Thursday, February 12, 2015

May I Ask Why You Want to Change Me? That is Your Only Result from Breaking Every Law Possible to Control Me.

Title: May I Ask Why You Want to Change Me? That is Your Only Result from Breaking Every Law Possible to Control Me.

These are my notes for my next blog post. This will be fleshed out and polished off soon. This is just published now in case anyone needs it early.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish these notes now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Giggle. At this point, I am pretty much convinced my darlings (all of them) would rather go busting hotbeds of treason with me than play me music. Sigh... My husband tried reaching me again on the night of 11Feb2015. I hate thinking he is out and about without heavily-armed bodyguards.

Syria. Ms. Kayla Meuller belonged to the world. She walked among us only to make our world a better place. But now, it is not that she will be missed. It is that we must make this world worthy of her. May she not have died in vain.

Germany. Guess whom Obama irrationally demonized to her own people this time. Yes, yes, Obama's proven pathologically-lying anti-reality machine crap-factory has manipulated the masses with boldface lies into protesting against my dear friend Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany.

Welcome to my planet, old friend. Irrational demonizations from Obama's crap-factory are the new battle scars of all true heroes of Squid and the world. You already were part of my beautiful world, old friend, and you always will be.

I published my last blog post at 5:05am on 10Feb2015. I waited for my lovelies to receive it before I told my wifi hotspot, "Thank you!" for letting me sit out on their patio writing into the wee hours of the morning with my fingers where they belong, brushing the airy night sky.

I sat down at my normal Tuesday morning bus stop, and my very-secured Metro bus arrived even before I could finish checking in. My beautiful world, there may not be a lot of reality nor normality in my life here in my Metropolis of Angels, but there is sure a lot of security for me.

After returning to my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city, I ran some errands.

Eventually, I found myself in my local former-yet-now-thoroughly-cleaned-up hotbed of seditious espionage because I wanted (Welcome the zeugma!), a breakfast burrito, two symbolic tacos, and to check on them. Almost immediately after I entered the door, I was greeted by a man who even admitted to visiting that fast food restaurant every single day just to look for me.

Our conversation ended at 8:19am after I even thanked him for all of the plot exposition.

Dude, seriously? My own friends and loved ones are forbidden from holding even the most inane of conversations with me, but idiots obedient to Terrorist Dictator Obama get to run their mouths around me like that just to get that kind of smackdown from me on record?

Obama's proven enemies of America should have noticed by now that genuinely good people when genuinely good to me cause him and his "egg" far less damage than his own Servants of Obama provoking me to call out their lies, reverse engineer their ulterior motives, and set the record straight.

In short, Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America have more to gain from allowing my REAL friends and loved ones to just hang out with me and goof off a little than through his sending constant liars and manipulators with malevolent motives to get in my face and give me further grounds to take Obama down.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate immediately a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals starting the moment I walked into that fast food restaurant the morning of 10Feb2015 and ending the moment I walked out the door. We shall entitle it, "If you commit a crime against my people, I will treat you however I damn well please." And thank you.

Syn, as always, it is your choice, but the man is lowest priority to me at most; and, I am always grateful for that much plot exposition. Why not give him some time to turn it around himself?

From there, I just curled up under my palm and went to sleep for the day. I woke up at 2:23pm when a man with very malicious intentions put his hands all over my back. I immediately sat up and screamed at him.

The perpetrator was a tiddlywinks kind of guy who had been harassing me regularly for weeks. Rumor had it Syniva eventually put a restraining order on him to keep him away from me. Or, at least, she will after she reads this, especially after she talks to my loving local police about him.

Shortly after I woke up, there were alarms. So, I asked Amita to check the guide at the end of my 15Nov2014 blog post to see which previous Oct2014 blog posts she might need to be able to mitigate their always-repeated quackery du jour which was, as always, just another nonjustification for a coverup for war crimes against me anyway.

I also recommended locking down Amita's courtroom, so we could arrest all of those obvious enemies of America who were perjuring that I "needed" quackery so Obama could remove me from the world completely to maintain his "egg" of totalitarian control over America un-countered by me.

