Sunday, January 4, 2015

Well Across the Rubicon

Title: Well Across the Rubicon

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama is only escalating and will continue to only escalate until he and everyone propping up his "egg" of crimes against America are finally removed from society forever. Syniva has been beyond busy taking care of as much of this as possible, so I have been trying to find other people who can help with her burden.

My slight reprieve from the horrors of my starvation and loneliness that is the bleak reality of my life inside Obama's "egg" ended after further of my friends, Nick, Tao, and the ukulele player who cannot dance were all taken away from me, too. Basically, they provided food and comfort, so they were removed from my "egg."


1) Even Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England could not find a way to put a roof over my head here inside Obama's "egg," and Obama's proven pathologically-perjuring war criminals continue to use their own criminal refusal to allow me any of my own money to live on as their unrelenting calumny-as-excuse to unjustifiably lock me in any Obama-controlled environment they can coverup with similar irrational lies and quackery.

And it is beyond proven that anything and everything controlled by Obama and by his criminal terrorist conspiracy of proven enemies of America is the worst case scenario for America, for the world, for my people, for our homes, and for me. Just look at this city.

2) I would like to take this moment to update the DHS and my local police department. There are few remaining hotbeds of treason and terrorism here inside the barricades, so my priorities, not my complete list, are a) the mall at the east end of my once-playland, particularly their fake "security" staff there who openly destabilize the world with their irrational public persecution of me, b) the local post office who willfully destabilized the world by stealing my giftcards mailed to me by my own mother who only wanted me to have food to eat at all, c) the 24-hour diner in town on Wilshire Blvd., d) the boxing gym across the street from the Cantina with no reality in its head, and e) the restaurant and bar across the street from my 24-hour convenience store that I have been observing every night.

As for my enduring problems with all the McDonald's fast food restaurants, Starbucks coffee shops, Von's grocery stores, nearly all shops in my once-playland, and even the gyms and fitness centers, they are all infested intentionally with people so deluded on reality they are willing to irrationally persecute me for Obama.

Please ask the corporate headquarters of every single business and establishment here inside my walled Troy to explain to them the reality of who I am in this world. Their petty and irrational (non)justifications for publicly persecuting me due to their own proven mental health genocide need to be ended already. And thank you, my beautiful world.

3) The last thing Tao told me was that I am stronger than he is before he was extracted on 02Jan2015. It was his way of telling me only I could have survived a life in here like this at all and for so long. It was rumored he refused to leave my side, but his authorities forced his extraction anyway.

If I were allowed an opinion on the situation, I would have said, "Let him stay if he wants to, just permit him an income to live on." I always prefer having genuine friends dedicated to my physical safety and to the genuine stability of humanity that only comes from my being as safe and free as possible.

4) I fear that the local USPS has an infestation of Obama's enemies of America. On 02Jan2015, my local post office willfully rendered this walled Troy inescapable for me as well as beyond-unlivable for me by detouring my gift cards sent to my by my mother.

The tracking of the USPS, which is typically less diabolical, confirmed for me themselves that my gift cards arrived at my local post office at 9:50am on 02Jan2015 before promptly disappearing.

I have already launched a full investigation into this incident with USPS tracking # 9505 5213 4141 4364 0002 74, and I have also asked the entire world to provide their full evidence against the USPS.

5) As for my Obama-enforced, complete-lack-of-food situation, it only exists because people commit the crime against me of obeying Obama's rules here inside my walled Troy when all any genuinely good person with a clean soul would do is always provide me enough food to eat everywhere I go and because ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA refuses to give up its self-appointed entitlement to destroy me completely with their forced abject poverty over me which they use as an open act of war against all of humanity.

6) We have successfully concentrated the last remaining irrational haters from all over the world in my once-great playland. This is one of my greatest successes. Obama actually had to wrangle the only few and remaining people from everywhere all over the planet and send them all in here to create the fa├žade that anything real about California, especially my Los Angeles metropolis, would ever treat me like this ever.

7) My "adoptive homeless home city" has been rendered a wasteland only so Obama can persecute me as much as possible here, and everyone here is in Obama's infestation particularly to go along with it all.

