Friday, January 30, 2015

A Fashionista in the Rain is Not a Fashion Emergency.

Title: A Fashionista in the Rain is Not a Fashion Emergency.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish these notes now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. We can keep putting bandaids on America, or we can take Obama's "egg" down finally. My question has never been, "Why do you do this to me?" My question has always been, "Why do you do this to anyone including yourselves?"

United Kingdom. Will you all calm down out there already? We are all on the same side. I understand my darling President Vladimir Putin, my darling Prime Minister Cameron, my increasingly-though-we-started-cautiously darling Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un, my darling President Xi Jin Ping, my darling Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, etc. are all having what we call in America a "pissing fight" over who is the alpha coming to rescue me right now, but please try to get along better out there. If I have to I will pick a woman to lead you. Giggle.

No, really, my beautiful world, we have no time for the opening scene in Homer's The Iliad right now. Please find some sort of modern Marshal Ferdinand Foch to lead the militaries of the world coming to save America just because I ask you to whether or not you value America as much as I do.

I was told President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey has finally "manned up" as a world leader just like I asked him to in my 16Jan2015 blog post. He has finally resigned and been replaced as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to be our US President full time. We have a general as a president right now in America right when we need one; I already told him to accept his destiny over this.

My beautiful world, you all know I hate telling people what to do, but I will answer any and all questions and offer any solutions you ask me for. You need someone to unify the militaries of the world; if you ask me to choose someone it will be US General Norman Schwartzkoff or US General Colin Powell. We are on US soil, after all. If you want either, please ask him to return from retirement to help save America in our greatest time of need. And thank you as always for listening to me.

I published my last blog post at 10:11pm on 28Jan2015 just before buying a refill on my cup of coffee and sitting beside my Americana singer who always has the late shift on my still-not-re-redeemed playland. It was a good night even after I had to give him a smackdown.

I sat outside my 24-hour convenience store to catch up with my TweetHearts while listening to music. It was a good night for Twitter.

1:01am on 29Jan2015: @waynebrady "Dance With My Father" I'll dance with Big Daddy after he gives me away at my delayed ceremony. #StillHATEmostPeopleNamedTom

After my only significant interruption coming from a man who told me he was from Luxemboug, I was all caught up with my TweetHearts by 1:27am.

I stepped inside my 24-hour convenience store to explain to the much-too-young-for-me-anyway gentleman, who flirted with until I told him in the wee hours of New Years morning to just kiss me already which he did not do, that I make everyone nervous who finds me attractive. It was my "Calm the (expletive) down!" for him.

I am hoping my explaining to that darling that he should have just kissed me like I told him to will make him popular with the ladies. It worked for so many people in the past. How much hard evidence does it take? Giggle.

By 1:51am, I was perched by my statue that my locals had placed for me keeping watch over my people in the night just like she does. I was also able to watch Obama's canon fodder that he sent to my marble corner when he knew I would be there.

When I stood up to leave and as I walked away, at 4:22am, the behavior of the three troughs of heartless and malevolent arrogance after I labeled the fourth man "Cutie" was all we needed as evidence against them. I am sure you will take care of it, my slowly-liberated US federal government.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of every instance of suspicious behavior from those three, so the public can help catch them and turn them in if necessary.

I relocated outside of the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity right on my no-longer-redeemed-since-Tentacle-was-taken-away playland to wait for my Metropolis of Angels' riffraff. And the moment he arrived, you could hear my anger at him in my raised heartbeat.

He was the (far from any) prime (of humanity) example of my phrase to eternity, "Good will prevail because evil is dumb." And he knew I was only there to get him and his ugly terrorist bitches inside who obey him there.

I even made reference to the FBI counter-espionage operation designed only to investigate me just a few doors away where the federal agents learned the real me so well that they all even started flirting with me and told him, "You know how close the Feds are."

