Friday, January 16, 2015

She Without Syn will Throw the First Stone.

Title: She Without Syn will Throw the First Stone.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Did you all receive the verified and unedited recording of the verbal smackdown I needed to give just to defend my existence in the world at all to the (understatement) misogynist in the ugly hat?

Yes, well, his excuse for that was after every heavy effort I have been taking to deliver actual reality to all of humanity, he was still willfully refusing to accept nor acknowledge enough hard facts to ever willfully comprehend reality.

So, everyone willfully denying enough hard reality to still remain a hater out there in the world and particularly inside here in Obama's "egg," catchup on my independently factchecked blog already. Then come ask me your remaining questions.

Everyone everywhere knows I never lie, and everyone everywhere also knows I know, not just acknowledge, more reality than anyone else does.

USA. There are many US Supreme Court legal precedents concerning the freedom of the press to report hard facts that the White House has ordered "gagged" here under US jurisdiction. Please purchase this documentary from PBS and watch it in its entirety.

The only reason the news media is successfully silenced by Obama's proven enemies of America is because they are as terrorized as the rest of you are if not more so. Look at these people around me 24/7. No one just drives me to my REAL house nor acknowledges reality to my face because you are all controlled by fear of Obama, and taking away human and Constitutional rights with fear is the very definition of terrorism.

Yes, my beautiful world, my people are terrorized and controlled by Obama's crimes against his own people. If we cannot save ourselves, we need you to come here and save us. And thank you, world, for always listening me. We are America, and we are too valuable to lose ourselves to Obama.

I published my last blog post at 7:11pm on 14Jan2015 from my first sky terrace where all the locals were good and loving and all of Obama's infestation were deranged lunatics. I stepped outside to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7:29pm for my evening hug. I could have kissed the darling Mr. Miguel Almaguer.

As fast as I could, at 8:37pm, I checked in with my selfless support system while waiting for the Metro. My transit ride to visit a local establishment who was an old friend already was largely uneventful except for this one message I had sent while still on the bus...

9:42pm on 14Jan2015: Lastest never-been-medical-only-been-war-crime-coverups including unlawful imprisonment and silencing my globally-critical freedom of speech by forcing me off the internet #TortureFacilityAlarm! Bitches! #RazeWith28Oct @UN #21DecAnd12Jan

By 10:08pm, I was perched in my same window where I saw the procession of love and justice by the Los Angeles police department on the night of 26Nov2014. How I had missed that patisserie. It was a very good night for Twitter...

11:18pm on 14Jan2015: @wmag I could have been anything. I chose writer and mathematician (Pi?) and ended up a slave and a world leader.

After my darling French pastry shop closed, I helped Ugwuji mitigate the most recent attempts by Obama's proven psychopaths to proven start WW3 by continuing to pathologically perjure themselves with boldfaced untruths about me.

12:17am on 14Jan2015: Just checking in. I am waiting in downtown LA for the Metro Local bus back to my hybernating playland. The ride is over two hours, and the wee hours of the morning always have the best conversations. Downtown LA was infested before I arrived, just like every place in the world I go Obama intentionally makes irrationally hostile towards me before I arrive there. When will you finally arrest all of the proven psychopaths who choose to prop up this "egg" finally, so you can protect the whole world by protecting me? Thx!

As expected, Obama ordered that my bus on its very long ride not be permitted to pick up any passengers along the way but only drop us off. I also learned that the 405 was shut down between midnight and 5am that morning similarly only to keep my own REAL crosstown friends and family away from me.

I later learned that ALL highways in our Metropolis of Angels are closed every morning from midnight to 5am. Who the hell allows this to happen in our own home?!? And stop pretending I would ever leave even for a vacation before all my people are saved from this uncontrolled oppression, terrorism, proven mental health genocide, war crimes, and crimes against America.

