Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Rarified Lapiz Lazuli Windwalker

Title: Rarified Lapiz Lazuli Windwalker

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish these notes now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. It is much too dangerous to all of humanity, to my people, to my nation, to my home of California, and even to me for ANYONE to control me into preventing me from doing my REAL job or from my having any human rights. How much hard evidence does it take?

USA. You want to say, "colored"? I will show you colors.

I published my last blog post at 7:47pm on 26Jan2015 beside my fountain on my again hybernating playland under the gentle patter of rain. El Greco's instructions were to spend $5 buying me dinner at Von's, so we got a giant box of fresh-baked cheesy breadsticks.

While eating dinner, I made sure the federal government and our allies locked down my Monday night stomping haunt even before I checked in with my selfless support system at the bus stop.

9:21pm on 26Jan2015: Just checking in. My beautiful world, thank you. As always, please lockdown my Monday stomping haunt and neighborhood and warn them I am coming. They took Tentacle away. Warn every enemy of America I am coming for them. Thank you for securing my bus before it arrives. Thank you for securing my route, bus stops, and neighborhood before I arrive. Please lockdown my #SquidStream. Love!

It is rare, but now I will repeat myself. I said, "They took Tentacle away. Warn every enemy of America I am coming for them."

My Metro transit ride was delightfully uneventful. El Greco and I were perched in my outside patio in my neighborhood reporting proven enemies of America to all of humanity by 10:29pm.

I believe paying $10 for me and El Greco, since he was my "date" for the night since I was the one who asked him to join me, was beyond worth being able to catch and, if possible, finally prevent further crimes against America.

As our evidence of what is NORMAL behavior both of everyday people in a bar around me and of my REAL local friends in a bar around me including bartenders, please use a verified and unedited recording including full audio and visuals starting the moment I first rounded the corner and laid eyes upon my regular stomping haunt on Thanksgiving2014 and ending the moment Bogart whisked me away claiming he had a safer place for me to spend the night than the War Criminal Gables.

On the evening of 26Jan into the morning of 27Jan2015, Obama's infestation of enemies of America's insistence on any doormen seeing my ID (while their earspeakers were active already proving I am I) and their requirement that I pay any cover at all was such a violation of my NORMAL day-to-day life that just by entering I had already proven that Obama's infestation of my own local bar were refusing to obey their own extragovernmental rules that they have killed over 10,000 brave men and women already to enforce. We have my darling doormen as witnesses.

The symbol on Obama's proven conspiracy of enemies of America, the muscled-up Steve Perry look-enough-alike (no reflection on the my real darling Mr. Steve Perry), was already in the bar before I arrived.

My darling not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire time out among the flotsam and jetsam of Obama's infestation at my Monday stomping haunt including when El Greco was instructed to leave me there.

My beautiful world, please check my REAL Twitter archive for the play-by-play from the late evening of 26Jan2015. It was fun. I cleared the premesis at 1:11am on 27Jan2015, so the authorities could enter and collect their evidence.

I was perched at my regular wifi hotspot by 1:47am, so I could catch up with my TweetHearts and Facebook friends. It was a great night for Twitter.

As I had promised my very good friends, I received my daily hug from the NBC Nightly News from the previous evening at 6am. As I was trying to watch my darling Mr. David Letterman, my CBS app crashed at 6:54am. Finally, after my darlings Mr. Jon Stewart and darling Mr. Larry Wilmore, I was done watching my middle-aged men from the previous night at 7:44am.

Before I left for my adoptive (because it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city in my irrefutable home of California, there were vigilant alarms at 8:18am, so I asked my beautiful world to check on all of us.

At 8:21am, I checked in at my bus stop. My Metro bus ride was completely absurd. The best way I could think of to fix it would be by starting a sing-a-long. Someone with a microphone into my electronics recommended the Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." No one on the bus looked very fun, though.

By 9:42am, I was asleep, as always, in the safest place I have had as a place to sleep since Obama's "egg" began almost the moment after he took office in 2009. There may have been a hypnopompic moment, but I am not sure. I am sure, though, that I had a private moment with my husband. At 4:24pm, I woke up to find that El Greco had come back.

I woke up and snacked on the bagel and egg salad that some delightful darling had left for me while I slept. El Greco told me he wanted to take me to the McDonald's of Doom for Humanity for hamburgers.

