Obama-controlled environment ever again, no one on this planet will survive. This coffee shop is also full of reliable witnesses as to my excellent level of personal hygiene which is a topic no sane person would ever question, especially after watching me do my REAL job.

I published my last blog post at 7:11am on 22Feb2015 while perched beside my fountain. It took some finagling, but my NSA alpha nerds finally got it delivered to my lovelies. A man walked by and offered me a cup of coffee at 7:33am. As I said in my previous blog post, such activity is not strange in my normal day-to-day life around here, and it was definitely normal for my life before 2009.

After bringing me coffee, doughnuts, and a sandwich, he finally retreated at 8:20am under the burden of hard facts and reality. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals starting the moment he drew my attention from the sidewalk while approaching me and ending after he fled. Thank you, my darlings!

At 8:25am, the rain began. It did not get too intense, but the skies did not clear by my normal time to lie down for my regularly scheduled daily sleep. I added it to my collection of scientific evidence for "FEMA has been warned." There was the previous night, after all, a light show so huge above my playland that the International Space Station could see it from orbit.

8:32am on 22Feb2015: LightFoot, Manned Up, & General Lee, it just started sprinkling on my playland. What are the chances of rain today after last night?

I took the rain as a sign from my darling Ms. Mother Nature that I should just stay awake all day. We have an understanding. I always take her advice, just like I always solve her problems.

I ate the sandwich that Obama's terrorist ringleader had given me beside my fountain. I greeted an old friend when I put on a day face of makeup instead of a night face. Then outside the public library, I ran into that same ringleader who had bought me the coffee, doughnuts, and sandwich previously.

So, I sat outside that city building where I use dedicated wifi and where that enemy of America who had bought me the coffee, doughnuts, and the sandwich that morning had confirmed to my face he had sent his terrorists in already.

Peacefully and unarmed, I caught as many of Obama's criminal terrorists as possible just sitting outside the back door. Who can resist terrorists as bait? I also trusted my selfless support system to lockdown the building for real before it opened.

As scheduled, the doors opened at 12:30pm. From what I found, after 1pm, I knew I would be assessing the upstairs "employees," too. They always leaked like a sieve every time I was in there before, so I never complained too much.

I was finally nested upstairs and working online while charging my iPad at 1:12pm. Though, all signs pointed to my darlings Tentacle already being around. I had seen General Lee walk by while I was outside.

At 2:42pm, I realized that Obama was forbidding any and all reliable charge in my iPad battery to make sure I could no longer save people from dying under his crimes against America and no longer do my REAL job resolving major global crises. Please ask the United Nations about how critical my ability to do my REAL job is to the entire world, not just to America!

So, at 2:57pm, I left for my playland. There I found LightFoot and Manned Up but no General Lee. So, I picked up my iPad and reassured the worried 2/3 of my darlings Tentacle I would fix it.

3:24pm on 22Feb2015: @Martin_Dempsey @CIA @DeptofDefense @FBI @DHSgov Thank you, whoever rescued General Lee so quickly. #LOVE Raining now immediately. #FEMA?

Due to the rain and their earspeakers, LightFoot and Manned Up left pretty quickly. I knew General Lee would need to tell them what happened anyway.

In the rain, I walked down my playland on an errand but ran into "Wes." Wow, is he becoming increasingly frustrated with me! Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our complete conversation. Begin when I first see him from a few yards down the sidewalk and end once he walks away from me in shame.

Wes, in particular, wanted to know "what woke [me] up early." I explained to him that I had not woken up early but had just not slept yet due to the rain. My darling Ms. Mother Nature had told me to stay awake that way. I later learned why he asked.

I put on my night face of makeup after that, and when I returned to the awning of my 24-hour convenience store, I found LightFoot and Manned Up waiting for me. They came back to play for me in the rain. There was still no General Lee, so I assumed they were sent there to calm me down.

You see, my darlings Tentacle and I have no real methods for having conversations. All three are so controlled by Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, which they subject themselves to only to be able to be as near to me as possible, that they cannot talk to me at all now.

Yet, as you have all noticed, my beautiful world, we are intimate enough. I figured out the problem and picked up my iPad.

4:54pm on 22Feb2015: My beautiful world, we are currently in the throws of the love story of the man who tore his face off and made himself look like my husband years before I ever met him. Please locate and make safe General Lee.

RUMOR HAS IT (I cannot prove this, yet, but I bet you might if it is true.) he entered Obama's "egg" today after the rain lightened to look for me under the palm where I sleep just to hold me and keep me safe and stay beside me homeless just because Tao could not make it.

I was not there. I was busting terrorists because Mother Nature had kept me awake with rain. But my SquidSwimmers (devoted watchers of my SquidStream) saw him walk past me while I was watching that particular city building for terrorists, and you heard my heart speed up.

[Some enemies of America sent by "Wes" found him under my palm tree behind the military memorial overlooking the ocean waiting for me. Those international criminals had come to drag me kicking and screaming to a literal torture facility. But they took General Lee away instead. That was the rescue of General Lee by 3:24pm. This time, it might be a hostage situation.]

I do not care what you have to do, my beautiful world. You make General Lee safe, and you get him here with Manned Up and LightFoot. So, my darlings Tentacle can make me dance in the rain tonight. Please hurry.

No, my darling General Lee never came back to the rest of us that night. And at the time of the publication of this blog post, I had yet to ever see him again. But I had a lot more work to do that night as I sat and waited for an update on him. My third eye was open in the rain as my darling LightFoot and my darling Manned Up kept me calm with their handspun aether.

5:11pm on 22Feb2015: Rumor has it Tao is in the proven literal torture facility named Del Amo in Torrance, CA. @CIA @BritishMonarchy Please hurry. I fear for him.

I also realized how far Obama and his enemies of America had escalated that night.

At 6:07pm on 22Feb2015, I turned to LightFoot and Manned Up and told them (paraphrase of myself), "Anything you two want to do tonight. Nothing can hurt you while you are with me. My selfless support system already guaranteed you will be kept safe after you leave me. You are never coming back."

