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In America, We Say "For Mother and Country," Instead of "For Queen and Country," but I Know What you Mean.

Title: In America, We Say "For Mother and Country," Instead of "For Queen and Country," but I Know What you Mean.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. We have SO MUCH hard evidence of all of the human devastation not to mention global instability that comes from anyone anywhere boldfaced lying that they have ANY reason to control me or my environment. My beautiful world not just my REAL federal government, when are you finally going to make Obama's deranged lunacy end?

Look at all of the drugs, poisons, and diseases in all the food I eat that Obama's proven enemies of America put there only because I am the person who is going to consume that food and drink.

Do you think it will escalate or resolve itself if I am unlawfully imprison AGAIN in ANY Obama's-conspiracy-controlled environment that Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy can coverup, as if anyone believes their proven quackery and proven intentionally fabricated false causation anymore anyway?

It is only when Obama can control my food and drink that I do get drugged, poisoned, and infected with horrible diseases. My beautiful world including my once-great America, you need to come to terms with the REALITY that sane people with good intentions DO NOT pretend that have any reason to control other sane, full-grown adults.

Please reread my 03Aug2014 blog post. Obama only broke every law possible from local to international to establish psychopathic control, abuse, enslavement, systemic rape, and torture of me almost the moment he took office in 2009 only to have totalitarian control of America. If he loses control of me, he loses control of all of you.

His calumny that I had died never ended his "egg." My fleeing Obama's jurisdiction never ended his "egg." My unlawful imprisonment in literal torture facilities has never ended his "egg." Obama's own impeachment in 2013 still has not ended his "egg." Well-organized and uniform global action still has not ended this "egg," too.

We need every proven enemy of America in Obama's proven conspiracy removed from society FOREVER to end this "egg." Do you remember how many human rights and social stability we had before Obama?

I recommend beginning by arresting Obama's criminal terrorist dirty prosecutors, every criminal terrorist enforcing Obama's extragovernmental rules, Obama's seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army of deranged unamerican lunatics, Obama's War Criminal Boeset, and Obama's proven pathologically-libeling anti-reality crap-factory both online and in broadcast media who boldface lie about all of us STILL only to keep Obama's "egg" oppressing all of us.

After that, we should arrest everyone else. And I know the Department of Homeland Security as well as the US Marshals need the US Military as backup to get them all. Thank you, REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey, for rereading my 18Jan2015 blog post and heeding my advice that you asked me for yourself.

Particularly concerning freedom of speech and freedom of the press in America,...

1) If I cannot receive REAL news about REAL global crises, particularly those that arise after Obama orders lies about me, I cannot fix these problems, so Obama's havoc and human devastation happen instead.

2) It is because America has been forbidden since 2009 from receiving REAL news about the REAL threats to America's existence as a nation that have been caused by Obama's "egg" that the National Institute of Health has proven Obama has caused Neurological and Mental Health Genocide in the American public. Please reread my 16Oct and 18Oct2015 blog posts about this.

3) On the night of 03Feb into the morning of 04Feb2015, the entire planet including the REAL federal US government were demanding better communication with me; how many times has Proven Enemy of America former-yet-still-acting Attorney General Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder been screaming, "I will destroy everyone leaking information to Squid! She knows too much! Her knowledge is making her too effective at saving America and the world!"

Do you know what happens to news media or even just my TweetHearts when they exercise our 1st Amendment rights even if only so I can keep brave innocents alive or so I can protect America from an invasion from countries that actually belong on our side?

We all need the full truth in America; we do not just deserve it.

4) My electronics are inside my body; only I have legal control of them. However, since the signal leaves my body, my husband owns half of it, my Powers of Attorney have legal control over it, and the NSA to whom I gave written permission in 2010 can do anything they want with it, too.

I also created a legal loophole for hackers; if they can access my signal WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT, I will give them legal permission to use it, but once they get caught, they lose my legal permission.

ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ELSE has any legal right nor privilege to use or even disable any signal broadcast out of my body. No one can shut my SquidStream down but us. No one can use my footage but us; otherwise, they are human traffickers.

