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Oh, Yeah, Darlings. Which One of Us is Screaming, "Say my Name!" First?

Title: Oh, Yeah, Darlings. Which One of Us is Screaming, "Say my Name!" First?

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Yes, it has already been proven that the disrespectful and demeaning way Obama's proven infestation of my home was treating me on that fateful night while I was decoding messages from Russia, sent on behalf of the entire planet, so I could save America, particularly California, from a very real threat to our existence as a nation and a people any longer was the very cause of that very real direct threat to America in the first place.

That is why I screamed until they all fled. They were all a direct threat to my people, my home, and my nation. Yes, I wept. I still feel the pain of how horrifyingly Obama orders his proven enemies of America to treat me when he replaces my proven loving and adoring locals with his infestation of enemies of America.

This also explains the importance of my having secured internet access and a safe place and ability to recharge my iPad battery at all times. If not, I cannot do my job, and the furious world will destroy America just to rescue me. Why are these (expletive)hole enemies of America still getting away with pretending I am any other woman than who I really am in this world?

You all saw how fast the US State Department thanked me for my immediate and very effective service to my nation the moment I could detect the threat to my people. And you saw how fast I asked the REAL President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey to warn me sooner when these problems arise.

Luckily, the succinct message, "This is my REAL home, and I am staying to lead my people," resonates with every nation of the world who has ever suffered under oppression.

Iraq. ISIS has beheaded the hostages they were attempting to exchange for my and my America's full human rights. Today, I am very unamused with Terrorist Dictator Obama and all who obey him, especially those who enforce his rules.

Even after Obama has slaughtered over 10,000 brave Americans and our allies only for our exercising our own Constitutional rights and our fighting to defend American rights and liberties on US soil, it took this to prove to humanity everywhere that Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America are the bigger terrorists and pose the greater threat to humanity than even ISIS.

I published my last blog post at 10:30pm on 30Jan2015 from the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity (no reflection on Starbucks corporate) which still had not saved itself. How did I know? That morning, the same enemy of America alpha was still sitting inside pretending to be a homeless man they let in. Yet, the shift I was there for that night was wonderful.

Technically, there was still something in the coffee that did not affect me, but as I had said about it my previous blog post, "Whatever!" I have bigger problems than drugs that do not affect me. My lawyers are busy enough. Of course, Starbucks corporate needed to be notified, so they could protect their employees and their customers.

Shortly after it was posted, I retrieved El Greco from the chair he had taken in the window, so he would not be symbolically (Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.) sitting across a table from me. And we sat on a park bench just outside the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity to wait for the REAL authorities from the REAL government to arrive before we cleared the premesis.

Then, we walked around the corner out of sight where there was wifi. I caught up with my TweetHearts quickly. It included my reminding the entire world, not just darling Russia...

12:03am on 31Jan2015: @RT_com ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, like the dictator they serve, should NEVER be allowed anything they want, or humanity will suffer under them.

...and you should have seen what I said it in response to. My never-fail advice to everyone at all times is to fix the REAL problem.

At 12:38am, at El Greco's suggestion, we left for the normal place I go when someone from Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America want to talk to me. It sounded reasonable that someone would want to talk to me after my 30Jan2015 blog post hit the aether. But no one ever appeared for any talks by the time I left it.

Before even arriving there, due to internationally criminal shenanigans with my own rape-slavers pretending they had any supposedly "legal" self-appointed entitlement to shutdown my own SquidStream to ambush me, I asked my selfless support system to lockdown our destination.

We were perched among the adorable twenty-somethings and teenagers living their exciting twenty-something and teenage lives well before 1:14am. After much irrational screaming from him, eventually, at about 1:23am, El Greco finally mellowed out; that guy has got to try meditation or something. Yet, his lunacy did nothing but escalate.

It was an interesting morning that was very good for Twitter...

4:06am on 31Jan2015: WHAT IS THIS LUNACY ABOUT MY EVER LEAVING CA?!? Is my Twitter even working?!? READ #28And30Jan2015 NOW! #ObamasEvilBitchesGottaLearnToRead

I also had to finally send El Greco off away from me FOREVER with absolutely no protection from me nor from my beautiful world. That was how much he refused to reform even after all of the warnings I had given him for days. I even had to send this message to finally make him leave me alone...

