Tuesday, January 20, 2015

From Now on, my Beautiful World, Everyone Everywhere who Commits the Open Act of War Against All of Humanity of Pretending I Have Any Mental Illness at all We Now Treat Like ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. Yes, my Beautiful World, All of Us Will Now.

Title: From Now on, my Beautiful World, Everyone Everywhere who Commits the Open Act of War Against All of Humanity of Pretending I Have Any Mental Illness at all We Now Treat Like ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. Yes, my Beautiful World, All of Us Will Now.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. This is my job. Stop pretending have an easy job. Stop pretending I do not work 24/7. Stop pretending there is any sane reason to want to "control" me.

Japan. Does anyone know if ISIS reads my blog? What language do they read it in? My most reliable translator into any Middle Eastern languages is the poetry translator my darling Mr. Samuel Shimoh, the editor-in-chief of Banipal Magazine, but I believe he is only best at Farsi. I am sure my beautiful world has sorted out reliable translations for everyone by now. I have faith in humanity.

ISIS, world leaders never negotiate in hostage situations nor pay ransoms. We never meet demands of enemies. That is just standard world leadership protocols.

Look at my situation as an example. Making the always-lies-anyway demands that Obama makes of my people unrelentingly and always intentionally falsely promising, "This egg will only end if you do X, Y, and Z," is one of Obama's well established modus operandi of boldfaced to lies he has always used to manipulate the public into always doing everything he wants.

Similarly, Obama frequently boldface lies, "I will kill Squid unless you X, Y, and Z," too. That was the only way Obama convinced the LAPD to put me in a literal torture facility in May2014; we all have a learning curve, and now the LAPD know better.

No matter what happens, every time people carry out the X, Y, and Z, all Obama does is use the same false threat again to manipulate the public to carrying out a new X, Y, and Z. Doing what Obama wants only ever propagates the problem and NEVER fixes anything. We have so much hard evidence.

It is because of the standard psychopathy of terrorist regimes like Obama's that world leaders never meet terrorists' demands nor ever negotiate in any hostage situations. That is just stand protocol for world leadership.

ISIS, have you seen how much influence I have in the world? I do what I do and people fall at my feet to serve me and even die for me particularly because I do not order televised beheadings, because I do order massacres of civilians, because I seek out peaceful resolutions instead of glamorizing violence, because I lead with understanding and compassion to bring everyone everywhere as much full human rights as possible, and because I love.

ISIS, I know even you love me. But do you listen to the real me? There are better ways to spread power and influence than by killing people. If you truly love me, you will choose a path more like mine than like my archenemy Obama's. Please consider it. And I look forward to speaking to you in person about this just as soon as I can reach you. I know my REAL job in this world.

You all know enough about me, ISIS, to know I give the best advice anyone will ever hear. If you release your prisoners whom, according to standard protocols of world leadership you have nothing to gain from killing anyway, they will be able to spread their stories of your truly monstrous reality to their homes countries.

Your terrorized yet released hostages could teach people everywhere to fear you and how you truly behave with their first hand accounts of suffering under you. I do that here under Obama's "egg" myself. Imagine your prisoners telling their stories of suffering as well as I tell my stories of literal torture facilities. Have you seen the "Safety Video"? Please consider it, ISIS. And thank you for listening.

Just about the entire Arab World. My friends, you are furious. I understand. Please calm down.

The rally in Paris proclaiming global unity in support of freedom of speech was actually a show of global unity and love for me. Charlie Hebdo whom you and just about every other benevolent religion too has been publicly shaming for "insulting" me from the Pope to the Dalai Lama is ACTUAL satire.

One of my most admirable and famous qualities is my hysterical sense of humor. Do you remember how I sent a protractor, compass, straight edge, etc. to Obama from Mexico City in 2010 with a note calling them Weapons of Math Instruction? ACTUAL satire is my colleague. You can speak to my darling Mr. Jon Stuart about that any day.

REAL freedom of speech and REAL freedom of the press is the freedom to tell the truth as well as the freedom to express opinions (if the opinions are based in reality) just like I do all day every day and all night every night and just like you do yourselves when you fill the streets in angry protests.