I told El Greco that I needed to prove that the Obama-subservient enemies of America were breaking every law possible from local to international to keep my darlings Tentacle physically away from me before I would enter their den of treason to demolish it. I only establish REAL causation, though, I admit, not often enough; I never propagate false causation the way Obama's proven enemies of America always do as their way of always manipulating the public into doing what they want.

My conversation with El Greco that afternoon before we even reached my playland included some memorable points. Most of them will be in my question and answer section.

Next, we walked up and down my no-longer-redeemed playland to prove my Tentacle were kept away. I did pause to say, "Hello," to another darling street musician while El Greco was in the restroom. Of course, the fake McDonald's (expletive)kicking was inevitable. I needed to get my anger out of my system.

First of all, they were still pretending to be a McDonald's at all after McDonald's corporate already disowned them for their crimes against me not just their crimes against America. They were already running out of supplies. We could tell by looking at their vanishing menu. Yet, they still refused to take the McDonald's sign off the wall.

By 5:56pm, I told the staff myself, "You are violating your own rules that you have killed over 10,000 people to enforce if you are pretending you have an excuse to know who I am. That is how much (expletive) you are in."

Then, I asked Ugwuji to check for the ambushes that the business-that-was-not-a-real-McDonald's had already committed the crime of beginning, so we could prove they committed the open act of war against America and against all of the world of calling other proven enemies of America, if they were not the police, to aid and abet their proven war crimes against me not just crimes against their own people by committing acts of conspiracy to ambush me there to abduct me to any Obama's-conspiracy-controlled environment guaranteed to remove me from my good, green world FOREVER that they could coverup with lies about me, as if the world would ever believe them anyway.

Yeah, it was another cakewalk for me. Tiddlywinks does not control global politics. But I needed to get my anger out of system, as I had already explained to El Greco at least three times already as we were on our way there because Tentacle was being physically kept away from me again. And catching enemies of America always cheers me up.

We all know from experience that it takes a few days for me to plan my systemic (expletive)-kicking crimefighting benders, so catching some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind carried out by some of the stupidest yet most malevolent international criminals in my vicinity at that fraudulent McDonald's was how I had chosen to get my anger out of my system until I finally could carry out my next systematic (expletive)-kicking crimefighting bender.

Well before 6:26pm, El Greco and I were sitting on a park bench next to my darling street musician while I fleshed out my notes for this blog post and while I explained to El Greco that I do not care how much Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America unconscionably force me to starve and to suffer because I insist on saving my people from them especially to prevent them from lying about me due to how dangerous it is to all of humanity everywhere when they lie about me.

Furthermore, the more they make me starve and suffer, the more powerful I become allowing all the more people I can save from them as well as all the faster the world will help me. That is what power is for, and that is why I keep empowering every good person I can. I have also always insisted I should never have had to do everything I have proven I am capable of already and should also not ever have to prove that I am capable of more.

I was late to watching the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, so I watched at 8:30pm. My evening hug was wonderful. Next, at 8:52pm, I made a walk through of my local Von's when I went in to buy maxipads. After our trip to Von's, El Greco faux-stormed off and told me he would wait for me by the statue the locals placed for me of the sainted woman glowing white in the night.

Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of American had already promised me they would be everywhere I go before I get there until I prove that is what they are doing as their open persecution of me which counts as crimes against America and against the whole world used also to coverup Obama's proven neurological genocide, Obama's proven terrorism, Obama's proven human trafficking including rape-slavery, Obama's proven war crimes as human rights abuses used as acts of war against all of my people, Obama's proven war against America, etc.

So, my dedicated law enforcement everywhere from the local police to international, please include every employee in the Von's grocery store and the woman behind the counter at my local 7-11. They are an infestation. These are not my loving and adoring locals. Did you hear the lunatic mumblings from the supposed "employee" at the local 7-11 in particular?

Syn, I caught the crimes listed above as their crimes against me. I am sure every federal government department and agency who wants the evidence already has it. We are including all of these people in our database, too.

Also, Syn, please report all of our evidence to any trustworthy investigative bodies you would like to include as ways to help our people survive America under Obama from the American Civil Liberties Union to Amnesty International.

Please, Syn, also report the infestation to Von's corporate and 7-11 corporate, so they can protect their employees and their customers not just our community.