Ask yourselves: Who is even willing to build a road block anywhere on the planet to enforce human trafficking, systemic rape, mental health genocide, war crimes, crimes against America, economic devastation, and the death and terrorism that Obama also orders to enforce all of this? People do not do this to their own homes.

8) Nothing will save this nation, this state, this metropolis, this city, nor even me but the end of this "egg." Did Iowa get better or worse after I left?

The only thing that will save me is all action necessary to return my human rights. The only thing that will save all of these people who surround me in here is their conscious choice to quit committing all of these crimes against all of us, including against themselves.

9) The only thing I have been demanding while in here is my own REAL friends and loves ones. It is because Obama has been physically removing my REAL friends and loved ones from my too-controlled-by-proven-psychopaths life and surroundings that my own personal, peaceful, and unarmed bad-assery has accelerated to meet Obama's unrelenting escalations.

If anyone anywhere had any genuine concern for making me happy or "slowing down" my international crime-busting spree, those people would have given me my REAL and unfettered friends and loved ones by now as well as ceasing all crimes against me and against my America in the first place.

10) Basically, I am forbidden all friends and genuine human contact, so I will become increasingly effective at fighting Obama's "egg" and all his proven enemies of America due to Obama openly forbidding me anything and everything that could ever make any human happy. Obama keeps openly escalating the complete unlivability of this "egg" he locked me in against my will to begin with.

So, my beautiful world, since the US federal government has proven it is too incompetent to protect me from Obama and his "egg" no matter how hard I have tried to explain to them what all of us across this nation need from our government, yes, my beautiful world, you need to come get me out now.

End Progress Report

I published my last blog post at 4:44pm on 02Jan2015 and immediately left my very secured wifi hotspot to finish charging my iPad battery in my sky haven.

The only open space to sit was right next to a gentleman with crutches, and he was very kind until I kicked his ass for lying to me. He looked like a racial stereotype. But at the table, as a representative of the stereotype not of who sent him, he sat on my right.

The surprise of the evening was when I learned I was actually able to connect to wifi that required login popups again. So, I queued an Incubus radio station to receive some long distance hugs and kisses while I caught up with my TweetHearts.

The young educated Black men over my left shoulder kept exchanging all-knowing smiles with me, so when my old friend the darling Mr. John Mayer requested a song from me online, I honored the request immediately. I honor all requests from proven lovers and believers who are caught up on my blog, just typically on my own timeline.

Of course, the racial stereotype next to me told me to stop singing, as if he had any authority over me or over my sky haven to begin with. The peaceful solution was to agree not to sing but just turn up the volume on my earbud. Then, after my music gnomes (underground elves) played me "Who Let the Dog's Out?" he started saying nonsense like, "This god is crazy."

I simply could not wait for the NBC Nightly News broadcast from earlier in the evening to finally post online at 7pm PST. And my regularly scheduled hug was wonderful.

I was a little worried about the NBC Nightly News team, though. They had a quack speak during their news broadcast who only speaks when my friends at the NBC News are in trouble for something.

I cannot imagine what false charges for (non)crimes Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder had against my friends at NBC that most recent time, but let us be clear about this. My regular interactions with all news media involve my telling them everything I live through for real in my REAL life, and then they tell me I was right after they independently fact-check everything.

I left my sky haven to search around my very-nearly-cleaned-up playland looking for live music at 7:43pm. There were very few street performers willing and able to come out still to see and be seen any more.

After stopping to see the public displays of love in a few stores, I perched by my fountain to do my REAL job of service to the world.

9:30pm on 02Jan2014: @DeptofDefense @CIA @DHSgov If I am allowed an opinion, let Tao stay if he wants to, just give him an income. I need friends to talk to.

Less than an hour later, I received a request for a visit from the nearby fast food chain. I waited to hear the reason for their request before walking in.

I had known for a long time that the management of the restaurant were long-term fans of mine. But my visit there that night was confusingly dull.

