Sunday, March 15, 2015

This Took Way Too Long to Finish Writing.

Title: This Took Way Too Long to Finish Writing.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. EMERGENCY! Please, someone, hear me! Please someone do something! Please emergency locate LightFoot if not also Manned Up, emergency remove their earspeakers, and finally put them in my life with full human rights!

My physical safety away from everything controlled by Obama's war criminal conspiracy has become a matter of life and death! Hurry! Details about how this happened are below. Basically, Obama only escalates.

Also, before we get too involved in the actual horrors of my existence, finally get it through every open enemy of America's thick ugly heads that they only use to spread lies about all of us that my genetic coding is ALL X CHROMASOMES. My darling Amita is a professional pathologist who has fully analyzed my REAL DNA to prove not only that I am a woman but that I am also a human.

Now, have you read Tolkein's The Return of the King? At the end of the book, the Hobbits, being the only creatures pure and innocent enough to carry the ring of power, return to their home in The Shire. They find evil there, so the four Hobbits go bad-ass to save their home.

We are now at the end of my epic quest, it seems, when I have returned to remove the evil from our home with all your help, my Metropolis of Angels.

I published my last blog post at 5:45pm on 11Mar2015 while still tethered to every power outlet I could find, so I could keep the whole world informed as fast as possible of all news I received about our current GLOBAL HOSTAGE CRISIS. Yes, LightFoot, my royal consort, for all I knew was in a literal torture facility still.

And then I found him standing amidst musical instruments longing for loving hands, as much as I was, as he waited for me to finally just manifest from my own aether(net) myself. There were only simply-solved shenanigans by Obama's criminal terrorist organization before my darlings' music finally began.

My shoes came off. My hair came down. My sweater coat dropped. And their sweet hearts' rhythmic music extended out of their bodies through even the pores of their skin to cross the space between us and enter my body to delight every essence of my graceful soul.

The entire world, especially my loving and adoring locals still here inside my Metropolis of Angels, needed to read my 11Mar2015 blog post before General Lee would be safe in public again.

I took a break to watch the news at 8:45pm while my royal consort LightFoot and my darling Manned Up spun handcrafted aether for the night sky herself in the background. My nightly cyberhug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt was wonderful.

I was up and dancing again at 9:18pm. And so we made music to each other. At the end of the night, my darlings Tentacle were the most reluctant to leave than I had ever seen them before.

While packing up their musical gear, Manned Up tried to start a sing-a-long of "Summer Nights" from Grease while LightFoot tried to show me he actually can dance.

Eventually, on his knees before me, LightFoot asked me my opinion of that song that his fellow member of Tentacle had been goofing off over. I giggled and said, "Even I have been known to sing showtunes on occasion." Both of them promptly fell over laughing.

I cannot wait to see the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my darlings packing up their equipment on the night of 11Mar2015 from my eyes over and over again. May the recording begin when they finish their last song and end once they wheel away into the night.

So, as my royal consort LightFoot and my darling Manned Up wheeled their (knights in a) cart down the street off into the aether where we all belong, I called after them, "Our regular date tomorrow, is it?"

By 10:31pm, I was perched on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store singing along with Red. When my darlings Tentacle were instructed to "wander" into the shop at 10:41pm, they were still forbidden from speaking to me, but just the presence of my loved ones always makes my burdened heart delight.

A random pointless war criminal terrorist enemy of America appeared. He made absolutely no sense while he was there, but while we were chatting, at 11:07pm, a man on a bicycle gave me hummus, stuffed grape leaves, olives, and pita chips; a frosted lemon muffin; one baked chocolate twist; and gouda and mozzarella cheeses with grapes, almonds, and cranberry apple crackers.