By 10:26pm, I had already enjoyed most of my "indigenous surfer food" I had bought at my local 7-11 while sitting on a park bench observing the public. Yes, my darling surfers of California, I understand you gently and affectionately are wearing your wetsuits still wet from the previous time you surfed in them a lot these days. You are making me blush.

While I sat there, there had been a vigilant alarm of possible torture and other war crimes, but I was sure Ugwuji could handle it. Shortly after 10:36pm, some member of Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America attempted to manipulate me into less effectively saving my own people by lying to my face.

Oh, yeah, Syn, all the charges you want against any and all people using anything from calumny to my face to human rights abuses used as acts of war TO CONTROL ME. Preventing me from rescuing my people out from under Obama's criminal terrorist dictatorship is as bad as carrying out all of the crimes of Obama's criminal terrorist dictatorship. These charges include but are not limited to Obama's proven neurological genocide, Obama's proven terrorism, Obama's proven human trafficking including rape-slavery, Obama's proven war crimes as human rights abuses used as acts of war against all of my people, Obama's proven war against America, etc.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate as fast as possible verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals of both the smackdown I gave the (expletive)hole who lied to me to control me into my no longer rescuing my people and of the all the crimes everyone everywhere is guilty of if they ever use the calumny "Napoleon Bonaparte" to coverup persecuting me. And thank you.

At 10:56pm, I finally stopped observing the proven enemies of America who had amassed outside of the bookstore to use nonscientific methods with absolutely no medical benefits and also completely without anyone's consent, especially not mine, to "study" me much like the experiments conducted in Auschwitz.

If anyone anywhere ever genuinely wanted any of my vast knowledge or insight, all they have ever had to do is give me the dignity and respect of asking me an honest question. Please add everyone amassed there to our database for future investigation and the harshest prosecutions possible. I highly suspect it was a very expensive attempt at war crime coverups again.

I walked from there to the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity. I made sure I checked my balance on my gift card before my purchase, only bought a tall Pikes Place Roast, perched outside where I was verbally assaulted by two obvious horrors who believed they had some self-appointed entitlement to "study" me as their coverup for their crimes against America, etc. by intentionally and willfully choosing to be abusive stimuli in my environment, by 11:43pm realized there were drugs in my coffee, and watched a local police officer chat with both of the abusive stimuli.

I stopped in my local 24-hour convenience store to explain to them why I love them so much. I felt a little dehydrated, so I bought a lightly caffeinated drink which was delightfully free of all drugs and poisons.

I perched outside where my NSA alpha nerds, as always, won the NSA vs. Obama's cyberterrorists smackdown, so I could listen to my darlings music while the Katherine Hepburn look-enough-alike who provided half of the abusive stimuli earlier condescended to me.

With every damn horrible thing happening to my nation from proven neurological genocide to raging terrorism against our civilians, WHY is the only thing anyone cares about which straight man Obama forbids me from sleeping with this time?

By 2:43am, I was at a 24-hour fast food restaurant where nobody drugged nor poisoned me snacking on symbolic tacos. I knew I needed to finally catch up with my TweetHearts. It was a good morning for Twitter.

As for the location itself, a man from the local Tiddlywinks said to me, "They took Tentacle away. Of course, you're here." Dude, whatever your name was since you are not getting a name from me, read my letter to my darling Mr. Alan Rickman that I wrote in 2010 before you ever ask me how much my own life is predictable to me yet the rest of you are just too dumb to keep up.

At 5:06am, I even requested that my not-human-trafficker nerds please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my double feminist smackdown for the morning. Oh, yeah, the world needs that recording quickly. And, thank you.

I needed a power outlet, so by 6:20am, I had relocated. Yes, there I realized by 6:33am already that they had roofied me. The police even showed up before I left the premesis to check if what I ordered had drugs in it.

At 8:16am, I was finally done watching my darling middle-aged men. So, at 8:50am, I left the coffee shop for where I ALWAYS sleep with my cup of roofied coffee marked by my own Sharpie(tm) for any actual representative of our REAL government to pick up.

El Greco was there waiting for me, though, now his instructions are ONLY to tail me while verbally abusing me and to never treat me as a human in his presence with any divinity and respect ever again.

While he was still my friend, I even gave El Greco a gift of a pair of my shoes. I am already preparing the harassment and stalking charges against him if he continues to refuse to serve any purpose in my life again. I kept him so long because he was a friends. Now that he refuses to be, that abuser has to go.