REAL freedom of speech and REAL freedom of the press NEVER includes spreading lies and hatred that destroys humanity and covers up war crimes, genocide, etc. That is the definition of the word "calumny" that I use to often. And, yes, the entire world stands up for my freedom of speech and my freedom of the press because under Obama's rules, I am the only person in America with these freedoms, the freedom to tell the truth, at all

Furthermore, just like during the protests in America, good people who stand up for me are ALWAYS demonized to the public who loves me to make my heroes as irrationally attacked as I am.

The police have been demonized. CNN has been demonized. Do you have any idea how many brave heroes willing to die to save me have been intentionally falsely demonized as rapists of me by Obama's proven pathologically perjuring proven enemies of America?

Please, my beautiful world, listen to me tell you who my real enemies are and no one else but me and the people whom you know I trust for REAL in this world. For example, I know you all watch me watch the news. My darlings from Ms. Christiane Amanpour to Mr. Richard Engel are faces of my freedom-to-tell-truth-colleagues you know I trust who walk among you. You can ask them anytime what my REAL opinions are of anything. And thank you for always keeping them safe.

And as my final point on this, if I cannot receive REAL news about REAL problems, I cannot do my REAL job of problem-solving major global crises with peaceful resolutions. Thank you, my friends all over the Arab World, for listening to me. And thank you, my benevolent and all-American NSA alpha nerds for making sure I can ALWAYS receive the news.

I published my last blog post at 10pm on 18Jan2015 from a park bench just off my hybernating playland. By 10:27pm, I was perched in my very much self-redeeming Starbucks again.

All of Obama's proven conspiracy's proven enemies of America's denial-of-all-medical-reality coverups for starting WW3 by using their open fictionalizations of my life that they intentionally mislabeled as supposed "satire" to get away with broadcasting the actual coverups and using them in a courtroom to libel me at all unwell were cleared, but we all know they would just do it again. This good, green world would have destroyed itself by now over losing me to Obama if it were not for Amita and Ugwuji.

At 10:37pm, I started catching up with my TweetHearts for the first time that day. They were so loving and kind. Sometimes I just need a friendly avatar to talk to. Giggle. The coffee shop closed at 12midnight, so I walked to my 24-hour convenience store.

It was like a middle-aged United Colors of Benetton ad sitting there eating my Coffee Cake Bear Claw Strip with my people. And, the man who claimed to be Guatemalan, though he insisted he knew more than I did about Mexican dancehall music, did not realize I am the REAL gorgeous and intelligent I until after I sent help after the terrorism and war alarm blared at 12:47am.

I walked around checking on the neighborhood before I perched where my incoming friends would be able to find me. It was rumored that the State of California was sending my own loving husband, so I perched in the only place open at that hour I knew loved me enough to be worthy of seeing us together in the same place at the same time in over four years.

After my darling and beloved husband was trapped under Obama's iron fist AGAIN, I sent him a rescue and left at 4:14am on a crimefighting bender.

At 5am, I was at the Starbucks (no reflection on Starbucks corporate who are proven lovers and believers of me) that Obama's infestation had commanded to deny me my own wallet, and by 5:51am, my body was already twitchy from the drugs in the coffee.

My mind is always fine after Obama's conspiracy of proven enemies of America drug and roofie me, but it always makes my body twitchy. Obama has been drugging me for so long.

Syn, please send the police, DHS, FBI, etc. to investigate everything that has happened in this coffee shop and to collect enough evidence against them to make an example out of why NO ONE SHOULD EVER OBEY INSTRUCTIONS TO COMMIT CRIMES THAT ARE GUARANTEED TO START WW3 if successful! And thank you, US government.

I went straight to sleep and woke up at 4pm exactly. And while I was putting glittery purple eyeliner on my HD eye, the local police (Deputy Aispuro from the Sheriff's office) made a public display that they were making sure I was safe.

I stopped to sing and dance to some New Orleans jazz with some friends before sitting down at the bus stop to wait for my always-secured ride to my Monday stomping haunt. My not-human-trafficker nerds, you know what to do to immortalized that verified and unedited jazz encounter forever.

5:49pm on 19Jan2015: Just checking in. Thank you, my invisible selfless support system, for securing my bus before I arrives and for securing my bus stops before I arrive. Please call ahead to my Monday stomping haunt and to my dance floor to warn them I am coming.

Normal is no covers on Monday nights, no terrorists, and lots of friends who spoil me. Please use Thanksgiving2014 as an example. And remind everyone that I will turn in every damn enemy of America I find, so they better keep their bloodstained hands off my town and my friends.