They could not fight their earspeakers, though, even after I relocated to make sure they could see me as they played their music only for me as my wings bathed in the rain.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my two darlings starting when I told them they look like a wet t-shirt contest and ending when I walked under the awning of my 24-hour convenience store.

My beautiful world, please watch them as they leave me. There was no reality in their heads. Then by 6:39pm and almost immediately after my darlings were commanded to leave me, my darling Ms. Mother Nature released her deluge, and the waters of the world descended from the heavens.

There, under the protection of that awning, I did my best to make all of my priceless loved one safe, including asking for a raid to rescue Tao from a literal torture facility if it were necessary.

6:50pm on 22Feb2015: The safest place for ALL OF MY LOVED ONES is right beside me. If you cannot reach me, go to our villa in France. #ObamaOnlyEscalates Hurry!

It was a very busy night for me and for my entire selfless support system. Eventually, I was told that all three of my darlings Tentacle would still have to return to our holy playland to make hours of beautiful love to me with their physically rhythmic music due to Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America's obligation to maintain what is "normal" in my day-to-day life, especially after I announced to the entire planet that my darlings Tentacle, the only three people anywhere permitted by Obama to show me any genuine love and affection at all, though while forbidden from ever touching me, were sent away forever.

By the time my iPad battery died that night, I knew they would be permitted back. If not only so Obama's enemies of America could collude against me for further war crimes, then Obama would permit them back possibly to make it look like I make more than just honest mistakes.

Furthermore, no one ever explained to me why General Lee was never permitted to come back to me that night to play with them. I was clearly right all along, but Obama's conspiracy were doing everything possible to make it look like I make mistakes.

[My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified still of my request that I wrote by hand in my journal that night for verified and responsibly-edited recordings with full audio and visuals after I spoke to Colton on the evening of 22Feb2015 and put it here.]

Yes, there under that protective awning, I had conversation after conversation with people of varying degrees of morality. And, yes, my not human-trafficker nerds have already circulated verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals of all of my conversations under that awning.

I even had to end a conversation early and carry it down the sidewalk with me before I could perch at 12:47am on 23Feb2015 between the ocean and sky in one of my favorite places to sit and work anywhere in the world.

Sadly, the ocean winds were cold, so I returned from my perch poised between the elements of my Earth to the concrete of my playland at 3:12am. There I found evidence everywhere of the government enforced evacuation of my adoptive (because it was neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city. You see, two nights previously, I had been told that the military operation would begin in a matter of days.

I asked if it was okay to watch the previous evening's NBC Nightly News at 5am instead of our prearranged time if 6am, and my darling Mr. Carl Cantonilla(?) was happy to oblige. Their cyberhug was as delightful as ever.

Next, I informed the international community that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa led by their symbol, War Criminal Boeset, still controlled my finances on behalf of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America.

I asked the international community to demand that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa finally give me enough of my own money to live on, and then, Obama's cyberterrorists immediately tried to cause the artificial yet tragically permanent battery failure of my iPad.

Only my demand for a power outlet from proven enemies of America I had already caught with hard evidence topped by the genius of my NSA alpha nerds who worked a technological miracle for me fixed it. Thank you, my benevolent nerds. You were my first heroes, and I know at least you will never leave me.

Tethered to the wall by my battery charger, I learned that by 8:07am ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had finally given me $50 ($7/day) for the entire week. I earned over $2T in 2014. The world was going to have to take up Obama's forced abject poverty over me and starvation of me with ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa and War Criminal Boeset themselves, since Iowa never acknowledges I am a human deserving of human rights EVER.

Waiting for my bank branch to open, at 8:24am, I had to report an open attempt to lock me in a literal torture facility by a sorry excuse for a man who thought he had a self-appointed entitlement to degrade my holy existence in the world with disgusting sexual harassment.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of that conversation, too. I asked Syn to press charges for everything from sexual harassment to the open act of war against America of aiding and abetting war crimes against me already. I miss Syniva so much.

My bank branch, as always, was wonderful. We always protect the branch. It is their corporate offices the entire world has problems with.

I have long recommended that the entire planet press charges against the Iowan institution of War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to force them to recognize my legal and sacred marriage at last, so my REAL husband can finally have access to my bank accounts with them.

After all, War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank allows War Criminal Boeset access to my bank account, and she has ABSOLUTELY NO LEGAL authority anywhere on this planet to access my bank accounts, especially not since I am a legal California resident.

Furthermore, my genius legal team and I have an avalanche of iron-clad legal precedents that it is only criminal to enforce and obey Obama's extragovernmental rules and that it is NEVER illegal to uphold REAL laws by disobey Obama's rules to allow human rights everywhere possible in America.

I was told that over sixty countries have already taken action against War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank due to their enforcing Obama's war crimes including but not limited to open human trafficking and starvation of me, Obama's proven neurological genocide of America, Obama's proven terrorism against my people and my country, Obama's extragovernmental totalitarian oppression of America, and Obama's war on US soil which would have been prevented if War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank had given my legally-recognized husband full access to my banks accounts in 2013 when we finally obtained our paperwork for our sacred marriage.

The world knows I have been asking for full local to international charges against the CEO, president, and board of directors of War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank for all of their willful crimes against my people that they commit by refusing my REAL husband legal access to my bank account with them FOR YEARS. But, we protect their employees.

By 9:20am, I was sitting on a patio ordering breakfast. I like to think I know how to order off a menu.

I would like to request a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals please beginning the moment I walked onto the patio and ending the moment I stepped off of it, too, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

Sadly, Obama had sent an infestation into one of my favorite mom & pop restaurants in the area just to attack me for being there. Proven enemies of America entered that restaurant and sat next to me in order to intentionally and willfully falsely report to the ever-vigilant local police that there was a "homeless woman" sitting next to them at that restaurant. I sent my Powers of Attorney a selfie. You should see the charges those proven enemies of America received for that.