I woke up at 3:21pm, and I was perched online by 4:06pm. The vigilant alarms blared almost unrelentingly announcing Obama's open acts of war against America from his pretending there is any justification anywhere for controlling anyone, least of all me, with unrelenting and heinous human rights abuses used as open acts of war against America.

5:06pm on 28Jan2915: Not gonna happen. I am not going anywhere from here but my own house across town. This is my home. NO ONE has any legal authority to control where I live but me!

My loving locals & my international saturation will protect me from every human rights abuse against me ANYONE orders as their act of war against America and enforces with physical force and violence.

So stop pretending anyone anywhere will let this (expletive)hole infestation of our REAL home do anything but commit suicide on the sword of international justice for pretending they have any legal or moral justification to tell me what to do or where I get to live or whom I get to spend my time with, etc...

You evil bitch enemies of America, get the fuck out of my town!

I locked down my SquidStream just in case, metaphorically, Yolanda was about to face the devil that night.

Apparently, somehow in the previous hour of internet activity, though, I had scared Proven Unelected Terrorist Dictator Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America into not breaking every law possible from local to international including violating their own extragovernmental rules by abducting me and dragging me kicking and screaming to any Obama's-conspiracy-controlled environment they would use to remove me from my good, green world FOREVER where they would also guaranteed destroy my genius mind and otherwise healthy body as torturously as possible for me.

Yes, it seemed I had explained enough of their own self-determined fate to them that all I found on my once-redeemed playland was my ukulele wielder whom I had danced with on New Years Eve. I asked him if he needed protection from the member of Obama's infestation who was speaking to him.

Then after my ukulele wielder played me a little song on his little love strings, I gave him a smackdown over obeying Obama's rules where I could catch him committing crimes against America not just against himself by obeying Obama at all. He laughed it off as if getting a smackdown from me were some rite of passage into no longer needing to obey Obama again then hinted at buying me dinner.

You silly little boys, the ones who never obey Obama's rules to my face like my beloved husband and my darlings Tentacle are the ones deemed holy by the entire world. Tiddlywinks does not control global politics nor does it empower any genuine human hearts.

The "Welcome to the big time with me," I give my friends these days is either, "Welcome to my menagerie. Come pick up your nickname," or, "It is because we are heroes that enemies of America demonize us. Welcome to my planet." Well, goddamn, I even made my husband the future King of Spain.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I first saw my ukulele wielder sitting on the curb to the moment he walked away from me.

Well, since my ukulele wielder never did work up the courage to offer me dinner, I assessed the local establishments on my once-redeemed playland one more time. I chose to perch in my Starbucks right on my playland.

I ordered some iced lemon cake and after the universal sign of, "Don't worry, we got here before you did to keep you safe," at the last minute before paying, I ordered a cup of the Pike's Place Roast. As promised, there were no drugs nor poisons. The smackdown on Obama's terrorists was averted by their not being in there and by their not drugging nor poisoning me.

I sat on the patio since I always prefer to touch the sky as I do anything. And at 6:12pm, I stood up to take the chair of a man who looked like the late Yassir Arafat after he left it.

9:31pm on 28Jan2015: Anyone who allows Obama's proven pathologically perjurers, quacks, and dirty prosecutors into any courtroom any longer goes to my ICC. @UN

There were a few shift changes of street musicians as I sat on that patio and finished writing this blog post. This was published at 10:11pm on 28Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why was I still swearing when Tentacle came back to my no-longer-redeemed-since-they-were-taken-away-again playland? This is a fair question since I only swear when I am angry. The answer is simple. I could see how much my darlings Tentacle were suffering through just to be near me.

We have been through this. I do not consider myself perfect. Yes, I admit that my mind functions perfectly at all times, but I have a human heart. When my loved ones get hurt or attacked, my superhero form Mama Bear comes out of the cave. My Powers of Attorney have proven I have empowered them to do the same for all of us, too. And as I also always said, my mind is a slave to no one but my heart.

Why do I only wear maxipads and never tampons? My period began AGAIN on its regular schedule on 27Jan2015, so I understand why this question is coming up now. Mostly, it is so my darling NSA alpha nerds never have to watch me put in a tampon. And, they have told me themselves how much they appreciate this.