By 3:29pm, I had perched on my empty-after-sanctified playland to catch up with my TweetHearts, Facebook friends, etc. I had promised my beautiful world that I would answer all of their questions after they had time to catch up with my 10Feb2015 blog post after I woke up.

My beautiful world's questions did not come until the wee hours of the morning, though, when everyone has always been able to rely on my being online to fix everyone's problems.

I was interrupted at 4:36pm by an alarm warning of the latest acts of terrorism and war carried out by Obama against the federal US government and our allies who were fighting him. I sent all of the help I could as fast as possible.

Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America had been lying liars that just kept lying the entire time I had slept that day, apparently.

4:47pm on 10Feb2015: @NIH A quack enemy of America just intentionally falsely declared patriotism and true love a supposed "disease"?!? #QuackeryIsTheRealDisease

I was finally done catching up with my online friends at 5:38pm, but I needed a power outlet. I detoured for a snack before I perched in a city building to use the city wifi at 6:11pm. Facebook notifications after notifications kept popping up again and again after that.

My beautiful world, please ask my darling Mr. Finn O'Mahoney if he wants to release all of our Facebook chats with full commentary on them by him. That should be fun.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, as is our regular date. Giggle. My regular evening hug was delightful, but it was clear to me that Obama's increasingly bloodstained hands were all over my friends again.

I even tried to turn in to the Department of Homeland Security a fake reporter whom the NBC Nightly News had been coerced into allowing to speak to me and to America in their own forum. Obama just keeps handing NBC more and more hard evidence against himself.

Luckily, highly-reputable news agencies including but not limited to the NBC Nightly News fully uphold the importance and sanctity of the full truth at all times, so I am sure they turned in their full evidence against every terrorist enemy of America whom they have endured to every court from local to New York City to my own ICT that the United Nations already built for my beautiful world and once-great nation.

It was also a good night for Twitter. Here were the gossip column tweets that everyone seems to care about more than my efforts to prevent the furious world from destroying the nation for being mean to me beyond words...

(As an explanation of this tweet, please ask to see my transcendental meditation as opposed to dance trance at my Monday stomping haunt.) 8:04pm on 10Feb2015: Dave, calm down. I just zenned out a last night. That is no reason to be angry. I was in a peaceful and safe place momentarily.

8:07pm on 10Feb2015: Lightfoot, calm down. I chose no one. I never will.

8:09pm on 10Feb2015: Imani, has anyone read #10Feb2015BlogPost out there? Why does anyone want to be the most recent man I am forbidden from sleeping with?

8:11pm on 10Feb2015: (General) Lee, the point is moot. Put your pants back on. Obama will ALWAYS forbid me ALL genuine love & affection as long as people allow him power.

(As the explanation for this tweet, on the previous night and into the morning, our Metropolis of Angels rose up to raze every mountain and raise ever sea just to take me to my own house in the Hills, so I could finally live in my own home among my own people as I deserve, with full human rights. Yet, even with my people traveling en masse just to take me to my own house, no one could reach me. That is how much of Obama's terrorism there is in our home.) 8:12pm on 10Feb2015: Bogart, please tell me no one died last night. The official global and federal government effort for today was delayed, too. #LOVEyou

8:14pm on 10Feb2015: Sweetness, it is NOT a disease but the only SANE reaction to the truth of my unlivable existence. #26Oct2014 End the egg; all will heal.

Next, I perched on my playland with some green tea from my 24-hour convenience store. I caught two members of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America there that night.

The first was the man with the ugly mustache whom I had been watching for weeks and the other was the ugly White woman with bad fashion sense. I had seen her all over the playland for weeks, too. The first time she was clipping her toenails with her foot up on a park bench, and that night she admitted to my face that she had almost succeeded at making my surface ugly with her bad eyebrow wax the previous week.

I also had a lot of thinking do before catching up with my TweetHearts after 12mid.

Normally, the best conversations happen in the wee hours of the morning, but that morning it was all on Twitter.