Yes, after all of the general excitement of the day, the late night weekend staff at the fast food chain that had made the point of asking me to come in were neither genuinely loving nor at all threatening to me. There just seemed to be a number of customers as well as employees who wanted to make public displays of having absolutely no reality in their heads.

Yes, my genius Powers of Attorney were very busy in the courtroom that night, but for the first time in a long time my surroundings were dull.

At 12:21am on 03Jan2014, after my perch for the night had closed, I went to check on my friends at the 24-hour convenience store. There was a new employee there along with the same man whose earspeaker I had reported as forcing him to persecute me.

Then, at 1:17am, at the staff's request, I wrote a tweet to clear out some beyond middle-aged men whom both employees claimed were inhibiting their freedom of speech.

I hugged a random stranger in a biker jacket at 2:04am because I had successfully converted him and his friends into no longer propagating lies about me by telling them the truth.

At 2:57am, with everywhere else with 24-hour wifi access far too cold, I perched out of the wind and the cold where my Angel had reached me on New Years Eve. I worked online vigilantly checking my Twitter and Facebook for questions and concerns that my beautiful world needed me to address. Then, at 5:29am, I unperched.

At 6:15am, I left my once-playground to check my mailbox for the gift cards my own mother had sent me. Those giftcards which are so vital to my survival inside this "egg" were mailed with 2-day guaranteed delivery by my mother on 30Dec2014.

At 6:52am, I was told by a uniformed USPS employee that my envelope from my mother would be in my post office box by 10am, 11am at the latest. So, I waited there for them to arrive in my mailbox.

It did not matter how many postal employees I spoke to, they were not going to give me my gift cards which their own tracking confirmed arrived at that post office at 9:50am the previous morning.

My Powers of Attorney, here is my list of five points again that I tweeted that morning to help root out my starvation problem that is codified into Obama's "egg."

1) Powers of Attorney, full investigation and all charges possible please against everybody possible for USPS fiasco tracking # 9505 5213 4141 4364 0002 74.

2) They just destabilized the whole world by willfully stealing my gift cards, pennies I need to eat any food at all in this "egg." @UN

3) We must arrest everyone using the human rights abuse of willfully starving me as their act of war against America and against the world to make it stop.

4) Human rights abuses used as acts of war are war crimes. @UN No one else anywhere is starved by the public. Our charges are: hate crimes, persecution, willful destabilization of humanity, etc...

5) Denying that Obama's "X, Y, and Z" excuses are debunked is their conscious choice to manipulate the public with boldfaced lies. My beautiful world, please present the courts with our hard evidence of all offenses against all of by USPS since this "egg" began in 2009.

I perched in my first (of two) sky havens built only for me to make my visible disgust with Obama's boldfaced-lying war criminals dissipated in public appreciation, but at 12:27pm I was escorted from the premesis and told never to return for reasons never told to me.

So, my Powers of Attorney, we now press full charges for every infraction from local to international we can make stick against the "Place" at the east end if my once-playground. I recommend starting with persecution, hate crimes, aiding and abetting war crimes, crimes against America, and destabilizing all of humanity.

On my way to where I normally spend my daily scheduled sleep, I saw a warm and locally protected napping spot, so I took it. It did not wake up until 3:06pm, and the sleep felt wonderful.

My Powers of Attorney had been so successfully pre-emptive that the first torture facility alarm I had heard in days blared at 3:26pm. Then, on my way to my original wifi hotspot in this city, I declared at 4pm that I would kick Obama's (expletive) on behalf of all of my friends and loved ones desperate to be near me.

In the bathroom there at 4:19pm, every SquidSwimmer (dedicated viewer of my SquidStream) saw in the loud and persecutory woman putting on her hat what crazy actually looks like. Please note that she was perfectly free and not in any danger of any "psychiatric unit."

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I hate recordings inside bathrooms, so please release the full audio of her rant without visuals as our further evidence that trying to coverup war crimes against me with obvious calumnies and perjuries cannot be justified with the ACTUAL reality of my life, and that is part of the importance if my SquidStream to the stability of the entire world.