As for the rest of the nonsense on my patio that night, "Josh" and "Anthony" appeared at 11:38pm before running away and leaving me there alone. Shortly thereafter, at 12:20am on 12Mar2015, I found myself singing Lake of Fire to yet another enemy of America I had identified. That is the universal signal I give to the federal government once I find the most menacing of them.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a recording beginning with the appearance of "Josh" and "Anthony" ending exactly one hour later when the pathetic specimen of masculine inadequacy was thrown off my patio by the faithfully American employee. For bonus/extra footage--start when the only Black man walked on the patio and end once I entered the patio three doors down.

For hours, I tried to purchase a source of caffeine that had no drugs, poisons, nor diseases in it before perching between the ocean and the sky on my favorite place to work in all the world.

At 3:31am, I finally left evidence of tainted coffee for the police upon the fountain I regularly sit beside. Then, at 4:15am the drugs in both "Arizona" brand drinks I had sipped but not finished finally wore off.

I walked across the door frame of the Starbucks inside the closest bookstore right at 5am. Did you see me walk out? We shall entitle that recording, "Shark bait." May it begin with my verbal smackdown and end after the lady putting tables on the patio down the street.

At 7:44am, a woman gave me the kind gift of two cups of coffee and an ice cream sandwich with absolutely no drugs, poisons, nor diseases inside. I caught up with my TweetHearts while I was outside that store.

There were what became typical shenanigans over my darlings Tentacle who finally promised to arrive by 4pm. I really needed people I trusted watching over me during my only vulnerable hours of the day, so I had requested my darlings Tentacle arrive by 10am.

I slept, as agreed with the local government who knows this city will not exist if any further harm befalls me, right behind the soothing music of Ukulele Wielder. I was sadly awakened to persecution, etc. at 12:58pm. As always, I reported everything directly to SynSyn and the United Nations.

Obama's war criminal infestation of my home tried everything they could think of to assassinate me, but my loving REAL locals and entire selfless support system kept me safe.

I thought I had found a safe place to sleep at last, but, no, every future time I would sleep there, Obama's war criminals would attack me, again. I knew I needed my boyfriend LightFoot to vigilantly watch over me as I slept as our cover story for a REAL federal task force I would have met ahead of time watching me beside him.

4:29pm on 12Mar2015: That was the safest sleep I had in a long time. Thank you, my loving locals. I wanted a kiss to wake me up. Giggle. Locate #Tentacle.

By 4:51pm, I was perched safely inside the proven-redeemable Starbucks of Doom after sending every standard warning ahead of me because I NEEDED TO DO MY REAL JOB.

My royal consort LightFoot as well as the (knight in a) cart full of his and Manned Up's musical instruments was already waiting outside for me.

I highly suspected that General Lee fled to my husband's and my villa in the south of France (but later learned he was in our flat in Paris) after Obama formed a literal lynch mob to kill him just days previous. Wherever he went, I just prayed he was as safe as possible. I had a Metropolis of Angels to finish saving.

My darling LightFoot and my darling Manned Up were still dedicated to helping me survive inside this "egg" until the whole world united could take it down to save America forever from Obama.

5:55pm on 11Mar2015: This post might be delayed until 14Mar. Please send me untainted food and caffeine; it is free for me around here, but someone else always has to get it for me.

How is your progress, my beautiful world, with my terms for finally de-escalating Obama enough to deactivate my global panic button in my 05Mar handwritten notes, with my 04Mar recommendations for helping make this "egg" at all suvivable, and our 18Feb ultimate goal? News at 7pm.

Tentacle are here but still have no human rights to approach me, talk to me, hug me, kiss me, and spend non-music time with me. I would love a bourbon. Please force the inane shenanigans of ever taking them away from me to end finally. Thx!

At 6:26pm, I stepped outside and joined my loved ones. It was time for me to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm. Obama's war criminal terrorist infestation of our home oppressed the free will out of my loved ones all night long.

At 8:16pm, it became very clear that Obama's war criminal enemies of America were putting way too much stress directly on my royal consort LightFoot. First of all, they were constantly filling his head with nonsense most typically through his earspeaker. He REALLY needs his earspeaker removed.