After that proven enemy of America laden with bags under his fa├žade of homelessness while clearly running the terrorist "amateur hour" that has been plaguing that (no reflection on the) Starbucks (company) for over a month now, I even walked in the door of the coffee shop at 5:13am to make sure I could wait there until authorities could arrive to get him.

But, the IDIOTIC terrorist bitches who willfully serve that terrorist MORON still committed the open act of war against America of throwing me out before I could make sure actual law enforcement would be the first to arrive there after I cleared the premesis.

Syn, every charge possible against them all. Please obtain federal court injunctions for full criminal charges. I am sure the FBI have learned by now how necessary it is to spend our priceless few remaining taxpayer dollars on catching ACTUAL criminals not on persecuting we innocent victims of America's first terrorist dictator instead.

If FBI Director James B. Comey will not pick them all up, please add them to our long list for the US Marshals. The police already went all John McClane on the Obama-subservient terrorists a long time ago.

Whoever takes that proven terrorist into custody can hold him for international charges once the ICC formed by the United Nations already to save America just like I asked them to can file their subpoenas, too.

My 28Jan2015 blog post already established the full charges we press if ANYONE persecutes me EVER again ANYWHERE as well as the terms with which I am willing to engage Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home this time.

Thank you, Syn, as well as all of my REAL selfless support system for removing EVERY enemy of America from society FOREVER finally. Yes, thank you.

I was relocated at the next Starbucks over by 5:34am to make sure all of the details were written down as fast as possible. I bought a banana there. To be honest, I do not drink coffee at 6am when I plan on sleeping at 8am, as is my regular sleep pattern.

The staff there panicked, though, the moment my sweater coat came off; even though, I told them specifically not to panic. Almost immediately, the staff became irrationally hostile in their passive aggressiveness towards me as they spoke to each other.

My not-human-trafficker nerds have the full audio and visuals, as always, and I am sure they will amp the audio if necessary to catch them all.

At 6:13am, El Greco arrived there, clearly, after following my SquidStream or the guidance of someone who follows my SquidStream. Whether he had read my 28Jan2015 blog post by then or not, he had received the sound instructions to be a friend to me again, or I would not keep him around.

I started watching my middle-aged men at 7am, but Obama's cyberterrorists cut off my CBS app again at 7:17am. Why cannot my iPad function like I am a normal person?

I believe out of all three, my darling Mr. Larry Wilmore made me laugh the hardest. Once all of the previous night's broadcasts were done, I left at 8:13am and curled up at my safe place to sleep.

I was awakened by alarms at 11:54am which all ended after I wrote the draft to a tweet. El Greco and I shared a panettone that a kind man in a wheelchair had given us before I quickly went back to sleep.

I eventually woke up for the day at 3:13pm and, as soon as possible after taking care of my (blue) period hygiene needs, mitigated the threats to all of humanity created by Obama's crimes against my loved ones that vigilant alarms had started announcing.

I was caught up with TweetHearts by 4:07pm. Next, El Greco and I documented that Tentacle were still being physically kept away from me. There was only one street musician playing at the time, and by 4:57pm, I had assessed that he had specifically designed his show to make me feel hated and attacked. So, why give him my SquidStream?

By 5:02pm, I was sitting on the curb right next to my ukulele wielder. El Greco had chosen not to follow me but to leave me instead. After my ukulele wielder, to whom I gave the "troubadour poem" weeks ago, stood up while I was blogging to move where I could see him instead, I told him to remove his earspeaker because it had taken away his free will completely as well as his freedom of conscious and belief.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm to receive my evening hug. And my ukulele wielder bid me goodbye before 7:32pm. He was wonderful.

Because Obama's proven criminal terrorist infestation of proven enemies of America had been permitted to tank the local economy by keeping any and all business away from everywhere I go as their way to punish my beautiful Metropolis of Angels just because my people still obey them at all, I made a point of going store to store on my will-only-be-redeemed-once-my-darlings-Tentacle-return-or-you-terrorist-bitches-could-just-give-me-my-own-husband pointing out pretty ladies' dresses and men's jackets. And guess what happened in the same stores in every city not choosing to obey Obama's criminal terrorist infestation. Zara, in particular, was completely wonderful.

