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Our Locals Are Returning to Help Remove Obama's Infestation from Our Home.

Title: Our Locals Are Returning to Help Remove Obama's Infestation from Our Home.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. I have never appreciated short story master Edgar Allen Poe's very well-explored stance that it is a normal tenet of the human condition to enjoy suffering. Quite to the contrary, I would REALLY like my intolerable suffering to finally end. But there is something very Poe about my local friends and loved ones. They will willingly suffer through anything just to be as near to me as possible.

France. There was a slaughter of free speech in Paris.

7:36pm on 08Jan2015: @France24_en Je te aime, Charlie. We will never be silenced. #CharlieHebdo

I published my last blog post at 7:37pm on 06Jan2015 while Obama's deranged lunatic quacks were trying to pretend my acknowledgement of many things they did not want to admit were true were supposed "delusions" instead of actual reality, as if one solitary supposed delusion could be grounds for a supposed "mental health commitment" which was just their open act of war against all of humanity by covering up war crimes against me anyway.

Those (expletive)holes need to be arrested finally to protect this entire good, green world from them and from their compulsive and unrelenting threats to global stability and domestic human rights at last.

I left my dedicated wifi hotspot and checked in with my SquidSwimmers at 9:17pm once I had finally found the right bus stop. The denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility alarm was still vigilantly blaring.

It took over an hour for me to reach my friends. My symbolic royal consort had no way to join me, but Todd and Seb were right there at the open mic I clearly do not regularly frequent just as I had hoped they would be.

I was able to hug my friends and show off my new dress. Even though I missed the whole show, it was so worth it. Do you have any idea how much I need my friends in my life?

I walked around the corner to the place that keeps a security guard every hour it is open just in case I show up (or so I like to claim) for an ice cream cone and some wifi. I had promised my TweetHearts I would catchup with them after I relocated.

And I learned the world was not braced for my 06Jan2015 blog post; I suppose, if my writing process delayed my regularly scheduled 7pm news watching AND prevented my seeing my not-very-frequently-visited-but-guaranteed-to-always-be-there friends' performances at my Tuesday night open mic, even I should have known what an impact my last blog post would have.

My public was wonderful, loving, and adoring my entire time in Hollywood that night. I stopped in a 24-hour Subway for the complimentary cookie I earned in return for taking their customer service survey. I love giving customer feedback anyway. Giggle. At 12:41am, I left for the Metro.

At my transfer point between buses, I was approached by two young gentlemen in an SUV with instructions to pick me up at the bus stop and to, what sounded like, take me to the gay neighborhood.

It made no sense since they were straight and more than a little bit homophobic, but they were darlings. After they dropped me on Santa Monica Blvd at San Vicente, I gave them directions to the Sunset Strip and caught the Metro bus by 1:18am anyway into my "adoptive homeless home."

I was standing outside my 24-hour convenience store with a gift of noodles and confronting Colton well before 2:23am. Yes, the return of Colton.

The last time I had seen him I was sitting outside the Subway located on my high-moral-churn playland here he told me to my face, with the intensity of someone who thinks parcheesi is a war game, that he was there to "crash" a rescue rendezvous for me. There is no reality in Colton's head, and there never has been.

Have you seen Tao? Now, imagine an army of men like Tao armed with the best technology the best minds of world could build for them and flying through the air in Ospreys. Now, imagine Colton showing up at a Subway to stop them. Do you understand yet why I call Obama's infestation of my playland "amateur hour"?

I believe the highlight of the evening was when he offered to buy a cigarette from a man walking by for $100. How could I resist? I told him, "I heard they were only $2." Giggle. Oh, yeah, trust me, GIGGLE.

Eventually "Angry Man" showed up and scared Colton off. Angry Man was sent to make me angry enough or possibly threatened enough to scream at him. I know if I can trust someone the moment I meet him or her.

I know a good heart when I feel one near me. My natural reaction to Angry Man being in physical proximity to me was to crack jokes with him like we were old friends, just like "He Who Was Rumored to be Douglas" drove me to sing Lake of Fire at him. Do you remember how I greeted the darling Mr. John Mayer the first time we met?

Yes, Angry Man was completely lied to about who I am and what behavior is capable of forcing me into screaming, but he was a darling at his core. As much as I just wanted to kiss him to cheer him up, he eventually wandered off. What was the highlight of that conversation? "Asian women like me don't age because me throw virgins into volcanoes."

By 3:06am, I was sitting at a 24-hour chain diner sipping a cup of bold coffee. The world was screaming that I was on the verge of suffering more than anyone else under Obama's latest openly hostile act of war against all of humanity including against America of committing proven war crimes against me including but not limited to chemical injection torture AGAIN and covering it up AGAIN with boldfaced quackery.