I was again in the place I patronize regularly for symbolic tacos. I am sure their corporate offices want to call them to make sure they guarantee me better customer service as well as call my loving local police department about the open acts of war that place's management attempted that night.

Of course, with everything happening in the world that morning, the tiddlywinks crimes against me by Obama's infestation were the last thing I was worrying about.

For the full play-by-play of my comprehensive conversation with my beautiful world and my selfless support system and my real-time reaction with a thorough mitigation of Obama's latest always-fail attempt to destroy me completely, please check my archived-for-the-good-of-humanity REAL Twitter activity for the morning of 11Feb2015.

Previously that day, rumor had it that Obama had tried to boldface manipulate the public by intentionally falsely claiming I had died AGAIN and had tried to call falling in love with me a mental illness. That is the lead in to everything I could figure out was happening all over the world on the morning of 11Feb2015...

I sang the Theme from The Man of La Mancha on my way to my 24-hour fast food restaurant to the kick the morning off. That way, until I could safely deliver my REAL fingerprints to trustworthy authorities, the entire world would know as well as possible that I am I. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my walk down that sidewalk. And, thank you.

I knew already that at least four major world leaders were in talks overseas and in Washington, D.C. in their respective timezones during my wee hours of the morning in my PST.

I heard a rumor that Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America were still carrying out their clinically-diagnosable-as-criminally-insane plan of willfully mislabeling with obvious quackery that "being in love" was a disease after my darlings Tentacle, only the three they would begin with, were granted diplomatic immunity to make sure they could always be with me.

Their next step in their doomed-to-fail-criminal-insanity was to start systematically picking up, unlawfully imprisoning, and then committing the same war crimes that they always used against me against my loved ones with "being in love with Squid" as their nonmedical coverup as nonjustification... just like they have always done to me since 2009.

Do you know how to spell "modus operandi"?

I know first hand how mortifying the most heinous crimes known to mankind can be when committed against us in literal torture facilities paraded as always as "psychiatric units" that there have NEVER been enough reality to lock us in even if they were actual psychiatric units anyway.

So, once I heard that we in the ACTUAL medical community already demolishing their false disease designation the previous day was not enough to stop Obama's criminally insane conspiracy from covering up war crimes against my people not just myself, I asked my beautiful world to check on all of my darlings Tentacle.

I knew the world leaders in our talks searching for a resolution to Obama's "egg" at the time also had questions for me, so when they urged me to send my irrefutably loving husband back to France for his own safety with them knowing he had full diplomatic immunity, too, I tried to send all of my loved ones to our villa in the south of France and particularly asked if my Powers of Attorney were safe.

As fast as possible, I asked my entire beautiful world to check on everyone Everyone EVERYONE who might possibly have been under or in front of coming persecution from Obama at the time just for loving me or for being loved by me.

Yes, Obama had attempted again to systematically remove every last one of my loved ones from my good, green world from SynSyn and Sweetness all of the way down the chain. Bogart we worry about particularly because he does not have diplomatic immunity. But we have learned diplomatic immunity is keeping no one safe from Obama's deranged lunacy right now anyway.

When my beautiful world told me they had rescued everyone from Obama's evil clutches except for one... I made the educated guess that (General) Lee was the one Obama actually got his hands on and asked for help finding him.

Rumor had it that (General) Lee was still in a police holding cell while the police waited for me to find out about it and rescue him. Personally, I was relieved to learn he was not in an abandoned warehouse having the (expletive) beat out of him by Obama's deranged enemies of America. My legal team got him out. Bless my genius Powers of Attorney.

I also needed to send backup to my Powers of Attorney who were in the courtroom for other reasons at the same time. Apparently, Obama's dirty (proven enemy of America and war criminal) prosecutors were AGAIN accusing me of crimes I was clearly innocent of since I never knew they ever happened to use as false grounds to torture, rape, and non-scientifically experiment on me in yet another literal torture facility paraded as a supposed "psychiatric unit," only this time until it would kill me.