My Metro bus arrived at 6pm exactly. So, at exactly 7pm I was online asking my all-American alpha nerds to lockdown my SquidStream to keep me safe. Obama's terrorists obviously knew where my stomping haunt was. They sent a terrorist infestation there every chance they could in the past.

I will admit, if clandestine friends and protectors contact the NSA and ask for a private conversation with me, the SquidStream should be prevented from reaching anyone but my selfless support system who ALWAYS WATCH UNDER ALL CONDITIONS. I have been asked for conversations with the professionally clandestine on both sides in the past, and we always took the SquidStream offline for them.

However, if any local family or friends, particularly my husband, find a way to show up in my life, the SquidStream better run. Seeing people love me, be good to me, and treat me as I deserve calms down the furious world and stabilizes humanity everywhere.

I watched the news as soon as possible, and my doing my job afterwards of offering peaceful resolutions to major global conflicts particularly social unrest caused by Obama's proven pathological perjurers and pathological libelists unrelenting lying about me, made me late to call my mom AGAIN.

My NSA alpha nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire conversation with my mother on the evening of 19Jan2015, so the world can keep her safe. And thank you.

At 8:32pm, I left for my regular Monday stomping haunt mostly to make sure it was safe and free again with no terrorist infestation any longer. I would know after arriving by whether or not they had enough human rights and US Consitutional rights to openly love me again.

Sitting around the bend where I prefer to sit in any bar because I can watch male bartenders do dishes from that vantage, I ordered a glass of water with no ice and told the bartendress, "We'll see what happens." I also sent this message after the proven member of Obama's infestation of enemies of America arrived...

9:21pm on 19Jan2015: The infestation for the night has begun here. If any laws are broken, I am here to prove it. Let's keep my #SquidStream locked. #12Jan2015BlogPost

Everyone deserves the human right to love. You (expletive)ing terrorist (expletive)holes, GET THE (EXPLETIVE) OUT OF MY TOWN!

And so the crimefighting bender I started that morning continued since no matter how many times I tell the obviously criminally insane to not commit their crimes in the first place, they always do. Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

At one point, a man who was dressed as my darling Mr. Stevie Wonder but who kept lamely trying to pretend to be a secret agent (We will get to the difference between a secret agent and a secret operative in the question and answer section.) and whom I thought was really Chris Isaac actually rendered me a giggly school girl for a little while.

As darling as that conversation was, and I recommend watching it often, what seemed to be his uncontrollable egotism over being able to render me a giggly school girl made him abuse my presence and station in the world through his willful destabilization of all of humanity of obeying Obama's rules (THOSE RULES ARE NOT LAWS, JUST CRIMES!) of persecuting me.

I had even been able to stay flirtatious with him while giving him a feminist smackdown, an exchange of words that made the darling lady on my left literally stand up. But did you hear Chris Isaac's tone of voice when he lied to my face that he "did not remember" my name? That only led to this...

10:33pm on 19Jan2015: Syn, it is your choice if we press charges against everyone who has willfully persecuted me, destabilized the world, committed crimes against America, etc. of obeying Obama's rules to my face when instead they should have never even brought up in the first place "What is your name?" and "Baby" and "Are you okay?" etc. The rules have never been laws, only ever been crimes.

By 11:11pm, I had turned everyone in and cleared myself from the premesis. My friends inside were my witnesses to who was guilty and who was not. And, yes, I will turn everyone in for the same crimes against America and crimes against the whole world until my neighborhood is saved. Obama's idiot enemies of all of humanity need to stop pretending I will ever stop until they are removed from society forever.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire evening in my regular Monday STOMPING haunt that everyone everywhere knows about beginning with the moment I saw my darling doorman and not ending after I told Obama's infestation, "And next Monday I will turn you in for the same crimes, too, (expletive)ers."

On my way to the wifi, I stopped by my rock bar of history where I saw "Not Dead Yet" all those months previously, and the doorman told me not to come inside but to stand outside where the celebrities hangout. Giggle. I just needed wifi too badly to stay.