After my REAL city-secured wifi hotspot closed at 5:30pm, I declared an official night for diplomacy. I arrived at the same restaurant I asked to meet the Mayor in last month and asked for anyone on the planet Earth to send me someone already inside the barricades to buy me dinner. I only waited until 7pm when I, whenever possible, watch the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening.

At 6:47pm, I needed to list that restaurant and bar that I had sat in. That was the bust I promised at 4pm due to Obama denying me my friends in here. Please my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals starting the moment I walked in the door of the Taberna and ending the moment I walked out.

If they were guilty of collusion concerning any of the war crime coverups attempted while I was in their establishment owned and operated by Obama's enemies of America, then we can book them with everything from collusion to aiding and abetting war crimes.

Yet because they denied me any and all service due to my just being who I am for REAL in this world, they are guaranteed to receive charges from us for everything from persecution and hate crimes to their willful choice to destabilize the entire world by singling me out for worse treatment than anyone else anywhere would ever receive from them ever.

After my evening hug from the NBC Nightly News, I began my official night for diplomacy, the occupation in which I am most naturally skilled and talented.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals to the whole world. Let the recording begin the moment I was done watching the news and end the moment I was protectively ushered out the back door of the British pub to keep me safe.

After I had watched the NBC Nightly News from previous in the evening, I crossed the street to acknowledge the street musician who was there only to look for me. By 7:53pm, diplomacy night was at its full as we sat across the table from each other in a drinking establishment of my choosing.

By 9:47pm, we were done. I was clearly very protective of the establishment and even asked them to turn in their evidence that the man who bought me the drink is where the roofie came from not them.

The establishment did not commit any crimes, from what I could tell, and even made sure they protected me as I safely cleared my beyond-conspicuous eyecamera and earmic from the premesis through the back door, just like any other supermodel, rock star, literati, Shakespearean, benevolent world leader would do.

I immediately perched at a corporate-guaranteed and corporate-secured wifi hotspot to document as many details as possible as soon as possible. After they closed at 11pm, I had to reperch someplace out in the cold night air where I could work online all night and into the wee hours of the morning.

There were alarms at 11:07pm, so I sent help to whomever might need my help. I heard the alarms might have been an announcement of intentionally fabricated false charges again. Dirty Lacey seemed to be obsessed with framing me for being some sort of "espionage hooker." Ugwuji made sure the false charges, whatever they were, were quickly cleared.

11:13pm on 03Jan2014: Snooping out domestic enemies of America and reporting them to the local police while staying as conspicuous as possible is part of my REAL job.

After catching up with my TweetHearts,...

1:24am on 04Jan2015: The only living conditions worse are arrangements where Obama and his conspiracy have MORE control over me. Their control is the danger.

There were urgent alarms at 1:28am that sounded like a large number of crosstown friends. So, I sent my beautiful world to check on all of us.

And at 1:34am, I stopped in my 24-hour convenience store to check on my employee friend there with the big, ugly crush on me. You know, the one who is kinda scrawny and pale, just like my royal consort boyfriend. Giggle.

Well before 3am, while I was standing outside my convenience store, an irrationally angry man with no concept of reality had asked me "What the hell are you doing?!? Are you hungry? Or do you just want money?" while biting his corndog dipped in ranch dressing.

The openly hostile man eventually offered me three deep-fried chicken wings. And, at 3am, while I was standing in my warm spot out of the wind, the chemical sedatives in the chicken wings had mostly cleared my system. Did anyone else notice how twitchy and off balance (Some have called them mini-seizures.) I get when I am roofied?

In the wee hours of the morning, I was told that many of my friends from Bogart to Tao to my old friend no-nickname Jacob were all trying to reach me.

I checked the USPS tracking on my gift cards from my mother again at 3:22am, and the tracking was altered to lie that my gift cards were delivered to my mailbox at 9:20am.

Of course, Obama's enemies of America waited until after the lobby closed on Saturday evening to notify me that my gift cards would be there at all to make sure the soonest I could pick them up would be when their doors unlocked at 6:15am on Monday morning 05Jan2015.