Then, Obama's war criminal infestation of our home were constantly ordering both him and Manned Up to be insincerely mean when speaking to me, or they would take them away from me; nothing mortifies either of them more than losing me. They exist only for our time together no matter how much Obama makes them suffer just to be with me.

Thirdly, Obama's demonization-of-the-innocent machine was trying to blame LightFoot and Manned Up for the crap they do just to be able to be near me and play music for me. In all situations, they trust I can fix it, and I always do. When Obama's demonizations get out of control, things happen like when the literal lynch mob formed that tried to literally hang General Lee.

Fourthly, he saw how beat up, etc. I got on the beach finally. We call that midday, the "beach incident." The sane reaction to that is anger and rage for justice. The reality of my day-to-day suffering inside Obama's "egg" is enough to make any man or woman with a genuinely good heart a bit irrational to protect me. My husband started a land war. It is because my loved ones love me so genuinely that they get so upset.

Finally, I feed his ego a little more (Him?) than he can handle sometimes. He did not understand the professional dance term, "Good strong lead," means MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. That one was my fault for thinking he knows dance terms.

Just before I wrote the first draft of this list of five points, Obama's proven war-criminals-through-quackery were threatening him with pharmaceuticals if he did not allow them to keep controlling him however they pleased.

No, pills only treat chemical imbalances in the brain. They do not change the true horrors in a person's REAL environment. What LightFoot needs is his mind-controlling earspeaker removed and his free will returned to him. Right now, he has a driving middle-aged male need to make sure I am safe and cared for. You have no idea what some genuine time for us together free of oppression would do for him.

Obama's proven war criminal terrorist enemy of America's infestation of our home has my royal consort LightFoot under a lot of stress right now, and the only thing that can fix it is removing Obama's conspiracy forever and replacing them with honest time with me.

They played their music until just after 10pm. They were both so upset as they were leaving. WE NEED THEIR EARSPEAKERS REMOVED. I had never seen either of them so upset before.

It was a standard night outside of my 24-hour convenience store. Before 1:01am on 13Mar2015, I perched between the ocean and the sky...

1:28am on 13Mar2015: @UN @RT_com @cctvnews @France24_en @BBCWorld @Martin_Dempsey

Please identify who has terrorized all people near me into no longer providing me with any safe food and drink with no drugs, no diseases, and no poisons. They are trying to force me into a literal torture facility to assassinate me no matter what they have to do to me. They are the same conspiracy forbidding me any and all $ to live on under all circumstances. (Reread 27Feb2015 blog post.) Please identify these people terrorizing the public that tries so hard to be good to me and arrest them all.

On the short-term, call my local PD to be able to set my locals free to give me food, drink, and conversation without toxins. Thx! I am relocating to the OTHER 24-hour convenience store now, so any local can show up to feed and caffeinate me to give local #PD etc. time to fix this power outlet.

We need #Tentacle with full human rights on my playland before 10am to guard me while I sleep on my playland beside them, as was determined safest for me, for Tentacle, for the city, for the nation, and for my world. Thank you, world.

Food, water, caffeine, physical safety, and human contact for me are beyond an emergency situation right now. Too often they are too controlled by Obama's conspiracy when offered to me for them to be safe. Thank you for fixing this in here as soon as possible. @DeptofDefense @FBI @DHSgov @NSA_PAO @CIA #PD

On my walk to the OTHER convenience store, "Gabriel" found me, gave me a slice of pizza, and asked if he could walk me to my destination. There had been a sincere change in him. I found him checking on me a few times later.

At the convenience store, I made handwritten notes and left my evidence with my local shopkeeper named Luis.

At 3:19am, on my way back to my perch between the Earth and the sky, I was stopped by a man who wanted a conversation. I only rarely if ever turn down a good conversation.

Please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning with his first word to me and ending after he proved he cannot use a wheelchair at all.