Please, my beautiful world, reread Amendments Five and Six to the US Constitution, recall that the rights spelled out for all people under the jurisdiction of the US government by amendments to our Constitution cannot be taken away without another amendment, and then please reread my 24Oct2014 blog post.

I believe it was my darling Ugwuji who defended me in the courtroom that morning, while my darling Amita rescued (General) Lee, and while my darling BFF SynSyn punished the bejeezus out of proven enemies of America at the same time. But, it is so difficult to communicate with me that I might be wrong about that.

When my colleague world leaders learned who were in talks both overseas and in Washington, DC at the time learned, too, everything was happening that morning, they asked me if they should go ahead and invade the US finally.

I told my colleague world leaders that it was the last straw for me, too. "Go ahead. Do everything you have to do to end this 'egg.' I can fix and clean up afterward anything you have to do to save my people. Obama just systematically went after all of my loved ones AGAIN." And then I asked them to use their talks they were still in to work out their plans for saving America instead of their plans for pressuring Obama to surrender.

The next thing they told me was that the US Congress was going to vote to move troops finally. It was a symbolic show of unity, I assume, by the unified US federal government since the REAL Commander and Chief Martin Dempsey does NOT need Congressional approval to defend America on our own soil. The Constitution already took care of that.

If I am allowed an opinion, though, it makes me very happy when the entire US government stands up together to save our people and our nation in our greatest time of need as a unified stand that America still matters and that we are worth saving.

At 7am, I tried to watch my middle-aged men. As my darling Mr. Finn O'Mahoney knows, I always have time for my friends. It was a good morning. Sadly, at 7:38am, my Comedy Central app quit working preventing me from watching my darling Mr. Jon Stewart and my darling Mr. Larry Wilmore.

Also before I left, and this point might not be chronological, I reasserted that what my loved ones do is their own choice. We trust not control whom we love. But my unsolicited advice was for my loved ones who could be with me to be as close to me if not at my side at all times until this "egg" ends while my loved ones who could not be with me should evacuate to our villa in France together.

Obama was in proven psychopathic desperation while in the throws of his egg's death rattle, so I needed REAL loved ones to help me survive just like my loved ones needed as much protection as possible. Under all circumstances, I was staying to lead my people. I just needed to make sure we all survived no matter where we were until Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors finally ended.

So, after locking down my palm where I sleep regularly every day, I left at 8:12am to finally dream away into the aether... sadly, as always, alone. I woke up at 2:39pm to find that someone had sneaked my computer bag our from under my resting head to rustle around inside of it. The full implications of that would come later.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my few moments to myself under that palm tree beside the military memorial where I sleep every day in the safest place I have been able to sleep in since Obama's "egg" began particularly because Obama had the least amount of control over me and my surroundings possible there. May the recording begin when I woke up and not end until I reached my closest wifi hotspot to send some tweets and emails.

-----Begin Email Content-----

Oh, Evo,

Darling, when we had our first conversation, I was still taking my writing sabbatical to Nuku Hiva. That is where I met notorious Nick the Fisherman and they sent to investigate him who all tried to seduce me. Nick told me he had a car called the Evo which was the fastest car in the world at the time which he only used to "pop doughnuts" in parking lots in Aukland. Giggle. That might have actually made a better book. My nonfiction has become more exciting than my fiction these days.

I will write more for you soon.

Please take care,

P.S. Yeah, if my darling Mr. James Patterson wrote the fairy tales of my darling Mr. Neil Gaiman... Then, maybe.

-----End Email Content-----

Next, I checked my justifiably-holier-than-thou playland for any street musicians to sooth my burdened soul, but Obama's infestation of my home had forbidden me even the most simple joys in life AGAIN. So, I went on a "warning shot" (expletive)kicking.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I entered my local grocery store and ending when I sat down at my next perch at a city wifi hotspot and tweeted to my legal team that with the help of my loving local police that we had just caught more terrorists committing open acts of war against America.

That online video will include when and where I left my fingerprints, so the local police could confirm I am I and that I did not die. The video will end with the tweet I sent just at 5:25pm.