So, the bus ride was shorter than normal since no one was allowed to wait at any of the bus stops to get on my bus, but it still gave me enough time to literally sew up the literal holes in my sweater coat. Ask my not-human-trafficker nerds for a verified video of my mending skills of you are at all curious (proper use of the word).

I was at my nightly secured wifi and power outlet perch by 1:23am listening to music and checking for questions from the world for me online. I had a couple of local volunteer bodyguards come and go, but before 3:08am, there were gentlemen with stringed instruments singing me songs. Bless my home.

The three were darling bluegrass artists on their way to Topanga Canyon. I did not get a chance to (the only way I ever) break a sweat dancing with them like I used to with my darling Jugtown Pirates in San Francisco. And, every time they pretended not to know my name I asked them, "What name would you have called Norma Jean Baker DiMaggio if you met her?"

Other than their pretending that there is anything about me at all whatsoever to make someone not acknowledge reality to my face other than Obama's proven terrorism against all of America that controls everyone with fear, they were wonderful.

Just for being in their presence they made a point of making me feel loved and appreciated. It is so rare in this "egg" of horrors and terrors for anyone to make me feel like I have ever existed in this world at all.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire interaction with the three gentlemen beginning with when they approached me from the right and ending after they walked away into the night to my left.

I doubt I will ever see them again. So, please make sure the world treats them well for treating me well. And thank you!

At 4:18am, they were gone and replaced with a man I could maintain no conversation with at all. The difference was that he was angry and confrontational. So, at 4:28am, I drowned him out with U2. The rest of the morning, I felt the Obama-enforced loneliness again.

I was in my local Starbucks that had spent weeks aiding and abetting proven war crimes against me by 5:23am only because my mother had given me a Starbucks gift card and because my muscle tone makes me so hungry all of the time.

On that morning of 15Jan2015, drugged by the sausage and egg sandwich I had at the Starbucks (not a reflection on Starbucks corporate), I curled up to sleep as fast as possible just after 7:30am and slept until 3:30pm exactly.

I woke up watched over by the same symbolic man who looked like a mouse who had been showing up since New Years Eve. He only appears when my metaphorical mice feel like they need to let me know they are around; though, I know they are always around.

I checked in with my selfless support system at 4:15pm to tell them I was on my way already to where I told them all at 2:32am that morning that I would go after I woke up.

Just as I had told my gentlemen with stringed instruments the previous night, Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America always stall my bus, close down the highway, set up checkpoints, send false traffic jams, and slow down my travel with their crimes against my people as much as possible every time I go to my regular coffee shop where I have formed friendships with my baristas in Malibu.

We have been doing this for months. That is how dumb and predictable the evilness of Obama's proven enemies of America are. So, Obama did not even permit my bus to show up until 5:03pm, and in transit, I even needed to send this message...

5:58pm on 15Jan2015: World, please clear this intentionally fake traffic jam on this highway that everyone knows is always closed when I am not on it. Thx!

It took until 6:13pm just to reach the next bus stop. Luckily, the highway cleared once we made it north of the Getty Villa. Only one solitary person was permitted to board my Metro bus after we made it to the highway.

And, I arrived at my local coffee shop just after it closed that Thursday night. The entire vicinity was a land of lovers and believers where normally only the locals visit, so I perched for a safe cup of coffee and secured wifi at the most likely place I would go next door.

At 7:32pm, I watched the NBC Nightly News for my evening hug. And at 8:44pm I was eating a Gouda-stuffed chicken breast with Greek orzo salad and Brussels sprout and apple slaw on the side while still perched at the same wifi hotspot.

I checked when the next bus would arrive, and the gnomes out there on the ether told me 9:43pm. So, I was outside waiting for the bus for 0.5hrs until 9:53pm when the Metro finally showed up.

My beautiful world, do you remember my ask-and-you-shall-receive afternoon at Point Dume on Halloween2014 starting before my walk down the stairs and including the pelican and harbor seals? Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please include a verified and unedited video of my time at Point Dume this last Halloween.