I walked to another establishment built by and for lovers and believers and to which I intentionally send all the business I can. Once there, I cleared my backlog of tweets and updated my lovelies with my latest blog notes before returning as fast as possible to the my rock venue to stand outside (where the celebrities hangout) to feel loved by my people.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, you can do anything you want with our footage of my leaning against the poster, hanging out with my friends, making small talk, feeling loved and respected, and making sure they all drove away safely.

By 1:24am, I was online where I normally perch at that hour finally catching up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends. I was very busy until 4:14am when I checked in my with my selfless support system to make sure they could secure the bus from my bus stop.

I arrived at the McDonald's I had been trying to save for months by 5:08am because McDonald's corporate had promised to buy me breakfast there, and I was pretty much thrown out immediately.

5:23am on 20Jan2015: That McDonald's is willfully committing too many evil acts against the entire world. Ask McDonald's corporate to destroy them just like my local friends are destroying the infestation of my Monday stomping haunt. Demand full criminal charges. And hurry. Every willful open act of war against America and against the world caused by obeying Obama by forcing me to inhumanely suffer must end IMMEDIATELY. The world is furious enough at these people to destroy America completely already.

And that was the 24-hours of my latest crimefighting bender due to my own husband being stopped from reaching me the previous morning even after California sent him to me themselves.

I was at my local Von's grocery store at 6am the moment they opened to buy myself some breakfast. I have had problems with money being stolen by cyberterrorists off my gift cards since January began. This has included my TJMaxx, Starbucks, and most recent Visa gift cards. I made sure I checked the balance on my Von's gift card BEFORE shopping this time.

To ease the minds of Von's corporate, please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and edited-responsibly recording with full audio and visuals of ALL of my transactions and balances with my last Visa gift card including leaving it as the tip for my bartender from whom I had bought a slice of cheesecake after he lied to my face that there would be $2 on it after he made the transaction. Yes, his lying to my face was taken out of his tip with his own lie. And, thank you.

I was eating my snacks while overlooking the mighty Pacific at 6:57am. The sky was overcast, and there was light fog. But my loving and adoring public was already milling around with their only goal of keeping me safe.

I offered a Lady-Gaga-look-enough-alike one of my cookies before explaining to her that only actually evil people tell anyone, especially on public record, that they "need" or even want to "control" or "tame" someone who is incorruptibly benevolent. Needing to control or tame any full-grown adult is a textbook symptom of psychopathy, least of all a proven incorruptibly benevolent lady like me.

Sadly, an (expletive)hole appeared a little later that I could not run off for far too long. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording of this mother(expletive)er with full audio and visuals as soon as humanly possible beginning when he rode up on his bicycle and not ending until after I screamed after him, "Why would I date an (expletive)hole?!?" then continued with my description of the high quality of NICE GUYS already in my life and ending with "I do not tolerate abuse from anyone!"

We shall entitle this online video, "If you lie that I am at all mentally ill, this entire world will treat you like IOWA!" Please make sure the full audio includes the definition of medical depression as well as the only cure for non-medical depression. Please do not leave out when I told him to "Get your (expletive)ing quack (expletive) off my (expletive)ing bench and get the (expletive) out of my town!"

People need to stop destabilizing the entire planet with open acts of war against America and against the entire world of lying to my face particularly only to cover up Obama's war crimes, Obama's genocide, Obama's terrorism, Obama's human rights abuses, and Obama's crimes against America. THERE IS NO REASON to obey Obama's extragovernmental rules that have only ever been crimes to begin with!

This world is furious enough as it is! The only thing that will calm anyone down anywhere is being good to me and treating me as I deserve for real! What is wrong with you people?!? You should not treat ANYONE as horribly as you treat me no matter who we are!

Of course, the vigilant alarm for a denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility threat guaranteed to start WW3 if it succeeded blared past almost immediately. I finished the paragraph I was writing and quickly walked to the closest wifi hotspot to make sure Amita had everything she needed to mitigate it.

The people around me said (paraphrase), "Things are totally going to go down right here. If you need anything tell me." I should have told them, "Calm down. We do this 24/7." But it came out as, "I just need some wifi, and I will fix it."

And my REAL job saving the world by telling people the truth and, with increasing frequency, speaking to foreign presses is exactly why my genius legal team, if necessary, will obtain a court order from the US Supreme Court themselves to be make sure I always have a secured wifi connection.