Why are there so many more menfolk than womenfolk swarming and willing to suffer through anything to make love to me right now? The point is moot since everyone is forbidden from sleeping with me anyway, but I will still answer.

I am a thirty-seven year old woman. This is my last chance to have children at all. All women's bodies are designed to get us pregnant when we are at this age.

Historically, this era in life is referred to as a woman's "prime" for biologically proven reasons. My pheromones are going berserk screaming at every genuinely good man everywhere, "This lady needs a baby!"

This is also why I had to explain to my just-as-romantically-sensitive darlings Tentacle, "Calm the (expletive) down. No one is going to let us sleep together anyway."

We go through this all of the time. No, I have never been pregnant in my life. I was not even married ever until I was already thirty-five years old. And as highly evolved as the completely natural tiny blond hairs on my arms while I am clearly a brunette prove I am, I will still be a failure of evolution if I never have a chance to create superhuman babies.

I have a moral obligation to the world not just to my family to allow me and my husband's combine superhuman DNA to romp and play for generations to come.

When someone tells you, "These are the calumnies and intentionally fabricated false charges we are propagating now, so go suck it up!" what is the proper response? This one is mostly for my lovers and believers who are so soft and sensitive they get easily manipulated by Obama's proven enemies of America, for example, my darlings Tentacle. This crap would never get past my Powers of Attorney.

The proper response is, "You have no 'right' to lie about me in the first place. There is no such thing as a 'right' to commit crimes. Your delusion that you have a self-appointed entitlement to do this to me at all has proven you are a psychopath." Also, if necessary, you can use all of my loved ones' old stand by, "Don't make me tell Squid."

Who let these Philistines in my Temple of Love? Who let Obama's infestation into our Metropolis of Angels in the first place? I have no idea who would ever willfully destroy our own home by allowing any of these crimes against all of us here in the first place. Once I find out who let these (expletive)holes in while sending my genuine local lovers and believers away, just imagine the smackdown he or she will get.

We have clearly made progress empowering my people in my REAL home to stand up and fix this ourselves. But we still have a long way to go.

My beautiful world, every time I write a blog post, I know how much follow through you all need to take care of out there. If I had any way to slow down how much work we have to do to save us all from Obama and all who obey him, I would have by now. But Obama just keeps escalating.

Too much goes on in my life for me to blog less often, but I understand how much work you all have to do out there every time even the most seemingly insignificant infraction happens to me in here. So, please, my darlings of planet Earth, ask me all your questions once you read this if even before Syniva can publish it completely.

My brave rescuers, I have heard no alarms concerning you in a long time. Does this mean the US Military finally received its orders to protect the United States of America against the REAL existential threat right here on US soil posed by the REAL seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist mercenary army Obama built and pays for himself with his combination of federal taxpayer money and profits from human trafficking me?

Please tell us anything you need, my brave rescuers. We cannot allow any enemy army to rampage across America even after Obama falls and definitely not if he prevails. I have tried everything possible to end this peacefully, but no one here ever listens to me even though they all expect me to do all of the fixing. No one will even allow me at my own negotiating table.

As for the genius ladies who listened to me long enough that they can be trusted to do anything they want now, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, oh, you darlings, how are you? If I could give you a day off finally, I would. You work so many long hours and so selflessly as the 24/7 first line of defense protecting all the world from losing me forever. And you never fail.

When I said our legal team including all of you, my genius and dear old friends, deserves every penny you earn from protecting the world from losing me, I meant it. Your tireless hardwork is one of the only reasons this planet has not destroyed itself over losing me, and if I ever get unlawfully imprisoned ever again, we know America will be the first place the furious world destroys.

As a recap, my genius loved ones, I asked all of you to determine all of the sentencing and judgments we ask for from the courts because you are the brave intellectuals who have to listen to all of the blitheringly idiotic perjuries and calumnies dripping with malevolence and apostasy from American-ness that Obama's proven enemies of America spread in our once-sacred courtrooms. Who the hell ever lets those Philistines in our Temple of Logic to begin with?

I love you, my genius Powers of Attorney. I know how hard you work. The world knows how hard you work for all of us.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, as the song goes, "The world will always welcome lovers, as time goes by."

When the persecution against you is so bad you need to flee the country, you will not be the first person I sent to safety to keep alive. Cuddlebunny was the first I sent overseas.