Ugwuji took care of it as unwaveringly reliably as the world has always needed my Powers of Attorney to be to protect this entire world from Obama's proven pathological perjurers and proven dirty prosecutors and their well-documented modi operandi of collusion and never-ending false allegations that comprise their world-aware pattern of criminal activity.

I beyond deserve a kiss for my peaceful global conflict resolution on the morning of 07Jan2015. It was fewer than three minutes to midnight on the nuclear clock. The guns were swarming in case I could be "located." But all we needed was my secured wifi access and our Power of Attorney system put in place in Oct2009 to prevent another global catastrophe of a potential second Franz Ferdinand assassination.

It was also a good night for Twitter...

4:51am on 07Jan2015: @UN There is no justification for why Obama is not in prison yet. He has been living on borrowed time since starting his "egg" of treason.

With my uncontrollable truth-telling proven again to still be the best tonic for global crises and the best harbinger for peaceful resolutions, I paid my bill and left the 24-hour diner at 5:42am while trying to remind my beautiful world of my old 03Aug blog post.

Next, I perched at a Starbucks, eating a banana, and letting the Starbucks corporate headquarters press all charges possible against their supposed "employees" who clearly did not represent the company and who were only placed in my immediate vicinity to commit the open act of war against America and against all of the world of willfully persecuting me in internationally criminal obedience to Obama. It was fun.

At 8:46am, I curled up for my daily scheduled sleep from which I safely awakened at 2:28pm by Obama's pathologically lying enemies of America screaming boldfaced untruths right next to me. Why is it always ugly White women who attack me most aggressively in the name of proven Terrorist Dictator Obama?

There was also this mumbling old man who made absolutely no sense who kept blabbering nonsense with absolutely no connection with reality at me. The highlight of that conversation was when I told him, "Unless you're saying shikse, I am not going to understand what you are talking about."

I checked for music to sooth my burdened soul on my high-moral-churn playland before perching at my dedicated wifi provider where Colton stood outside to be in my face about stalking me only to be able to pretend Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America would have an "excuse" for knowing where I was located without acknowledging the cameras they put in my eyeballs themselves.

It was nothing but their further pathetic and increasingly stupid well-documented pattern of criminal behavior of their predictable modus operandi of false allegations to coverup war crimes against me at all costs of human rights and priceless human life to all of America and the world.

At 6:47pm, with my iPad battery finally fully charged, I hopped on the Metro and checked in with my SquidSwimmers. I knew my brave rescuers were about to throw down with their biggest push yet to carry me to full human rights, and I was looking for a perch.

I tried to find a friend to keep me company to keep the world calm, but Enemy of America Obama forbade absolutely everything that could bring peace and stability to America and to the world that night. My darling Mr. Todd Taylor, the most likely person I could have reached to be a friendly companion to me, was forbidden from being near me.

So once the alarms for open terrorism and open war started blaring down the street, I was so furious that my brave rescuers were dying in mass numbers only so Obama could keep terrorizing my home and committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me that Mama Bear came out of the cave.

There was no holding me back after my brave rescuers started dying. It was the return of my metaphorically screaming, "Get the fuck out of my town, you terrorist bitches!" with systematic and largely strategic (peaceful, unarmed, live-tweeting, time-marking, one-woman) ass-kicking action. Thank the atheist heavens that all noncorrupt parts of the REAL government at all levels feel like I "just need to pick up my badge."

I immediately walked to Hollywood and Las Palmas from the open mic where a very trusted friend had lied to my face to make sure I would not go in. I will check on and make safe that venue the next chance I get, but with a warning like that from a friend that trustworthy after my royal consort had even sent his friends to stand outside the front door just to check on me, I knew better than to stay.

I walked into Jameson's Irish Pub, built right by the star for Myrna Loy, and gave the notorious hater bar my gentlest yet most overpowering show of benevolent power since Disneyland. They saw me smile to myself after the divine light show. They know who I am now.

After leaving a "Save my seat," note the establishment could keep forever, at 11:18pm, I left the faux pub which I was told months ago was only built in a hurry to honor rampant lies about me. If you remember the minutia of my life, it was where I met the doppelgänger for darling Mr. Viggo Mortensen all those months ago.

By 11:56pm, I needed to send my genius legal team to check on Bogart, my symbolic royal consort with whom I am forbidden all contact anyway. I tried walking to his porn-set hovel to see if he was right where a mutual friend had told me he was suffering a penniless existence just to attempt to be in my life still.