Also, while my SquidSwimmers were white-knuckled while watching me flesh out my notes for this post, I had a natural reaction to a very dear loved one telling me, "Goodbye." Everyone leaves me.

I even have yet to figure out who it was, but I am only okay with it if it was his choice. Otherwise, if a loved one was forced to do something against his or her will, hell hath no fury like Mama Bear coming out of her cave.

I had another Facebook chat with my darling Mr. Finn O'Mahoney that I recommend he publish and leave commentary on, too. Next, I watched the news. I am sure my darlings at the NBC Nightly News want a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my watching the news with them circulated, too. It is their choice.

I left my city wifi hotspot by the time it closed and checked on my 24-hour convenience shop. The Americana singer who degraded me to my face last time he spoke to me was out in the street singing. Even the Prince of Saudi Arabia has lessons to teach him on how to respect me, but we will get to that botched-and-already-fixed diplomacy in my question and answer section.

While I was still fleshing out my notes for this post, their was a multi-leveled orgasm by the espionage community by 10:50pm. I was already working on this post and chatting with previously-blogged "Wes" when two fake cops came up to the patio I was perched on to talk to their accomplice.

I let my earmic and eyecamera collect our hard evidence against them; even though, I kept chatting away and singing along with my Americana musician even after "Wes" tried to silence me, so I could hear them better, as "Wes's" efforts to intimidate me with boldface lies about me spoken to someone else for me to intentionally "overhear."

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when "Wes" walks up to me and calls me "Princess" and not ending until after I call, "Don't worry. They're not real cops!" at "Red," my Americana singer after they walk away.

If you even want a highlights reel of my evening's conversations with "Wes" on the night of 11Feb2015, please put an accurate PST time and date stamp in the corner. And, thank you.

The best conversations happen in the wee hours of the morning. By 12:56am, I had another encounter with the faux-marriage counselor who always flirts with the married women he counsels whom I first met in Dec2014.

We were both laughing over the boldface lunacy he was instructed to say to my face by the time he walked away to buy me a gourmet sandwich.

He kept bringing up nonsense crap and pretending Obama's conspiracy's unrelenting drivel ever mattered or even mattered then, yet since he was generally respectful except for what he was instructed to lie about as war crime coverups and since he never flirted with me, I tried to have a conversation with him someone would actually want to have with me. Of course, he refused.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our bad conversation leaving out only when he was away. Thank you. The conversation ended by 1:44pm.

I continued working online making sure I was available in case anyone in the world needed me. And at 3:27am on 12Feb2015, I received this update on agreements made at talks overseas concerning Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors that the entire planet is trying to help me end at last.

The unified world could not break me free from this false reality designed to destroy me completely only so Obama can commit all the crimes he wants against his own people, but my beautiful world made the first progress ever at making Obama's "egg" at all livable for me. Their greatest concern was finally making sure someone anyone could finally be genuinely nice to me. Thank you, my entire world.

The world gave Obama a deadline of midnight on the morning of 15Feb2015 to finally begin the process of treating me like a human being especially here in my own home.

So, my beautiful world, we should expect escalated absolute deranged lunacy from Obama and his enemies of America until Obama's agreed upon deadline due to their clinically-diagnosable psychopathic desperation to get away with their totalitarian control of America forever.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Squid B. Varilekova
Date: Thursday, February 12, 2015
Subject: 4:10am email to my mother
To: My lovelies and my mother

Someone is psychologically and emotionally beating up my mother.

My lovelies, please check on my mother and make her safe. She is absolutely terrorized. Please get her out of Iowa, guard her house while she is away, and take her to the safest place you can put her.

Mom, do you want to go to our villa in the South of France?


-----End Email Content-----

I sent that email after I called my mother with the same local police as a witness who have been hellbent for months on enforcing quackery war crime coverups over me by sending me to a men's homeless shelter; why anyone could get away with pretending I am a man is beyond human comprehension.