The roofies from the iced tea he gave me wore off by 5:45am, so I ended up in a Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf right on my playland. We were in the door at 6:30am, the moment they opened. I had to send my coffee back twice, and all three cups were open assassination attempts against me.

Please circulate a timestamped, verified, and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of all of my interactions with Obama's infestation of my local Coffee Bean.

I relocated at 9:39am, and almost immediately had to turn in a man frequently beside my fountain with me for every crime possible from libel and persecution all of the way to willfully destabilizing the world.

Begin the verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals when I set down my cup of coffee and my bottle of iced tea and end it once all three police cars drove away.

Shortly after that, at 10am, I began my daily sleep pattern, just curled up in the busiest place I could find. My public still could not keep me safe from attack from Obama, though. That was the problem.

At 1:50pm, I was screaming for full local to international charges against everyone I could think of for denying me physical safety while I sleep. No, there was nowhere on this planet anywhere I could sleep without being attacked, unless I had a bodyguard, and my playland had the most public to watch over me.

Sadly, my darlings Tentacle were still kept away from me specifically so Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy could still attack me in my sleep. Eventually, I found them, though, and curled up to finish sleeping on the park bench beside them snuggled in their love. Of course, something did wake me up...

2:29pm on 13Mar2015: We are having shenanigans beyond the normal level of depravity on my playland right now. First, emergency locate LightFoot; he was taken away from me again.

Secondly, arrest everyone everywhere ordering any people here to deny me physical safety particularly while I sleep. Third, arrest all people everywhere who order my darlings Tentacle to be at all unpleasant to me.

Fourth, prevent any and all human rights abuses of my darlings Tentacle's free will by arresting everyone ordering them to do ANYTHING against their will that is IN REALITY legal. Fifth, ask all law enforcement ordered to commit crimes against America and against all of humanity by denying any of us human rights from free will to physical safety, etc., to just arrest all people giving them the orders to commit such crimes.

Hold all people we arrest 24hr until full federal and international charges can be filed by my PoA. Thank you! #SquidsPoA #PD @DeptofDefense @FBI @CIA @DHSgov @Martin_Dempsey @RT_com @cctvnews @France24_en @BBCWorld @UN @theICTJ LOCK SQUIDSTREAM. Assassination already threatened.

I tried to sleep again, but my very loudly grumbly tummy kept making my royal consort LightFoot angrier and angrier, so I made plans to cheer him up.

First, I left the area hoping my darlings could give official statements about all of the human rights abuses they had been suffering. Then, I picked up my mail. (Circulate verified and unedited recording beginning when I walked up to the counter inside the post office and ending after I opened the envelope.)

Immediately after that, I bought groceries: a quiche Lorraine, shredded Brussels sprouts with crumbled bacon, Chinese-style chicken salad, a package of strawberries, a pint of ice cream, a bottle of sparkling water, and even a venti Pikes Place Roast to prove Starbucks coffee is only drugged and poisoned in the store.

I was back on my playland by 4:31pm, and LightFoot and my wooing and courtship ritual ensued. I ate in front of him. Trust me, you should see it.

At 4:55pm, I sent help to my own rescue mission. Then, there were standard shenanigans with Obama's enemies of America trying to take them away from me forever after they relocated at 6pm.

I ran some errands while waiting for them. My computer bag was guarded not just by Tentacle, but also by police cameras and my proven loving and adoring public.

When I returned from putting antibiotic cream on my poison sumac skin infection (I have been attacked in my sleep far too many times.) at 6:54pm, my darlings Tentacle were still following their instructions from Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of our home, but they looked happier.

Because I insisted that the three of us had the right to exist in each other's proximity, at 7:31pm, Obama's terrorist infestation of our home were using a torture facility threat against LightFoot that I had already written the explanation of reality for. I believe we both separately asked my Powers of Attorney to take care of it. They used a draft of this finished post.