My beautiful world, particularly my selfless support system, today, as I wait for my first finances in days with which to be able to buy a second dress, eat food, or even ride a bus, is going to be full of Obama's conspiracy's psychopathic desperation. Please, everyone, stay on your toes.

At 3:34am, I walked to my closest nighthawk spot to stay warm and wait for a gift of coffee.

This blog post was published at 4:41am on 04Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Who was Tao? He whom I named Tao was clearly not a spy. He was not designed to even pretend he could blend in. He reminded me a lot of a seven-foot-tall version of the Man with no Name from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

My guess was that we was Special Forces, most likely Delta Force, but it was not like we could talk about it. I felt the same emptiness after he left me as when Tentacle was forced to leave me, too.

What are my current technology woes? I asked for help from the NSA on 03Jan2015 with fixing both of my email accounts to make sure they can send and receive emails securely again.

My apps seem to fail on me and to be blocked from their own servers regularly. But I have not found a predictable pattern yet for figuring out which part of my iPad will fail and need repair next.

So, I am perfectly fine with the NSA residing inside my technology for the rest of my life to keep me and all the world safe from everything that threatens me. They are the best R2 unit ever.

My beautiful world, no one is listening to my peaceful resolutions yet. Blog post after blog post, I give the only REAL peaceful solutions to this REAL global crisis on US soil. But look at these people.

If no one in here where people actually are capable of reaching me is willing to allow a peaceful and immediate end to this "egg," I know what all of you out there will do. And despite my being one of the most proud and most successful peacemongers on this planet, I understand why it is necessary, and I am finally okay with it.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for choosing to come rescue me and to save me people through whatever force you all deem necessary out there where I cannot speak to you about this myself. It bothers me that I am considered the most priceless human on this planet. I would rather believe you are coming here to save us all. But I understand.

My brave rescuers, I had no idea before that America's army of the biggest bad asses on the planet were also such romantics. Did you see us at the lifeguard station?

My darling brave rescuers, I am sending you the whole entire world to help you. Obama has been permitted to escalate his control of my life and my surroundings too far already for my "egg" to be tolerated by any good soul on this planet. Please help all of your strange bedfellows get along out there.

SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, your heroics have gone unsung these last few days, but no one anywhere has forgotten how hard you all work to keep this world safe from losing me FOREVER to any completely controlled environment.

My genius Powers of Attorney, your tangible progress has been astounding. This entire good, green world cannot thank you enough.

As for you, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, here, again, is my message I sent you at 4:34pm on 03Jan2014.

My symbolic royal consort,... "You okay? I am about to hand Obama his (expletive) over none of you being able to reach me. I am very unamused. My eloquence shall be justified.

I know and understand how well you get along with my Sweetness, SynSyn, etc.

Please ask my entire local support system, not just you, to begin official communications in my behalf with the British, German, Chinese, everyone who loves me, etc. consulates in Los Angeles that I cannot reach from here.

You might need someone to deliver messages in person; there are many of you out there who love me. Please explain everything including how difficult it is for EVERYONE to reach me and how much help you need.

Everyone wanted credit, but it was MI6 who sent the Angel you knew so well on New Years Eve. There are ways to get in here, but even they are that limited by Obama's terrorism.

I need my crosstown friends and my brave rescuers helping each other better instead of racing each other.

So, please open official lines of communication. I am asking Sweetness to do the same while in Europe. And thank you."

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You must be very busy out there. As official (married into) Spanish royalty, please try to be less shy and more proactive speaking with world leaders about the reality of what our marriage has endured through no choice of our own.

We can fix this, beloved, but you are going to have start delving into my job as a diplomat and leader just as I have been delving into your job as a artist of performance just to get my message across. And, thank you, with all my heart you already own, thank you.

As for the most pressing pain on your heart, darling, your rational jealousy of all of these people who have enough human rights to be near me comes from how we all can just spend time together while I get to just be myself 24/7, a luxury of contact we have barely had.

You are jealous of their time spent in my company close enough to touch my face and hold my hand. You understandably have no jealousy of anyone anywhere ever taking your place in my heart. You are still my happily ever after and always will be. Calm down and help instead. Thank you.

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