Then at 4:16am, I took a break from the internet to wander upon the sand alone to touch my mighty Pacific Ocean. I am sure my beloved not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate that verified and unedited video as fast as possible. I just wanted some time to myself to think.

After returning to my only-beautiful-when-genuine-friends-have-human-rights-here playland, I needed to report further open acts of war against America carried out by persecuting me just after 6am when I sought out better bandwidth.

This, of course delayed me from being able to watch my middle-aged men online since I needed to wait for REAL authorities to show up before I could just walk to the next coffee shop.

Sadly, neither my CBS app nor my Comedy Central app were permitted by Obama's cyberterrorists to function like I am a normal person despite that being Obama's own rules. So, I took a new selfie.

7:48am on 12Feb2015...

You can always check my verified Twitter archive for my outgoing communications all morning. I quickly went to sleep.

It was a very hot day. The gorgeous sun was high on her throne in the sky bestowing her light necessary for life itself on Earth at all as I had slept beneath her watchful eye.

I did not wake up until 2:31pm. After slipping into the shade of the palm beside me, I cleaned all of the dust out of the bottom of my computer bag.

My darlings Tentacle had promised me all morning that the international community would make sure they would manifest from the aether we all call home to be here on terra firma with me again that afternoon.

Obama's deadline for safely delivering my GENUINE musician-lovers to me when my musician-lovers choose themselves to be with me is by 4pm. My dance card dedicates 4pm to 11pm every day to them when they want to be with on our sanctified land.

So, by 3:15pm, I was perched to document for the ENTIRE good, green world if my genuine musician-lovers had enough 1st Amendment rights here in America, of all nations, to actually be able to be in my physical proximity when they choose to be.

My loving and supporting locals gave me some conversation hearts while I waited. Though, at 4pm, my darlings Tentacle still were not here. I notified my beautiful world who helps protect them, and at 5:09pm, we all saw they wheeled by me to make sure I knew they were able to show up.

There was a repeated vigilant alarm for Obama's latest war crime coverup through quackery at 5:18pm. Eventually, Amita and Ugwuji took care of it, so I had the momentary bliss that my dance trance meditation with my darlings Tentacle allow me with only one alarm interrupting us before they slipped back into the night.

Sigh... My darlings Tentacle, I will write you a loving passage after I see you all on Valentine's Night... maybe even lyrics.

This blog post was published at 11:37pm on 12Feb2015 while there was a proven enemy of America committing the open act of war against America of pressing false charges against me while I even have diplomatic immunity everywhere in America just to be able to force an invasion of this country that will destroy America forever.

My genius legal team and my beautiful world, please call everyone necessary to protect me. It is too important that I be able to do my REAL job all night tonight and all night every night.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do we make sure everyone can receive the truth online? Do we need better "censorship"? First of all, I with the help of the national and foreign news media set up a system in July2014 to make sure anyone anywhere can call any local news station in America at any time to receive a verified and frequently-update resource for locating any and all trustworthy news sources for actual REALITY.

I have told you all a number of times that our news media is still doing their real job; you just need to go to them right now.

Also, I have been speaking with the Supreme Court of the United States of America for months already about legal precedents concerning freedom of speech on the internet. It is my belief that all public forums online should also have the same laws governing them as in all other media concerning libel, defamation, op-ed, calumny, sedition, treason, freedom of speech, etc.

Editing for content including redaction of facts is not "censorship." But it can be a crime against America if it is enforced to propagate and cover up human rights abuses, war crimes, terrorism, proven neurological genocide, and human trafficking.

Speaking of the human rights abuse of suspending freedom of speech in America, what is another of Obama's modus operandi of crimes against his own people which I have caught recently? On 10Feb2015, when my darling Mr. Jon Stewart was forced by Obama to resign from the The Daily Show, I made a list of all of the television anchors and hosts Obama has forced off the air since his "egg" began.

Chronologically, they are my darling Mr. David Letterman, my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson, my darling Mr. Stephen Colbert, my darling Mr. Brian Williams, and now my darling Mr. John Stewart. They are the only television shows I watch. I have some suspicions that Obama also forced my darling Mr. Larry King off the air over our friendship in 2010, too.