Now, all together, my Metropolis of Angels, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY TOWN, YOU TERRORIST BITCHES!" Whoever allowed these Philistines in my Temple of Love to begin with? Effective and systematic (expletive)-kickings take many forms.

As if magic had happened, the light rain began again to fight our California drought once I was done window shopping. No, despite popular misconception, I do not control the rain; my darling Ms. Mother Nature and I just have an understanding.

Then, at 9:07pm, my Americana singer had sat down next to me at my invitation to sing just to me while I blogged. He even invited me to dinner after I invited him down the street to hear a different street musician with me.

The three of us stood around making noise together into the night sky until they both wandered off into the shadows. I was perched outside of my 24-hour convenience shop well before 11:43pm.

At 12:12am, I was metaphorically standing between warring tanks trying to explain to the entire world what was going on for real in here inside Obama's "egg." My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of every single second of my life including all related activities in the world and in courtrooms, etc. from the moment I perched at my 24-hour convenience store to the moment I left it the first time I left it that night.

Let me explain to you, my beautiful world, what metaphorically standing between two armies of guns larger than tanks barefoot, in a flowing dress, with nothing but wind and flowers in my hair feels like and why it made me cry.

I was even trying to save the lives of the proven enemies of America who were persecuting me to my face even while I was saving them. For the good of humanity which was rapidly destabilizing because of how they were treating me, I cleared them from my presence as fast as I could. But as the Face of Beau (in my case, Belle) knows, it still hurts when they try to kill you. The world knows how sensitive I am.

That recording will include when I asked my beautiful world to lockdown my marble corner built for me and for everyone else they-who-built-it-for-me allow there. I arrived in full view of my statue of the sainted woman glowing white in the night at 2:22am. (No, really! Check the verified footage! That was the real time.)

The only person waiting for me on my marble corner was he whom I have come to name Cutie because it is a brand name of Clementines my mother used to buy me. Only the CIA know the reason behind that name.

Cutie was there waiting for me like most nights. He was also the man who first welcomed me to my marble corner. I started greeting him as, "Cutie," a while ago.

My beautiful world, as I explained to Bogart before I kissed him the first time, if anyone male or female goes down the road of any physical or emotional attachment to me, they never get their heart or soul back again.

I do not like playing with hearts. I am very responsible with this reality of my physical presence. Sometimes, as in the situations with Sweetness and Bogart, it even happens before I kiss them. The only person I gave no choice was Cuddlebunny; that was a literal matter of life or death for me.

As much as he seemed he wanted me to "Show humanity how Squid seduces people," I need a person's permission before I say something like, "Hey, I'm cold. Put your arm around me." I know what it does to them.

Go back and read what I said about Tentacle's lead singer concerning this. I already knew the only reason he was there, but I wanted to man him up to be the other two's equal. He had already proved himself musically, but you know how childhood careers can haunt adults. Everyone hated darling late Shirley Temple's first Hollywood screen kiss.

So I told him, "Your emotionally (expeltive)ed already so why not just sleep with me. Just walk up to me and kiss me, so I know." I knew he would never get to, but now they are all equals. And you should see the women throwing themselves at him now.

Regardless, back on my marble corner, after Cutie left me there all alone, and after he had even made a show of falling on his knees before me, I left at 4:20am for some civilized conversation at my 24-hour convenience shop.

A denizen of the convenience store's patio, much like myself, offered me a free cup of coffee. He told me who he was a long time ago. That morning, the City of Santa Monica also spelled it out to me who he is just in case I did not know yet.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of all of my conversations after I returned to my 24-hour convenience shop on the morning of 30Jan2015. It was my public display of "Stop irrationally hating me and committing crimes against America by victimizing me, and just ask me to answer your questions already."