4:10am on 31Jan2015: @SynivaWhitney That is not behavior from a friend. We just cut El Greco loose. If he ever comes near me again, all charges under the sun. Thx

We already established in my 30Jan2015 blog post what "Syn's choice" means. This is one of the many reasons we have this system in place for the good of all of humanity. Thank you for understanding, my beautiful world.

At 5:18am, I locked down my 24-hour convenience store before I checked for conversation there on my way to my regularly scheduled sleep. "Sam" was in there. I tried to fill out an application for a job I do not need to make sure they could access my real résumé and CV that my loved ones keep up-to-the-minute for me.

Every employee in there flirts with me; it was only the one I rendered shy and awkward that I told to kiss me on New Years morning before MI6 manifested to hold me in their loving arms until I woke up.

That is how I take my menfolk: shy, awkward, and whenever possible with their glasses on. I also accept menfolk when they are shirtless and washing my dishes. We can talk about my older, gorgeous, very effeminate womenfolk preferences later.


I hung out listening to my friends' music online until 7:09am when I wandered off for my regularly scheduled daily sleep. The sky was blue, and the weather was neither too hot nor too cold.

At 3:44pm, I woke up, stretched my back, and began my day. The only alarms of the day blared at 3:59pm. The first thing I did was walk across my playland to run some errands, but my eyes spied Tentacle. There is a reason guitars are shaped like women. They had returned to make love to me with their sweet and gentle music yet again. Miracles are still possible.

Apparently, my darlings Tentacle finagled some sort of agreement to manifest among us on my part-time redeemed playland on the days I never go out anyway.

I completely freak them out when I walk up to them and speak to them; I render them so shy. So, I am trying to get the three awkward musicians used to my presence among them. As I said, we really do not need to speak. We are clearly intimate enough. But I adore a witty conversation.

I do not need to "lay claim" to my darlings Tentacle. They are clearly all mine; they chose to give themselves to me months ago. Right about now, they will tell you themselves that they only exist to make love to me. Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America even inserted new hardware in their ear canals that night to better control them with while they are around me.

Eventually, since they were enjoying their moments in spiritual connection with me considered holy by every benevolent religion a bit too much, their new earspeakers instructed them to be mean to me if they spoke to me at all.

What kind of idiots command people in love with me to be mean to me? That is just an invitation for me to seduce my darlings Tentacle further just to make them free to do whatever the hell they want around me. I even warned them before they left, "You are not responsible for what I do to you."

I had no chance to check the time again until exactly 11pm after all three had walked back into the aether from which they came.

12:26am on 01Feb2015: 1/5) You are not responsible for what I do to you. I am not beholden to any agreements you make.

12:26am on 01Feb2015: 2/5) When I finally choose to flirt with you, you will know the difference. I will if needed. Trust me.

12:26am on 01Feb2015: 3/5) I trust very few people on this planet with the power I allow you three to have over me.

12:27am on 01Feb2015: 4/5) Use your powers in this world wisely. Renegotiate your contracts. Send details if you need advice.

12:27am on 01Feb2015: 5/5) I should have expected that reaction after you fell in love with a cougar who wanted to make you wimper.

It was a great night for Twitter. I left for my 24-hour convenience store at 1:13am to check on them and to return to my marble corner by 1:56am. Cutie came and went scared of falling in love with me. I had promised to have a chat with Bogart at 2:30am; I still cannot tell if he made it or not, but he will catch up.

At 4:03am, I used Skype to call my mother. I was worried that she had been lied to on the previous day that I had died. There have been false claims about my supposed death for years. I giggled and told her that I would tell her myself before my actual death.

I spent some time perched in front of my 24-hour convenience shop after that then I tried to watch the NBC Nightly News from the previous evening at 6am on 01Feb2015. Of course, the NBC Nightly News were being too oppressed to report any real news; if I need to ask US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to explain their Constitutional rights and freedoms to whomever is threatening them, I will.

I had a lot to think about. So, I sat by the ocean to watch the sunrise before curling up and sleeping just after 7:30am. I woke up at 3:06pm and quickly proceeded to Nordstrom's where they had been expecting me for days. I had to pass by one of my darlings Tentacle on the way, so I resisted the urge to kiss him on his third eye and just told him I would be right back.