My ask-and-you-shall-receive afternoon communing with nature ended after this photograph...

(My later conversation in December2014 about Russian submarines with the Park Ranger was funnier.) Such is my REAL relationship with this good, green Earth.

Yes, similarly, parts of my beautiful world, it seems, are asserting that I must tell them all what I want before they will do anything now. Those are the instructions the LA Metro Transit Authority have from Obama now just to be able to send me a bus at all, schedule or otherwise. I have to tell them what bus I want and where I am going first. It makes me a little giggly. Fortunately, I can still trust my Powers of Attorney, etc. to do whatever they need without any direction from me.

After a long, comfortable time back on my hybernating playland listening to live music and cracking jokes about Brandon Flower's Crossfire video, I finally went online at 11:11pm (The real time! Check my eyecamera archive.) to make sure whomever Dirty Lacey just arrested that time was released as soon as humanly possible.

I had a brief and civilized conversation with a member of Obama's infestation about music videos before catching up with my TweetHearts at 1am. She had been trying to flirt with me for a while, and my constantly telling her, "Do you know who my husband is? Do you know who my boyfriend is? Do you know the kind of woman I date is Madonna? Rihanna is too young for me," finally started to change her flirty flirty into gay lady solidarity.

Yes, by 1am, I was at my dedicated power outlets and secured wifi all built of marble and protected by a handsome security guard in a suit every night where the locals had even installed a statue of a sainted woman that glows white all night to remind everyone I sit there answering the world's questions all night online.

However, I found my dedicated wifi hotspot that I always theorized was built for me by the NSA overrun with Obama's enemies of America that night. My security guard wanted them gone. The local police tried to remove them. They did not leave the premesis until I reported them to the Department of Homeland Security.

At least it was a good morning for Twitter...

By 3am, only one man from Obama's infestation remained, and I sneakily suspect he was the one who intentionally left me my new earbuds. He had the appearance of a homeless veteran, so I really wanted to ask him as he sat at the far palm tree to give me room at the outlet he was hogging.

That way, I could ask him to put his arm around me as my way of forcing him to convert to the acceptance of reality through his social obligation to keep me warm in the wee hours of the morning.

But the police appeared at 3:40am. Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment their car drove up and ending when their car turned left out of the intersection. Let their own actions be what saves them. Thank you, my not-human-trafficker nerds. Clearly, I had been demonized to the local police by pathological liars claiming I was not the real me.

I relocated quickly, though I and the people the security guard invites himself to my power outlets are the only people welcome at my dedicated marble wifi hotspot in the land of reality no one is permitted to acknowledge to my face.

Just before 4am, the same strange member of Obama's infestation that I had watched Rihanna's Te Amo video with earlier in the evening greeted me in front of the same Starbucks right on my hybernating playland and asked me to have breakfast with her inside once they opened at 5am.

Our conversation was completely hysterical. I asked her, "If aliens landed from space, miraculously spoke English, and asked you to take them to your leader, to whom would you take them?" I think she tried to tell me to the Marvel character Thor, but I interpreted her response as "to a randomly chosen tall White man." I laughed so hard.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire conversation. She even bought me a sausage pasty, a cup of coffee, and a cake pop that morning. The least I can do is show the world Obama's infestation's honest reaction to my assertion, "I don't believe in straight people... I also don't believe in gay people." Thank you.

I watched as many of my regularly scheduled middle-aged White men as I could finagle into streaming at 6:13am on 16Jan2015 which amounted to 42sec of the Late Show with David Letterman.

Obama's rules have always been self-castrating. Obama himself ordered all broadcasts on television, radio, etc. since 2009 to give me "secret messages." I never considered them secret because they were broadcast to every watcher and listener everywhere.