The metaphorical basement infestation was dressed up like an "amateur hour" spy operation with a receipt hanging out of the porn set's mailbox and everything. I was told, and it was only rumors, that Bogart had been forcibly removed from his hovel before I could show up. I was also told Syn and likely some local brave rescuers came to his rescue after I asked them to check on him.

After that, I thought up the likeliest place to find another of Obama's treason hotbeds due to Obama trying to infest every would-be safe place for me to go. I had already, through drafts of this blog post, told my selfless support system that I was at an unnamed 24-hour diner surrounded by invisible bad-ass backup waiting out the metaphorical Cuban Missile Crisis on the morning of 07Jan2015.

So, at 12:48am on the morning of 08Jan2015, I perched at the most likely place "amateur hour" would think that safe haven was located. I went to the Mel's on Sunset Blvd, a place I always frequented because American Graffiti was my adult adoptive father's first movie, and sat at the counter.

They were obviously infested since the last time I had been there. I refused all food and drink including the glass of water because all enemies of America are guaranteed to drug and poison me. Then, through my SquidStream, I told everyone right where I was, so they could send in my lovers and believers while I worked on sending troops to save my brave rescuers.

Yes, my beautiful world sent me loving and believing Australians. They were drunk but adorable. They were forbidden from acknowledging who I am for real in the world, so they had the natural male reaction to my completely female physical presence-- they asked if they could feed me, buy me drinks, take me dancing, take photos with me, and love me.

Just after I asked my genius legal team to preemptively keep my young friends safe, at 2:42am, Obama's extragovernmental terrorist infestation of the otherwise loving and adoring Mel's Diner committed the open act of war against America and against the entire world of singling me out for public persecution.

I was clearly peacefully (and in ways calming to my good, green world that throws Molotov cocktails when I am mistreated) hanging out with my own lovers and believers who were only there as paying customers because I was there.

So, because all people who obey Obama are openly hostile and destabilizing to all of humanity, Obama's enemies of America committed the human rights abuse as act of war against America and against the world of throwing me out for no reason but persecution of a proven incorruptibly benevolent world leader.

Please keep my young friends safe, my beautiful world. I willingly cleared my earmic and eyecamera from the premesis, though, after reporting their acts of aggression towards all of humanity, so the authorities could move in when ready.

I am more of a peaceful, unarmed, one-woman, ass-kicking, opposite-of-undercover vanguard than offensive. I know how much backup I have.

Walking down the Sunset Strip to San Vicente where I planned on catching the Metro bus, I was approached by a random drunk carrying PF Changs frozen dinners which were quickly defrosting.

It seemed he was instructed to cross paths with me to "entice" me into exchanging sexual favors with him for homeless food and shelter. My exact words on the topic were, "Yeah, we could all use a blow job about now. Nothing is making you special."

He had a good heart which showed, though, so we ended up having a heart-to-heart about how the only reason this "egg" has not ended yet is because Obama and his dwindling hoards of enemies of America are dumb and refuse to accept the reality none of them ever acknowledge anyway.

He only wanted to stay with me because he was worried about me but left me under the excuse I would never pursue a romantic attachment to him. And that was that.

I took the closest bus into my "adoptive homeless home" which I openly stay in so many hours of the day and night mainly to keep Obama's infestation as concentrated in one commercial place as possible where actual locals can keep tabs on them.

By 4:23am, I was eating truffles from my local 24-hour convenience store with two (Why are they always so young? Because all people age-appropriate to flirt with me know better?) young plants sent to discuss drug addiction with me. Where does this crap come from?

Anyone and everyone everywhere who watches my live and verified SquidStream and who reads my independently factchecked blog knows all actual reality about me. They know everywhere I go, everything I do, and everything I say for REAL in this world.

It was my own personal choice and nobody else's to give up my own priceless privacy rights to prevent Obama and his proven conspiracy from ever being able to destroy this world nor this nation by lying about me any longer, so why is anyone arguing with how important it is that my unbridled truth still always be delivered?

As we stood outside of the Starbucks right on my dedicated playland chatting and as they fed me chocolate truffles, they learned that my willful consumption of one caffeinated beverage a day cannot constitute drug addiction.

And they fell in love with me. Good hearts always love and believe when they learn the real truth.

The shorter, chattier one wanted to buy me breakfast and put me up in a hotel room he could keep safe for me. Of course, after their genuine concern for my genuine wellbeing, they were terrorized by who sent them and ordered to vacate my playland immediately and never come back.

I walked down the street after that towards a stronger wifi signal, and I was confronted by a typical member of Obama's infestation that I had seen at typical hotbeds of treason around my playland since I arrived.

