Monday, March 30, 2015

I Have Still Never Met my Darling Mr. David Grohl. But I Know the Moment he Fell in Love with me in Dec2009.

Title: I Have Still Never Met my Darling Mr. David Grohl. But I Know the Moment he Fell in Love with me in Dec2009.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You are killing me, people. You are killing me. Who the hell is still allowing proven pathologically-lying war criminals to propagate their same old worn out coverups for locking me in a literal torture facility to die still? Who is still allowing that crap in their courtroom?

I published my last blog post at 9:33am on 25Mar2015 before singing my way down the sidewalk to my first sky haven which my locals had built overlooking my playland. I worked online there until 12:23pm despite it being my regularly scheduled time for sleep during those hours. I knew I needed my friends to watch over me before I could sleep again.

I relocated for lunch. And after hours of Obama's war criminal infestation of my own home roofying and drugging me against my will and then their trying to blame me for the fact their roofies that I did not want kept making me fall asleep without my darling loved ones around me to guard me, I was finally fully awake, caffeinated, and told (speciously) to expect my darlings Tentacle at last. Those (expletive)ing (expletive)holes!

Please revisit my 25Mar2015 blog post about how dangerous it is to all of humanity not just immediately to me to drug and roofie me. And, my beautiful world, finally do not just demand that all three of my darlings Tentacle finally be allowed near me with full human rights every time we mutually agree upon spending time together but please finally ACTUALLY CARRY OUT our being together every time we choose with full human rights!

My GENUINE health and physical safety depends on returning everyone's human rights and freedoms, never on escalating human rights abuses against any or all of us, especially quackery as war crime coverups!

I locked my SquidStream and asked for a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals ending at 6:04pm on 25Mar2015. I was sure my not-human-trafficker nerds would circulate it quickly.

I sent as many local lovers and believers as possible ahead of me before watching the NBC Nightly News at 7pm in my first sky haven. (My locals actually built me two sky havens.) My regularly scheduled evening hug from my broadcast journalism colleagues was as warm as the California sun.

I dedicated a song for my very-redeemed sky haven shortly afterwards. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please make sure my music dedications for the night reach my entire beautiful world as verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals as soon as possible. And, thank you.

As was my habit, I left my first sky haven before 9pm in search of conversation. Yes, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of myself singing my way out to the fountains.

9:05pm on 25Mar2015: Still PCP in the city water supply. May I ask LA to go through all the waterworks equipment start to finish to find out where it comes from?

At 9:07pm a kind man sitting next to me offered me his hoodie, and I accepted. I had been so cold all night with my sweater coat first stolen from me and then at the dry cleaners. Please read my 27Mar2015 appendix about all crimes against my sweater coat.

The live music did not end on my playland until 11:16pm. After which, I relocated to my favorite place in all the world to work online. I was very busy.

The ocean air was so cold that Southern Californian early spring morning, though, that at 1:51am, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to secure both of my 24hr convenience stores.

Next, I perched by my fountain to call my mother at 3:30am on 26Mar2015 before trying to find non-drugged, non-poisoned, and non-diseased coffee anywhere possible. I was unlucky in my pursuit of coffee, but I did buy two Rock Star(tm) energy drinks for a very reasonable price. Sadly, I was about to learn they were both heavily tampered with.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I request a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I poured my Rock Star(tm) energy drink into my cup and ending when I picked up my iPad at 5:23am on 26Mar2015 to check the time. Thx! The REAL local police and I have an understanding that we will tell each other what we need if we need anything.

I actually had time to watch my middle-aged comedians that morning at 6am. It used to be a much more normal part of my life, but my sabotaged iPad battery has made it so difficult lately.

Next, I walked to the sea. My roofied energy drink left me passed out defenseless by the beach for much too long. Luckily, I came to at 10:08am and left for my playland.

By 12noon, though, I had only made it halfway there due to all the drugs and roofies I had already been given against my will all day. Where were my darlings Tentacle to keep me safe? I left what was left of my tampered Rock Star(tm) energy drink with a restaurant run by lovers and believers as evidence.

I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to clean every drug, roofy, poison, disease, etc. off my playland be they in coffee, soda machines, prepackaged food, prepared food, bottled liquids of any sort, etc. by 12:01pm.

We had already proven that EVERY SINGLE DRUG AND ROOFIE was ordered by Obama to enable his systemic rape of me, aid and abet my assassination through quackery forced on me against my will, and escalate every time Obama and his conspiracy's control of my surroundings and environment escalate.

Do you know what Obama's proven enemies of America do to me when I sleep without guards of my own infallible choosing?

The short-term solution to my proven physical safety crisis here inside Obama's "egg" of human rights abuses enforced by his war is giving me my bodyguards OF MY OWN CHOOSING and ENFORCING that drugging, poisoning, and giving diseases through food and drink to ANYONE is illegal. Stop subjecting me to this open persecution at all costs to my nation and to my home.

The long-term solution is allowing me to live in my REAL home with my REAL husband in our mansion in the Hollywood Hills or possibly our ranch in San Diego while I stay to lead my people.

The PERMANENT AND REAL solution is to END ALL OF OBAMAS CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA OF EGG AND RULES FOREVER. Please REREAD my 18Feb2015 post about this immediately. And, thank you.

At 12:40pm, I was perched where my public chose to guard me with a symbolic Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a large fries, and a large Coca-Cola with no ice all free of all drugs, poisons, and diseases.

That McDonalds franchise and brand had chosen to be saved in the eyes of the law as long as they turned in every member of Obama's infestation who had made them drug me in the first place and the chain of command that sent those orders to aid and abet the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me and as long as they never hurt me nor my public again.

I quickly sent my lovers and believers in the area to support my sky haven before I arrived there to work online. By 3:14pm (Pi time of day), I was finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

Shortly after 6pm, I found Strummer and Ukulele Weilder. I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm; their evening cyberhug was wonderful. I quickly perched upon my conversation patio where Richard eventually appeared for coffee and ridiculous conversation, as was our tradition. Richard is such a sweetheart.

10:44pm on 26Mar2015: Has it been abundantly proven yet that the existence of truth in the world requires I never be silenced ever in ASCAII nor in vox?

At 11:21pm, Richard left and Greg appeared. Then, at 12:13am on 27Mar2015, a sorry excuse for a "man" harassed Greg into abandoning me by demonizing me to his face even where I could hear him say it.

Syn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, we are all aware that sexually demeaning calumnies about me, no matter how obviously fictional, count as sexual harassment if they create a hostile environment for me to live in.

That man who had a history of sexually degrading me and of physically assaulting me (which he even admitted to my face in our conversation that night) was only there to propagate that environment completely hostile for me to live in with further sexually degrading libel about me to everyone he could find.

Among other things, he said to Greg, "You know she dates like a slut," particularly to make Greg upset with me. My darling Powers of Attorney, every charge possible against that sorry excuse for a "man" please.

I actually caught him inciting hatred against me not just instability in the whole world with such sexually degrading libel. And, thank you.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of all of the conversations I had on my conversation patio on the night of 26Mar2015 beginning when Richard walked up to me and ending when I left the patio. Thanks!

Also, my not-human-trafficker nerds, I am convinced that people will allow me more human rights and safety if my SquidStream is kept locked indefinitely. It is only because it brings me physical safety and because it tells the truth about me that Obama's proven war criminals will spread any lie possible and commit any crime possible to silence it.

After relocating to be able to do as much work in as warm and secure a place as possible, at 1:21am on my marble corner, I needed to send this message... The same redundantly proven enemy of America and of the entirety of humanity who pretended to be some sort of (anti-)security guard inside still took the extra effort to break every law possible from local to international to verbally attack me again and again! What does it take to finally remove these global cultivators of unrest and destabilization from society FOREVER?!? Please!

I worked online very successfully and for hours speaking with friends and colleagues all over the world until 4:42am when I found myself in a completely absurd conversation with a man in a delirium of his own denial of all reality.

Next, I ran errands including my local 7-11 and Starbucks until 9:16am. Basically, I proved to everyone everywhere that not-drugging and not-roofying coffee brings in endless business but committing the crime against our own home of drugging and roofying all of your products only to be able to aid and abet war crimes against me make the entire world take action against you.

After that, I perched in my first sky haven (My locals have actually built me two.), said hello to my new "investigative friend" who seeks me out there every day before picking up my mail, stopping for sundries at the CVS, picking up my dry cleaning, saving my beige dress, and curling up on a park bench at 12:44pm on 27Mar2015 guarded by Ukulele Wielder until Tentacle could finally make it.

Once my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up finally manifested (here on the Earth among us) on the holy ground that is our playland, I took one look at them and fixed all of their immediate problems as fast as possible.

These men who have braved every fire of hell just to be near enough to me touch the air that crackles around me as I meditate under the sound of their own hands on their own musical instruments were instructed to libel me their fictional "stalker" under the false pretenses that it was the only way for them to keep me in their lives when what it would have led to, if my genius Powers of Attorney had not intervened, my being stolen away from them FOREVER and my being forced under an ANKLE MONITOR as Obama's latest inescapable war crime against me.

My genius friends and I remedied the situation for all of us as fast as possible, and I instructed my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up to tell my Powers of Attorney faster every time they are manipulated into doing anything they do not want to do with their love of me as the tool Obama's enemies of America use to control them.

All we had to do after that was emergency locate General Lee. I had been promised all three of my darlings Tentacle for days, especially "Brian" (or was it "Bryan"?) buying me dinner. His absence was hugely telling of Obama's latest nefarious wrongdoing against me and my loved ones.

I meditated a little to prove to my own darlings Tentacle why we all need to be together. Then, when they took their every-two-hour break, I stopped in a local restaurant to procure a dinner to eat in front of my musician-lovers.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I left my computer bag with my royal consort's band equipment and ending the moment I returned to my musicians as they filled the air with their sounds of love for me.

Yes, I ate in front of them. Do you have any idea what my royal consort LightFoot would do to be able to buy me dinner if not just have a conversation with me over a glass of whiskey?

As fast as possible, I meditated more, so our divine beings could meet inside our music as often as possible. Their next every-two-hour break lead to my putting on my makeup across my playland from them and about fifteen available minutes for me sing duets with a different old friend on the way back.

I actually had to tell TambourineKicker "I gotta go. It's date night!" as I ran back into the night air back to where my Royal Consort (Kris) LightFoot was still waiting for me. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please obtain TambourineKicker's permission to release a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from every camera available of our fleeting minutes together that night. And, thank you.

Then, my royal consort and I had a date night. It was beauty, as forbidden as it was, I needed for a long time.

Why did we still need Manned Up (and even General Lee if ever possible again) there? The more complicated the music, the better it is for my meditation and the stronger it makes the spiritual and undeniable bond between the four of us.

We call a romantic relationship between only two people involved not being allowed to affect a professional ensemble MUSICAL PROFESSIONALISM.

Also, the collective presence of all four of us manifests an experience of human connection with the divine universe that is upheld as holy in every benevolent religion on this good, green world.