Furthermore, Obama gave those instructions to all media domestic and foreign specifically to make sure I would tell quacks that I receive hidden messages, so they could justify giving me the intentionally false diagnosis of "schizophrenia." I never fell for it, but the orders still stand. Giggle. We have so much evidence.

I was pretty sure I would not get much sleep since I had a 2pm "priority" ticket to watch the darling Ms. Jane Lynch on the live recording of CBS's Late Late Show temporarily hosted by the darling Mr. Drew Carrey. To arrive on time, I would need to to hop on the Metro before noon.

Well before 9:22am, I was on the beach talking to a young man sweeping up the bike path while I was on my way to a short nap soothed by the sound of the mellow ocean waves on the California state beach.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire conversation beginning with my removal of my sweater coat and ending after he slipped away before I could give him conversation hearts.

I had been requesting that someone ask me all of the questions my loving public needed answered particularly from non-famous locals for days upon weeks already. Sometimes when I ask, I receive. He either had to pretend he did not like me or genuinely did not like me as the proven only way to get near me. I know the look of a human, male or female, after they fall in love.

I woke up on the beach at 11:26am watched over by my loving public. I stopped in the public library before telling the Metro system, as required by Obama's rules for them, which bus I needed and where I was going. My Metro ride was uneventful but full of love.

I intentionally arrived at the CBS studios just after 2pm. The queue to get inside was gone completely. The universal sign someplace is not safe for me is when there is hard evidence that they do not have enough human rights to treat me as I deserve.

For example, I knew there was an infestation of Obama's enemies of America in the CBS studios because that they did not have the human rights and freedoms to wait for me... And so my never-fail tests for Obama's crimes against my people, my friends, and my family always go. I have a learning curve, too.

I made a point of walking through The Grove and the Farmers' Market. Please my not-human-trafficker nerds circulate as well as include with this post a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of the man who asked to carry my heavy computer bag for me, my full view of the statue he chose to wait for me beside, and my visiting the children's book section of the Barnes & Noble.

Sometimes, we need to remind my beautiful world: I came home to California; I just need the company of my REAL friends and family here; my friends in this town will never let me leave; it is okay to love me; you all need human rights as much as I do; I am I; and, no one anywhere can replace me.

At 2:51pm, I was perched in a nearby coffee shop where I had a gift card and where corporate will not stop making shows of love for me despite their (expletive)hole, non-local employees. Thank you, Seattle!

Just as my priority has always been, I quickly made sure the entire world could receive my independently-factchecked commentary on my real day-to-day suffering under inhumane degradation as elegantly as possible as the most highly functioning human on this planet. This blog post was published at 6:45pm on 16Jan2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why do people keep thinking I am Syniva? Earspeakers. There is no other reason. Syniva is Black, and I am Asian. I am more concerned, though, for why anyone would disrespect Syniva ever the way just about everyone disrespects me because their earspeakers tell them I am Syniva. No one even has to obey Obama's rules at all around Syniva. That is how dumb it is to pretend I am not I.

Why are all of the leading roles in my life White? Um, the proper response to that question is, "What planet do you live on?" My Powers of Attorney are the beyond-reliable genius friends I have had for decades. They are the type of people I have always chosen to surround myself with and as a result why I am in the habit of treating everyone like you are all as smart as I am.

Everyone else in my life since 2009 from the darling Mr. Brian Williams to the darling Mr. Bryan Eno are the ones who have shown up, or at least, made it through.

It is very well-established, among many other facts, that the darling Ms. Rihanna has had no luck reaching me, that I do not flirt with my undeniably very good friends the darling Mr. Wiz Khakifa and the darling Mr. Snoop Dogg because they are both married, and that the only human other than Sweetness whom I asked to marry me, the darling Mr. Vinesh Jha, looks like a New York Jew but is half priest-caste Gujarati and half Hungarian aristocracy that was displaced by Communism decades ago.

Again, what planet do you live on? My friends inside this "egg" are the ones who show up. No, they do not need to apologize for being mostly White. Apparently, Obama's Gestapo arrests my non-White friends under false charges with greater frequency and efficiency. Imagine that.