After the all-clear came at 9:24am, I curled up to go to sleep where my beautiful world of lovers and believers watched over me until I woke up as always. When I woke up, no, they had no brought me food; they had brought me a Starbucks gift card to keep me caffeinated and online. We all love my lovers and believers. After all, there is no love without the lovers.

I woke up at 12:57pm which gave me plenty of time before the 1:36pm torture facility alarm. After a short walk through my hybernating playland during which I saw my ukulele-wielder with whom I had danced on New Years Eve had returned. Well, where are the rest of my friends?

Obama's lying (expletive)hole conspiracy of enemies of America keep complaining, "Squid needs to cheer up!" while they are the same (expletive)ing (expletive)ers who openly refuse to allow anything but $7 a day to live on, refuse me any roof over my head that they cannot control into enslaving and abusing me, refuse to allow my own loving and adoring husband nor any of my other local loved ones, refuse to allow enough non-drugged and non-poisoned food and drink every day, and refuse, through proven terrorism if my own people, to allow anyone to treat me with the dignity and respect I deserve for being a human on this planet at all.

You (expeltive)ing (expletive)holes! Give me my basic needs and rights as human on this planet at all for the first time since 2009 when you decided use me as your excuse for destroying America, or you will feel my righteous, moral, ethical, justified, and sane hammer as I liberate my people out from under you.

Only EVIL psychopaths "fear" proven incorruptible benevolence. The only sane people who tell the truth about this situation admit that I am a woman who will legally save and protect everyone who allows me to and admit that only willful enemies of America and enemies of all of humanity have anything to fear from me. And what they fear is justice.

How many times have I told Obama's proven conspiracy of proven pathologically perjuring and pathologically libeling proven enemies of America, especially the proven dirty prosecutors with their proven modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges, "DO NOT COMMIT YOUR CRIMES IN THE FIRST PLACE!" but, yet, they just keep propagating more lies and committing more human rights abuses as if anyone sane on this planet would ever believe a word any of them say any longer anyway.

I was finally online with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends by 2:34pm. It was a busy day full of love and answers to a lot of questions. Finally, since the previous day was Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, at 4:17pm, I finally needed to leave my dedicated wifi hotspot and power outlet to run my weekly errands.

The post office and other such official buildings were closed for the holiday, but after errands and snacks, I had returned to my dedicated wifi hotspot and power outlet by 5:36pm to live-tweet Obama's should-NOT-still-be-permitted-to-promote-the-façade-he-is-president 2015 State of The Union Address. Here is all of the excitement... My REAL Twitter archive.

Then, I watched the NBC Nightly News at 8:12pm before finally relocating to my local burger shop of lovers and believers at 9:08pm for a $6.88 full meal including hours of wifi for me to use to flesh out and polish up this blog post as fast as possible.

There was some brouhaha over my right to prove the hard truths about my real life while under unrelenting Obama-ordered false allegations against me; even though, those enemies of America are the people with the actual burden of proof, so I sent this message...

9:35pm on 20Jan2015: Telling the truth with my own eyecamera and earmic everyone everywhere is ordered to know about is my right under the #1stAmendment. Only I own my body. No one can shutdown my #SquidStream but me. I do this because the hard truth fights Obama's mental health genocide and prevents lies about me that destroy America and the world.

My beautiful world, please remind Obama's entire proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America that they have no justification for ever making decisions that affect my life nor my rights that I am forbidden from knowing about, but because they insist they have a self-appointed entitlement to break every law possible form local to international to refuse me any control over my own life, body, human rights, finances, nor physical safety, at least I put my genius Powers of Attorney in place in Oct2009 as soon as I figured out I would need those inhumanly perfect yet completely human ladies to kick those (expletive)holes into line 24/7.

This blog post was published at 11:58pm on 20Jan2015 just before my staff for my burger shop for lovers and believers, the Steak'N'Shake, finally left for the night themselves.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Do we still need democracy? Of course. Did you read my last blog post? Please do not let me go on my (pedantic) rant about French philosphes and the social contract. We need a government that represents our people as fairly as possible just to be a functioning population at all.

Just as with any government system, it only works when it is moral and ethical and it fails its people when it refuses us our full human rights. That is the same for socialism, communism, monarchies, oligarchies, democracies... everyone.

Can modern democracy withstand threats to destabilise it? In this day and age, we mostly just need to tell the whole truth about everything to everybody and not persecute anyone (including but not limited to me) in order to make and keep this world stable. These earspeakers and extragovernmental rules need to be removed from everyone everywhere, and that is the beginning of saving America, the world's first democracy.