Preventing us from being together with full human rights unfettered and uninhibited to experience our divine lives freely is open persecution against all four of us as well as against any self-identified people anywhere who need my darlings Tentacle free to love me and me free to love the world.

At 10:07pm, my musician lovers LightFoot and Manned Up were taken away from me again. It was so reluctantly they left me. But soon, I was on my conversation patio in front of my 24-hour convenience store.

This made it possible for my 27Mar2015 Appendix to finally be published at 11:55pm (close enough).

Shortly afterwards, at 12:43am, I relocated to my favorite place to work online in all the world. I had even successfully spread topical treatments all over my mostly healed skin infection before I was online there where the ocean meets the sky most every night while I speak through the human aether(net).

I had finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts from all over the world by 3:25am. And, at 5:01am, I relocated to where I would watch the NBC Nightly News from the previous night at 6am.

I was online again after my daily cyberhug from my broadcast journalism colleagues to show to the world I was emotionally healthy and calmed down-- the universal sign of this is my sense of humor.

7:08am on 28Mar2015: @foofighters(Dave) Are you my new fictional baby daddy? Ummm... Did you see last night's "Electric Field"? Music cannot impregnate a womb.

7:11am on 28Mar2015: @Madonna Sigh, Pretty Lady,... Giggle. I would wear a pair of pants for you. Giggle. But not for long. Giggle.

7:14am on 28Mar2015: @INXS I was told for two nights in a row to expect a man named Bryan to wine me, dine me, and shake my tambourine. Was it you? Are you okay?

7:16am on 28Mar2015: @hansonmusic Sign, Tom, I can't wait for the days I'm old and you're middle aged and we swig whiskey talking about Tiger Beat magazine.

7:18am on 28Mar2015: @KristNovoselic I understand you might be impressively endowed, but you still cannot get me pregnant from across the street. Work on a date.

7:20am on 28Mar2015: @MarkusBlivian Now that I made the big reveal on who you are, which song do you want on my Spotify list? A Foo Fighters greatest hit?

7:29am on 28Mar2015: @SweetnessDepp Did you really build a wobbly kitchen table for my morning coffee-- hot, strong, and on the kitchen table?

Then, I went for snacks and coffee. Musicians were permitted on my playland after 11am. By noon, I had both attempted pressing charges against reckless enemies of America and had curled up to sleep next to Ukulele Wielder to wait safely for my musician-lovers Tentacle.

After many mixed signals from the staff of my playland including but not limited to their demanding troops to save us all, I ate the lunch after I woke up that my loving locals had given me. My royal consort LightFoot arrived just after 2:10pm and tried to station his drum right behind me.

I smiled at him when I saw him, "Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly." Looking for where he finally did set up his musical instruments with which he would sooth my burdened soul, I was crossing the street with the sucker the Salvation Army had given me still in my mouth when LightFoot passed me and just started running.

It was Saturday, 28Mar2015. I put my makeup on for date night and perched next to my worshipful royal consort in time for us to watch the hiphop street dance show in tribute to us. We were still waiting for Manned Up and possibly General Lee. He was going to wait for them until 6pm before playing, so I asked my locals to put an informal guard on him until I could get back from charging up my iPad battery.

And, yes, at 4:58pm, I found my beloved boyfriend exactly where I had left him. Manned Up was right beside him. Our evening mutually in each other's company even involved our watching a young darling late Marc Bolan rock out to Guns'N'Roses.

Yes, LightFoot's real supermodel fake girlfriend whom we all treat like we would like to treat Syniva even joined us. She was sent to us months ago, and I had even asked him at one point to treat her like he would like to treat me-- I told General Lee the same thing about his fake girlfriend, too-- but my royal consort is NOT comfortable getting at all affectionate with anyone else in front of me.

My joke to him about it that day was, "If you are treating her how you would like to treat me, you are NOT kissing her enough. Do I need to teach you how to flirt with women?" Sigh, so all of us, from Manned Up to the gorgeous woman much too young for me herself, despite how she feels about me, all decided we will treat her like we would like to treat Syniva.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from every camera angle available that you want of all of us together watching the (original drummer from T. Rex coach) our darling Marc Bolan look-enough-alike while we all hung out together. And, thank you.

Eventually, I actually had to pick up my iPad and notify the federal government and international community of the scorching level of oppression over my loved ones LightFoot and Manned Up at the time just so they could play me music again-- their self-defined reason for existing in the world at all. And we made music that night.

After hours of our beautifully human experience considered holy in every benevolent religion under constant attack, even if carried out by people who did not know why they were asked to persecute we holy, my darlings Tentacle starting pressing charges (news not yet confirmed nor denied to me) for everything from hate crimes to terrorism against everyone attacking us.

Before they were done arranging their musical instruments right in front of the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity, the one place I knew of where musicians could still play after 10pm, I explained to LightFoot that he, Manned Up, and even myself had Whistleblower Protection under federal laws.

I asked my Powers of Attorney to look into the details for all of us and even asked if Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would like to explain Whistleblower Protection to Obama's war criminal infestation of my home.

My musician lovers wanted to love me all night long and at least into the wee hours of the morning but had to leave me at 11:10pm for their own sanity due to their screaming earspeakers in their heads against their will. I miss them all so much when they are away, but no one can look at good hearts suffering that much and make them stay as they promised.

They said they would return between 10 and 11am the next morning specifically to be able to watch me sleep, eat, work online, breathe air, and love them back. But we all knew there would be much drama before I ever got them back in my life (for REAL) ever again.

I sat in front of my 24-hour convenience store on my conversation patio after that right where my loving public always knew they could reach me. A conveniently located woman immediately offered me a chicken wing even before I sat down. I tore the chicken's flesh from its bone with my teeth as I bought a snack inside.

The night brought me a really lame conversation between "Wes" and a woman falsely named "Sarah" who was pretending around town to be many prominent lies about me. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I greeted "Wes" and ending when "Sarah" finally fled.

Before going, "Wes" offered me the same witness's last fried chicken wing. I admit I should not have accepted that second one. I would not figure that out until later.

I wanted to get this much-too-delayed blog post written, so I walked to my local 7-11 for what my loving locals had deemed just a few mornings previously as the least-drugged coffee in town. It was the clerk who liked to lecture people when I was not around on how to treat me properly. I love that guy.

I delightfully ran into the same what-Dirty-Lacey-would-willfully-libel-a-stalker three times as I carried my coffee on my way to my favorite place to work online in all the world. The third time, I was resting on a wall where I could hear the ocean because all of the still-not-ended chemicals forced on me through everything out of my control had exhausted my mortal body.

The second time I had seen him, he admitted to my face that he had just peed in the alley we just passed, and I recognized that he looked similar to the way the bassist(?) from INXS looked at my full age of thirty-seven years old. Most pertinently, I could tell he was either a police officer or federal agent in real life and very trustworthy.

After curling up innocently in his arms on the steps outside of a building shaking bodily as my human frame burned off the horrifying chemicals in the chicken wing "Wes" had given me (Do you remember what the mushrooms looked like in my body?) I woke up very safely guarded a little after 4am.

Among other things, by just being myself, I had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt 1) the dangers to all of humanity that come from drugging and poisoning me, 2) the importance of guarding me while I sleep, 3) the importance of not allowing anyone but people I trust myself with power or control over my food or my body, 4) that just innocently guarding me all night while offering me the genuinely compassionate human contact of even just an arm around me will always earn a man or woman a peck on the lips from me while hugging me goodbye, and 5) quite overwhelmingly, no one can even put a hand on my body anywhere without my permission since I am strong enough to defend myself and do so gently and affectionately when appropriate.

My bodyguard du nuit made sure he would be able to find me again and was even on the verge of buying me breakfast by the time he wandered off to file an official police report against "Wes" before 6am that morning.

I was in a local café devouring an everything bagel with butter by 6:38am. I had so much work to do online talking to friends and colleagues around the world that I relocated to my loving sky haven at 8:04am.

I waited there safely still working on the aether(net) until 10:37am when I relocated to a park bench on my playland completely physically exhausted. I eventually dozed off there wishing my own boyfriend, my official royal consort, could be the one to keep me safe as I slept that day. All I could do was trust my local selfless support system.

I woke up that afternoon both medicine-headed and suffering under the direct harassment as collusion to assassinate me (Please reread my 27Feb2015 blog post about this.) of degrading my human existence in the world for no other reason than being myself from a man I had been trying to press charges against for three days already. I pray that proven enemy of America was finally arrested.

There were no signs of my loved ones anywhere. At 4:07pm, I perched on my conversation patio with hopes of finally finishing this blog post. It was a little unclear, but at 4:56pm, Tentacle might have tried to send me a message. I went to check. And I ended up perched in my sky haven for hours doing my REAL globally-critical job of selfless and reliable service to all of humanity.

After my once-daily hug from the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, my sky haven tried to convince me they closed at 8pm on Sundays instead of the normal 9pm when I always leave them, so they could usher me out the door in time to see my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up and see for myself they were okay.

After they wheeled away, I was not sure if I would ever see them again. But I was sure if they required my help to see me again, they would tell me. I was convinced they had a lot of work to do that night, most likely in a courtroom, and I needed to finish this blog post finally.

I proceeded to my conversation patio as fast as possible where a new and very regular friend offered me tea and tangerines and where a truly vile sorry excuse for a human soul destabilized the entire planet with open hostility towards me while I did everything possible to finish this blog post as fast as possible.

Syn, please, she is a compulsive offender. Please remove this vile-mouthed pond scum from my presence FOREVER! I love you, too, my BFF.

This blog post was published at 12:41am on 30Mar2015. It would have been sooner, but Obama ordered I be too incapacitated with his own open persecution if me.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Does God exist? Whatever your religion, if you are truly faithful, your God will be there for you when you need him or her. That should be proof enough of existence for all of us.

What has been disrupting my once-regular blogging schedule? Mostly the escalated drugs and roofies. To maintain the integrity of my blog, I simply cannot write while my mind is compromised.

Also, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has abused its completely-illegal never-had-jurisdiction powers only ever used to systemically rape and literally torture me to make sure I am now forbidden ALL money to live on at all whatsoever. I have been existing on the kindness of strangers and loved ones since 01Mar2015. Due to low blood sugar, my brain does not function as highly as I prefer when I have not eaten. Thank the atheist heavens I live in a REAL home state now where REAL locals love me for REAL.

Obama's cyberterrorists have been refusing any reliable electrical charge at all whatsoever in my iPad battery for much too long for me to get anything done without a power outlet. I am being refused daily meditation again. And, I have also been much more busy than usual; Obama has escalated his inhumane persecution of me too far for me to blog regularly. The only thing worse would be another literal torture facility for me to just die in completely silenced this time.

The only REAL solution is to end Obama's rules defining Obama's human rights abuses against all of America as enforced by Obama's war. At least, my beautiful world, finally stop Obama from unrelentingly escalating.