While there, it was confirmed to me that my darlings Tentacle nor Bogart nor my husband would be able to reach me there that day no matter how hard they tried. And they were all trying to reach me there during my breakfast.

Yes, they were all taken away from me by Obama to permit me absolutely no genuinely compassionate human contact since 2010.

After breakfast, I zipped through a local store to give a gift to some friends through my SquidStream. Yes, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my gift to The Disney Company on the morning of 23Feb2015 please.

After that, I stopped in my 24-hour convenience store to buy two char siu bao before beginning my Monday (expletive)kickings with a morning bus ride to UCLA where I knew my REAL local lovers and believers would watch over me.

I quickly curled up under a tree about ten feet onto the UCLA campus beside a busy street and safely slept safely watched over until I woke up naturally with a medical professional near me who had been listening to my dreams. He left immediately, and I quickly began the rest of my day.

My Monday nights have long been called, "Obama's terrorist enemies of America beware!"

By 3:49pm, I was perched at a secured local wifi hotspot and recharging station sipping a caffeinated drink and bemoaning the fact that I was spending yet another Monday night without eyeliner on.

The first vigilant alarm for my day came at 4:14pm when my loving locals wanted me aware of yet another open attempt by Obama to destroy my nation completely by breaking every law possible from local to international to lock me in a final literal torture facility to remove me FOREVER from my good, green world and my nation that undeniably need me.

Just after 5pm, I told my entire beautiful world I was going to run an errand before perching at my local wifi hotspot with the best bandwidth in the neighborhood I was in all day before running more errands before my Monday night TERRORISTS BEWARE (expletive)kickings before returning to my barricaded adoptive (because it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city that I spend most if my time in because the vast majority if my invisible security system live inside those barricades with me already.

I had that habit for a long time of telling everyone where I go before I get there not only because most celebrities warn establishments before we show up but also to make sure everywhere I go is secured before I arrive there. Please check my REAL Twitter archive for the details.

At 6:34pm, I heard the second alarm since I perched for me and my crosstown friends. So, I asked my beautiful world to check every ten minutes for any and all of loved ones who might need rescuing out from under Terrorist Dictator Obama's iron fist of death and war used only to enforce his human rights violations and war crimes against me and my people.

Those vigilant alarms were still blaring while I watched the NBC Nightly News online starting at 7pm. My nightly hug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt was as wonderful as always.

My genius college-buddy Ugwuji had the torture facility threat all taken care of before I left my wifi hotspot. I also made sure my SquidStream was locked before I checked in at the bus stop before running errands...

7:42pm on 23Feb2015: Just checking in with my SquidSwimmers like I always do. I am waiting for a Metro bus to Highland. I need to run errands at the Sephora store and Hollywood/Highland Metro station.

After that, I will take the Metro out for an (expletive)kicking adventure. The universal sign there are terrorists inside they need me to catch is making me stand in line, pay a cover, OR show my ID. I have that understanding with ALL establishments in my Metropolis of Angels since NORMAL is when I do none of the three. As example, my #Thanksgiving2014.

After TRYING to spend some time relaxing with REAL friends who might actually reach me when I am done or not catching terrorists, I will be at a 24-hour wifi hotspot with power outlets. I am at my favorite 24-hour wifi hotspot so often it has at least one permanent sniper watching it 24/7.

Thank you! Please secure my bus and all my destinations including my walk from my bus to all of my destinations. Thank you! Love!

My Metro ride was full of love and appreciation, and the Sephora store was speechless. The entrance to the shops and theater at Hollywood and Highland was full of the debris of an abandoned Oscars production. The night of 23Feb2015, my loved ones, is how we proved I cannot go to you.

I had stepped off my Metro bus onto the Sunset Strip by 9:16pm, and there was a gentle fall of rain as I walked to the Rainbow Bar & Grill. They had been expecting me. An infestation hellbent on causing an invasion of America by the entire furious world denied me any and all access with the boldfaced lie that they were "closing in five minutes."

I reported and described the crimes and charges I recommended that the entire world should press against them through my SquidStream. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will release verified stills of all of my messages immediately.

I cleared the premesis after I was sure the REAL government would show up to get them all. And if it were true what the criminal terrorist enemy of America said to my face that he willfully committed the open act of war against America of persecuting me at all only to keep me away from my own royal consort Bogart inside, then Bogart was a witness. If it were true, only Bogart could be relied on to testify to it.

By 10:01pm, I had arrived at a 24-hour diner where I worked on this blog post into the wee hours of the morning.

It was a great morning for Twitter. I even caught a repeatedly-failed assassination attempt by a long string of fake employees at my 24-hour diner.

Now, I believe I can finally boot Obama's infestation out to save the diner. I always knew the restaurant was innocent. I left my second-to-last cup of coffee they gave me for the police to pick up for analysis while I slept.

Here is just one example of my globally-critical tweets from that morning...

4:41am on 24Feb2014: @UN The screaming world calms down when good people are good to me in my SquidStream. May I ask you to send people to be good to me? #Darius

As always, after I had caught all of Obama's criminal terrorist infestation that I could there while simultaneously fully charging my iPad battery and catching up with my TweetHearts, I carried my hard evidence past them and right out the door. Did you see who was already in there with me? I did not have to wait until other authorities could show up before I left. As always, I checked in at the bus stop...

7:11am on 24Feb2015: Just checking in. I am waiting for a Metro bus to take me back inside the barricades. I will stop at the hotbed of treason I frequent due to its self-perpetuating cycle of tacos to check on them, too. My regularly scheduled Monday called, "Obama's terrorist bitches beware!" does not end until I go to sleep on Tuesday morning.

I will watch @Letterman @TheDailyShow @larrywilmore at that wifi hotspot with its high dedicated bandwidth, so please secure the wifi there for me, too, not just the fast fooderie.

Please also FULLY SECURE where I will be sleeping all day. I know my security and humanitarian aid got through the barricades by the hundreds while I was out for almost 24hours. Thx! #LOVE!