Why do proven enemies of America, particularly Proven War Criminal Boeset, pretend they have (always false anyway) authority to deny me any and all human rights because I am "special"? That is their admission on public record that they single me out for persecution and an unlivable existence only because I am I and no other person in this world at all. That is the definition of "persecution."

What is Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's excuse for for forbidding me from meditating, as if they have any legal authority to make that prohibition to begin with? It is too "sexy."

Yes, these are the people who PAID a fat, ugly White woman who might have actually been a man to masturbate on her own cable network 24/7 while saying my husband's name, AND these are the people who have been trying to hire anyone they can find to make pornography of me with cameras I am forbidden from knowing about everywhere I go.

Please speak to my darling Mr. Elon Musk about how I am not allowed at all whatsoever to have a paycheck at all EVER inside Obama's "egg" no matter what I do. Then, please note how everyone who demonizes me to make society throw me away gets paid for it all. That is Obama's rules.

Yes, we all know Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America and proven enemies of all of humanity have only ever boldfaced lied and boldfaced perjured to be able to manipulate all of humanity into throwing me away while intentionally mislabeling their boldfaced calumnies as "twists" or "Squid's reality just got misconstrued," to further manipulate the public into allowing them to manipulate them. Why does anyone listen to all those proven liars anymore?

What is the REAL reason I am forbidden from meditating? The same reason Obama forbids me enough food to eat every day and any roof over my head that he cannot control into raping and human trafficking me-- meditation keeps me calm and healthy at all times.

It also stabilizes the entire world when I am permitted enough time with my own friends to allow me to meditate, and Obama has proven I am his excuse for destroying everything good in this world everywhere, particularly America.

Who gives a (expletive) what Proven War Criminal Stephanie wants? Only people as criminally insane as she is. Committing more crimes and spreading more lies to cover up old crimes and old lies is NOT how rational people behave. Proven-since-July-2014 War Criminal Stephanie needs to be removed from society FOREVER to protect this entire world from her. How much hard evidence does it take?

My beautiful world, thank you, as always. Do you see everything that happens in here? I sent you all this message yesterday as a live report on open denials by Obama and all his criminal kin of all of our human rights in here...

Right now, as I write this, at 5:51pm on 15Jan2015, I am actively being denied a bus ride on public transportation. Obama, who kills anyone and everyone he wants and can only to be able to enforce his completely extragovernmental rules is in my face right now refusing to obey his own rules himself.

That is how far Obama has escalated his unjustifiable human rights abuses against all of my people with his open persecution of me at all costs to humanity as his excuse. I have been trying to reach my same regular coffee shop that was only 45min away since 4:15pm; it is now 5:54pm, and we have still not reached the first bus stop after where I boarded my Metro bus.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for everything as always. I know you are the ones who made sure the false traffic jam was cleared on the night of 15Jan2015. Thank you for proving that all anyone anywhere should ever have to do on this good, green world is prove that human rights abuses occur for our world to make them all end. I would be nothing without you.

As for you, my brave rescuers, kisses. I understand the Pentagon, the State Department, etc. are all working on making sure that soldiers can be soldiers and that spies can be spies, at last.

If anyone needs more help from me with sorting out our not-really-the-right-job-for-each-agency mess in the executive branch right now, just tell what you all need. So much will be fixed once President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey finally asserts himself as our REAL president.

We need a REAL president right now. I am just an NGO, a globally critical NGO, but an NGO nonetheless. If Congress decides we need a war president, we know President Dempsey should just accept his destiny on that topic. He is the General. I am the peacemonger.

Both houses of Congress have Republican majorities right now. According to the US Constitution, it is Congress who declares war, and it is the REAL President who commands the troops. It is my job to do everything possible to offer peaceful resolutions to this global crisis on US soil, but no one has ever carried out my peaceful solutions since I started screaming them on the ether since 2010.