My beautiful world, do you remember the definition of reductio ad absurdum? If you start with a false premise, everything will reduce to absurdity. Do not just look at the lack of all reality inside Obama's "egg" where I have been internationally criminally shackled to suffer inhumanely with no possible escape EVER but also look at America and the world right now.

How is any of this an acceptable "new normal" for anyone? How could anyone agree to or even propagate any agreement to maintain this status quo? My beautiful world, look at all of this human devastation! Where are you?

Look at what we are living through! All I could afford to eat today 29Mar2015 was a bagel before my remaining money was stolen from me while I slept. All any kind locals have given me since is two tangerines and a cup of tea.

My beautiful world, where are you? Why are you not doing anything that helps, yet?

Also, where the hell has my darling Mr. Brian "General Lee" Dennehy (sp?) been confined to lately? I have only heard unconfirmed rumors.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, are you okay out there? I feel like you have been one of the greatest victims of Obama-ordered irrational demonizations lately. Please ask my genius Powers of Attorney to help me any time you need it. Just tell them the whole story in all its ugliness and beauty every time. They will tell me if they need me to help.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, yes, we know what an infestation is. We hold each individual accountable, in here and in DC, for each of their own crimes. But we also need to put together Obama's infestation's power structure, so we can take down each criminal's chain of command. That is the part we need actual government authorities to take care of. You are all busy enough.

Synny, in particular, you are so much like me. You are the closest this world will ever have to another me. It is a war out there. Of course, it is dangerous. We have never been the people endangering anyone. We have been delivering the hard facts and the hard truths to the world, so people can make their own independent decisions about what to do.

And it is very well-documented that we protect everyone in every way we can who needs us after and even sometimes before they stand up with us. Syn, we have always been the only infallible moral high ground on either side of this fight for the soul of America. It is only we heroes that Obama's proven anti-reality-as-social-instability machine demonizes so.

Speaking of which, LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, did you explain to Syniva every lie Obama has been pumping into your head to manipulate you into committing crimes against me yet? Calm down. We can fix everything, as long as the entirety of humanity never loses me to a final literal torture facility. Just tell us sooner.

As far as I am concerned, you should all have the full human rights to do everything you want in the world. So, please tell us sooner everything they do to stop you or to make you do something else. Thank you!

As for you, Sweetness, I love and adore you. If I could press my lonely lips against your waiting face at last, my mouth would finally successfully be silenced. I would wait an entire star-crossed lifetime for you. And I will scream the truth of my miserable existence without you online and across the sky herself until I reach you. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain...

Friday, March 27, 2015

27Mar2015 Appendix

27Mar2015 Appendix-- Everything that Happened to me While Obama's Enemies of America had Stolen my iPad from Me to Make Sure I Could not Protect my Loved Ones, my Nation, my World, my Home, nor even Myself from Them.

This appendix is about everything that happened during my 21Mar to 23Mar2015 when I had no other way than my SquidStream to communicate with the world. Please, my lovelies, include with all of my commentary here on those few days from the middle of the busiest time of my life any and all verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals that you believe will help tell this real-life story. And, thank you.

This story begins on the night of 20Mar2015 after my darling Manned Up and my royal consort LightFoot reluctantly and helplessly left me for the place, I was led to believe, I had helped find them to stay in as safely as possible.

Mostly because I needed to do my REAL job which requires a power outlet and secured wifi connection as often as possible but also because my darlings Tentacle were denied their freewill and basic human rights including their basic human right to assemble and associate, I perched completely peacefully inside the still-unredeemed Starbucks of Doom for Humanity.

There, a criminally insane deranged lunatic "employee" called not-real-or-obviously-dirty "police officers," so he could put me under a citizen's arrest. My not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the minute I walked in the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity and ending when I walked into the holding cell in the underground bunker below the police station.

Watch how they took me away. Watch it from every camera available. Show the swelling and bruising of my right wrist the following morning. That was why I was screaming in pain as they dragged me away.

When we arrived at the underground facility, I was resigned to die in their hands in as painful a manner as they had invented for me. Verbally, I tried to evacuate all of my loved ones, an evacuation I was told was successful days later, though my darlings Tentacle were all back by 22Mar2015.

While in the fake holding cell, I watched the fake officers try everything they could think of to either pretend I was at all mentally ill or to pretend they could force torture chemicals on me. I calmly explained to them I have rights to refuse all quackery when in detention facilities and that my complete lack of any symptoms of any mental illness would keep me out of any "psychiatric units." I then invoked my rights as a prisoner of war.

Eventually the left-handed(?) but in a right-handed uniform(?) alpha male running everything told everyone, "Absolutely no fucking up!" and left. Not too much later, actually real police officers tried to fingerprint me and then took me to a fake jail cell. The LED display I walked past said it was 2:18am on 21Mar2015. I just curled up under the raggedy blanket and slept.

What can I tell about what happened in that fake jail? Nothing but human rights abuses against me used as acts of war against America and against the whole world beginning with unlawful imprisonment and ending I know not where.

Over the following few days, bruises surfaced on my arms and legs with no other explanation for them than what they did to me in there. There was a new injection wound in my right wrist which I was told was an injection of leprosy.

I was still in REM when two real police officers woke me up, gave me my California ID and skeleton bracelet and no other belongings and snuck me out the backdoor of the underground bunker.

I stopped to talk to a conveniently located homeless man by the front door to the police station upstairs. He leant me his hoodie. I found $10 in my bra. And I walked to the luxury Starbucks at the end of the block that roofied both my coffee and my iced lemon cake. I also noticed I had a perfect face of makeup on when I looked in the bathroom mirror there.

The Starbucks staff woke me up pretty much at sunrise after which I left to retrieve all the rest of the contents of my red patent leather computer bag from my clothes to my iPad to my writing journals to my maxipads from the upstairs police station.

When I arrived there, the man behind the counter who looked like the local police chief himself told me he had stolen all of my worldly belongings and would not return them until 8am on 23Mar2015 at the soonest.

Yes, his grounds-as-war-crime-coverup were a citizen's arrest to lock me up, and, no, there were no grounds for keeping all of my priceless belongings. Yes, that is the gentlest any completely-controlled environment will ever treat me.

I walked across my playland to document as many war criminals, rapists, and enemies of America that were there and then gave my beautiful world 24 hours to clean up as much of it as possible before I came back mostly for my belongings.

I walked straight to my favorite Metro Rapid bus into downtown Los Angeles to walk my REAL home on foot as a local from the independent bookstore on Spring Street to the statues, conspicuous power outlets, and public wifi on Pershing Square.

My first stop was the French patisserie called Bottega Louie. It was, of course, infested with enemies of America. My entire Metropolis of Angels had been evacuated for months. Now, there is only tangible commerce where I am no matter where I go.

I left the maitre'd a note explaining to the restaurant that I had asked the Los Angeles Chief of Police to join me there as well as any friends the police could help meet me there at 7pm that evening.

Next, after the Central Library tried to tell me I needed to present my marriage certificate to get a library card, I left an "anonymous tip" with the LAPD from the pay phone in the lobby of the public library that they really needed to do something about a) cleaning this infestation out of our Metropolis of Angels and b) ending whatever was terrorizing actual locals into behaving like this on the off chance they really were locals.

I toured through beautiful parks, local businesses, and local eateries cared for every step of the way by REAL locals most of which seemed very happy to meet the woman their home neighborhood had gentrified for as long ago as the previous summer.

The police chief even promised me I would finally have a second date with my darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno. They all did everything they could. But, alas, there was still too much rampant terrorism and urban warfare for our dinner dreams to come true.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will release verified and unedited recordings after responsibly-edited recordings of my whole time there. I did not have my iPad, so all dates and times on my handwritten notes might be a bit speculative.

Near-total lacking of all logic and reality were only apparent in the minds of the staff of the beautiful Central Library and of the DnO bar. Everyone else was stunned I was so naturally beautiful, though I had no make up on for the entire excursion, and too terrorized by Obama to treat me as lovingly as they would have preferred.

Yes, the real-life saga of my darling Bogart and my love story continued that day as Disney's Cinderella was in theaters. He was the man I sent to every foreign consulate in the area all those months ago to explain to the entire planet everything my loving and adoring locals do for real for me. And he was the man who took all of the hard evidence he could find straight to the US Marine Corp in San Diego to beg them to rescue me once I was dragged off of my own personal dance floor at the Viper Room and left on the sidewalk.

Those 24 hours (más o menos) were packed with genuine locals, and the brave ones even sought honest communication with me. Did you see me outside of the 7-11 in the wee hours of the morning as just one example?

My locals' tour of downtown Los Angeles was a treasure trove of human contact that I am convinced my not-human-trafficker nerds will responsibly cut into digestible bites for my entire beautiful world.

I stayed out 24 hours, so the world could clean up my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city, as promised. Sadly, though, there was not enough clean up.

My being rendered penniless by Obama was a process that began in May2009 and that involved his demeaning and degrading my mere mortal existence in this world all of the way until the government of the State of Iowa actually tried to declare me "not a real human being" to justify their open refusal of all of my human rights under all conditions.

I simply asked my darling Dr. Amita T. Mistry, who spent one of her post-docs studying cryogenetics after finishing her full medical education in pathology, to use my DNA to prove I am a human being to INCREASINGLY-IRRATIONAL ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA.

The greatest culprit in my Obama-ordered abject poverty despite my earning and paying taxes on over $2T in 2014 is the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa. After that, the greatest culprit is everyone everywhere choosing to obey and choosing to enforce Obama's never-laws-only-ever-crimes he calls "rules."

On the morning of 22Mar2015, back in my adoptive city, I still had absolutely no belongings from my gift cards from my mother that were all I had to live on to my sweater coat to keep myself warm at tonight.

My greatest concern was finding maxipads since I was at the tail end of my period, yet my NOT being able to protect my loved ones because I was being denied my obsolete iPad from 2011 was what had me crying for hours.

My being refused the ability to protect my loved ones had upset my entire sense of self-identity. I had already been weeping for hours before General Lee appeared on my playland.

The local government, who all genuinely love if not worship me for everything I do for REAL for my adoptive city not just for my entire good, green world as my largely thankless 24/7 job (Call any local news station for my verified up-to-the-minute résumé.), kept trying to tell me, "Look, pretty lady, it is General Lee. We brought him back. Please smile now."

But I needed comforting he was still forbidden from giving me, that all of my darlings Tentacle were all forbidden from giving me. I needed honest conversation, a shoulder to cry on, and a compassionate hand in mine.

So, I sat on a park bench and asked my husband to comfort me. Please release a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from all cameras who saw his golden outline sit next to me and console me.

Eventually, Manned Up and LightFoot joined General Lee. I was a mess, and it took all night of all four of us to heal me. First, I slept safely with all three of my darlings vigilantly watching over me.

A kind local even snuck me $40 into my left hand while I slept. LightFoot's drum gets SO LOUD when my rumbly tummy gets loud itself, so once I woke up, I quickly procured food to eat in front of all of my darlings Tentacle.