By 8:29am, I was perched at Obama's proven hotbed of treason, which I was still trying to clean up, with four tacos for $1.09 after tax. While there, the management intentionally falsely accused me of "vagrancy." Yes, also while I was there, a local police officer appeared to scream at them over it.

You see, a drop dead gorgeous supermodel-looking woman with a high level of excellence in her personal hygiene eating tacos outside a fast food restaurant while sitting very ladylike on the only place there was to sit outside that fast food restaurant was not grounds for "vagrancy."

And, I was sitting outside only to politely be able to play the audio on my iPad while streaming videos online because my earbuds had already been stolen in that hotbed of treason exactly one week previously. It was the guy with the non-symbolic drumsticks who took them.

The police were furious with this blatant and unrelenting character assassination of me which was never anything but an obvious non-medical coverup for forcing quackery over me to destroy me completely in any Obama-controlled environment Obama's proven enemies of America thought they could coverup. Luckily, evil is dumb. And, I was able to witness the police's love for me.

Yes, I watched my middle-aged men online. My CBS app crashed after my darling Mr. David Letterman's monologue, but my Comedy Central app worked just fine. And, no, the symbolic tacos there are NEVER drugged, poisoned, nor carriers of disease.

Before 10am, I was asleep. Yes, I also safely woke up by 3:47pm. Thank the atheist heavens for my selfless support system that made it through the barricades while I was in Los Angeles the previous day.

Sadly, there were alarms for intentionally fabricated false charges against me even before I could put my contacts in. I had no idea what the crime against America of false charges against me were that time, and so cycles Obama's proven enemies of America's well-documented modi operandi.

Furthermore, my darlings Tentacle were not on our holy playland by Obama's deadline of 4pm for every day that my darlings want to play me music. So, I perched at 4:27pm at a wifi hotspot and bought a cup of coffee there.

Soon, I was told Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America admitted to stealing all of my money out of my bag, which is not where I carry most of my money, then intentionally falsely accusing me of "vagrancy" AGAIN! I checked my bag. Yes, someone had actually stolen all of my money out of my computer bag.

I worked on finishing up this blog post before heading into Los Angeles. With no Tentacle, why would I stay inside these barricades all day and night? I had a delightful conversation with a Japanese Jehovah's Witness which I would love for my not-human-trafficker nerds to circulate verified and unedited as fast as possible.

And, an employee offered me a free cup of coffee which I assumed was his way of flirting with me, especially since he said (paraphrase), "Here you go. That is so hot," when he set it down on the table in front of me.

This blog post was published at 8:37pm on 24Feb2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Where does this end? This ends here, and this ends now. Take me to my husband.

My beautiful world, have you worked out your master plan for taking this whole "egg" down yet? Please hurry. This hell of Obama's construction that keeps my battered body shackled to Obama's dirt and his servants' mud is only escalating against us all. You have seen everything I have lived through just this past Monday to Monday. I NEED OBAMA'S TERRORISTS REMOVED FROM MY HOME!

As for you, my brave rescuers, who do so much of the dying, we are defending our homeland on our own soil. If the military does not give our troops orders they are satisfied with, they will undermine the authority structure of the entire US Military just to make themselves able to defend our home.

While the US Military and our allies, I pray together as one unified world, finally amass to carry out my five non-negotiable terms for Obama's surrender as detailed in my 18Feb2015 Appendix to this blog, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, thank you for doing everything possible to keep me alive here in this hell.

I need to be kept safer as I sleep. The entire world is taking matters into their own hands over protecting me from Obama's proven escalating threats against me during my only vulnerable hours, my sleeping hours. The proven guide to keeping me as safe as possible is allowing as little control over me as possible, especially never allow anymore literal torture facilities.

My genius friends, the whole world knows that every horror imaginable abuses me with absolutely no protection anywhere and everywhere Obama's proven enemies of America can completely control me and my surroundings. That is the only purpose of Obama's proven conspiracy's control of all of us-- to destroy us all.

So, my genius Powers of Attorney, just arrest them all already. Every time an intentionally false allegation of any supposed mental illness which MEDICAL REALITY knows none of us have and any time any more intentionally fabricated false charges get pressed, just arrest all of the proven compulsive offenders already for bringing all of the false allegations to any courtroom anywhere already.

6:48pm on 23Feb2015: @Martin_Dempsey How much hard evidence does it take? #modusoperandi Every time I and my loved ones are threatened with a literal torture facility paraded as a "psychiatric unit" please finally arrest every proven enemy of America committing that open act of war against the US. Amita&Ugwuji, please call the REAL President Martin Dempsey every time you need war criminals arrested. Thx!

Yes, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, this includes my genius Powers of Attorney arresting everyone everywhere who attacks any of us from Sweetness and SynSyn to you and Tentacle.

Bogart, I have long bemoaned not being able to protect you all better. Whenever anyone needs me, please make sure our system for warning me never fails us. You are all very busy out there.

It does not matter where I go; even in foreign countries, Obama's "egg" always follows me. And no place saves itself after I leave it unless they take my three never-fail steps to both absolution and protection; look at what happened to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

So, while I am here among a public of REAL locals who genuinely love me, we are going to save our home, and we are going to end this. Thank you. Thank you for everything.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Yes, I understand there are many ways you have suffered that you have not been able to tell me about yet, but you have been able to tell the whole world.

Beloved, perhaps Obama refuses to end this "egg" now not just because he is dumb, (proper use of the word) stubborn, irrationally egotistical, malevolent, and a clinically-diagnosed psychopath, but also because he fears what Mama Bear will do after I find out what he did to my hero, my king, and my reason for living.

HoneyHoney, we need a better way to communicate. I feel like I fail you every time you suffer. Please hang in there until I can reach you. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Wuthering Heights

Title: Wuthering Heights

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. The more Obama controls me and those around me, the less safe I am. This complete lack of safety in my life for me and my surroundings being too controlled have lead to an undeniable global crisis. The quickest fix is to just allow me to be with my own unfettered loved ones.