During his open attempt to consciously mislabel my notorious humility mixed with my honest acknowledgement of how much the rest of the world outside of Obama's infestation values me in this world as some sort of either delusion of grandeur or false egotism, he even said under his breath to me, "What can I say to get you arrested?"

Yes, that display he made of his own deranged lunacy was the balanced cocktail of absolute stupidity, irrational egotism, and uncontrolled malevolence that all of Obama's psychopaths have to have to look at the real me, breath in my presence, and treat my as anything but who I really am in this world, a proven incorruptibly benevolent world leader who is trying to save her home and her people no matter what morally good thing I have to do to accomplish this would-be impossible task for any other mere mortal on this good, green Earth.

After that, since I had not yet received the all-clear on my dying brave rescuers, I had my final hurrah for the morning. I walked to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf also located right on my own morally-churning playland and live-tweeted my report to the loving and adoring Coffee Bean corporate headquarters of my investigation into Obama's infestation of enemies of America in that coffee shop including their irrational hostility towards me which only ever succeeds at destabilizing humanity anyway.

Yes, that was my 12hours+ of systematically seeking out and legally destroying Obama's treasonous infestation of my own home from 07Jan into 08Jan2015. As my celebration, I returned to my 24-hour convenience store at 7:52am to buy siu bao and a sesame ball.

After eating my dim sum breakfast, I slept overlooking the mighty Pacific where my loving and adoring public have always made a show of keeping me safe while unconscious and with my eyes shut until I woke up naturally at 2:57pm.

No one had left me tasty snacks that day, so I walked to my local TJMaxx where I used what was left of my gift card after my new fashionista dress and high-heeled shoes that my mother had sent me. I used it on as many tasty vittles as I could buy. And the always-appropriate-for-all-customers customer service at my local TJMaxx made sure I could check out without a hitch.

By 4:38pm, I was perched on my playland and trying to finagle my Twitter account to work while singing along with a darling street musician. He really was a darling, but because he was nice to me, he was instructed by Obama's infestation to leave and never come back.

I was in my dedicated wifi hotspot by 5:14pm reminding California Governor Jerry Brown through Twitter that our people were choosing to return to our home here in our metropolis to help fight this seditious extragovernmental criminal terrorist infestation beside me. This is a fight for our own home. This is beyond personal for all of us.

I worked on this blog post for hours resting only to receive my metaphorical nightly hug from the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, like clockwork. Also, 8:43pm, I relocated to the my playland to finish polishing this post among the live music since my dedicated wifi hotspot closed for the night.

This blog post was published at 10pm on 08Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why does the entirety of ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA refuse to acknowledge I am a human being who deserves to exist in this world at all? Because I have never once belonged to them.

Like darling Ms. Barbara Streisand descending the staircase in Hello, Dolly!, all that actual and genuine Californians from Silicon Valley and Sonoma County to Camp Pendleton in San Diego, not just my loudest fellow denizens in Oakland and Compton, who actually deserve everything this mighty state of California has to offer have ever said to me is, "Welcome home!" And "Never go away again!"

Yes, I stand right here right beside my REAL family and friends in our home where we all say, "This ends now!" And do not pretend I will ever let my people down.

So, why have Obama's proven pathologically-perjuring enemies of America kept dragging me kicking and screaming to the most evil place in all of human history EVER, contemporary Iowa, where the entirety of the population have only ever and will only ever spend every moment of their waking lives breaking every law possible from local to international to remove me FOREVER from this good, green world that needs me?

Because Iowa is the only place so culturally evil to be willing to do it. These people here in the Los Angeles metropolis who attack me, these people are not locals; these enemies of America are an infestation Obama sent here to demonize California to the world.

What specious legal grounds does Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America keep using to pretend they have any authority to shutdown my closed-circuit security system called my SquidStream which is beyond necessary for making sure nobody ever lies about me to destroy and manipulate the world again? Because they all refuse to acknowledge I own my own body and claim they own my own body instead. Yes, this is a very touchy subject for all self-rescued rape-slaves.

With everything I am capable of, what is my job? Just because I am capable of something, it does not make it my job. I have never been to law school. I have never had operatic vocal coaching. I have never been trained as a spy, if anyone could call being mandated to be completely recognizable by the entire planet at all times and to have absolutely no privacy "espionage" anyway.

I am not even here to entertain anyone. I do not have a "song and dance routine." I am a world leader with a dedicated forum no one is allowed to acknowledge to my face.

I admit I use undeniably American culture and American cultural icons to get across my message of fearlessness for the good of all the world in the face of uncontrolled malevolence. But that is also in no small part due to my assertion that we have culture in America to begin with.