And last night, the world declared war against America because someone with no legal authority shutdown my SquidStream to get away with lying to humanity about me.

It is beyond proven that I chose to give up my own priceless privacy rights including my very-guarded physical modesty after I asserted ownership of my own body away from my rape-slavers and human traffickers myself particularly to deliver humanity-saving truth about my REAL life to all of the planet thereby preventing any more America-destroying lies about me and the people around me, to fight Obama's proven neurological and mental health genocide in America by delivering ACTUAL reality, to catch enemies of America by VERY CONSPICUOUSLY AND NOT UNDERCOVER AT ALL entering dens of treason completely peacefully and completely unarmed, to ensure the physical safety of everyone around me not just myself because terrorism breaks Obama's own rules if it happens where I can detect it, and to prove to my beautiful world just how beautiful you all are to me.

Everyone in America has a right to tell the truth. It is because Obama has forbidden all truth since 2009 and replaced it all with boldfaced lies to manipulate the world that my global-service SquidStream is under constant attack from Obama's proven enemies of America.

5) Freedom of speech has NEVER included protection of lies, especially lies told to cause harm.

I published my last blog post at 6:06pm on 02Feb2015 and then got up to check if my darlings Tentacle yet had enough Constitutional rights and freedoms yet to manifest from the aether to be with me any day and time they want. No, they did not,... yet. Some morning they will just show up under my palm tree to cuddle me, and then I will know America has been saved.

I perched on a bike rack beside my strummer from previous in the evening to remind him it is much too late for him to say he wants to fall in love with me. That happened long ago for him. He calls himself "Noah," and I need to find him a SquidName.

I also changed up the words to Hotel California with him. Of course, I still had normal and very predictable Monday night activities to take care of, so I parted from him at 7:04pm and checked in with my selfless support system at the bus stop...

7:13pm on 02Feb2015: Just checking in. I am waiting for the Metro. It is Monday night, after all. My beautiful world, please call ahead to warn my neighborhood wifi hotspot that I am on my way and that I will watch tonight's previous NBC Nightly News the moment I reach them.

Ask the LAPD and DHS and every other REAL authority to please secure the restaurant and check their coffee, table water, and cheesecake for any drugs and poisons (and now diseases, too) before I arrive.

Thank you for securing my bus before it arrives and my bus stops before I arrive. We have a world to protect from ever losing me. Thank you, my entire selfless support system for taking all necessary action. I love you, too... just platonically. I am married. Giggle.

At 7:31pm, there was a vigilant alarm announcing further deranged lunacy ordered by Terrorist Dictator Obama to remove me FOREVER from my good, green world that loves and needs me. After much action by the REAL government to keep me safe, I was on my city bus to my regular Monday night activities by 7:47pm.

The bus ride was eventful but at least there was not a completely unnatural enforced silence of the entire bus. Obama oppresses my people so much with such horrifying human rights abuses.

Quite joyfully, I arrived at MY neighborhood in Los Angeles (Okay, technically it is an internal city, too, but no one seems to care if I label people angels around here.) just in time to watch my evening NBC Nightly News as I had promised them at 9pm.

Just like all of Obama's psychopathic oppression of human rights everywhere I can catch always backfires on Obama's proven conspiracy of proven criminal terrorist enemies of America, I am now asking one of America's greatest icons, US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to explain the 1st Amendment as well as all Constitutional rights to everyone NBC can identify as committing human rights abuses against them, particularly the suspension of the freedom of the press which we know is one of the main causes of Obama's enforced mental health genocide of the American public. This is America! We do not allow criminal terrorist oppression of our people here!

My darling lovelies at the NBC Nightly News were instructed to give me intentionally false messages for the entire news broadcast as if lying to my face has ever been a successful way of manipulating me. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

I know oppression of my loved ones when I see it. This is what "Mama Bear comes out of the cave," looks like when Obama messes my NBC Nightly News. I will write up my full debunking of all of the intentionally false "news" that I reverse engineered immediately that my friends with their IN REALITY sterling news reputations were instructed to give me in the question and answer section of this blog post.