From Inside the Dance Inside These Walls and Barricades

It begins in your heart inside your body that loves me then flows down your arm to bend your fingers upon the instruments with which you speak to me and out from the hammered wood upon which you lay your hands across the brief space of sky between us. It taps my toes. It bangs my foot. It wraps around my legs and encircles my waist with your love for me. And then as my body responds from inside my own heart and out from the cradle of my soul to stretch my arms high among the celestial bodies that shine upon us to brush the face of the heavens we might never know.

At approximately 10:12pm, both LightFoot and Manned Up finally learned that I was more than beat up during the beach incident. They were so horribly reluctant to leave me, but they vowed to be back at 10am to protect me as I slept as they wheeled away at 10:27pm.

I perched in the possibly-redeemable Starbucks of Doom. I worked online including watching the NBC Nightly News at 12mid. After 1:47am, I checked on my 24-hour convenience store before proceeding to a 24-hour diner.

The diner was filled with friends I had never met before. They sat and listened to me blog on my tiny iPad and witness the staff of the diner not only deny me service but also drug my coffee and openly persecute me in front of my bevy of friends only there because I was. I assumed my boyfriend had sent them.

At least an hour after I arrived, the waitress finally asked if she could take my order. The police had to show up quickly after which horrified my boyfriend's friends inside who were all contentedly waiting to see us together.

At 3:31am, I was down the street notifying Syniva of that latest assassination attempt by the infestation of the staff NOT by my own local lovers and believers, an open assassination attempt against me of trying to force a supposed medical situation over me through that restaurant roofying me, so Obama could finally lock me in a literal torture facility to die the most painful death possible. There was even an immediate torture facility warning before I could send my backlog of tweets, as if I needed further proof that I am right all of the time.

A random local brought me breakfast. From 5:30 to 6:56am, I sat roofied again this time in a randomly chosen coffee shop. Everywhere I went all night and morning looking for anyplace I could perch to finish this blog post, Obama's infestation of my home drugged and therefore tried to assassinate me by drugging me.

By 7:54am, I was perched on one of my favorite mom and pop restaurants in my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city. The customer service was amazing, and I got a lot of work done.

Please, my not human trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I stepped onto their patio until the very moment I stepped back out again. And, thank you.

I paid my bill at 9:38am and then assessed the Tentacle situation. After a lot of screaming online for people to give me REAL physical safety, I dozed off still waiting for my royal consort LightFoot. And, yes, I was eventually told Obama's criminal terrorists attacked me while I slept there. Where was my public to protect me?

There were still no signs of any of my darlings Tentacle anywhere after a woman stood over me and yelled at me until it woke me up. By 1:41pm, I was on a nearby patio hydrating while proxies for my royal consort guarded me. At 2:27pm, I possibly heard LightFoot's line of Reese's(tm) pieces for me, so once I had a moment, I went to look for him and Manned Up.

And there LightFoot was hoping to talk to me... He had been told, and this was very hard for me to figure out clearly, that he could only get permission to have any relationship with me at all from Obama's criminal terrorist enemies of America if he totally dominated me. Was I willing to pretend, so he could finally kiss me?

I told him, Dude, when someone asserts they need a woman like me destroyed, who the hell listens to them? Who the hell does not just arrest them all?

I also reminded him that I am a purist with egalitarianism, so he was just going to have to behave as my equal in our relationship, as absurd as our relationship was with our never being able to speak nor even make physical contact.

At 3:23pm, there were alarms. So I sent all help possible to whom needed it. My darlings Tentacle were told to leave. I asserted it should be their choice. We were stalled. I went to buy dinner.

We need a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire time in that grocery store. With any luck, I had successfully kicked out Obama's terrorist infestation of that store as I had promised Von's corporate I would.