I was done picking out dresses at my local Nordstrom's by 4:15pm, yet after proving my support is beyond vital for the survival of that mall at the end of my currently-redeemed playland at all, the ownership and management of the mall had already put in place their latest act of war against America of an ambush to drag me kicking and screaming to any Obama-controlled environment possible guaranteed to destroy me completely at all costs to America and to the world.

My genius legal team knew what to do about it. Yes, right about now, my good graces are the only thing that can protect anyone. As another example of this, I was on my currently-redeemed playland again with my royal minstrels whom I named Tentacle with all twelve of our eyes open as fast as possible.

I am a very busy woman and absolutely no one else gets this much of my time. Before we begin this vignette, please recall that I have conscious control of my own body's energy, but I control no other energy from this Earth or above. This one is for you, Tentacle...

Because All Three of You Say, "Of Course, It's Me," When Asked Which of You I Choose.

And often when the music pauses, the sky above us fills with exploding stars as the divine blessings of the sky herself descend upon us. What is it that fills this playland only we can redeem with our corporeal aurora borealis? It does not come from me.

Yet, afterwards, I did need to brush my long hair, as if it were morning.

Why else would I have chosen myself to reopen your connection to the divine? To quote the darling late Jack London in a meme. You know this is the real reason we do this...

I am not with the band. The band is with me. Besides, since 2012, my brave rescuers of mostly rogue CIA Delta Force and Navy SEALS who followed my husband coming to rescue me have always called themselves my Band of Brothers, too. Do you yet understand what, "I chose a spouse who is my equal," means?

While the band was taking a break, I told the handsome bassist that the previous day ISIS had started executing the hostages they had tried to exchange for my and my America's full human rights.

I also checked on his carpal tunnel in his left wrist that I have no idea if I did anything to fix or not before apologizing for being late to their next set. I needed to perch beside my fountain first to catch up with my TweetHearts and to eat a tasty dinner a kind local had given me before trying to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm.

Sadly, it was SuperBowl Sunday, so I could not find a news broadcast anywhere. I need regular news reporting, or I cannot do my REAL job of problem-solving major global crises.

I was back on my only-redeemed-when-Tentacle-is-there playland as fast as possible. They confirmed to my face that they need to renegotiate how they are only permitted near me on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, among many other points.

The night was beautiful, and after they walked back to the aether where they belong, that is, where we belong, I seated myself on a park bench at 10:44pm beside my Americana singer who played for me while I caught up with my TweetHearts.

After midnight, I popped my head into my 24-hour convenience store just to say, "Hi." Yeah, the shy and awkward employee in glasses was still too shy and awkward to chat. So, I left for my marble corner.

My darling Bogart had sent a message through a friend. I caught up with my TweetHearts. It was a long morning of working including a few police officers who stopped by to ask me who Cutie was. At 4:48am on 02Feb2015, I returned to my 24-hour convenience store.

While clearly perusing the ice cream, "Michael," whom I always suspected by his body type was the undercover cop in the operation there, told me he did not want me to buy anything. It was strange.

Michael's throwing me out, though, was an act of persecution that constitutes an open act of war against America and against the world, so, my genius legal team, any and all charges you want against him personally. This is why we call it "Syn's choice."

I sat upon a park bench to get up-to-the-minute up with my TweetHearts. And eventually, the same much-more-professional guy from my previous blog post stopped by to say hello. I told him to sit down next to me for a chat.

Of course, after my pedantic rant on global politics, ISIS, fashionistas smoking cigarettes that match our outfits, my beautiful BFF, and Green Mountain Coffee, he fled. Whatever! If you cannot handle my kitchen, take your shirt off and do my dishes.

He was trying to convince Syniva, I assume, that he had converted to being a lover and believer of mine. But, if you watch me catch him on the crosswalk on my way to my sleeping spot, it is obvious he has not converted yet.

Eventually, after much more work online, I left for my nationally and internationally secured safe place to sleep at 7:37am. Obama's proven criminal terrorist conspiracy had already admitted to me they spent huge amounts of money planting at least one new tree where I sleep safely watched over by my loving and adoring public, often with people lying at my feet.