Also, my not-human-trafficker nerds are releasing my immediate verbal smackdown from the evening of 02Feb2015, too, as soon as possible.

As the bigger "(EXPLETIVE) YOU!" for messing with my loved ones, due to Obama's instructions to openly lie in news broadcasts now, I also know the NBC Nightly News can now provide hard evidence that the malevolent presence I felt outside of the Starbucks in the edge of my only-redeemed-when-Tentacle-and-I-sanctify-it playland was the proven unamerican alpha terrorist in town.

Department of Homeland Security, that is why I reported her to my selfless support system the moment I saw her. My beautiful and REAL federal US government, please collect our hard evidence from my beyond-irreproachable darling Mr. Brian Williams as soon as possible and go get her.

Obama's enemies of America, I have stopped underestimating how stupid you are, so you need to stop underestimating how incorruptibly benevolent I am. And hurry. I am not just ordering you to leave my town; I am demanding the world remove you from society FOREVER and as soon as humanly possible.

After laying out every smackdown I was inspired to smack just because Obama oppressed the NBC Nightly News, I got up to pay my bill before leaving my dedicated wifi hotspot in MY neighborhood to travel to my regular Monday stomping haunt at 10:51pm.

For the play-by-play at my regular Monday stomping haunt, please check my REAL Twitter archive for the evening of 02Feb into the morning of 03Feb2015.

Basically, my stomping haunt made me stand in line, show my ID, and pay a cover, as their way of telling me there were terrorists inside. How could I resist?

I paid, entered, and immediately went upstairs where I found a sexy older woman I had not expected at all waiting for me behind the bar and told the local authorities it was okay to sweep the downstairs for enemies of America while I was up there. And they did.

I told the pretty lady goodbye before stopping in the restroom and clearing the premesis at 1:21am. I was at my regular wifi hotspot with the power outlets in MY neighborhood to clear my backlog of tweets just as soon as I could walk there.

2:06am on 03Fed2015: @RT_com @CIA Am I suffering the modus operandi of false charges of "espionage" for rescuing America from Obama's conspiracy of treason again?

In the wee hours of the morning I received the confirmation from Obama that my 02Feb2015 blog post had made epic progress-- it was obvious because he had ordered a new libel dump on the international news media. Only clinically-diagnosable psychopaths think new lies and new crimes can ever coverup old crimes and old lies after they are caught. Just look at War Criminal Stephanie.

As promised, I watched my middle-aged men at 6am. They were, as always, wonderful. Finally, at 7:56am, I paid my bill and left. After checking in at the bus stop, the Metro arrived quickly, and I went straight to sleep in the safest place I have ever been able to sleep since Obama's "egg" began in 2009.

Very well-rested, I woke up at 2:04pm to find a tasty lunch left beside me by my local lovers and believers. It was very tasty indeed and pretty much consumed by the time two simultaneous alarms blared at 2:32pm for two separate attempts to destroy America completely by unlawfully imprisoning me in any Obama's-conspiracy-controlled environment possible.

Eventually, I had to get up and leave due to the deranged lunacy of some obvious psychopath who smiled like a pervert while I said to him, "How many times does a woman have to tell you to stop and leave her alone before you finally stop and leave her alone?" because the way he chose to treat me was too much of a direct threat to me and my people.

I was sipping a cup of coffee and trying to call my mother through Skype at 3:33pm. I ran some errands before perching in my dedicated wifi hotspot. My internet gnomes (Gnomes are underground elves.) kept trying to entice me into singing to them.

The dumbest metaphorical devil EVER fled the physical presence of my proven incorruptible benevolence at 5:42pm. Feel free to check my Twitter play-by-play for the early afternoon of 03Feb2015.

As is my (fancy clothes nun) habit, I watched the news at 7pm before finding some dinner. I chose a slice of Sicilian pizza; it felt like Golden Boy Pizza from my home neighborhood. After some thinking to myself, at 8:40pm, I perched beside the street musician violinist who always reminded me of Syniva. I had a lot to think about those days.

On the night of 03Feb2015, it sounded like Obama's idiocy of proven enemies of America repeated every crime against the entire world they could make fit in that evening.