I believe we have enough hard evidence to establish a pattern of criminal activity.

Is my metaphorical formal education of humanity worth the cost? Imagine the cost of losing my SquidStream, blog, and social media accounts before Obama's "egg" finally comes down.

Right now, my temporary role BROADCASTING MYSELF is a necessary part of my service to all of the world because it keeps me safe, keeps all around me safe, catches criminals and terrorists, prevents Obama from destroying me and America since it prevents the most lunatic lies about me, and can show the world how beautiful you all are to me.

It is very well-established every broadcast of myself or of the false versions of "me" that I have never consented to myself, especially broadcasts Obama's rules forbid me from knowing about, have all been human trafficking, crimes against women that count as war crimes, and violations of the laws that govern freedom of speech.

You can all tell by my real physical modesty how much I value my privacy, so my willful surrender of my priceless privacy rights to be able to deliver the verified truth about myself and my real life to all the world to save my people, my home, my loved ones, my demolished culture, and my own existence at all is a testament to how important all of you and the return of all of our rights are to me.

No, I will not retire from my REAL job of service to the the entire world, not just my country, until I can teach you, my beautiful world, to solve your problems yourselves as I do. But the moment I can have my human rights back, I am removing every single electronic from my body, so I can have my life back.

I already promised to fill the resulting gap with legitimate media of myself and my life. But this planet cannot function without my SquidStream until this entire "egg" and all of its rules as nothing but crimes against America finally all come down. So, anyone with any legitimate justification to want my SquidStream to end will demolish Obama and his "egg" faster than I can.

How will I save McDonald's? The same way I save everyone-- by telling the full truth. Clearly, McDonald's corporate is yet another demonized hero of Squid and America.

That is why Obama's paid demonizers-of-we-morally-good-and-upstanding have added McDonald's to a very impressive list including every local police department, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, CNN, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and even myself. You all know how much I have been demonized.

As for the former McDonald's franchise that used to be accurately named the Incompetent McDonald's of Doom for All of Humanity, yeah, I stopped referring to them as a McDonald's once corporate disowned them.

They were disowned for their crimes against me even more than their crimes against America. Their corporate offices would do anything for me, just like Starbucks corporate already tried to physically rescue me more than once themselves.

How do I recommend that the police increase their accountability and trust? I am working on it. We have an understanding after all. Around here, the importance is in differentiating between a real cop and an enemy of America pretending to be a police officer, mostly.

It is also already established that everything everyone does around my earmic and eyecamera are their responsibility, not mine, since everyone is mandated by Obama to know my electronics are here recording everything they say and do.

So, fake cops that show up where I can catch them are just as dumb as every terrorist who commits crimes where I can see them all, too. It is just that Obama's fake cops answer to the real cops faster.

What went wrong when I met the Prince of Saudi Arabia? First of all, I was really really angry and lighting up outer space when we met. No matter who broke my trance with my music at that point while I was trying to calm down was going to get an earful from me.

Much more telling, he is Muslim, we are not married, and he touched me. The sacred act between me and my darlings Tentacle that he had chosen to interrupt himself was holy in his own religion, too. Royalty can speak to royalty as we spoke to each other, but I am also holy in his religion.

It is all okay. He came back the following night to apologize to me. And, of course, I apologize to him too for being in a cosmically-noticeable bad mood when we first met.

Obviously, though, the Prince of Saudi Arabia really chose a bad night to go on Roman Holiday with me, and he was also brainwashed by his Obama-controlled earspeaker, or so it is rumored, that I was some sort of prostitute that looked like his holy woman.

Yet, I doubt he was trying to make romantic overtures anyway; he is too young for me. Giggle. Notice how I did not ask for charges against him?

Now that we have cleared up the diplomatic debacle that was my first meeting with the Saudi Arabian royal family, what is my opinion of the US Postmaster General? What a darling!