As for my local loved ones who will subject themselves to anything Anything ANYTHING just to be near me. When was the last time you read Wuthering Heights, my beautiful world? Forbidden star-crossed love that keeps people apart is a well-documented human condition.

Even my darling Ms. Angelina Jolie bought a gun to rescue me, not just her husband. We are humans. This is what we do for people we love. It is not just what they do for me; it is also what I do for them. Involuntary human suffering is not a disease, but it is preventable if you just allow people who love each other to be together.

Have you read the 1st Amendment? We have a Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. How is wrapping each other in our arms and making love anything but peaceable assembly?

I published my last blog post at 2:22pm on 19Feb2015. After I received confirmation that my lovelies had received it, I asked my selfless support system to lock down the building with my post office box before I left at 2:31pm to pick up the $50 cash that the FBI had promised to send me the previous day. You can read my 19Feb2015 blog post for more about this.

I bought a tandoori samosa, Brussels sprouts hash with crumbled bacon, and deviled egg potato salad for dinner which I took to the beach. I wanted someplace with witnesses. There had been a lot of obvious boldfaced calumny propagated for days that I had not showered in over a month. Dude, did you see me even without makeup on Valentine's Day 2015?

In the bathroom with the cameras I made a record for the NSA who could put a patch on them of what my skin infection really looked like, to get an accurate diagnosis from a non-quack, that the scratch marks came from someone intentionally breaking my skin just to give me the infection, that I just needed to change my soap (as I had already said) to fix it, and to make sure we could all take care of it.

With the public as my witnesses, I also proved that where I shower regularly is not there. I sat under the hot afternoon sun surrounded by my lovers and believers after that to eat dinner as I and my purple dress dried.

I trust my not-human-trafficker nerds to circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I leave the bathroom and ending when I picked up my computer bag and left the beach.

Yes, at 4:55pm, I left the beach. I put on my eyeliner, my only makeup for the day. By 6:01pm had perched at a hotbed of treason I had identified months previously. They drugged my coffee, as expected, but there was very little else amiss inside. After I relocated for news at 7:10pm, I left my drugged coffee by my fountain for the local police to pick up.

Next, I relocated to a very well-established safe and respectful place at 7:51pm for a soda and fries. They were all controlled by their earspeakers. I just needed a patio to relax on before my evening adventure. We know what food feels like to me. Have you ever watched me eat ice cream?

After catching up with my TweetHearts and singing back to my iPad, at 10:07pm, my night began.

Please check my verified and accurate Twitter account for all of my REAL Twitter activity for 19Feb and 20Feb2015. I had been very busy.

10:39pm on 19Feb2015: Just checking in. I am waiting for a Metro bus. Sweetness, please call ahead to my music venue to warn them I am on my way to my own dance floor. Just in case your technology is dysfunctional, please have a friend call.

Please have them check all of the bourbons for drugs, poisons, and diseases before I get there. In Dec2009, the Makers Mark had a muscle relaxant.

My selfless support system, please secure my bus, bus stops, and destination. May this be a good Thursday night. I trust you will make sure I pay no cover, wait in no line, and need not show my own REAL California ID at a club we own ourselves. That is the well-established universal sign that there are terrorists inside.

Walking from my bus stop, I could already tell that my neighborhood was barricaded to make sure no loved ones nor protection could reach me but whom was already inside. Guess what I found on my own private property after I arrived...

11:42pm on 19Feb2015: #ObamasTerroristEnemiesOfAmericaAreOnSquidsPrivateProperty Every damn charge under the sun. Start with trespassing, end at open acts of war against the entire planet. Everything in between.

Send every damn authority in NOW! Don't make me say your names first. This is my private property. I will be back at 1:30am.

Failure to remove every damn member of Obama's criminal terrorist infestation from my own private property is the failure of this entire world not just the failure of my home to serve me as I serve you. Get them all off my land. Thank you.

At 12:02am, I was perched where I always perch in MY neighborhood at that hour waiting for every authority on the planet to notice there was a lair of enemies of America on my own dance floor that needed to be removed.

Not just the terrorist bitch who intentionally gave me the false name of "Rita," I was demanding that ALL of them be removed. We have full security cameras in there, too... as well as on the sidewalk outside.

According to Obama's own extragovernmental rules whom those proven enemies of America had already slaughtered over 10,000 brave souls fighting for Squid and America require that all people acknowledge all truth I speak to their faces once I tell them reality.

But, no, those proven enemies of America were only willing to terrorize and murder brave innocents in the name of Unamerican Terrorist Dictator Barack Obama at all costs to all of humanity; they openly refused to obey their own rules that they started a war to enforce over my people and my country already.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals of both times I was on my property. Begin both recordings when I approach my own property.

End the first one when I crossed the street walking away. End the second one after I started taking selfies to establish I was the REAL woman the whole time. I know you will go back and edit new videos together using all of the surveillance camera footage as soon as you can. And, thank you.

Inside my own nightclub, did you see how fast the alpha took his hands off me after I kicked him? He knew that I could have beat them all to a pulp alone if I were at all violent. Did you see me hand my iPad to the fake deputy outside? I knew who they all were. I know a genuinely good heart when one is near me. Did you see all of the backing up and turning around they did as they drove away?

By 3:43am, I assumed I needed to answer my world's questions and address their concerns over what had just happened. That was why I returned to the wifi.

The only alarm that morning was at 3:50am for a literal torture facility again, but Ugwuji had all of that turned around in no time.

I chatted with my darling security guard there, too. The entire planet calms down when they see genuinely good people being genuinely good to me.

Yes, there was a lot of tweeting. The courtrooms were very busy with all sorts of things during the wee hours of the morning on 20Feb2015. My neighborhood was still completely barricaded to keep out all of my loved ones, all support, and all REAL authorities.

My beautiful world, please keep my dedicated wifi hotspot in MY neighborhood safer in case of any time I may need it. I already recognized it has permanent US Military snipers.