I perched there intentionally to answer their questions until I went to sleep at 7:53am. El Greco found me on my way to the same safe place I always sleep. I woke up uneventfully at 2:37pm to find that El Greco had wandered off. The rain began after I got up and left.

Yes, my darling Ms. Mother Nature and I have what I call, originally jokingly, an understanding. Do you remember how the sky drizzled on New Years Eve to make sure I would take shelter in the hallway where I spent my New Years morning in the loving arms of the metaphorical Ghost of Thorbald sent by MI6 only for me?

After a walk across my not-gonna-be-redeemed-until-Tentacle-returns-and-I-am-not-going-anywhere-but-my-own-house-in-the-Hills-anyway playland, I perched in my dedicated wifi hotspot to work online instead of offline for a while. It was raining, and as I always say, the best time to dance is in the rain. But my iPad is only metaphorically waterproof not at all water-resistant.

El Greco found me there. While he was instructed to eat in front of me, I worked him as the foil for a lot of plot exposition. My not-human-trafficker nerds know how much I love a good conversation. After my dedicated wifi hotspot closed for the Friday night, I suggested that El Greco and I go to a coffee shop.

El Greco suggested the Starbucks that had a hidden nanotechnology camera in their bathroom, but since he had already refused to take me to my local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, I insisted on the (expletive)-kicking Obama's infestation would receive by our imbibing in caffeine at the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity.

First, we proved I was still welcome inside quite contrary to the deranged lunacy of the malevolent (expletive)hole enemy of America and the "employees" who serve him all of whom I turned in on the morning of 29Jan2015.

El Greco bought me a venti Pike's Place Roast which clearly had something in it, much like the coffee a few doors down at my 24-hour convenience store, that they were instructed to put there to make me hungrier, but I could not figure out what it was since I could still fall asleep right after drinking it.

I was all, "Whatever!" about it. The locals had already been terrorized into being forbidden from leaving me food any longer while I slept, so the entire planet was going to rage on Obama and all who still willfully obeyed him with their open persecution of me used as open acts of war against America and all of humanity due to my loudly rumbly tummy.

That was their choice to commit suicide on the sword of international justice. None of this has ever been my fault.

I had promised my local Nordstrom's I would peruse what designers are making this season finally too that night but I was not going to make it there until the following night when I was not going to be writing most of a blog post again. I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7:13pm for my nightly hug from my darling Mr. Brian Williams. It is wonderful to feel loved.

This blog post was published at 10:30pm on 30Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is the best form of justice for metaphorical "kids" who commit crimes? I received this question from a friend. By "kids" the question refers to my anyone in my beautiful world anywhere who loves and adores me enough to listen to me; I am their suitably voluptuous Earth Mother symbol.

My answer is, "It does not matter." Personally, I do not think anyone anywhere should be punished for fighting to save America from our first proven terrorist dictator and all the proven enemies of America still willing to obey him.

The people of my beautiful world of all varying levels of fame and power all over the world will not stop fighting to save our country and my people from Obama with whatever means we have at hand until we fix the real problem. End the "egg."

Any sane enemy of America would have taken my three never-fail steps to absolution and protection by now, so those proven psychopaths who still spread more lies and commit more crimes to always-fail at covering up their old lies and old crimes, which is proven not to be any sane reaction to their being caught committing crimes against America in the first place, need to be removed from society FOREVER already.

Who are the pros, and who are the cons inside Obama's egg? They are constantly shifting from cons to pros. Everyone with a good heart joins our cause once they learn the truth about me. As I said, I will and can save anyone who lets me. Sadly, the true psychopaths who really should have been contained by now will never relent until removed from society forever.

Why did I treat the (absolutely pathetic) alpha outside of the Starbucks on my playland on the morning of 29Jan2015 differently from the (much more professional) alpha outside my 24-hour convenience store on the morning of 30Jan2015 differently? It destabilizes humanity when people are mean to me, least of all when they go out of their way to degrade me in the eyes of the world. All such beyond-disrespectful irrationally spiteful deranged lunatics need to be removed from my environment first.