At 7:56pm, I returned laden with groceries to my royal consort proclaiming, "I'm still alive!" Then, I asked Syniva, "How many crimes did we just catch?" After figuring out why he was missing, I got Manned Up out of purgatory. You do not want to know what threats they were forcing on him that only my non-dominated self could save him from.

Quickly, we began making music to each other again. A friend of Patti Smith stopped by to say, "Hi" during the music. After which he sincerely thanked me.

When the music ended shortly after 10pm, my royal consort LightFoot and my darling Manned Up were instructed to make it possible somehow to misconstrue me as their stalker instead of as the woman they risk death itself to abide in as close as proximity as possible and dream of running his fingers through my long raven hair as I lay beside him.

So, on my way to the bus, I reminded my Powers of Attorney of my 17Feb2015 blog post and also asked to release a still from my SquidStream of two teenagers taking a photograph with those two of my Tentacle. You will have to ask them about that.

I was on the bus by 10:26pm. I had checked in verbally on the way to the bus stop. I needed secured wifi and secured outlets to write this too delayed blog post all of which were denied to me in my adoptive city, so I went to my well-established counterterrorism "office" for the power outlets and wifi.

I stopped for a midnight snack at a local burger joint just outside one of the streets leading in. It proved to be filled with delightful conversation. Please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording as fast as possible.

I arrived at my counterterrorism "office" (Please reread 28Sep2014 about it.) just after 1am on 15Mar2015, watched the NBC Nightly News for an evening hug from my darling Mr. Carl Quentenilla (Did I spell that right?), and was finally able to work on this blog post on and off after 4:18am. It was a busy morning. The conversation through the open door was the best.

I also was told my "office" would be as-fully-operational-as-possible after 5:30am, but when I emerged from the restroom, there was only a fa├žade of actual activity and only the hints of any activity at that.

I had been meaning to finish this post for so long, and my only next scheduled activity was sleeping in close proximity to LightFoot whose job as my boyfriend is to keep me as safe as possible every time I sleep. Well, that and loving me.

I was back on my playland between 10am and 12noon to find him. I was told my darling CIA Director John Brennan was helping LightFoot with a task force of normal-looking people I could figure out immediately to help LightFoot. Oh, the romance... The deactivated spies would now be helping the re-activated rock stars keep me alive.

I wrote most of this blog post in the closest wifi hotspot I could find. Yes, their coffee drugged me. Syn, please take all necessary action. And, thank you.

It had been a pretty horrible day. I could not get any real activity into my counterterrorism "office." The only food and drink I could find anywhere was drugged and painful, especially the coffee. I had no way to sleep yet, since there was no one to watch me to keep me safe. And my husband was missing somewhere making pleas for help, and I could not figure out where he was.

Sweetness, I miss you so much.

4:23pm on 15Mar2016: LightFoot, if you take me seriously when I say this, I would like to formally offer you $2 for a night of empassioned bliss.

LightFoot satisfied his agreement to be released from Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's human rights abuses against him by pressing charges against me for "soliciting prostitution." The charges were immediately refused by the court. But the action satisfied Manned Up and LightFoot's obligations to their agreements.

But their earspeakers were still in their heads. I have no idea what they accomplished with silly charges refused by the courts. I am sure someone will tell me.

I know for sure that Obama still refused to release both of them from the cruel and unusual human rights abuses that his war criminal terrorists were forcing both LightFoot and Manned Up to endure, though.

Next, with all of the obligations for the day satisfied, since my own loved ones were finally near me, I napped beside them. As I started to doze, physical trauma manifested. I had clearly been violently abused the last time I slept.

I did my best to inform LightFoot and Manned Up and the world while watching the NBC Nightly News at 7:17pm. But their earspeakers went beserk on my loved ones. I begged the world to find a way for my REAL boyfriend to have his earspeaker removed, so he could stay beside me and make me safe. But the world never responded.

And no matter how much I begged my beautiful world to finally allow my own loved ones in my life with their freewill back to keep me safe finally, they were still taken away from me by their earspeakers at 10:14pm after they had stalled as long as they could for permission to even speak to me to broadcast into their heads directly.