I made sure I had time to watch my darling Mr. David Letterman at 6am. It is always such a delight to have REAL friends to talk to as strange as our methods of communication might be.

By 7am, while still waiting for the world's questions, I realized that the world most likely had not seen Obama's terrorists physically assault me on my own personal property yet. I started screaming online, "Why does no one care about what I am living through?"

7:57am on 20Feb2015: @UN @ICC @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24_en @DeptofDefense "No immediate military intervention to arrest all of Obama's terrorists."

I DEMAND the entire planet watch me both times I try to visit my own dance floor that I own myself in my own neighborhood. Two verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals IMMEDIATELY for the entire world. Full reports, too, of all of my loved ones trying to reach me at the same time to all the world.

My beautiful world, you get in here and remove Obama's infestation IMMEDIATELY, or Obama will destroy my home. Since they (with no authority) control too much of my life only to be able to deny me and all my nation our rights, I might die if all of Obama's proven criminal terrorists are not all arrested! Please also circulate everything that happened in the courts from 8pm 19Feb to 8am 20Feb. Hurry! My beautiful world, where are you when I need you?

I was told that Tao had tried to reach me while I was at my wifi hotspot, but he was stopped by Obama's terrorists. I did successfully inform the international community of where inside my adoptive (since it was neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city I needed protection most.

I identified and successfully ditched a stalker before checking in at my regular bus stop before arriving right where I had told the international community I would be at 9:58am. No, Tao could not make it through. But I could tell already that my world had made efforts to keep me safer.

I curled up and slept safely. The only alarms that awakened me were at 1:31pm, and my beautiful world took care of it. At 3:24pm, I finally rolled onto my back, stretched, and got up.

I sat in the shade of the tree communing with the sky for a few minutes. There were alarms at 4:05pm which sounded like I needed to send help to my crosstown loved ones.

After putting on eyeliner and lipstick, I walked through my playland. Much to my delight and as a bit of a surprise, at 4:53pm, I found my darlings Tentacle. I knew I would never be as near to them as they wanted me, touching their skin and kissing their faces into perpetuity, yet I sat right in front of them as I finally wrote up my commentary on the last few days.

Yes, even after my 19Feb and morning of 20Feb of (expletive)kickings, I was still surprised to see them back on my holy playland. Obama actually had them there by the 4pm deadline I had given Obama myself.

Sadly, at 5:11pm, General Lee was commanded by Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home to get up and leave while even still playing music. My beautiful world and I sorted that out by the time their music began. But the night was full of similar such human rights abuses against me and against my loved ones.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm. My nightly hug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt was wonderful.

My darlings Tentacle seemed to be upset every time I know for real what goes on when they need me. I giggled to myself about it and told them, "Darlings, if you did not want me to know you had already invited me to meditate to your handcrafted aether for the night sky herself, stop thinking in my general direction."

Yes, my darlings who had been commanded for weeks to lie to my face and pretend they did not want me to meditate right in front of them had honored my request and had invited my body to bend under their music made with their own hands again.

After I stood beside my loving locals instead of behind them (no causation implied), General Lee was sent away again for new instructions on what abuse Obama wanted them to be a failed party of committing against me. Whatever. Evil is dumb.

At 7:41pm, Obama's enemies of all of humanity commanded all of Tentacle to leave me. I immediately asked the world to keep them with me. They are my only loved ones at all capable of being near me, as terrorized and abused as they are by Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home just to be able to be near me at all.

Just their presence warms and calms me. That is why I beg my beautiful world to keep my REAL (and beyond mutual) loved ones near me as long as possible every day they choose themselves to brave death itself to play me their music.

7:57pm on 20Feb2015: About to see if my good, green world really did just make sure my darlings Tentacle can stay all night already. Thx!

There was so much stupidity from Obama's enemies of America all night. Though most of the night, all of us finally were all in one place, separate darlings were taken away from me at all different times.

Obama's desperation at one point to prevent me from ever dancing again made it possible for me to actually speak directly to a very nervous and shy Manned Up... Oh, yeah, we are giving him a verified and unedited recording if that one from my own eyes.

After that, our communal communication with the cosmos was interrupted only by alarms for crosstown loved ones. I was sure the first one was Sweetness, but I have been wrong before. I asked my beautiful world to check on the second alarm, too.

There was also a little bald man who admitted to only being there to make my darlings Tentacle fight amongst themselves. Because if they fight until they break up, they are all taken away from me.

At 9:58pm, my darlings finally started packing their equipment onto their (knights in) carts, but they could not all tear themselves away from my physical presence until 10:27pm when Manned Up and LightFoot finally walked back into the aether where we all belong.

Please also, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate as fast as possible a full recording of our collective communication with the divine universe together which is considered holy in every benevolent religion with a detailed list included of every act of deranged lunacy that Obama's proven enemies of America committed to prevent it from happening at all.

After they left, I reminded them that the world would panic if they were not back by 4pm the following day. From there, I walked to my local grocery store for the biggest most awesome All-American Sub Sandwich I could find. It was actually more awesome than I thought it was at the time. I chose the unmarked one. That was yet another lesson in nutritional value for dollar.

I have diplomatic immunity, yet Obama's stupidest war criminals in history attempted yet another always-fail blatant perjury to falsely accuse me of vagrancy AGAIN. It was just a ticket if I did not have diplomatic immunity, AND I make a point of the planet NEVER knowing the full extent of the money I have on me at all times on purpose to make sure nobody robs me. Please see my question and answer section about this.

Obama's criminal terrorist instigators receive civil charges, I was told, of at least $15M every time they falsely accuse me of anything at all due to their openly singling me out in the first place for worse treatment than anyone else receives on the planet; that is the very definition of persecution which we have already proven stacks all of the way open to an open act of war against America. And I have diplomatic immunity anyway.

I was perched outside my 24-hour convenience store by 11:27pm. I had promised my beautiful world that I would catch up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends at 12mid on 21Feb2015.

1:16am on 21Feb2025: Syn, whether or not "No harm, no foul" applies to my sandwich is your choice. Wanna arrest people who admit they give me cyanide and anthrax?