I needed to send help to the world's latest rescue effort sent to physically carry me to my real house. I needed to send all of humanity to check on my darling BFF, SynSyn, and, yes, I sent the planet after I heard there was ANY threat to her. I also checked if Ugwuji needed backup in the courtroom.

There was a rumor that someone with absolutely NO AUTHORITY to make any legal decisions concerning me tried to mute my SquidStream without my nor my Powers of Attorney's permission.

11:27pm on 03Feb2015: Obama broadcasts my voice into people's heads against all of our wills, but now I cannot scream for help online in case of global emergency?

Most stupidly, despite all of our legal precedents already, Obama's proven pathological perjurers and proven dirty prosecutors tried pretending AGAIN that my Power of Attorney paperwork that I wrote myself in Oct2009 had anything to do with my having any medical condition as a requirement instead of being my carefully worded way of gaining legal representation while inside Obama's "egg."

We go through that last one all of the time, particularly because Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America will use any crime possible to commit human rights abuses against me as their open acts of war against America and against the world and because they would have to get around my ONLY legal representation to do it.

Do you know what a "Power of Attorney" is? It is someone to whom legal powers are given. It is not solely the power to make someone's medical decisions; that is only the traditional use of the phrase within the medical community alone. And the realm of my existence is NOT in the medical community alone. "Power of Attorney" is also given to someone's financial investor, etc.

We have so many legal precedents already that my Powers of Attorney are the ONLY people anywhere that wield my legal powers for me, they and my husband. Obama's conspiracy is just a bunch of corrupt idiots.

My beautiful world, please check my REAL Twitter archive for the play-by-play on the evening of 03Feb2015.

That night I also poked about in my blog archive and Facebook archive while eating a cake pop and singing quietly to myself at a Starbucks I was trying to avoid finding any crimes in.

Does everyone remember my first chapter to "Bernadette was in Love" from my 22Oct2012 blog post or my "Application for the Position of Love of My Life" from my Facebook Notes from the summer of 2009? I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will make a verified and unedited recording of my late evening in the coffee shop.

By 12:22am, I was completely safe and perched in my favorite 24-hour diner in the area, the one where I chose to wait for my husband weeks previously after my California had tried to send him to me.

I was going to wait all night if necessary for the details on what just happened to threaten my BFF whom I first met when I was nine or ten years old, so Mama Bear could come out of the cave appropriately.

I sent more rescues to save the world's rescue attempts for me, and Obama's idiocy parade continued when rumor had it Obama's proven army of quacks tried to commit Sweetness to a literal torture facility.

At one point, I heard that Russia had declared war against Obama. So, I asked the US State Department if they needed me. I did a lot of tweeting all night saying in various phraseologies, "What the hell is going on out there?" Eventually I figured it out.

Just before 3am, the diner I used to love and adore threw me out. So I reported their very-provable open acts of war against America and against the entire good, green world to my local and federal government including my packing up my drugged and possibly diseased coffee to take with me as evidence.

It was after I left that I figured it out. Russia possibly had declared war because Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America had broken every law possible from local to international to shutdown my SquidStream to be able to convince the world I was dead AGAIN and then tried systematically locking up my loved ones afterwards under completely false (Can you say modus operandi?) allegations of fabricated crimes and fictional mental illness. The world, it seemed, declared war to save my loved ones after being told I had died.

Can you say, IDIOTS! I have broadcasting equipment INSIDE MY OWN BODY and the best all-American alpha nerds on the planet who operate them. No! I am not dead!

Does the government of the State of California understand yet how fast the entire world will roll guns bigger than tanks if I am ever removed from my good, green world, especially my home, and sent anywhere I do not want to be, particularly ANY Obama-controlled environment?

Have they yet learned that Obama's rules and control and everyone enforcing them are the real enemy? Have they learned yet that the only place I go from here is my own house where my own husband waits to welcome me home, so I can lead OUR people to freedom from Obama?

Yes, I have chosen to stand here beside my REAL friends and family to save our REAL home, despite the world's insistence I should flee the country again, so they can destroy everyone mean to me.