As an added note about the morning of 30Jan2015, I did not tell my middle-aged men that I would watch them at 6am. I planned on having that conversation. The increasingly-demasculated alpha did not become hostile until I proved to him that he will never find where I regularly shower due to how vigorously my selfless support system protects my physical modesty. Yes, I have a naturally female beach body, yet we have reasons for this.

My selfless support system protect my physical safety for me to prevent such proven human traffickers such as that diminishing alpha from committing their same open war crime of the proven crime against women of forced public nudity of broadcasting me in the shower against my will with cameras I am forbidden from knowing about just as they always had since 2009.

That is the only reason he demands he has a self-appointed entitlement to know where I shower to begin with and that is the only reason anyone anywhere has ever demanded photographic evidence I shower at all-- to degrade me to humanity by showing me naked in the shower to all the world every single time. Do you know the definition of "international criminal conspiracy"?

Personal hygiene has never been grounds for any mental health diagnosis in the land of medical reality to begin with, especially if you do not own a shower of your own.

Let us show my conversations between the idiot alpha on 29Jan2015 and the much more professional alpha on 30Jan2015 is quick succession for a good compare and contrast on how to behave around me. And thank you.

What is the running gag about my darling Mr. Pinchas Zuckerman? Someone once tried to cause a rift in the sister-love between me and my genius BFF whom I have always called an independent equal, just as all of my Powers of Attorney, be telling her she "plays second fiddle" to me.

In response, I told SynSyn, "It's okay. Many people consider Pinchas better than Itzak anyway." My darling Mr. Pinchas Zuckerman and my darling Mr. Itzak Perlman, thank you for being my cultural references for that point.

What does "Syniva's choice" mean? Of my three Powers of Attorney, my BFF Synny is the genius lady who presses all of the charges. So, letting Syniva choose what charges go against whom allows everyone to have someone sane and rational to explain themselves to if they feel too terrorized by Obama to explain themselves honestly to me.

My beautiful world, please recall when my darling SynSyn pressed charges I did not want against Bogart. I apologized to my BFF for not telling her the whole story soon enough to avoid it and promised not to wait so long again. She is as close to another me as anyone will ever find. My beautiful world, you need to trust whom I empower with control over me or any aspect of my life at all just as I trust them all.

Still on this topic, if anyone has any irrational worries about trusting my darlings Tentacle with how much I have empowered them, I will use your completely irrational concerns which are only boldfaced lies to commit human rights abuses against all of us as open acts of war against America anyway to instruct all of the world to make sure my darlings Tentacle just never leave my side. That way, they can always be led by my incorruptible benevolence first hand.

What about my "FEMA has been notified," joke? It is kind of like my shikse joke. It might actually be true for all we know.

Look at how it rained for the first in a long time during our California drought after the energy display at Disneyland, the energy display at the Getty Center, the energy display with my darlings Tentacle, etc., but only at the hours I wanted to sleep on New Years Eve (I was roofied at the Cantina that night.) when the world needed me to take shelter in that hallway. Have you seen me at Point Dume?

It might be true for all we know. I am still collecting empirical evidence. Until then, I will always say that my darling Ms. Mother Nature and I have an understanding. She is, after all, someone I always listen to for advice and respond to when she needs help.

How do I recognize undercover agents international or otherwise? I have always been honest about this-- male or female, we have irrefutable raw animal sexual attraction to each other. My explanation for it is the type of person willing to take that job. And, no, I do not always know whom they work for when I meet them. I need to talk to them first to figure it out.

Do I always have cash on me? I should not answer for fear of someone stealing money from me, and we have also proven I do not always know what is in my computer bag until I look. But, I have always kept cash in case of emergencies. That is how I could afford my plane ticket out of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa on 01May2014, too. I have been in survival mode since 2009.