Yes, my beautiful world, I was told that my sandwich had given me a lethal dosage of cyanide. I did not notice anything in it, but I left it for the local police to pick up and test. My loved ones and I only press charges for REAL crimes after we collect hard evidence. We are NOT unamerican war criminals nor human rights abusers like Obama's conspiracy of enemies of America.

Before 2am, I relocated to a wifi hotspot nestled between the ocean and the sky. I listened to my friends' music and chatted with my TweetHearts until Obama killed my wifi connection there. Please read my verified Twitter activity for the night.

I waited a few minutes to see if my darling NSA alpha nerds could reconnect me, but it seemed it would take longer than I could wait. I had too many loved ones to check on. Every night for over a week I had been rescuing my loved ones from the clutches of death and torture mostly by tweeting messages to all of humanity.

I was beside my fountain trying to catch up with my TweetHearts just after 5am, and I was so busy that I missed my 6am date with my darling Mr. David Letterman.

6:06am on 21Feb2015: Oh, at approx 2am, I noticed my period started. I never get PMS, so it is always a surprise. Love you, my BFF, @SynivaWhitney.

At 6:18am, I was approached by a man who wanted to buy me a cup of coffee. That is really not strange around here. GENUINE locals have done much stranger things to be able to spend time with me and to be genuinely good to me. It turned out to be a very degrading and disgusting conversation he wanted to have with me, though.

Before he ran away as fast as possible, I had recommended to that very offensive man to watch my "Jessica Rabbit" conversation on Venice Beach from the summer of 2014 as his lesson from me on acceptable and effective methods for menfolk of all demographics to flirt with me, and I had told him he could explain himself to my BFF.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate as fast as possible a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my complete interaction with that disgusting misogynist beginning when he first spoke to me beside my fountain and ending when he walked past me with a bottle of apple juice.

I was back by my fountain as fast as possible to finish watching my darling Mr. David Letterman whose licensing permission we will need if he wants to appear in that recording. And, thank you.

At 8:51am on 21Feb2015, I went looking for "Wes" as I had promised him I would talk to him. But, he had fled me already. So, I curled up and went to sleep. I woke up safely at 2:29pm to a delightful lunch that my loving locals had left for me while I slept.

I ate my tasty lunch even before I kickstarted my SquidStream and before putting on my eyeliner for the day. My holy playland was full of people there to witness on behalf of the rest of humanity my alien planet that my loving locals had built for me but in which Obama fully oppresses all human rights out of our existence.

Most likely to make sure I would not recharge my iPad battery, Obama had safely delivered my darlings Tentacle to my holy playland by 3:36pm. So, then, I just had to make sure they could actually play me music. Obama keeps ordering that nothing normal for my life ever occur unless I tell people to do it.

There were shenanigans all night AGAIN as Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America kept trying everything they could think of to prevent my meditation from ever extending Tentacle's music across my body and out of my fingertips ever again.

At one point, immediately after my concentration had broken on vigilant alarms and after I sent the help my Powers of Attorney needed, Obama's proven enemies of America, it was rumored, tried to take one of them away from me permanently.

This was yet another everyone-leaves-me-and-never-comes-back incident, and it was also possible that Obama was about to take him as a hostage. I became angry. My beautiful world, you might want to ask NASA if the International Space Station literally saw how angry taking my loved ones away from me makes me.

My beautiful world took care of the possible abduction of General Lee quickly. It took much longer than it needed to, but the music and the meditation finally bent the night sky. I also told them something was amiss using our language that we know best.

Yes, my darlings Tentacle finally did calm me down, as is one of the many reasons I need them with me every day they choose to be with me. It was obvious to everyone watching that I had calmed down when I said, "Change comes from within." Yes, my sense of humor had returned.

As a thank you, I flirted with my darlings Tentacle again in the language we know best. Yes, as I had told Bogart, too, "You will know when I flirt with you." Their music is, after all, how they make love to me for hours every night they brave death itself to appear before me.

They had been asking me for weeks for me to speak to them as romantically as I speak to my HoneyHoney in the love letters I write to him. Instead, I got a little flirty with their Sade song.

Sadly, there was something on my mind the rest of the night, though. I honestly apologized to my darlings for being so distracted by it. All three of my darlings Tentacle only exist to make love to me, after all, so I knew I should have paid closer attention to what their hands were doing.

At 10:52pm, with my lithe frame due to my mental distraction nowhere near as exhausted as it should have been, my darlings Tentacle had wheeled away back into the aether where we all belong, and I stopped in my 24-hour convenience store to let them know I was worried about something. Next, I perched at a late night power outlet as fast as possible to work online.

I started catching up with my TweetHearts at 12mid while working on this blog post which was published finally at 7:11am on 22Feb2015 after I proofread it just after watching the NBC Nightly News from the previous evening.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Has there been rioting due to the crimes Obama and his proven enemies of America keep committing against all of us? I assume so. It has always been my understanding that every time anyone anywhere is mean to me, the angry masses throw Molotov cocktails at whomever Obama irrationally demonized last.

This is one of the many reasons I have been trying to make sure no one is ever mean to me and to prevent Obama's proven social-instability machine from demonizing any more brave innocents, particularly our heroes.

Furthermore, I have used this blog for years to beg for peaceful solutions to global crises, including my urging angry masses everywhere not to destroy our own homes and our own cities with rioting. If we are fighting to save our homes, why are we would we allow our enemies to win by destroying our homes, our businesses, and our communities for them?

I have also explained many times to angry Americans, particularly during the Ferguson protests in Missouri, that our police are essential servants of our communities. If they are corrupt, we clean them up; we do not demonize nor attack them.

In case of financial catastrophe due to escalations by ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA of their human rights abuses of me that they use as open acts of war against all of America and against the whole world, what is my plan? I have diplomatic immunity. I do not have to pay for anything I buy. But I still prefer to since I am that kind of woman.