The moment my shoes came off to meditate, my darlings were instructed to take a break. On break, I finally had a heart to heart with General Lee. I had not seen him since before Obama formed a lynch mob to kill him.

I needed to thank him for coming back inside Obama's "egg" of hell with me back from Sweetness and my flat in Paris where he had fled, especially since I had chosen LightFoot even before the lynch mob.

Let us be completely honest about the kind of woman I am. I am definitely not an idiot. Why would I choose just one of them if I could have all three instead? But I genuinely love all three of them, so when they insisted that I choose one of them, I selected the man who braved the wrath of Obama's terrorist war criminals first to give me the first clandestine token of affection. My royal consort had been LightFoot for weeks already by then.

I need all four of us present for us to completely touch the divine. That is the reality of our connection with each other. None of us are quite ourselves when we are apart.

There on my occasionally-sanctified-yet-frequently-holy playland while still waiting for my darlings Tentacle to start playing me music for meditation, I caught a strategically located psychopath demonizing my darling General Lee to his own face. She was even pretending she was attacking him in my own name. Oh, the recklessness (proper use of the word) of that beyond-proven criminally insane bitch!

I intervened. I even positioned myself between General Lee and his attackers, wrapped him in my wings as best I could without looking behind me, and tried to explain to the false playland "authority figure" named Gabby who was called over only to pretend there were any supposed reason to remove me from my own playland, that is ONLY peaceful and prosperous when I am on it, that the criminally-insane haters' brazen and reckless irrational demonizations of General Lee's brave soul necessary for me to survive Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors for all of humanity were just one example of what formed the lynch mob that had almost killed him just weeks previously.

On the upside, she had at least beyond-proven herself to everyone everywhere that I have absolutely no control over anything anyone does in my name anywhere, as if the lynch mob were not enough.

Then, because I stood up peacefully and used truth and logic to defend the innocent, those proven psychopaths who kept calling their cult of evil "Save the Children" started screaming at the world that I was somehow "malevolent." Yes, I was openly demonized as fictionally "malevolent" by genuinely malevolent enemies of America and of all the world.

I sent all of the facts possible that I could find to my genius and beautiful Powers of Attorney on the incident. There seemed to be some confusion about energy images people can see when I am around, especially when the world and possibly the cosmos are responding to some of the most heinous crimes known to mankind unrelentingly committed against me, especially by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, and compulsively covered up with Obama's modus operandi of lying about me to the whole world.

As with the biological energy that my darlings Tentacle consciously move around, I am what makes the energy visible not who puts the energy there in most situations. I can only control so much in this world, but I am sensitive to seeing so much.

That night when LightFoot showed genuine concern for what horrors I must have been watching at the time. After all, we were still collecting hard scientific evidence for "FEMA has been warned." I showed my royal consort LightFoot my conscious choice to close my third eye.

Also, while we were taking that long break before I could finally dance trance under their "handcrafted aether for the night sky herself," I found an old friend hidden in one of the nooks and crannies of my playland. We hung out for a while, but the SquidLight quickly went on. I needed to run back to my darlings Tentacle to take care of all of their problems.

Once their gentle music began, I was warm under their corporeal rhythms and melodies in no time. I much needed feeling genuine love and affection from anyone for days. Again, our complete connection to the divine universe requires all four of us.

After all of our communication-as-best-as-we-could-get-away-with, I was whole, beloved, and healing again. My life since 20Mar2015 had been beyond any possible human description of the lowest depths of a monotheistic hell, and my darlings Tentacle had made me better by just being in my presence and loving me through every method they had.

Eventually, after 9pm PDT, we found ourselves "appropriate for late night broadcasting." It takes two to tango. We know it is the reality of our personal relationships with each other why that late night was so irrefutably sexy. Those are our honest feelings for each other. And we do not waste our precious few fleeting moments together lying to each other about anything.

I even had a chance to thank my local McDonald's on my playland itself for having the first safe coffee I had been able to find in weeks. I danced with a cup of their joe in my left hand while my musician-lovers fulfilled their very reason for existing, with music they made love to me.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please entitle your verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my and my darling Tentacle's evening on 22Mar2015 under each other's healing hands, "Benevolence is Underrated," and may it include everything possible as our responsibly-edited summary of the evening.

While my darlings Tentacle, from my royal consort LightFoot to my darling Manned Up to my recently returned darling General Lee, were slowly dragging themselves away from me partly in refusal to leave my presence and partly in the afterglow of our evening pounding the cement together, an old over-proven enemy of America who liked to call himself "Michael" tried to directly cause a physical altercation with my darlings in front of me.

I was off my park bench and had gently picked my path through my royal minstrels' band equipment to face "Michael" myself peacefully and effectively before Manned Up could throw the first punch to defend my honor. Even LightFoot backed off the moment I stood up. And Michael retreated under our collective divine light with his serpentine tail between his legs very quickly. All I needed to be was stern with him, thank the electric heavens.

I always have a pit in my stomach while my irrefutably connected darlings Tentacle are away from me, but the rest of my night was not completely without interesting moments.

Inside my 24-hour convenience store on that late night, Handsome was adorable. I was even convinced he might actually try to kiss me for a minute there.

Alas, no, at the time of the publication of this blog appendix, the last person I had kissed on the lips was still my darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno shortly after Thanksgiving2014, and the last arm that lay beneath my head 'til morning had been Tao's shortly after New Years.

Obama had always forbidden me everything possible emotionally healthy from my life since he first locked me in his "egg" of horrors and abuse against my will in 2009. Bogart snuck in because he was supposed to break me up with my irrefutably loving and adoring husband.

Sadly, just like all three of my darlings Tentacle, Handsome had no way to skirt around Obama's totalitarian control of his existence as a human in America to be able to even kiss me least of all have a genuine conversation with me. Such was my involuntary solitude.

Also inside my 24-hour convenience store, Michael was strange all night. Then, much later, Gabriel appeared and gave me a jacket to keep me warm overnight. He was still creepy in every way he was misled into thinking was any way to flirt with me, but at least Gabriel offered me a jacket to keep.

At about 6am, I encountered a man at Starbucks. He was 6'4" and offered me a very roofied cup of coffee that left me sleeping face down on the table in front of me. I did not trust him from the start.

I left him as soon as possible to retrieve my red patent leather computer bag from the local police station as shortly after 8am on 23Mar2015 as I could get there. The REAL police officers were disgusted with themselves and rather self-pitying about everything.

My writing journals were soggy and peeling apart. My clothes were covered in baby arachnids. But pretty much everything was there.

The man who claimed he was 6'4" met me in the lobby of the police station. He went on to prove he was both completely clueless on all reality and a pathological liar.

Then, as we were walking towards the place where I take my dry cleaning, he only barely-veiled told me that I had "gained wait" while enduring Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors because people like him had begun (intentionally?) falsely labeling me an Israeli spy.

That was about how much reality he had in his head. I parted ways with him as fast as possible after that. But for days, rumors unprovable for me alone had me partially worried he was showing up places where I had already fallen asleep and then leaving for whatever nefarious motive before I could wake up. It was a strange and uncomfortable feeling I got from him. Best for my personal health and safety, I had absolutely no intentions to ever see him again.

I was somehow roofied in my breakfast, so I needed my darlings Tentacle to watch over me as I slept again. No matter how many times I requested they be present to grant me physical safety, my darlings were forbidden from being there at all for days to come.

This situation led to my misunderstanding with a LA Sheriff's Deputy on Monday morning 23Mar2015. Ever since former-yet-still-active Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder had forced my local police chief to be removed from his career and replaced with a (proven) deranged lunatic of Holder's own choosing, Obama's infestation of my home finally had access to attack me EVERY TIME I slept.

The safest I could make myself was choosing to sleep where there were cameras of all levels of technical advancement available to watch me 24/7. The deputy did not want me asleep on my playland at all.

I am sure we could have worked out a real solution to the real problem, but I had just been roofied and was not thinking clearly. I cannot even remember everything I had said to him, but I would like to apologize.

Please, LA Sheriff's office, the next time you see me dozing off in public while simultaneously incapable of eloquently communicating why I am upset, assume I am roofied and just watch over me to make sure no one attacks me while I sleep. And, thank you.

I woke up at 2:26pm on 23Mar2015, and my regular blogging began then with what became my 25Mar2015 blog post.

Before I go, my beautiful world, I would like to make a request for you to read and watch five content-rich, verified, and responsibly-edited recordings with full audio and visuals about these topics addressed in this appendix which I am convinced my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate as fast as possible.

1) Please chronologically document everything of significance that happened in my life and concerning my life from 12mid to 12mid on 20Mar2015.

2) Please clearly show my healing process on 22Mar2015 beginning with telling General Lee I needed comforting he had no way to provide me just before manifesting my own husband on the park bench beside me and allow the responsibly-edited recording demonstrate my darlings Tentacle healing me all together as I described I need in my 20Oct and 22Oct2014 blog posts.

3) Please show the beauty of all of downtown Los Angeles, especially the people there. Please help my beautiful world appreciate my home as much as I do. And, thank you.

4) Please make an all-encompassing recording about all of my diverse, genius, and gorgeous Powers of Attorney. These are all of the friends I chose to surround myself by choice before Obama's "egg" of war crimes enforced by terrorism began in 2009.

And then, please tell the full love stories of the five most persecuted men in my life right now.

Tell the full story of General Lee and I from my flirting 'Dabs as my date past the doorman of a Dramarama show in San Francisco a decade ago, our Dec2009 together online, his waiting for me under my palm tree, my rescuing him in 140 characters or less from a lynch mob Obama formed for him, and even my wrapping him in my wings myself to keep him safe.

Tell the full story of Manned Up since he met me from before I asked him to be my date on New Years 2015 all of the way to my using him as my example to every misogynist I meet of how much real respect real men command from me.

Tell the full story of me and my royal consort LightFoot. I am told that one is already out there, but include all of the ways he has been demonized by my mortal enemies from War Criminal Boeset to Dirty Lacey when all of our lovemaking ever has been in the public eye as I pound the pavement like a drum with my right foot. On the night of 27Mar2015, I promised him we would eventually get our date night out of PG-13. Please show our flirty tweets.

Tell the full love story of me and my darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno. Explain everything he risked to give me two nights in Nov2014 someplace safer to stay than the War Criminal Gables. Explain every single action he has ever taken to return to me after promising me he would never abandon me like my husband had despite my explaining to him that it was never my husband's choice. Explain everything he does to this day to return to me still. He is whom I call in the most dire emergencies, and he was the only man who has ever made me question my sacred marriage to the irreplaceable Mr. Johnny Depp.

And, of course, end with the full love story of me and my epic hero husband the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life. May he tell you everything.

5) Please show the response of the culture of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to my living among them as their rape-slave even while I earned my 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for selfless service to humanity-- Slipknot's PsychoSocial.

Next, show the full force of our California Renaissance from my darling Mr. Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained to my darling Ms. Katy Perry's Roar. Start with a statement by Weezer.