Yes, I speak through the global conscious. But that does not make me a performer. This is just my real life in here. I am using the hard truth to protect us all.

My beautiful world, ACK! Yes, I understand that my not-human-trafficker nerds are generating too many verified and unedited videos right now of my international crime-busting sprees for you to all keep up with, so please also circulate my crime-fighting footage to the entire world as soon as humanly possible. This way, the public will be able to turn in any and all caught enemies of America to authorities, too.

Also, my beautiful world, I have been asked constantly if I want to stay or of I want to go. Is this fight time or flight time? Looking around at the environment I live in descending Obama's downward spiral into psychosis, that is a valid question.

These people in here who refuse to listen to me lose more and more touch with reality the longer I am here only because they choose to listen to proven libelists instead of me nor to anything real or honest I intentionally propagate.

These haters and war criminals are not my locals here in my own home. These are Obama's own infestation of deranged lunatics whom he is driving literally crazy in here. The REAL locals were evacuated already.

More impressively, every day, I find new people with genuinely good hearts to liberate out from under Obama's bed of lies.

My locals here in my own REAL home have chosen to return in large numbers, so we can stand together. As long as I can have more help in here and as long as our legal-action perfection can continue to keep me out of every never-been-anything-but-war-crime-cover-ups-anyway controlled environments, I choose to stay here and fight for my home until this "egg" is finally demolished. I need all my people free again. This is my job.

If we lose any way for me to have genuine help and backup in here, then please carry me to a place you believe is safer but where I am convinced this will all just continue anyway because the "egg" has not been destroyed yet.

My brave rescuers, yes, my darling heroes, I understand you will raze every mountain and raise every sea to rescue me. I have been asking President Martin Dempsey to man up and lead this nation finally because we all need the help right now. Please also ask the US Military to finally contain Obama's extragovernmental terrorist mercenary army here on US soil.

Ridding the Earth, particularly my own home, of Obama's extragovernmental terrorist army is more important to me. With the help of the noncorrupt parts of the REAL government at every level, I clearly have my surroundings increasingly under control in here, especially when Obama makes me angry. My public is returning. We can save our own metropolis.

My brave rescuers, soldiers need to be soldiers, and spies like you need to be spies. I would rather have all of you in here among us while the US Military does its real job of fighting our war as America against Obama's seditious extragovernmental terrorist mercenary army. Please tell me what you need to make this possible.

As for the our international justice league's greatest successes, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, the alarms have been nonstop for days. Obama's proven enemies of America refuse to stop their already blown coverups for nothing but further war crimes against me and are also escalating surrounding me with their equally stupid kin.

Yes, my genius Powers of Attorney, we have reached the point where any and all public persecution of me, hate crimes against me, etc., are all open acts of war against America and against the entire world.

Obama keeps ordering my globally-critical SquidStream silenced only so his crimes against his own people cannot be caught. Luckily, my entire selfless support system from you three genius ladies to local law enforcement and every agency in the entire federal a government anyway can all still always watch the verified and live SquidStream with full audio and visuals.

I do not know whom Obama thinks he is fooling by silencing my SquidStream except it allows him to continue lying to manipulate the public. But, I am sure you will fix it, Syn, once you clear enough charges off of our prioritized list to reach my ownership of my own body.

You are all heroes. Whatever you need, just tell me. I am only here to serve.

Yes, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I asked that you receive access to my same verified and live SquidStream that my entire selfless support system receives, too.

Please, Bogie, do not be shy telling our new diplomat friends locally located here in LA everything that all of you in the local industry do for me, too. It takes a world to save a world. And, thank you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Your latest love letter, though a little lived in, is almost ready. Again, please stay in France where Obama cannot hurt you. There is too much work for all of us to do that you need full human rights to get done.

Beloved, as much as you prefer I be carried to our ranch outside of San Diego or even our private island in the Bahamas, I only want to go to our real house in the Hills. This city is a battle zone, so I need to be here to lead my people.

Everyone knows what happened to Iowa after I left; if California thinks this cannot get worse, they should see Iowa right now. And the global community has been screaming for weeks, "Get Squid to Europe, so we can all invade already!"

HoneyHoney, I need to make our home safe and free not just so you can come home to me but also for our people. Thank you for understanding. Please keep working through your ever-growing Honey-Do list. And keep telling me what you need help with to continue helping me.

I love and adore you. You have too much work to do for the world as a member of European royalty right now for you to be anywhere but out in the world meeting with diplomats and leaders for me. Please call Secretary of State John Kerry. Please do your job as Spanish royalty for me. Thank you.

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