My beautiful world, I learned just after midnight on the morning of 30Jan2015 how much follow through all of you have to catch up on still out there. Please tell me sooner when you need my help.

US Secretary of State John Kerry, I told President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey this morning, too, when you need me to fix something, you need to tell me sooner; it was Russia themselves who came to me this morning of 30Jan2015 on behalf of the entire rest of the world, just like many previous mornings, to tell me, "There is no reason for you to stay. [Please leave, so we, the entire world, can destroy them all for being mean to you.]"

You saw my response. I told the entire world: These are not my people being mean to me. My loving and adoring locals were all evacuated and replaced by Obama's infestation of my home with nothing but enemies of America. As evidence, when was the last time you saw a surfer on these beaches?

If you need to destroy someplace evil to feel better, please destroy ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa who still refuse to relent pretending they have any legal grounds in their self-appointed entitlement to commit their unrelenting human rights abuses against me as their open acts of war against America and also as their open acts of war against all of the rest of you out there in my beautiful world.

This is my REAL home. I have chosen to stay here to lead my people. Anyone anywhere who believes they have any supposedly "legal authority" to control where I live other than myself is committing a human rights abuse as an open act of war against America and against all of you out there in the rest of my beautiful world, too.

Please do not destroy my home. But I understand all of you will do anything you want to protect me. No one has any GENUINE authority to take action in my name but they to whom I give that authority myself.

I have already proven that I trust you, my international community, with my physical protection just as I trust my Powers of Attorney with my legal powers, my irrefutable husband with my very human heart, my same irrefutable husband and my royal consort with my diplomatic obligations not just on behalf of my people who remained here to stand beside me to save our Metropolis of Angels after Obama's mandated evacuation, and my REAL federal government led by our REAL President Dempsey to govern my entire people including but not limited to arresting every damn enemy of America we can find.

Thank you, my beautiful world, whom I have always served just as compassionately as my own country, for coming to save my people and my nation just because I asked.

Also, my beautiful world, much like "Napolean Bonaparte" is the universal sign that Obama's proven enemies of America are trying to coverup their most heinous crimes known to mankind against me that they use as open acts of war against America and against the entire world by irrationally demonizing me for going through the legal system to make their crimes end, Obama's proven infestation of enemies of America here in my married home of my Metropolis of Angels in my REAL home of the entire State of California also are willfully using the word "controversial" in place of "We, Obama's proven enemies of America, were caught committing irrefutable, hypocritical, treasonous as well as international crimes against our own people that Squid can prove with hard evidence."

They used to use the phrase, "This is so embarrassing," to mean the same thing that they are intentionally using, "This is so controversial," to mean now.

Click here for the REAL definition of the world "controversial." No, there is no genuine debate on any of these topics in the realm of reality that Obama's proven conspiracy and proven infestation of proven enemies of America NEVER acknowledge.

They have only ever boldfaced lied to manipulate the public to force America to allow them to control us all with their own human rights abuses while I and everyone who loves have only ever offered hard evidence, hard facts, and proven logic to set us all free of them.

In a conversation between proven and unrelenting boldfaced calumnies vs. genuinely compassionate genuine logic upheld by proven REALITY, there is no real debate by anyone ACTUALLY sane. This does not meet the definition of the word "controversial."

My brave rescuers, I heard that it is metaphorical hurricane weather out there. Yes, I am okay with this finally.

My brave rescuers, we have an entire army of seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist deranged-lunatic mercenaries on US soil that we need to remove from the face of the Earth forever, and there is no way to do this without the world's militaries. Thank you. Please keep telling all of us what you need.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, how much hard evidence does it take? The only reason Obama ever ordered me to be already-UN-acknowledged tortured through injections with heavy chemicals every time it has happened (and it all started when his "egg" began in 2009) has only been to literally torture me. There has never been any other REAL reason for it.