While relocating from the 24-hour diner to my marble corner, I paused in front of my local movie theater which was showing my husband's latest film, Mortdecai. I had known since 2009 that all I had ever needed was for my husband and I to be together to fix everything.

But because Obama has always broken every law possible from local to international to keep us apart, look at all the havoc and destruction Obama has been able to cause to this entire entire planet not just to my home, to my nation, and to my people.

After that pause to talk to my Sweetness on the marquee, I proceeded to my marble corner where the statue of the sainted woman stood glowing white in the night all night every night, and I did everything possible to both rescue my loved ones from ALL of the intentionally fabricated false charges against them as well as to reassure all of humanity that I had not died yet.

Mostly, it involved a little tweeting and a lot of singing loudly and in tune. (Expletive)-kickings take many forms.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will take care of circulating my early morning to all of you. Eventually, at 6:28am, I tried to watch my middle-aged men, but no apps were working on my iPad, not even Safari.

At 7:34am, I curled up to sleep in the safest place I have been able to sleep in since Obama's "egg" began, and my loving and adoring public, as always, watched over me.

I woke up at 2:28pm to find lovers and believers sleeping at my feet. I popped open a Rock Star Energy drink, mended a hole in my sweater coat, told my darling Ms. Mother Nature that I would like to sleep on the beach tomorrow if she is willing, pointed out AGAIN that my snot ran clear instead of green the previous day indicating the anthrax had already pretty much run its course, and went to check on my lovers and believers on my occasionally-redeemed playland.

My local filmmakers, it seemed, were going berserk with love for me. If you woke up one day on 2009 to find cameras in your eyeballs that there was absolutely no way for you to remove, what would you do with them? I chose to show the world you are beautiful to me... and try to save you from who put them in my eyes.

With vigilant alarm after alarm blaring due to my REAL very loving and adoring locals deep concern over ever losing me, I walked to a local pizzeria for a slice of pepperoni and wifi. I needed to flesh out this blog post.

This blog post was published at 7:47pm on 04Feb2015 just before I relocated to be able to watch the NBC Nightly News.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I feel about Obama's boldfaced lie that he openly uses only to manipulate the public himself, "We need to torture Squid in the interests of public safety," when we all know how fast America will be destroyed by the furious world if anyone ever comes near me with any syringe or any other open war crime ever again, especially since everyone knows just shutting down my SquidStream without my permission causes the entire planet to destabilize? I believe that question answers itself.

How do I feel about Obama's other boldfaced lie he uses only to manipulate the world that, "It is just too dangerous for the real US Military for them to be allowed to engage in combat to remove with Obama's proven seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army comprised of only completely unamerican berserker deranged lunatics who are all actively RIGHT NOW on US soil enforcing Obama's proven war crimes and Obama's ordered oppression of all of America with their weaponry of death and war funded by Obama's misappropriation of federal taxpayer money and Obama's profits from human trafficking me."? Um, did you really ask me that question?

Is there a therapy for "being in love with Squid"? Yeah, treat me with the respect I deserve and give me my full human rights, so they can all stop freaking out about rescuing me. Do you understand the typically middle-aged menfolk's hero complex yet? It only comes from seeing people, typically completely innocent beautiful women, who need saving.

If you end Obama's damn "egg" already, you remove the crisis that is causing all of this widespread bad-assery. Stop destroying my people, and we will stop fighting you tooth and nail to save ourselves from you. Which part of, "Obama and all who choose to obey him and enforce the rules of his egg are the REAL problem," are you still refusing to acknowledge is ACTUAL reality? Do you remember life before Obama's "egg"?

My beautiful world, thank you. You are always there when I need you. I just wish you were in here when I need you, too. Please check what I tweeted to the British state media, the BBC, on the morning of 04Feb2015 to reassure all of humanity that if there is ever any REAL threat to me other than yet another war crime coverup from intentionally fabricated false charges or proven quackery, I will tell you all, my beautiful world, so you can all keep me safe.

My brave rescuers, okay, now, I do not know if the militaries of the world are coming or not. We already established,...