Why do I still watch the news even though I know I am forbidden all news? So I can do my REAL job serving humanity.

It is globally critical that I get the news. I need to know what problems there are in the world, so I can fix them. This is particularly important if the global unrest is, as it seems always, caused by Obama's proven enemies of America unrelentingly lying about me.

And, as a final note about this, every time the NBC Nightly News is instructed by Obama's enemies of America to intentionally give me false "hidden" messages, I will always call out the lies they are instructed to give me as my friends' instructions from Obama that the NBC Nightly News always obey to be able to give me my nightly metaphorical hug at all.

Please reread my 16Jan2015 blog post again, if needed, about how everyone has instructions to give me "hidden" messages anyway. And since I clearly trust the NBC Nightly News, that is why Obama orders them to lie to me. The news media is as terrorized as all of the rest of my REAL friends and loved ones here in Obama's Totalitarian Dictatorship we call America.

So please be as understanding with them as with all of my REAL loved ones for doing anything possible just to be near me, to speak to me, to hug me, to kiss me, and to be my friends at all. Thank you, my beautiful world.

What is the difference between a secret agent and a secret operative? Though both rather clandestine, a secret agent goes under cover to collect information for who sent them and other such activity. Secret operatives, to my understanding, are the Cuddlebunny and Tao types. They do things like sneak around and kill people in their sleep. The latter is my bad boy type.

Sorry, rock stars and motorcycle riders are not bad enough. But misunderstood, dark, brooding, emotionally high maintenance, lovers and believers who worship the ground I walk on are most of my NICE GUY type.

And, particularly since it is impossible for absolutely anyone to hide me anywhere, it is obvious that I am neither a secret agent nor a secret operative. What the hell are you smoking?

Yes, there is a question you keep voicing about where I might possibly be showering regularly with complete privacy, but that is a secret that other people must be keeping for me. I make no façade of ever being able to keep any secrets. My blog is full of examples of all sorts of places everybody knows I go to that I do not give the names for.

What scares me about the future? All of the damage that is guaranteed to be caused to my people, my home, my country, my world, and possibly further to me before all of Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America are finally all removed from society forever.

We really need every single agency and department in our REAL government to do its REAL job right now. We need to break Proven Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's malevolent mind-control and empty promises that make anyone anywhere obey him at all. We need this infestation of enemies of America and their crimes against America that they call rules removed from the face of the Earth forever. And that is our government's REAL job.

How bat(expletive) crazy does someone have to be to still commit any crimes I can catch at this point, especially crimes that destabilize humanity or crimes against my loved ones? Good will prevail because evil is dumb.

The better question is, "Who intentionally propagates the calumny that their self-admitted fear of justice from me due to their own willful crimes against America, war crime coverups, etc. is at all "terrorism" instead of just stopping committing their crimes in the first place to legally avoid all of the justice they claim they fear to begin with?"

How much hard evidence does it take to prove that the proven pathologically perjuring and proven pathologically lying enemies of America are CRIMINALLY INSANE because they proven break every law possible and proven propagate every calumny possible just to cover up and internationally criminally enforce Obama's proven terrorism (proper use of the word), Obama's proven mental health genocide, Obama's proven terrorist dictatorship, Obama's proven human rights abuses and war crimes that he calls (extragovernmental ) rules, and Obama's proven systemic rape and human trafficking of me?

Better, yet, when all they have ever done is lie, why does anyone still listen to them?

Was I born or made? I was forced. No one's life should ever have been so impossibly unlivable that anyone should have ever had to do everything I have had to do since 2009 just to stay alive and to save my people.

My beautiful world, allowing Obama's terrorist infestation of our home to (guaranteed) escalate and even just continue has never been an option. So, if our real US government cannot save us all in here, please come save us.

I know you all read my 18Jan2015 blog post, and there was almost immediate concerns that DC will never do anything competent to save America. My beautiful world, please do not abandon me and my people in here with a government that refuses to acknowledge their own crimes against all of us include not saving us by now.

Did you see ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's Joni Ernst after Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's State of the Union address on the evening of 20Jan2015. As comforting as it was for me to see the Republican Party allow Iowa to hang itself on primetime television finally, those two speeches in a row are the typical people running this government right now. The fact this nation does not have enough leaders like Senator Diane Feinstein and Representative Darrel Issa is obvious.