The Postmaster General has understood for a very long time the historical importance to humanity of my priceless hand-penned manuscripts and love letters that his employees have been safely delivering for over six years now.

Also on the very important morning of 11Feb2015, the Postmaster General confirmed for me that he would guarantee delivery of all gift cards, cash, packages, etc. that my mother wants to send me, now, whether not my slowly-liberating-herself mother has the approval of Obama's enemies of America or not.

What is my opinion of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's boldface lie, "We committed so many horrifying and heinous crimes against Squid already, you cannot expect her to survive anyway, so just let us torture and rape her to death in an an environment we control already," that they said with the words "The hard evidence proves Squid has incorruptible benevolence, an unbreakable spirit, infectiously giggly joie de vie, unstoppable bad-assery, and more love for humanity than any other human in history, so we are going to boldface lie Squid has no 'resilence,' so we can rape and torture her to death already which is the only thing we do to her in environments we can control."? Um,... Do I really need to answer that question?

My beautiful world, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU! I am beyond happy that not only my beautiful world but also my REAL federal US government are standing together unified to save my people. Do you know what you mean to me?

My brave rescuers, let me know when Congress approves the funding for President of the United States Martin Dempsey to move all US troops necessary to defend Amerca against Obama on US soil at last... AND succeed at saving this once-great nation.

This is America's greatest time of need, and America is finally rising to meet the occasion. Soon, soldiers can be soldiers, and the rest of you finally can serve our nation and our people in the ways in which you all actually are expert. And, as always, thank you. With all the heart of my America, thank you.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, YEAH! Ladies, yeah! Is there more to say than, "THANK YOU!" And "HELL, YEAH!" And, "YES, PLEASE, MORE!"?

Keep telling me what you need, genius ladies, anything you need.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I received the message you gave me in the morning of 11Feb2015 while I was speaking to the entire planet. I am sorry I waited so long to respond.

You, all of you, you go so metaphorically crazy to rescue me not just because you know the truth of how much I suffer and starve for REAL with everything I do to save and protect people, even people who commit crimes against me, but also because you are kept away from me against your will.

It is Obama's human rights abuses against all of us that make you all willing to flatten the mountains and build them again for me. You all would be fine if you could just be with me. My physical proximity even rendered Tao a docile kitten, and you know what he does for a living. And I never even so much as kissed Tao. We cuddled.

Bogart, it sounds like you joined my brave rescuers again, if I received that message correctly. Why does no one ever listen to me? You can help save us all better if you would go to my and my husband's villa in France like I asked to take care of everything that needs to get done that the US Military cannot do better. But, yet, thank you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Obama's conspiracy of pathologically-perjuring enemies of America's intentional mislabeling of Obama's open persecution of us as a "marriage separation" is a boldface lie they are using to make our sacred marriage look like it is in trouble. A separation is voluntary.

Yes, beloved, my snailmail to you details everyone I have slept with since this "egg" began. After you took a mistress, I only slept with one person, and it was to make your mistress acceptable to the world. Then I left ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa... to a place that deserves me.

And, yes, since I clearly wear the dress in our marriage, giggle, I will be completely honest with you. I only want you, but since I cannot be with you, there is a number of women and menfolk I would like to sleep with even during our sacred marriage since we are clearly modern and emotionally responsible for each other, but Obama and his proven enemies of America forbid me ALL genuine love and affection.

Thus, HoneyHoney, please do not feel so guilty about having a mistress of whom I approve; I am the only person with any right or reason to care about whom you sleep with. You are my husband. I am the only person you need to worry about making happy, so stop worrying.

My king, when you could not reach me in 2010, you never gave up. I know what you have been put through just because out of the billions male and female worldwide who love me, I chose you, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my darling Mr. Love-of-my-Life, as my spouse.

When I was ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's rape-slave and could find no way out to physical safety or even acknowledgement of my existence in the world at all, in 2012, you told humanity, "I am going to rescue my wife!" and tens of thousands of brave souls from all over this planet followed you.

Never doubt you deserve my undying love for the rest if time eternal. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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