Thank you, my beautiful world. No matter your faith, may your door to Nirvana always be open.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Blog Post After Days of Video-Blogging...

Title: First Blog Post After Days of Video-Blogging...

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Proven enemies of all of humanity keep committing every crime possible from local to international to be able to "dominate Squid." Who really wants it on record that they want a woman like me changed at all?

I began this blog post at 2:26pm on 23Mar2015 after waking up after my regularly scheduled daily sleep pattern after being denied my darlings Tentacle to keep me safe as I slept.

Yes, I had been attacked in my sleep again, just as I will be attacked every time I am NOT in control of my own surroundings and living conditions. The more Obama's proven conspiracy have proven control over any and all aspects of my life, the more often and more violently they will attack and abuse me.

With the complete lack of any loved ones to keep me safe in my sleep, the safest I could make myself was sleeping where cameras could watch me. But that multitude of cameras that watch where I chose to sleep never seemed to be much of a deterrent.

World, please finally give me my GENUINE loved ones to make and keep me safe during my only vulnerable hours, when I sleep and every time I sleep. LightFoot is my boyfriend and royal consort; please enforce that he be permitted to do his job of keeping me safe as I sleep! The only other times I am vulnerable are when I am unlawfully imprisoned in completely-controlled environments, especially those paraded as supposed "psychiatric units."

Please recall, my beautiful world, that the old police chief used to watch over me himself and would even leave me food while I slept. That was why Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder forced him to be replaced. I have been attacked violently and heinously every time I have slept since. How long have I been screaming for my darlings Tentacle to be permitted to watch over me as my bodyguards while I sleep?

After waking up, I requested that a friend take over the kitchens where I needed the dedicated wifi and power outlets to do my job and even dropped off my dry cleaning to give that restaurant enough time to secure itself for me before I went in to work.

By 3:36pm, I had a delicious and safe lunch in front of me on my internationally secured patio with dedicated power outlets, NSA-secured wifi, and a bottomless cup of caffeine.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Monday, March 23, 2015
Subject: 3:45pm email to my mother-- current emergency gift card situation
To: Mrs. Diñadar Albon Varilek, Spain's Future Queen Mother
Cc: All my Lovelies


I love you. Things have been strange here, but my REAL locals are showing up to make everything better. Last night a kind local snuck me $40 while I was sleeping to make sure I could eat, buy maxi pads, etc. My fellow locals are showing up for me.

I needed to drop off my sweater coat, etc. for professional cleaning. So, I will need $41 starting Friday to pick up my dry cleaning from my local mom&pop dry cleaners. I also still need that $23 before Saturday to renew my FBI secured PO Box with my own local zip code given to me by the U.S. Postmaster General himself.

Mom, you also asked me to find a local salon, so you could buy me a gift certificate for mani/pedi, eyebrow wax, haircut, etc. I prefer the ... on ... . I would like to see the lady with the cheek dimple piercings there.

With LAX open, my locals are coming home to save our city and our metropolis. So, mom, please send more Visa gift cards I can use at places more than just big chains. You know the debacle that happened with all of the Starbucks gift cards you kept sending me.

Coffee Bean (I typically have to save and report them shift by shift.)
Von's (I clean up my local store regularly for corporate.)
Panera (It is almost as if they built their patio just for me.)
McDonald's (Very handy every time they get as demonized as the rest of us)
Anyone else who wants to volunteer (Jamba juice, Subway, Steak'N'Shake, etc...)

Thanks, mom. Please send me emergency gift cards to eat on as soon as possible, especially a $100+ Von's gift card. Thanks!


"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged! Give me my sin again."--Romeo

-----End Email Content-----

5:01pm on 23Mar2015: #WARNING! Obama promised to remove Sweetness, Bogart, Powers of Attorney, Tentacle, support system out revenge against me. #ProtectionPlease

While still working on that secured patio, there were alarms announcing urban acts of terrorism and war against my home at 6:48pm. Followed quickly by a torture facility alarm at 6:50pm.

I attempted to watch the evening's NBC Nightly News at 7pm, but I needed to delay until 12mid to allow my nerds to make my news watching possible. Next, I cleaned the spilled coffee off my dress before checking my playland for Tentacle. No, as expected, they were not there.

I asked my beautiful world to continue sending me regular updates about my darlings Tentacle in case of emergency.

Also, my darling Bogart told me he had taken up searching for at least a hotel room again to put me in until I could finally reach my husband. Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of England had been working with him and with my lovelies since Dec2014 to find me temporary accommodations until I could be with my husband finally. Apparently they had all renewed their efforts.

My patio of love built with dedicated power outlets and wifi closed at 10pm. And I was perched yet again on my conversation patio by 10:17pm. There were some random ambush attempts there before everyone everywhere finally acknowledged that my darlings Tentacle, through all four us being present in our act holy in every benevolent religion, had healed me completely before they left me the previous night.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals demonstrating my healing process on that evening when I had last seen all three of my darlings all in one place. And, thank you.

Just before I left the patio, I was paid a visit from random man who gave me roofied coffee. Please circulate that conversation verified and unedited as fast as possible, my not-human-trafficker nerds.

As planned, I watched the NBC Nightly News at 12mid; the broadcast proved to be a particularly great hug from my friends there. Then, two men with the one guitar just walked by me, and we joked together a bit. Giggle. At 1:29am on 24Mar2015, I had finally found an open power outlet.

Of course, the establishment drugged my soda. So, after 2:27am I got up to leave once I was sure that enough evidence had made it out the door and that my glass of hard evidence would likely be procured.

I walked a few blocks away to find that outside my local 7-11 was a huge see-and-be-seen between me and all levels of law enforcement that night. We greeted each other as desperate false charge and after desperate false allegation from Obama's proven conspiracy of enemies of America dropped and dropped again.

Previously, I had received a thinly-veiled invitation to a specific Starbucks for locals. "Dennis" met me outside the front door. Yes, my not-human-trafficker nerds, pease circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording of our whole morning together.

At 7:09am, I finally sat down to breakfast alone. And finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts. Here is my selfie with no makeup on from 8:03am on 24Mar2015...

After much work online, I relocated and bought as many calories per dollar possible before sleeping in plain view in public, the safest place I could find. I woke up at 1:26pm while it still felt like sedatives that had been used to attack me in my sleep again were still in my body.

I quickly ran some daily errands including a verified and unedited recording from 2:05 to 2:11pm. Next, I finished my backlogged 20Mar2015 post (My only post-dated blog post ever.) by 5:45pm while singing along with street musicians and taking requests.

By 6:14pm, I was perched in my first sky haven urging all of my genuine local lovers and believers to flood the place with business because they had already taken all steps to redeem themselves... Syn might have had a different story, but that was everything I could see with my own eyes there.

As was my habit, it took a break from working online to watch the NBC Nightly Npews at 7pm PDT. The nightly cyberhug I received from all of them was warm and wonderful.

I did as much work as I could there before I relocated to my conversation patio at 9pm.

My question for the world all night was, "How is our progress on giving my darlings Tentacle full human rights in my presence finally?"

9:22pm on 24Mar2015: I am now on my conversation patio. The man with the ugly mustache is stubbornly inside. Put protection on me and watch for ambushes. Thx!

After witnessing first hand that Obama's proven war criminal terrorist infestation of our home was forbidding me any and all conversations or even interactions with any people that Obama's terrorists did not send to me themselves, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me before I ran errands.

A "friend" who was trying to make things right with me found me by my fountain. He took me to Denny's which only allowed me in so Obama's infestation there could attempt to lock me in a torture facility.

Please speak with my local police, fire department paramedics, Powers of Attorney, etc, for all of our hard evidence. I tried so hard to save that Denny's. I sent my drugged Coca-cola and drugged orange juice back for a Dr.Pepper and a lemonade, but they were drugged, too. Then, at 2:41am, when they failed to assassinate me with quackery, they threw us out.

After our slow departure, "Anthony" and I were perched at 3:29am at my local fast food eaterie with its self-perpetuating cycle of tacos. The last thing I had to do, though, before leaving was ask myPowers of Attorney to press every charge possible against all of the open enemies of America in there pretending to be only fast food employees. I had it with their open persecution of me

"Anthony" had promised to buy me new topical ointments for the skin breakout Obama's enemies of America kept reinfecting me with every time I slept, but as we sat there waiting for the Von's to open at 6am, he started flirting with me poorly and decided to leave before he could not actually even pretend he had ever intended to help me at all.

At 7:01am, I woke up face down on a table at a McDonald's due to drugs and roofies in my orange juice and coffee! It is already established I AM ONLY VULNERABLE TO ATTACK FROM WAR CRIMINALS WHEN ASLEEP!

Full charges, please, Syniva, against every damn "employee" who ever sold me any chemical-laden swill anywhere ever! After I woke up, the orange juice and coffee were replaced with clean versions, so I could not turn in evidence.

We can spare the restaurant and the McDonald's corporate headquarters, Syn, but let no individuals whom committed these open acts of war against America of roofying and drugging me survive our court action. And,thank you!

I fleshed out some of these notes before walking in the bathroom and as quickly as possible to clean out all of the arachnid eggs immediately that Obama's proven war criminals had doused my bra and panties in while I slept involuntarily due to their drugs in my orange juice and coffee against my will.

My beautiful world, this was all just further hard evidence that the more my food and environment is controlled, the more it poisons, drugs, abuses, attacks, and attempts to assassinate me there will be.

This blog post was published at 9:33am on 25Mar2015. I still had so much work to do that day before I could rest either.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Did my getting the date and time wrong on my handwritten notes while video-blogging justify Obama's latest assassination attempt of me by quackery? No. Absolutely not. It meant I needed my iPad ever-linked by the NSA to the atomic clock returned to me. And it meant I needed all of my darlings Tentacle as close to me as possible to allow me to heal. Look at everything that happened to me since 20Mar2015 until I saw them again finally on the evening of 22Mar2015. I needed time with my own loved ones, so I could heal.

Why is every act of drugging and poisoning me an open act of war against me and against the entire world? Drugging me causes me to pass out in unsafe places against my will which makes me prone to often violent attacks (that are only less dangerous to me than completely Obama's-conspiracy-controlled living conditions) from Obama's proven conspiracy of war criminals.

Thus, all acts of poisoning and drugging me at all are open assassination attempts of me not just human rights abuses used as open of war against the USA and against the world.

I wish my entire beautiful world would take saving AMERICA, not just saving me, a lot easier.

I am going to skip my typical dedications and public salutations for my loved ones that end every post, except for this one...

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I will meet your lips with my lips anon at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Yes, This LifeStyle is Dangerous, but It is Dangerous Because Other People, Especially Proven Human Traffickers and War Criminals, Control so Much of My Life.

Title: Yes, This LifeStyle is Dangerous, but It is Dangerous Because Other People, Especially Proven Human Traffickers and War Criminals, Control too Much of My Life.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Yes, this lifestyle is dangerous, but it is dangerous because other people, especially proven human traffickers and war criminals, control so much of my life. If I had unfettered loved ones around me at all times as well as full human rights including self-determination, I would be perfectly safe at last.