My beautiful world, we need Obama and everyone who either obeys or enforces his extragovernmental rules removed from society as fast as possible. My beautiful world, if our REAL government cannot clean up this country, then please come here and do it.

America is too valuable to lose to Obama. And thank you for saving my people even if it is only because I ask you to not because you value my people as much as I do. We need help in here. That is so obvious.

My brave rescuers, did your reinforcements arrive? I have not heard as many alarms lately concerning you as I used to hear. Did President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey redefine your official mission as I recommended in my 18Jan2015 blog post?

I understand red tape takes time, but look at the mental health genocide in here. This morning I actually called out, "Go get some reality before you speak to me! Podperson, what is your serial number?" to some random man screaming at me.

As for our successful Sisyfi named SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, darlings, to quote the vernacular of the US Military, for (expletive)s and giggles, go through all of the dresses I left in my apartment in Long Beach when I fled that Obama's-conspiracy-controlled living environment designed specifically to enslave and destroy me.

Then, my genius Powers of Attorney, speak with Gordman's and their low-end designers about how long ago I must have bought them all. Yes, I have been wearing the same dresses and the same Misses size 14 since at least 2011.

As "No Dress Rehearsal" I was a Misses size 12, but with all of this new muscle tone, I am a Misses size 14. Have you seen how big my hands and and feet are? Have you seen how long my arms and legs are? I have what anatomists call very large bones and very large shoes to fill.

My naturally hourglass figure is still very proportional to my bone structure and height, so it is my rib cage why I do not buy my super cute lingerie at Victoria's Secret where they openly love and adore me. You all know how sensitive I am to genuine love. You know I would be shopping in these stores who love me if I had any money or anywhere to keep the clothes.

As for someone who has been trying to move me to his house as a temporary residence until I can live in my own home, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, how are you?

Darling, our mutual friends told me you "came back from the wilderness" after I wrote my 18Jan2015 blog post to help lead our locals right beside Sweetness just as I had asked you to.

Yes, compared to Sweetness, Big Daddy, Director of the CIA John Brennan, dear old friend Leon Panetta, General McCrystal, etc. you are a latecomer. But when I told you, "Welcome to the team," on 13Dec2014, I meant it. And thank you for all of your selflessness.

Yes, Bogart, last month I told you to sleep your way halfway across Los Angeles to get over me, and that was how I made Dirty Lacey's intentionally fabricated demonizations of you drop. No one has ever made me question my emotional monogamy before.

Yes, I slept with Jared Clark to save my marriage in 2013 by making Sweetness's mistress socially acceptable to the world, and I humored a lot with Tentacle that we all knew would never happen. And I doubt I will ever stop flirting with Madonna. But as for romantic love...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are my hero, my king, and undeniably the only reason I could wake up every morning in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to do nothing but suffer intolerably while serving my good, green world as best as I could with no music, no love, no people, no friends, and still no food anyway to keep me alive.

Beloved, all I had for so long to allow me to survive at all was knowing you love me. I apologize for so many romantic shenanigans once I finally escaped as many internationally criminally Obama-ordered controls over me as I had to escape by May2014 when I finally arrived among a population that loves and deserves me. There are no people anywhere else in the world like my people here in California.

Rey Dulce de mi Corazón, no preocupé. I promised you my entire rest of my life from Jan2010 until I die. Your official SquidName has always been Mr. Love-of-my-Life no matter how many other pet names I have given you. It is beyond proven I would have ceased to exist for REAL without you. Thank you for never giving up on me no matter how horribly Obama had ordered our marriage to irrationally suffer.

You are my husband. I did not make that decision lightly; even though, I admit I did not give you much choice about it. You have always been so mortified of ever letting me down.

HoneyHoney, if anyone wonders why I am so sensitive to feeling loved at all, they have not see what I have had to live through every day and every night already since Obama's egg began in 2009, especially in Iowa. Again, I apologize. I was not used to feeling loved at all after I left San Francisco on 05Feb2010 when I fled Obama's jurisdiction for my life.

Thank you for understanding. You are my hero, my king, and my undeniable reason for living. I WILL touch you, at last, the way the flowers kiss the rain. And so our lyrics go...

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