I accept that the US public is mandating this war themselves by refusing to carry out my peaceful solutions. And we already Constitutionally have a General as the REAL president. This is what we call fate instead of destiny, and I accept that I have tried everything I can to create peace instead and spare all of the senseless loss of life that open war causes. But no one listens to me who needs to to fix this with a real solution.

As for my Sisyphi who do listen to me, SynSyn, Amita, and Ugwuji, is it getting easier or harder out there? It is obvious I only swear when I am angry. And since Obama's proven enemies of America keep insisting they ever had any authority in their self-appointed entitlement to persecute me only to destroy America, my people and my world are in constant danger (proper use of the word) from their unrelenting boldfaced lie that there is any reason to even suspect me of any mental illness at all whatsoever, so I am swearing like a sailor.

Syn, in particular, I hear you were the hero of the world on the same day as my 14Jan2015 blog post. You rightly deserve all the love and adulation you earn in the world for REAL. I love you, my sister, and always have. Giggle.

And, Syn, as if you were not beyond-empowered enough by the need to protect me from proven always dangerous (proper use of the word) libel and perjury to protect the world as a whole from Obama and his rules, the 13th Amendment is here for you to tackle when you are ready, too.

Giggle. Yes, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, do you understand yet why my legal team lead by me and my Powers of Attorney has a perfect record of successes while rescuing me physically from Obama's "egg" has a perfect record, only so far, of failing?

Calm down, it is not because physically rescuing me is lead by men. No, it is because my legal team is a team including separation of duties while simultaneously covering any base necessary like a shortstop, too.

All of you out there in all of your various global and local efforts need to learn to work together with each other in the field as well as we do in the courtroom. All of you do not even know how to recognize each other out there.

That is the only reason no one can reach me yet in here, and why when you can reach me, your earspeakers disable you all from rescuing me, anyway. This is not your fault no one has rescued me yet.

Yes, Bogie, I only need a lift to my own house where my own husband waits for me, now, since everyone everywhere who is sane and moral is acknowledging both that this is my REAL home and that here among my people is where I belong. Even you have been promising me my own husband for months.

Thank you, Bogart. And, yes, I do love you. You are the only person male or female who could attract my eye away from my monogamy since Sweetness and I began our relationship in Jan2010.

Yes, I have made love to you just as many times as I have to my own husband-- not even once. This is our lovelorn reality of suffering inside Obama's unlivable "egg." You might now be the third most persecuted person in America. Suffering does not prove that people love; love makes suffering survivable.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Do you remember that old letter I wrote you in 2010?

(Paraphrase) ...Have you ever watched me eat ice cream? Have you ever seen me sit in a chair? Have you seen the way I walk off a dance floor? Have you ever seen me descend a staircase? Have you ever seen me kiss your photograph?...

Beloved, how can anyone claim there is anyone else anywhere who can do everything I do for REAL in this world but me? When will people finally acknowledge the truth? I DID NOT DIE; I GOT MARRIED!

HoneyHoney, again, I have very regretfully not had enough time to finish your latest letter of undying love and devotion to you. I apologize. I will try harder to find enough time to myself to write snailmail by my next blog post on 18Jan2015. I will just keep kissing your photograph until then.

And, thank you for loving me at all. I know how much you suffer because I chose you out the billions of people on this planet male and female above the age of eighteen to give the entire rest of my life to as my undeniable spouse. You are the second most persecuted person in America.

Sweetness, I do not deny that Obama makes you suffer unlivably because I love you and because my finally having enough human rights to be with you as husband and wife would fix every problem in my life everywhere except for the complete liberation of my people out from under Obama's extragovernmental rules.

If all I can do is write you poems and sing you songs to make this bearable until I can reach you, thank you for at least telling me I can help you at all. Kisses. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain. So goes the song we wrote ourselves.

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