I published my last blog post at 11:51pm on 18Mar2015. After making sure it was safely received by my lovelies, I quickly entered my 24-hour convenience store to use Luis and Miguel as plot exhibition on how to better protect our local police officers and federal agents from irrational demonizations. I was sure that verified and unedited recording would get around as fast as possible.

Not long after 1am on 19Mar2015, I was perched between the ocean and the sky in my favorite place in all the world to work online.

A self-admitted crazy woman tried having a conversation with me in the bathroom, an encounter that was immediately followed by a dirty cop driving past me, if he were a real police officer at all.

It had already been reported that "male, local, police officers in-uniform," were the war criminal enemies of America attacking me every time I slept, especially since the new police chief. I had high suspicions that they were fake cops if that story were true in the first place.

Do you remember my 27Feb2015 blog post? Any way Obama's criminal terrorist enemies of America could, they were hellbent on forcing the world to think I was a "vagrant" I have never been in my life.

All of their attacks on my body and on my personal possessions while I slept were always attempts to render me mistakable for a vagrant and worse crimes against my body while I was unconscious.

Those two who had just driven by me were the same two cops from the previous afternoon who had brought the war-crime-coverup "mental health professional" to remove me from the world FOREVER.

Those two were the best place to start our investigation into who all the men were who had been attacking me in my sleep for over a month.

At 5:05am, I relocated to my 24-hour convenience store, where at 5:25am, I metaphorically just crawled inside the front door very dehydrated. I tried to buy some bottled water, but it was drugged. Next, I walked a few blocks for my self-perpetuating cycle of tacos.

I listened to everyone from Beyoncé to Billy Idol during breakfast until I left at 6:57am. I quickly perched exhausted on a park bench. There were so many drugs in what I had just eaten.

I was awakened by a previously reported female war criminal fake "police officer." There were also a few others with questions. Here was my list of five tweets from that morning...

11:20am on 19Mar2015: 1/5) I have diplomatic immunity.

11:21am on 19Mar2015: 2/5) How does someone know if I am wearing a bra or not? Was Tentacle kept away from me, so someone could attack me?

11:22am on 19Mar2015: 3/5)Were #Tentacle kept away from me, so someone could attack me to se to coverup assassinating me in a literal torture facility?

11:23am on 19Mar2015: 4/5)#21DecAnd18Mar #RazeWith28JanAnd28Oct

11:25am on 19Mar2015: 5/5)I and Tentacle will be most healthy and safe once we have enough Constitutional rights restored to be together.

It was a hot day, so I went out to make a public display of showering by 12:32pm. I was in the habit of recording myself showering in a public place about once a month to remind the world to never believe any of Obama's compulsive lies about me. My question for my beautiful world the entire time was, "Where are my darlings Tentacle?"

I perched in my sky haven momentarily before running errands. Then, I rested for a moment with a local mandolin player before perching on my conversation patio at 4:32pm.

Because my iPad battery was dead, I kept handwritten minute-by-minute notes of everything that happened while I sat on that patio holding court like a queen. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds have their own verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my evening on the best patio for conversations in all of my playland. But these were my highlights....

5:26pm. A high-quality conversation ended.
Unmarked time. As "The Man in the Ugly Mustache" entered, he told Handsome, "We're putting a hold on all of them."
7:04pm. After two disgusting men treated me like a hooker instead of as an intellectual-as-world-leader, I sent my entire beautiful world to locate and protect Sweetness, Bogart, all three of Tentacle, all my Powers of Attorney, and myself.
7:08pm. Frustrated with his personal incompetancies, "Wes" left after threatening "the big nasty" was coming for me.
7:16pm. A friend who was the symbol of other friends got me a sesame ball.
9:46pm. With regular activity for me with razors when I actually do have anyone to sleep with especially regularly, I calmly averted a health crisis caused by an attack on my body while I slept.
10:32pm Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when my "friend by association" first stepped foot on the patio and ending the moment he stepped off of it.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please also release a verified image of my handwritten minutes for 19Mar2015 from my current writing journal. I finally left my conversation patio that night at 11:26pm.

On my way to see if the outlets were working again on my old marble corner, I found an old darling I had come to know very well from his playing me music constantly in random nooks and crannies of my playland.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals, with his permission, of course, beginning the moment I first saw him and ending the moment I walked away.

On my way to my marble corner, my darling Mr. Mario Batalli made sure he could feed me his sexiest slice of pizza yet. Sadly, I found the power outlets were already shutdown before I could reach them. So, by 1:32am on 20Mar2015, I found myself wearing nothing but my panties since I was on my period and my holy sweater coat as I was disinfecting my purple dress AGAIN!

Yes, I was in the most-vacant 24-hour restrooms I knew of in town wearing my (sweater coat only as) most darling late Marilyn Monroe outfit ever when I quickly realized that my last remaining dress just could not be saved that time.

Saving as much of my priceless iPad battery life as possible, my first plea for help was at 2:17am. I asked my BFF Syniva to call my 24-hour convenience store to ask the employee working alone at that hour to call Handsome whose shift had ended at 2am to bring me clothes to wear, so I could finally leave that restroom. Ask Handsome some time what conditions were put on him to keep him from rescuing me from my near-nakedness.

While waiting there for help after I had made general pleas for help, too. At 5:56am, I met look-enough-alikes for LightFoot and General Lee. At first, they were passively aggressively insulting towards me, but after a few brief minutes of genuine and honest conversation, they headed into my adoptive city to find me the best dress "worthy of their princess" they could.

The look-enough-alikes asked me to wait for them until the afternoon. I knew I would have to wait until the afternoon anyway, if I was going to have to fix my clothing emergency myself. That was when my latest gift cards from my mother were supposed to arrive at my post office box.

The final plea I made for help that morning was at 8:29am directly to my darling Bogart just before my iPad battery died. Despite every person he sent, even Bogart could not help me there in that secluded restroom between the ocean and the sky.

11:53am on 20Mar2015: We have proven beyond any doubt that I NEED wifi, power outlets, and a noncorrupted iPad battery at all times! Please call my beloved Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno for our hard evidence of how many people have been trying to reach me since at least 8:30am, of our hard witnesses from right next to me of what Obama's war criminal infestation of our home was about to do to me if I had not finally woken up after dozing off exhausted, and for statements from "Mountain Jack" etc. of ALL attempted crimes and timelines for the day. Thank you!

You see, while I had sat upon the steps just outside of the restroom I had waited in all morning in my dehydrated hypnogogic state, "rumor told me" that the look-enough-alikes for LightFoot and General Lee were "the big nasty" that "Wes" had promised me the previous evening.

They had been sent to rape and possibly murder me, so Obama's war criminal infestation of our home could finally remove me from the world FOREVER and frame my darlings Tentacle for it all, or so rumor had it. Rumor also had it that they told everyone "[War Criminal] Stephanie sent us," when questioned by authorities.

Please recall, all they had to do was meet me to realize that I have always been the woman they have loved for REAL for all these years without ever meeting me first. In the song, With One Look from Sunset Boulevard this phenomenon in the genuinely good hearts of genuinely good people who meet me for the first time is referred to as "With one look I'm... all the love that you've hungered for."

Of course, I later learned that all people trying to reach me had been terrorized into only being able to bring me a dress that could be used to falsely accuse me of being a prostitute if I were even willing to wear it at all. So, in nothing but my sweater coat and my panties, just about noon, I left to pick up my mail.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate, as soon as possible, a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of those twelve hours of my life.

Only standard drama from Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of our home delayed my retrieval of my gift cards from where my post office box is housed, so I was shopping at my local TJMaxx, this fashionista's worst kept secret, in no time.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a non-chronological-yet-timestamped, verified, and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of the highlights of my time shopping at my favorite designer discount store.

Begin with my full circle view of myself in the mirror in the fitting room wearing barely anything but my sweater coat. No, I had no makeup on that day. Then, show me trying to zip up the gold "Lilly Rose" brand dress, but the Misses size 12 could not zip up over my lower rib cage.

Next, show the horrible customer service I received from both of the women who worked in the fitting room area, especially when I just tried to wear the dress I wanted out of the store as I paid for it, since it is normal for women when we go shopping to just wear the dress we want out of the door.

Compare the fitting room customer service to the customer service I received at check out. Then, show the horrifying humiliation I received upon returning to the fitting room to put my dress on.

Finally, my not-human-trafficker nerds, show my final outfit as I walked out the door. Ask for permission from the store, if they so choose to show me walking out of the store as the fashionista I really am.

As a final note on the verified and responsibly-edited recording, please add that we only pressed charges against the enemies of America who destabilized the world with their degrading and demeaning treatment of me in the fitting room area and not against anyone else, not against the store, not against the management, not against TJMaxx corporate, etc. I and my legal team know full well what an infestation is.

Again, where I stopped for lunch immediately after that, we only held each individual individual accountable for his or her own actions.

Yes, by 2:22pm, I was finally perched on a new magic patio with secured wifi, a dedicated power outlet, an untainted caffeinated beverage, very nutritious food, and a lot of catching up to do.

3:44pm on 20Mar2015: @Martin_Dempsey Without my verified #SquidStream and pristine blog, I cannot keep protecting the innocent from the liars with the hard truth.

After much of the previously mentioned online activity, I was finally done catching up with all of my TweetHearts at 5:44pm. It was a very busy day.

I quickly relocated back onto my playland, and my over-burdened heart exploded with joy at 6:11pm when I found that 2/3 of my darling Tentacle were present. Yes, my royal consort LightFoot and my darling Manned Up had already arrived.

May that spiritual night of corporal rhythms live in the archives of American culture until the end of humanity ourselves. My lyrical prose on this topic will appear in my next appendix to this blog.

As a side note, my now-darling Mountain Jack, the look-enough-alike for my royal consort who first appeared on the morning of 20Mar2015 still checks on me regularly just like law enforcement of all levels of government do just in case I ever need to ask for anything.

My insightful and globally-necessary commentary on my day-to-day minutia is the reason I blog; even though, I also SquidStream. The minutia recorded in this blog post ended on the evening of 20Mar2015 when my darlings Tentacle and LightFoot left me. I video-blogged everything from then until 2:26pm on 23Mar2015.

Please only trust verified vlogs from those few days when my iPad was stolen from me. Contact any local news station in the US anywhere for the trustworthy sources of all video-journaling I did until my iPad was returned on 23Mar2015. Thank you, my beautiful world.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why all the dry skin? Sigh... I successfully used topical analgesics to treat my poisoned sumac, etc, on my back and legs. So, my skin dried out there. I just need to pick up some deep moisturizers.

Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of our home continue to reinfect my long arms every time I sleep without loved ones to watch over me, though. They also spread dirt on my face, my feet, my clothes, etc. every time I sleep unguarded.