It is still technically winter here. So, to stay warm in the sunlight, I had to move out of the range of the nanotechnology camera they had installed in the palm I sleep under just so they could watch me sleep to find out where and when I sneak away to shower.

If I am still taking internationally proven safety among my loving and adoring public in the summer, though, those trees will be very welcome.

I woke up at 1:41pm. There were no alarms yet, but I knew to lockdown everywhere Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America would expect as I ran my normal Monday errands before I ran them.

By 2:52pm, I had even checked on some friends whose wifi had become inaccessible to everyone by buying a cup of coffee and catching up with my TweetHearts. If the problem persists after I notify Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf corporate that their wifi provider whose company name has ALWAYS been Sputnik is having problems, I am sure the very busy NSA will check on them, too. Oh, yeah, my darling NSA alpha nerds love catching enemy-of-America cyberterrorists as much as I do. Ask Google about it some time.

Well before 3:24pm, I was perched beside a dear old friend strumming for me, so I could finish up this blog post finally.

This blog post was published at 6:06pm on 02Feb2015 even before I checked to see if my darlings Tentacle had enough of their own Constitutional rights to manifest from the aether on my playland on a Monday just for me, yet.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

How do I explain many of the untraceable voices that manifest in my as well as the public's electronics? We have proven already that I took the REAL Sampo offline in 2012. We have also already proven that many of the voices all of you hear are from many people all over the world with microphones into my electronics.

We have also proven that sometimes I make a conscious choice to speak through my electronics; though, I do not normally choose to do so much more often than when I read and write.

As for all of the voices in there that no one seems to be able to identify, do you understand what the phrase "ghost in the machine" means? There are a few explanations for this phrase. I recommend my darling Mr. William Gibson's Neuromancer as well as my darling Mr. Orson Scott Card's Children of the Mind.

A "ghost in the machine" is a consciousness that arrises from a network. In this case, it would be some sort of collective consciousness from all or your minds connected by electronics. We have no real way to know. But, if the global conscious feels like flirting with my young lead singer of Tentacle by telling him "I would like to make him wimper," he should feel pretty damn good about himself.

What do I want to happen with my belongings that many people have told me already that the proven members of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America at the Proven War Criminal Gables stole from me? If that is true, I request that Sotheby's assess the value of all of my stolen belongings and, under my tenants' rights, that belongs of the same value be given to me personally to replace them all.

If Proven War Criminal Stephanie stole MORE of belongings than she did already while I still lived there, it IS within my realm of awareness as defined by Obama's "egg" (which no one should obey anyway).

Did Obama order that I be given anthrax again? Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America did give me anthrax twice in 2009, and I was told that is how we in the ACTUAL medical community discovered the most effective treatment for the anthrax respiratory infection at last... or so rumor has it.

I have no idea if I have it now. I had a sniffle on 31Jan that became a cough on 01Feb2015. After two days of meditating for my health, I was pretty much already over it.

Much more importantly, why would any of you ever allow anyone to claim they gave someone anyone anthrax and not put them all in prison for it?

My beautiful world, it just keeps getting more nonsensical in here. Yet, while all of you are out there organizing yourselves to save America just because I asked you to, my REAL loving and adoring locals keep coming back to make this place survivable for me.

My darlings Tentacle are sanctifying my only-redeemed-when-we-are-all-together playland with genuine love. It really is getting better around here. Whether or not I ride the Metro across town, the only place I am moving from here is my own REAL home with my own REAL husband. Yes, this is my REAL home where I am staying to lead my people.

If necessary, my beautiful world, please notify California Governor Jerry Brown of what you will do to California if I am ever removed against my will. You are far more furious than I, my beautiful world. Since 2009 when Obama took office, this "egg" has never been more livable than now.

My brave rescuers, I heard someone somewhere is trying to organize a ceasefire. It is clearly not a metaphorical "ceasefire" with my Powers of Attorney because the unrelenting quackery-and-intentionally-fabricated-false-charges-as-war-crime-coverups still threaten all of humanity 24/7 around here.