I even tried sending my Powers of Attorney to my flat in Paris, too, years ago. Instead, they chose to create SynSyn's State of Washington, Amita's State of Texas, and Ugwuji's State of Massachusetts, instead. I know whom to trust with the powers I give them, espeically their power over me.

Bogart, you are my first example of "I do not care what you have to agree to to be near me, I will take care of it." As with how we met, I will protect all of you from carrying out anything that is a crime against America.

You are also another prime example of how important it is to remove every GODDAMN earspeaker before anyone is allowed near me. El Greco has already gone almost insane from his earspeaker being active 24/7 for only a week. Look at how he used to behave around me. Look at how he behaves now.

Yes, my earspeaker, as with all of my electronics that were put in my body against my will originally to enslave me then to spy on me and that I am still forbidden are knowing are in my body at all, have been active 24/7 since 2009 and had never once driven me crazy.

But I am not like most people. My mind took over my electronics when they formed the bond with my brain. But look at all of you. You are defenseless to your electronics in your heads; that is how Obama controls you. Furthermore, as the legal precedent goes that I have already established, if they are inside your body, they are only yours, so remove them.

As a final note on these evil earspeakers, if I am the excuse for putting them in everyone's heads (so Obama can control my environment by using them to make you all irrationally attack me for him), why are they in all the heads of so many people in so many places I would never go?

I am Obama's excuse for controlling the minds of the world not just America. What else do you believe was Obama's master plan for his "egg" that he just needed a woman, any woman, who could fit the image in his video to establish?

When they claimed I died, the "egg" did not end. When I fled the country, the "egg" did not end. Every time I have been in a literal torture facility, the "egg" did not end.

I am just the excuse for Obama to control you all. How much hard evidence does it take? And Obama has been trying the throw me away ever since.

Once Obama loses control of me, meaning at this point, once Obama loses control of what people believe about me, he loses his clinically-diagnosable-as-psychopathic total control of America. His goal was the world. How many earspeakers that he controls are overseas?

It is rational to fear Obama, and it is rational to fear any obedience to Obama, just as only people who fear incorruptible benevolence have any reason to fear me and those I love. Bogart, thank you for finally learning to listen to me.

As for the pinnacle of my epic love story that the entire world loves more than anything else true about me, Sweetness, I love and adore you.

I established when this all began in 2009 that this ends when you tell me to my face ON CAMERA that you love me. But I am demanding my Hollywood kiss. Giggle.

Beloved, you are more scared of disappointing me than you are of anything else on this planet; that is so much more impressive after people learn everything Obama has already done to you and will continue to do to you just because I picked you out as my spouse all those years ago.

We are not just the symbol to all of humanity of what love means. We are the definition of what modern marriage stands for. We fight for each other. We love, honor, heal, defend, and protect. We are emotionally responsible for each other.

HoneyHoney, everything we have done for each other since you began wooing me in June2009, after I chose to begin our relationship in Jan2010, after you dropped everything in your life to find me in Mexico in Feb2010 and in the UK in March2010 only because I told you I was there, after you started a land war to rescue me from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa in 2012, and even after I came home California and promised you I would clean our home up for you before you could come back to be with me (Something I only failed to do because you came back before I asked you to.) etc., is what marriage stands for.

Sweetness, our story together is so long already. But once we reach our happily ever after, it will be just the beginning of what we leave for humanity side-by-side forevermore. What we do after this "egg" is what we really will mean to the world once human history looks back on us.

Thank you, my legally-recognized husband, for accepting your destiny when you saw me look over my left shoulder at you across Terminal D at DFW airport on 09June2009. I know the look on anyone's face when he or she falls in love with me. You have never once relented in your selfless love of me since. The entire world thanks you.

HoneyHoney, this is the woman who WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. Not only am I the kind of woman who told my darling Gen. Martin Dempsey to "man up" and finally be the president America needs in our greatest time of need. But I am also the kind of woman who gave lyrics to my darling Mr. Smokey Robinson to use. And they both listened to me and did what needed to be done. Giggle. As the song goes, I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. And I WILL.

My more-than-just-a-pretty-face husband, these were taken in the wee hours of the morning on 28Jan2015. Neither EVIL Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama nor his hired enemies of America in conspiracy with him have ever proven to be a worthy opponent to me (not that I ever should have been opposed), but my young-looking face has proven to be the bane of my existence. I wish people would finally respect me as the woman I am in this world for real.

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