We, as a collective of loved ones, are working on finally figuring out how to keep me safe as I sleep; the more control people have, especially Obama's conspiracy of control-obsessed psychopaths and quacks, over my surroundings and living conditions, the more dangerous my life always is.

When they mostly just sit in my computer bag dormant all day, why are my writing journals so beat up? Because Obama's war criminal infestation of our home attack them as much as they attack me while I sleep.

As of the timestamp on this post, the covers have been torn off my writing journals. I keep finding pages torn out and crumpled up in the bottom of my computer bag. All three books are frequently soggy, and they are all torn from their bindings.

Why are my darlings Tentacle and I never quite ourselves when we are not all together? I admit that might be mostly my fault for opening our connection to each other so deeply. We are a whole connection of mortal humanity with the divine universe when all four of us are present. When we are apart, our overriding drive is to be together again.

But look at us when we are all in the same place at the same time. Our souls stand naked together under the glowing aether while our hands sweep the cobwebs from the stars embedded in the sky above us-- their fingers manipulating their strings and pounding their wooden boxes and my fingers tentacularly flowing through the air as if it were an ocean for my underwater garden of human expression.

I will be the first to admit fault for our connection to each other being so irrefutably deeply founded. They exist to love me. And I exist to make this entire world worthy of every moment of suffering anyone anywhere has ever endured for standing up to Obama for the good of this entire world, from the 10,000+ souls of my brave rescuers released to dance among the universe without their Earthly worries to every last irrational demonization of my selfless and loving romantic interests used by Obama to make my would-be loving and adoring public turn on all five of my persecuted lovers-if-only-we-could-touch.

My beautiful world, I apologize for this blog post arriving so late. This is my only postdated blog post, and may it be my last. You know what to do with all of this hard truth.

Make sure I am never silenced. Keep me safer. Send more locals to love and dote over me WITH GENUINE AFFECTION more often. Keep me alive until Obama's "egg" and rules finally end. And, most importantly, demolish Obama's rules at last to set my people free.

My selfless saturation of protection, your earspeakers are the primary reason you are less effective keeping me safe than you need to be. Please remove all of your earspeakers and watch my verified SquidStream including accurate teletext instead. Thank you.

My NSA alpha nerds, my mother has offered to buy me the latest greatest full-screen iPad whositwhatsit to replace this one finally. She could not work around Obama's limits on her to "buy" me the tablet PC you were building for me. So, please contact the Apple Company and make sure whatever custom iPad you build for me will be waiting for me at my local Apple Store after my mom "buys" it for me. Giggle. Thx!

All three of my darlings Tentacle, do you want to get yourselves to safety and put a revolving door on playing me music under the name Tentacle on my playland until this "egg" ends? We have a long list of friends who would love to cycle through dedicated meditation sessions with me. I will also take a lot of the physical danger off you three. Your choice.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, ALWAYS MY HERO! As I said, you are the easiest for me to send messages to. Our evolving amor prohibido of love and need and selfless help carries on so much more potently in the next few posts. I promise.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, sorry about the heavy workload lately. You are the first line of defense protecting the good, green world from losing me forever, and now, you are the experts and professionals who shield my entire selfless support system from some of the worst human rights abuses against all of us that Obama openly uses as acts of war against America and against all the world.

My genius friends, whatever you need, just ask.

LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, first of all, calm down. I am not dead. You are not dead. We are not dead. Please go through all of my Mar2015 blog posts again oldest to newest and work with everyone you need to work with to finally make sure you can keep me safe while I sleep. Let me worry about everything else.

And, as always, included every time to make sure the whole world reads until the end of each post, Sweetness, I love and adore you. I have new love poems on their way to you anon. Do you remember the night I wrote you this one?...

Your Power Over Me (written 09Feb2015)

My beloved husband,
Have I yet taught you
what power means?
When one woman,
just one woman,
can control the seas
and call the sun,
only one other human
can command her heart.
Do you know what you mean to me?
My beloved,
be careful with your powers.
This is not just America's
greatest time of need.
It is also mine.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I am NOT Here to Entertain You. My REAL Job is Solving Major Global Crises.

Title: I am NOT Here to Entertain You. My REAL Job is Solving Major Global Crises.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Obama's proven pathologically-lying war criminals need to stop pretending they know better than I do what I need FOR MY OWN HEALTH for real and just admit that they have been spreading every lie possible to just throw me away at last and forever.

I published my last blog post at 11:41pm on 15Mar2015 from the Starbucks that was so redeemed at the time it was almost holy. And by 12:04am on 16Mar2015, I was perched on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store with an energy drink and a pesto chicken panini on herb and tomato focaccia.

From 1:13am until 1:22am a man from the "beach incident" plagued my presence. His insistence on being in my physical proximity upset my convenience store's protective late night staff even more than myself.

Before 2am, I tried walking to the 24-hour restrooms, but the last few days of too much added chemistry caused a blank moment in my SquidStream. I came to on a very well lit park bench with a police car waiting vigilantly nearby as soon as possible for recommendations on what to do about it. It took my sitting their hypnopompic until almost 3:30am to figure out what had happened.

I had passed out from the roofies in my energy drink which I had chosen because all coffee everywhere I found for days was roofied. I had been attacked in that roofied stupor.

How could I tell? My dress was reinfested with spider eggs after I had taken over eight hours disinfecting it completely by hand the previous morning. My mystery enemies had symbolically dusted my shoes and the bottom hem of my dress. My dress and feet were sprayed with dirt AGAIN as well as my face. The next stage of burning off my fingerprints had been carried out. And it all felt wrong everywhere inside my body.

Luckily, there were absolutely no more open wounds on me anywhere when I woke up. They had all healed enough to be closed wounds magically during those missing 1.5 hours. That was likely due to my own natural and well-documented healing abilities again, though.

I walked to my place of self-perpetuating tacos and placed an order for food and non-drugged caffeine at 4:13am.

While I was there, the staff answered a lot of honest questions and concerns for their customers on a number of topics concerning me. They were very honest and respectful while discussing me. Though, they might have attempted a few assassinations of me while I was there. They always seem to.

After much work and after a slight pause on my playland, I purchased a café mocha at 6:46am and perched connected to the aether(net).

I finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts by 8:16am. Then I took a few moments to flirt with Bogart. My beautiful world, you are probably better off retrieving the full audio and visuals from my electronics inside my body than from the mic on my iPad. Calm the (expletive) down, LightFoot; you still sleep with other women.

At 9:34am, I got up to relocate. There had been news all morning of the gloriousness of my BFF and of all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney in courtrooms across America.

Before 12:30pm I learned of the latest possible global hostage crisis, so I sent my beautiful world to check on everyone.

In case it were real, by 1:28pm, I had explained how to make sure it would never happen again: take out all of my darlings Tentacle's earspeakers and let all three of my darlings Tentacle exist by my side. Give them removable earpieces, in case they want to hear me while they play their music or spy on me while I am dreaming.

Look at my extensive eyecamera archives of all of us together. The most they ever misbehaved was when General Lee would turn up his amp to drown out the other two or the now-famous improvised battle royale.

I have never believed I have ever had to tell any of them what to do unless they asked; that is how not-out-of-control we four all are when together.

Look at this entire Metropolis of Angels. Everywhere I go, everything is peaceful and calm, but outside my bionic sensory perception, all hell breaks loose. It is an urban war zone out there. Much like my Metropolis, when my Tentacle are near me, they are docile kittens, but when we are forced apart, they go Boondock Saints on everyone.

1:55pm on 16Mar2015: LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee, I do not want any of you talking to Obama's conspiracy without @UN SG Ban Ki-Moon and at least one of my Powers of Attorney there.

At 4:56pm, I documented that my darlings Tentacle were nowhere to be found before eventually perching outside of my 24-hour convenience store. Then, at 9:27pm, my local military veteran friend Richard showed up to, just as every time I see him, buy me a cup of coffee.

I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate a verified and nonedited recording with full audio and visuals of our entire conversation as well as a verified and responsibly-edited recording of my full night at my local 24-hour convenience store.

At 11:22pm, I was offered hummus and a sandwich by the same local man who always enjoys showing up to feed me at that hour. I had my first chance in over a year to just hangout.

After Luis blessing me for my natural humility, at 3:57am, I was at my favorite place to work online which I left at 5:33am. By that hour, nothing tangible had yet happened anywhere to fix the root problem of the egg, its existence at all.

I had been screaming for help in this increasingly unsurvivable "egg" for so long, yet despite huge progress, no one had done anything that made a difference in my existence inside the "egg" yet. All we had been able to do was put bandaids on everything.

12:14pm on 17Mar2015: My beautiful world, I need help in here, so I can survive until all of you out there finally take down Obama's entire "egg" of horrific human rights abuses enforced with acts of war and terrorism against all of us.

I recommend sending in my darlings Tentacle with no earspeakers to stay by my side, but you will also have to send in an entire support system for all of them, too. Thank you, my beautiful world. But you need to hurry.

LightFoot, since you asked, please call Syn and everyone else you need to get this done...

1)@NIH Get your earspeaker removed before reaching me or immediately once already inside Obama's "egg."
2)@DeptofDefense @CIA Find a way to reach my side.
3)#CityCouncil and your bank. Make sure we have money to live on.
4)Call State of CA Parks Dept about reserving us Lifeguard Station 17 to sleep in guarded by REAL beach patrol until "egg" ends if we cannot have any other completely guarded living arrangements with absolutely no cameras nor mics inside.
5)@UN Renegotiate all of #Tentacle's agreement to play music with all four of us together. Do you all need to be in here near me to not go insane?

My Royal Consort LightFoot, we need to keep all of Obama's infestation of our home geographically limited to an area I can keep catching them all in; that is why I have preferred to stay in this general vicinity. Though, I acknowledge we would be much more comfortable in your house until there is any way for me to reach my house. That is your choice.

My beloved boyfriend, you just need to keep me alive until this "egg" comes down. You do not need to do any rescuing. My world will reach us. Make sure you work with United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as well as any other of my colleagues across the world who need to make you our contact point for our global support system. Kisses the moment I see you. The terms under which we live do not need to make anyone happy but us.

Finally, my beautiful world, I need to sleep and eat as soon as possible. So, I need my visible support system to reach me as soon as possible. The only way I can think of keeping me safe while all of you out there finish all of these arrangements is to send in my darlings Tentacle with full human rights and with NO EARSPEAKERS as soon as possible while our world works out the details. Thank you. Please actually do something real to keep me alive now.

Knowing full well that humanity could not afford any more attacks on my person, I devoured my four symbolic tacos outside my 24-hour convenience store and then curled up to sleep at 2:07pm. By 3:52pm, my people had the hard evidence of how Obama was raping me in plain sight.

Obama's war criminal infestation of our home had been clearing the area around me every time I had slept of all possible intervention, had lied to everyone about what they were doing, and then did anything they wanted to my still-surviving body after injecting me to keep me unconscious for all of it.