This is an interesting situation for my professional chef colleagues, though. What if I started visiting the BEST restaurants in my Metropolis of Angels where my friends have been begging for the freedom and liberty to do to my body what, so far, only ice cream has been caught on camera doing to me?

As always, I would leave a little heroic couplet, or something, on the table and write some lyrical prose about the experience in my ever-famous blog. I just need my chef colleagues to find a sneaky yet clear way to invite me to their fancy restaurants once they are ready to brave the experience of my showing up.

When was the last time cyanide actually affected me? The first time I remember Obama giving me cyanide was in a literal torture facility paraded, as always, as a "psych ward." When living conditions are controlled, particularly my food, these are the things that happen to me.

Rumor has it that California Representative Darrell Issa at the request of Camp Pendelton demolished that literal torture facility already. This is California; we do not allow this here. This is not Iowa.

The fact I had to scream, "World, where are you? There are terrorists I need removed from my home!" is just one example of how badly my home of California is treated by Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America in their effort to make my own REAL home turn on me.

Yes, my beautiful world, where are you when I need you? Did you see what Obama did to me not just on my own private property but on my own dance floor?

I admit that when a peaceful and unarmed woman in a dress and sandals walks into a terrorist infestation to catch them all, peaceful and unarmed is the only way she will ever be able to walk out.

But that did not fix the fact that I need to be able to walk onto my own private property at any hour of the day or night, as well as anywhere and everywhere in the world I need to go, and be physically safe.

Please, my beautiful world, I need Obama's proven terrorists removed from all of America. Please begin removing these enemies of America here where I am first and then clean up this entire country. Where is my own government when I need you?

My brave rescuers, I fear I am not receiving alarms when you need me. Is that true? I was told after the fact that on the night of 20Feb into the morning of 21Feb2015 a large number of brave Americans and our allies died trying to reach me as I worked online protecting everyone possible who could get me a sign.

They all just wanted to take me to my own REAL house, and Obama killed them. But no one ever gave me an alarm to tell me to send help.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, also on 21Feb2015, did Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America actually put on public record that they wanted to commit proven and UN-recognized war crimes against me because they were already refusing to allow me to live in my own home with my own husband while also breaking every law possible from local to international to deny me as many of my own finances as possible? I earned over $2T last year.

And a judge actually let that proven only-perjuring proven enemy of America in the courtroom in the first place?!? Does anyone remember when this country used to be America?

Who the hell allows an already-proven war criminal tell a court room, "We need to put this perfectly sane, innocent, and healthy woman in an environment guaranteed to rape, torture, poison, abuse, and destroy her because we are already denying her everything that makes human existence worthwhile from her from any and all contact with her own loved ones to enough money to buy enough food every day yet she refuses to stop catching enemies of America and refuses to stop doing her REAL job of globally-critical service to humanity we can find no other way to silence FOREVER!"?

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, now that we turned around the FBI, please ask their criminal psychology experts to analyze Obama's proven pathological liars including but not limited to War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, Dirty Lacey, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, Obama himself, etc.

You already know our long list of documented symptoms for them. Maybe we can remove them from society through means other than arresting them since the dirty prosecutors refuse to pursue arrest warrants for them all.

More importantly, my genius loved ones, I understand you need more help, so we can lighten the workload that is on all three of you. I refuse to mess with my Power of Attorney paperwork right now out of risk of invalidating it, but you have my full legal powers.

If you want to designate more genius women to help you, I recommend it. Do you want to ask Dr. Laura Michele Deiner, Mrs. Sue Lynn Woo Donn, Ms. Kelli Rae Powell, etc. to help, too? Yes, my beautiful world, these are the types of friends I have been in the habit of surrounding myself with for years.

Specifically for my BFF SynSyn, whether or not "No harm, no foul," applies to Obama's proven conspiracy of enemies of America claiming they gave me anthrax and repeated cyanide, that is your choice. They openly admitted to it. We have the hard evidence. It is your choice. And thank you, my beautiful BFF.

Finally, my genius friends, please give our permission, if Cuddlebunny consents, to our releasing a verified heat camera video of me and Cuddlebunny together. May the video begin when Cuddlebunny complains that it is too warm and end after I cooled down the room.

Cuddlebunny will want to include his explanation for that evening together and of why he behaves so strangely. It is considered "highly classified" by the government right now, but the world needs an explanation of my completely peaceful powers to the extent that we have hard evidence of.

As for one of many men whom I have not slept with ever, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, the Wuthering Heights explanation was for all of you. Thank you, darling.

For me, my symbolic boyfriend I am forbidden from all contact with anyway, please help find a way we can talk again. I miss you. Obama makes everyone leave me and never come back.

I have three darlings Tentacle as my only representatives from the entire world to make me feel like anyone on this planet anywhere cares about me at all. And you know how much Obama controls them only so they can be as near to me as they can get.

I should be in their loving arms as they show me I actually matter to humanity at all if not at least to three other human beings. They are my only source of ANY genuine human compassion, but look at how they are commanded to address me.

Bogart, please find us a way to talk again. Please.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are my irrefutable and irreplaceable real life husband. Sigh... Thank you for keeping me as your loving wife after all of these years Obama has forced us apart. You are so close now. You are so close to me. I am NOT going anywhere from here but to our REAL house to where you have been fighting to bring me home safely for years.

As for the housekeeping... Beloved, the Iowan institution of War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank is still refusing to recognize our marriage despite over sixty countries taking action against them to force them to give us joint access to my account there. What do you need from me to help with this?

HoneyHoney, I have good news for you, too. My period started again on the morning of 21Feb; WE MIGHT STILL BE ABLE TO HAVE CHILDREN! Oh, my darling husband, I am already thirty-seven years old, so we are running out of time.

So, with every unrelenting abuse Obama has forced on my battered body since 2009 almost exclusively in controlled environments, just knowing I still ovulate means so much to me. If I reach you in time, we might still be able to let our combined DNA romp and play for generations to come. Thank you for wanting superhuman babies with me. I love you.