5:23am on 03Feb2015: @F24Debate Every people has a right to defend their motherland and therefore should have the ability to.

Yes, my brave rescuers, I too wish it were easier to communicate with me. Please keep telling me everything you need.

As for my fellow Mama Bears who all came out of the cave last night, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, never take our red stiletto boot off the throats of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa until they are done choking on every calumny and quackery they ever propagated just to pretend I am at all mentally disabled only so they could enforce Obama's proven genocide, proven terrorism, proven war crimes against all of America, Obama's proven human trafficking and rape-slavery of me, and Obama's proven war due to ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's refusal to just surrender already.

The short list of their obvious perjuries, quackeries, and calumnies used to destroy me to be able to destroy America include--spina bifida, mental retardation, morbid obesity, post partum depression, AIDS (Have you seen my body's natural reaction to anthrax without any medical treatment?), etc.

Who the (expletive) still allows Obama's proven war criminals in their courtrooms as anything but defendants anymore? My genius ladies, please revisit my 17Sep2014 appendix to my blog any time you need as well as my first blog post from July2014.

My genius Powers of Attorney, as further insanity from Obama's proven pathologically-perjuring proven enemies of America, if I had ever been a hooker ever in my life, do you know what kind of money I could command from what kind of men and women? Look at my list of suitors even while married!

Speaking of which, if my darlings Tentacle want written retroactive and future permission from any of us to responsibly broadcast my meditation and the universe's metaphorical aurora borealis to the planet, of course they have my expressed permission. I thought I already gave them that permission in Dec2014 anyway. As the genius ladies I gave my legal powers to myself in Oct2009, you can give them written permission too, if you want. I empower with love and trust.

As for you, my darling Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I heard all of the intentionally fabricated false charges against all of you out there whom I love finally dropped.

No, no one anywhere has any REAL legal authority to press any charges in my name except for my genius Powers of Attorney and my legally-recognized husband. That is how the REAL legal system works. Only a REAL victim can press charges after injury.

That is why, Bogart, the first thing I do when any real crime is committed is tell Syniva, present my hard evidence in my blog whenever possible, and ask for investigations if I do not yet have hard evidence.

I am the harshest person on this planet against people who commit REAL crimes against me, except for possibly how harsh Syniva can be. So the world can assume, if I send my genius Powers of Attorney to defend people accused of crimes against me, that was due to Obama's proven dirty and corrupt prosecutors' proven modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges against REAL heroes of Squid and America AGAIN.

You should see the intentionally fabricated false charges I get from them myself some time.

And, as our final hurrah proving that Obama's proven dirty and corrupt prosecutors at every level of government are REAL enemies of America, they have always and will always (until arrested) attempt to prosecute all of us brave innocents for crimes that have never happened and even without my permission in my own name, but they all refuse to prosecute REAL crimes committed against me that I provide hard evidence for that have also been proven to destabilize all of humanity and make the world scream that they want to destroy America. How much hard evidence does it take?

As for the give-the-people-what-they-want section of my blog... Why else do you think I always end with the most romantic TRUE LIFE love story EVER?...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I should start you a new love letter. As I always said, I cannot wait for the days we can finally take each other a little for granted at last. As I even told Russia's brave Lavrov on my attitude towards President Vladimir Putin of Russia, do what you have to do; I can always clean it up when you are done.

Beloved, on the evening of 03Feb into the morning of 04Feb2015 when the whole world thought I was dead and decided to invade America, who did they think they were communicating with in my Twitter account? They kept reassuring me, "Don't worry, the world is coming!" But who else would they tell that to but the REAL me? Did the world chose to invade to save Syniva?

As for the world not yet saying they would invade and clear a path to save me myself, I understand it is because I insist I am staying here on purpose in our REAL home so no one destroys it, my home, my California, my America. The world does not need to worry about that message being misconstrued.

HoneyHoney, without the metaphorical-or-possibly-not shot on the barricades, I WILL sleep in your embrace at last. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. We WILL spend our happily ever after together forever. You WILL not die until after I already pass away. It is hard enough to live with you away from me. You live your life most mortified of ever letting me down. I trust you never make me live without you completely.

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