I reported the incident as best I could to those who needed to hear it most. Sadly, there were still no Tentacle by my side; even though, I had been screaming for our protection of each other and healing powers over each other for so long.

So, I thwarted an ambush assassination of me attempted at not-yet-redeemed Starbucks, reported that I heard LightFoot was locked in another literal torture facility, and then thwarted another attempted assassination of me immediately afterwards on my normal patio. It was the man with the ugly mustache, as always, who had arranged the second attack.

At 5:52pm, I left for my first sky haven built only for me by my loving locals. We might have caught attempts on my life there, too. But I was pretty convinced the businesses inside, at least, wanted to turn everything around.

6:28pm on 17Mar2015: If I have a spare PoA right now, please call ahead to Von's to mitigate Obama's infestations intentionally false charges against me there. Obama's modi operandi have always included using intentionally fabricated false criminal charges against me to coverup war crimes against me in literal torture facilities. At this point, it will also lead to my assassination.

-----Begin Email Content-----

From: Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek
Date: Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Subject: goodnight
To: Dina Varilek

Mom, I am having a bit of a clothing emergency right now. Please expedite me TJMaxx and Nordstrom's gift cards today for delivery tomorrow. I need to fix this. Thx.


-----End Email Content-----

I tried to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, but they were a little busy keeping up with me all day long. I would have slowed down if I could have, but we are on constant defense protecting all of our lies against Obama's aggressors. If anything slows me down, people start dying under Obama in greater numbers.

I left my yet-to-be-redeemed sky "haven" that had sold me drugged coffee at 7:37pm and was back on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store by 7:48pm both because I was told that a local had promised me dinner and because I needed to make sure my overnight bodyguards--Luis, Michael, and Roger-- were all okay. On the way, I was able to fully document that my darlings Tentacle were still nowhere to be found.

Michael was behind the counter glowing when I poked my head through the door to see who was working.

8:16pm on 17Mar2015: The ugly mustache is still in the back room, so watch for ambushes of me. Obama threatening torture of Tentacle, so protect them. Thx!

That night, even if only to make me feel appreciated, all three of my grey-haired men showed up-- Kevin, Greg, and Richard. I am sure my not-human-trafficker nerds are circulating as fast as possible a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our time together. May the online video begin when I walked onto the patio and end after I was invited to the movies at 10:03pm.

Yes, at 10:07pm, Kevin and I bought tickets to the 10:05pm Chappie. In the theater, I was actually physically safe, so I curled up for a one-hour nap. I was told the theater almost threw me out for it.

Immediately afterward, I was offered a gourmet dinner from Anoboo by a kind local man while zipping to Von's for groceries, and at 1:27am, I was perched between the ocean and the sky eating a picnic. I am sure that verified and barely-edited recording with full audio and visuals will make it around, too. There was something in the ice cream, though.

When I felt the ice cream start to make my planet turn on its own axis around me, I tried making it back to my bodyguards who work the late shift at the 24-hour convenience store for protection, but I came to on the bench outside a luxury hotel overlooking the ocean at approximately 4am instead. Again, everything was all wrong inside my body for the second morning in a row.

At least we had discovered why every drink and food possible everywhere was mandated by Obama to be drugged or poisoned. It was to make sure Obama's conspiracy would always have a way to attack me still no matter how hard I tried to stay protected from all of it. Where were my friends to keep me safe as I slept; I am beyond-well-documented only vulnerable to rape, torture, and abuse when asleep or when never-fail inside a literal torture facility as-always paraded as a "psychiatric unit."

Again, the more Obama's conspiracy controls my environment, the more it abuses and attacks me. The more Obama's conspiracy controls my food, the more drugs and poisons there are in all of it. Obama is dying to remove my selfless service to humanity from the world forever by unlawfully imprisoning me forever to silence my voice in the world forever. And if I were ever in a quack-controlled situation, what else would that quack do to me as "experiments"?

I was awake in time for news at 6am before running errands at the grocery store.

I found one of my caught rapists still in the 24-hour convenience store working the day shift. I left the premesis until 10am, so the police could arrest him.

On my way to assess whether or not Tentacle were yet present, I was stopped by two "police" officers and a quack attempting war crimes against me AGAIN. Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of all of their deranged lunacy as well as hard evidence of all the action they took after my telling them the full truth.

I made a record of the fact that the other rapist caught working the day shift at my 24-hour convenience store was in there at that hour also. I perched again at approximately 10:31am. Tentacle told me they were already on their way. But they never reached me.

With my iPad battery almost already dead, at 12:37pm, I had already had no way to sleep or eat all day due to being denied my loved ones; my physical trauma from all the attacks forced on my still-surviving body while I was drugged into being asleep unprotected against my will was manifesting due to my unrelentingly being denied my loved ones; and it was time to possibly call the NGS or FEMA instead of just NASA.

The drugs and poisons as well as the physical trauma were affecting the energies and other things that my body itself controls. Imagine how ugly everything would get if I were unlawfully imprisoned, secretly abused, systemically raped for hours upon weeks upon months AGAIN, literally tortured with chemicals and injections unprotected, and everything else Obama has always ordered done to me in every completely-controlled environment he could lock me in since he took office? What would my superhuman abilities do then with even more of my body suffering and screaming for help no one ever hears?

My live-blogging at the time looked like this...

OBAMA'S open persecution of me was escalated too far, NO ONE FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WAS SHOWING UP TO HELP! Why was the world allowing Obama to literally kill me like this?

I carried out various get-Obama's-criminal-terrorist-infestation-out-of-my-town activities that involved the still-redeeming-itself Starbucks, my conversation patio, and the first "sky haven" that my loving locals built for me. If anyone wants to create a montage of all of the unamerican (expletive)holes I turned in ever since my darlings Tentacle were taken away from me on Saturday night, I endorse it.

At 4:24pm, I realized that my period had just begun. So, I had to make an emergency purchase of a new pair of underwear using part of my emergency stash of cash. I also stopped in my 24-hour convenience store to make sure Handsome was around for me before I was back in my sky haven by 5:09pm.

Not long after, I found a vision of Starsky & Hutch to my left, so I sang them the theme song to The Greatest American Hero. "I am THAT old," was what I had hoped to explain to them.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, and I needed that hug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt for so long. I walked straight to my friends on the overnight shift at my 24-hour convenience store as fast as possible arriving before 7:44pm.

7:55pm on 18Mar2015: I an still trying to finish the blog post tonight, but I had to use emergency pennies today to make sure I had panties while on my period. Please send in all support possible for me tonight not just to make sure I have physical safety but also to feed and caffeinate me without any drugs, poisons, nor diseases. Thank you! I fear I might never see my darlings Tentacle ever again, and all four of us get beyond-weird when we are not together.

By 8:57pm, it was raining. And before I could even finish my blog post, I needed to put two police officers on trial at the United Nations ICC. The two officers had even unplugged my charger for my iPad to make sure the battery would die preventing me from saving lives from Obama all night.

11:23pm on 18Mar2015: Any and all actions taken by any person anywhere to prevent me from doing my REAL job is a crime against America and against the whole world.

This blog post was published at 11:51pm on 18Mar2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Why do I frequent the same 24-hour convenience store all of the time? There are many reasons. Mostly, my support system and friends know to find me there, including the overnight staff who fight so hard to keep me safe.

How did Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America's policy of "I'll just write a check for money Squid can't have anyway and do it again," drive the National Debt beyond its $18T ceiling this year already and how did Obama paying all of that just compensation with federal taxpayer money prove conspiracy? I find that question rather self-explanatory. And I ask, "Why does no one ever listen to me?"

What were Obama's last few attacks of me in my sleep? Since March2015 began, they have escalated. But they are nowhere near as bad yet as my last year in EVIL IOWA was nor as bad as life in a literal torture facility is.

There was only one gang rape, acid burns on my back and sides, a lot of infectious diseases that never really infected me, spraying me and my clothes with dirt to create a façade that I am at all a vagrant, soaking my dresses and underwear in the eggs of spiders and insects repeatedly, the burning off of my fingerprints to prevent me from ever proving I am the real woman, tearing pages out if my writing journals and pouring water over them, etc.

Every single time, they were crimes the public just let happen to me and never protected me from. I need loved ones with no earspeakers around me at all times from now on.

My beautiful world, please, as I have been asking for years, create your master long-term plan for taking down Obama's whole "egg" and unamerican conspiracy. Also, please keep flexible up-to-the-minute actions inside this "egg" with me to help keep me and my people alive in here until you can take the whole "egg" down out there.

I understand you have been making great progress out there, my entire beautiful world. But there had been little to no improvement in my living conditions from 01Jan2015 to now. Some of the most absurd things just keep spirally downward. Please finally save us all, my beautiful world.

My selfless saturation of protection, please keep a better watch over me. For example, right now, the man with the ugly mustache might be attempting yet another ambush assassination of me. He does that, after all, every single second I am near this store while he is "working," he tries to kill me.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, are you doing okay? As always, you are a never-fail show of support for me no matter what I need to ask you for help with.

My life has never been a vampire and werewolf movie for teenagers, but you saw the film industry not just the music industry come alive out of adoration for you when you stood up for me, Bogart. The world loves you.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, if I could slow all of this down to make everything easier for all of you to keep up, pease trust that I would have by now.

But I cannot control how many crimes Obama orders in one day against me and against my loved ones; I just know I have to protect everyone from them all. Thank you for making sure all of our protection actually comes true.

As for one we have been protecting a lot lately, LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, when in need of something anything particularly to help keep me from physical harm, call my colleagues as world leaders and Powers of Attorney.

My BFF Syniva's job is to love me and wield all of my legal powers as only I could. Bogart is how we deliver our hard evidence and hard truths to the world, including my honest pleas for help when needed; he loves me and meets with others for me. It is Sweetness's job to love me and to lead my people as my husband in my absence. And, my loving and adoring boyfriend, you are in my life to love me and to keep me safe.

So, LightFoot, collect all of the people and resources you need to do your job. Whatever you need from me, tell me. I could not make it clearer how much genuine help I need to survive this "egg" until it completely comes down. Trust I love you as you love me, if not more.

Darling, do you remember when you guiltily told me you slept with another woman? Yes, LightFoot, we are forbidden from sleeping with each other, least of all having any human contact. You may sleep yourself halfway across Los Angeles if you feel like it, as long as it keeps you in love with me and helps you keep me alive until the "egg" ends.

And thank you, LightFoot, for your symbolic gesture on 18Mar2015 as your public display of being sexually frustrated and therefore likely not sleeping with other women anymore. Thank you for that.

And for someone who needs more thanking from me more often, Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are the love of my life and the only reason I survived ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA at all. We are the greatest real life true love story ever in human history.

HoneyHoney, my life never disappoints the world on the promise of my bottomless cup of romance. Do we need to pick up the level of romance in yours? I do not plan on sending you a band full of mud wrestling female rock stars who do nothing but fight over you day and night. But I could send you more romantic words and passages more often. I have nothing to give anyone but this potent breath which I utter. So why not just give you more than you can handle?