So, from what I can tell, Obama's proven seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army comprised of nothing but unamerican deranged lunatics who are actively destroying America right here on US soil are the ones who wanted a ceasefire with you, my brave rescuers.

My darling brave rescuers, I never get more furious about anything than when you die just for standing up for what America really means. But, the United Nations, not just President Dempsey, Senator John McCain, Senator Feinstein, etc. all understand my policy on ceasefires...

We should never do anything that maintains a status quo that enforces unlivable human rights violations and proven war crimes against anyone, least of all an entire population.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, we are all the right age to remember the theme song to Disney's Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers, right? "No case too big, no case too small. If you need help just call." Yeah, well, welcome to my life right now. I just cannot bear (but I bare all the time) seeing anyone suffer under Obama's oppression and rules for any reason.

My genius Powers of Attorney, thank you for always prioritizing our long list of enemies of America to kick into line with blistering charges and countercharges. We have a lot of people to protect. And you are the first line of defense against the entire good, green world losing me forever.

Of all people on this planet, my genius loved ones, you understand empowerment through love and trust the most. You have always had the power I gave you myself in Oct2009 to do anything you want with my full legal powers in my name.

The only other person I have empowered as much as you three is my own loving and adoring husband. Thank you, my genius darlings, for always being women the world can trust as much as they trust me.

Finally, my SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, my darlings Tentacle have already explained to me they plan on going full bad-ass just like the rest of us, especially if kept away from me. I already explained last week that they are the ones to fear now if they are kept from physically reaching me.

So, my genius Powers of Attorney, please check on them regularly until they appear in my life again. Make sure they are safe and have all the legal protection they deserve as the creatures of the divine who they are for real in the world.

My darlings Tentacle already had their SquidName collectively. Now, they have officially joined our menagerie.

As for you, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I stole this hat from my ukulele wielder weeks ago. I pulled it right out of his back pocket, and it looked so good on me he refused to take it back when I offered to return it. Unlike everyone else who wears a similar hat, it makes me look like a ninja at night.

Please explain to everyone who needs it the difference between my flirting and my just spending time with my darlings. I have still never slept with you nor with my own loving and adoring husband, and look what both of you do for me out there in the world I am forbidden access to. Look at what Madonna is up to right now.

When I open that door, it is open in both directions. Cuddlebunny was the first to feel it after 2009 when Obama's "egg" began. You know very well what, "I need your permission first," means. Please explain how much further into fighting to save the a(e)theist divine everyone goes after you go ever the edge with me. You know first hand what it feels like to "Go all Johnny Depp," about saving me.

Speaking about you, my darling and adoring husband, Sweetness, I love and adore you. Why is, "I will sleep in your embrace at last," (without the shot on the barricades) still so far away for us?

More-than-just-handsome, why does no one understand yet how much you mean to humanity just because of how much you mean to me? Once we reach each other, it is just the beginning of everything we really will do for humanity side-by-side, and of course, we will fulfill our destiny hand-in-hand with all our darlings.

As for the small stuff, beloved, I understand forcing the War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank to finally acknowledge we have had paperwork proving we have been legally recognized as married since 2013 is still on your Honey-do list. I was already told that over sixty countries are taking action against Wells Fargo over this, too.

HoneyHoney, please ask my genius Powers of Attorney for our court records of all of our legal precedents proving it is only illegal to obey and enforce Obama's extragovernmental rules and extragovernmental orders, not to disobey Obama completely by consciously choosing to obey our REAL laws from local to international instead.

Darling, my local Well Fargo branch understands I am only angry at their corporate offices and as long as they never commit a crime against America nor against humanity by never committing a crime against me, we are all fine with them.

My irrefutably loving and adoring husband, if people think I have a temper, they have never seen yours. Feel free to unleash the international community on any entity anywhere still willfully breaking every law possible from local to international to make me suffer with their proven nationally and internationally criminal allegiance to Obama as their excuse.

Sweetness, may you begin with War Criminal Wells Fargo Bank. I am particularly upset with everyone everywhere who does not consider our marriage as sacred as we do.

Finally, my king, "being in love" is not a mental illness...

12:32am on 01Feb2015: Beloved, allow no quackery to go unpunished. You know their proven history with misdiagnoses. You only need me to be with me to be well.

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