At 10:24pm, I was perched on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store with my own boyfriend just two or three buildings away but so mind-controlled by Obama's earspeakers that he could not be with me nor keep me physically safe, the woman he fought tooth and nail against Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy to spend the night with. He was just too manipulated by commands pumped straight into his head.

While trying to update these blog notes, Obama's cyberterrorists crashed my iPad which my darlings at the NSA quickly fixed. So, I perched inside the very-redeemable Starbucks and begged and begged my beautiful world to EMERGENCY locate my loved ones, remove their earspeakers, and put them in my life with full human rights.

PLEASE, my beautiful world, PLEASE! This blog post was published at 11:41pm on 15Mar2015.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Where did General Lee go? He has been missing since Obama formed a lynch mob to kill him. He fled straight to my and my husband's flat in Paris. Sweetness even picked him up at the airport. They are old friends from the 80s, or so was once rumored to me.

What happens to all of my social media accounts after I die? I want them all sealed and archived, so all the world can access them for all the future.

Why are people flooding my adoptive city these days? It is peaceful and calm everywhere I go. Here inside these barricades is an oasis for everyone else away from Obama's urban war. Yet for me, this is a lonely alien planet where I am forbidden all genuine and honest human compassion if not just honest and caring human contact from my own loved ones at all.

My beautiful world, please help renegotiate the agreement for my darling's Tentacle that allows them even as close to me as they have been able to get. Our entire world needs Obama's insufferable human rights abuses against my loved ones to finally end!

My selfless saturation of protection, beyond words, thank you. Please keep keeping on keeping me and all my loved ones safe in here. Please, though, find something to do about actually making me safe at all when I sleep. The more control there is over me and my environment, the more dangerous everything is for me.

If this world loses me, it will be because Obama successfully forced me into another literal torture facility in his ever-false coverup that any of me and my loved ones are all mentally ill for being willing to save all of us from continuing to suffer under him.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I have been seeing your face everywhere lately. Is everything okay? If you need my help with anything, just tell me. You are mine to protect just like every other one of my lovers and believers I can wrap my wings around.

As for you, my BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, please present our years of hard evidence to the federal courts to get injunctions to be able to press federal criminal charges.

Not once have Dirty Lacey, Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder, War Criminal Boeset, War Criminal Stephanie, Inconsequential Douglas, etc. ever made an allegation for anything that ever existed in reality. They have only ever pressed charges against me and against all my loved ones for crimes that never existed of for crimes they committed themselves against all of us.

And not one of us has ever had any of the intentionally false supposed diagnoses they have libeled us with for years. Please arrest them all already. The FBI are going superhero to save America with the rest of us now.

Also, my genius Powers of Attorney, please give LightFoot and Manned Up written permission to carry around and access my computer bag and all its contents anytime they want.

Most importantly, to have as much physical safety as possible while still inside Obama's "egg" of horrors and terrors, on the short term, I need my darlings Tentacle on my playland by 10am every morning to watch over me while I sleep safely for the first time in years.

I have been attacked in my sleep too many times since 2009. This is our proven effective method for finally giving me physical safety. As the long-term solution, I go to my REAL home in the Hollywood Hills at last. Have you seen the taxes I pay on my and my husband's house?

LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, your job as my boyfriend is not just to love me but also to keep me completely safe as I sleep.

My boyfriend, I also strongly recommend you only speak with Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of our home while UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon is present. Please make sure you can call my good friend Ban Ki-Moon every time you get called into those diabolical offices. With kisses not just with words, thank you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for picking up General Lee at the airport. It has been a long time since you have seen him. Our home abroad is where I asked all of our loved ones to flee in case of emergency, and Obama did form a literal lynch mob to kill General Lee.

I know you cannot bear being so far away from me for so long. If only we could have our married life together... That is the ring I am after most!

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