My genius Powers of Attorney, again, how much hard evidence does it take? Look at all of the quackery (supposed "medical") records they kept of all of it themselves! Please ask courts to revisit my already-independently-factchecked-and-proven-with-hard-evidence 21Dec then 22Oct2014 blog posts about this.

Finally, raze anyone you need to raze, my darlings, with 28Jan2015 and 28Oct2014 for allowing any of Obama's proven war criminals in any courtroom as anything but their own defendants ESPECIALLY at this point. It is almost invariably DIRTY IOWA JUDGES.

My genius loved ones, if we can take these open acts of war against America of even humoring Obama's proven quacks, Obama's proven pathological perjurers, and Obama's proven dirty prosecutors any longer, least of all still allowing them to go on public record or on any public forum any longer, beyond subpoenas to my ICT formed by the United Nations already to save my people and my nation just like I asked, we need to take all action necessary to make Obama's courtroom lunacy finally end. It is too much of a threat not just to America but to the entire world. And, thank you.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, where are you these days? We have not been able to chat like we used to. We have all been so busy.

Please tell your colleague (from your previous profession before you joined our team) that I called my Damian Marley lookalike "Damian Marley" because if I used his real name they would have taken him away from me and also because it allowed me to establish how long my REAL darling Mr. Damian Marley has been wooing me.

Also, Bogart, my symbolic royal consort, do you remember Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol when the ghost of the late darling Bob Marley appears to Scrooge to tell him to more ghosts were coming?

I have already seen a great number of ghosts from the darling late Jim Morrison to the darling late Richie Valens not just the late darling Kurt Cobain who surprised me as the form of my requested Ghost of Thorbald on New Years 2015. I cannot wait for a late Janis Joplin, etc...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I agree with the United Nations and the National Institute of Health, etc. that absolutely NO ONE should have any earspeakers in their heads anywhere in the world.

Beloved, this is not only because of their blunt force removal of everyone's free will and freedom of conscious and belief but also because of all of the neurological damage. Please refer everyone to my 16Oct and 18Oct2014 blog posts if they need them again.

Darling, I understand how long your Honey-do list is already, but if you do not mind my keeping you busier, please make sure no one who comes to me to be with me on purpose ever has any earspeakers in their heads anymore at all. And thank you.

Even Primus fled me because of their earspeakers, and they were some of the most rebellious against Obama and his open destruction of our country. You have seen how insane El Greco had become because he refuses to listen to me and remove his last remaining earspeaker.

And I am particularly worried about my darlings Tentacle if they ever show up and refuse to leave me. I am, after all, refusing to leave my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city until it is cleaned up completely or until I find a way directly to OUR real home in the Hills.

Sweetness, better known as Mr. Love-of-my-Life (As Whisky, Cuddlebunny, and 'Hopper know already just from this blog itself, only my significant other gets a Mr. or Ms. on his or her SquidName.), you are the only father of my children; even if, the only children I get to help raise into amazing adults are Jack and Lily Rose.

HoneyHoney, if you choose to stay here in our home of Los Angeles to be as close to me as possible even though I am much happier with you in our villa in France where Obama cannot touch you, we need to think up better ways to keep you out of jail due to Dirty Lacey and Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder's unrelenting modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges, just like all genuine heroes of America demonized by Obama's perjury and calumny anti-reality machine and crap-factory.

I heard Obama even demonized my darling Mr. Henry Kissinger to my public who loves me only to make him as similarly irrationally attacked as I even get by being libeled someone other than my REAL self. Clearly, nothing is sacred to Obama, which should have been obvious if I am not sacred to him.

My more-than-just-a-pretty-face husband, when will people learn to only listen to reliable sources finally? WE only say mean things about people, including ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, after we can produce hard evidence. Until then, I say, "Rumor has it..."

Sweetness, we have beyond proven our marriage is sacred, and that is why Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America have attacked our sacred union for so long. I am not just your kingmaker; I am your wife. I needed an equal who could command my heart as absolutely as I command everyone else's. It is you. Make the world finally accept this reality. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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