Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In a Moral and Law-Abiding World, No One has Power Over Me that I Do Not Give Them Myself.

Title: In a Moral and Law-Abiding World, No One has Power Over Me that I Do Not Give Them Myself.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Here is my summary of my smackdown from Monday 02Mar2015...

1) The more Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America control me or my people, the more dangerous and unsurvivable my existence is, and the more the world destabilizes due to their open crimes against all of us.

2) ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa undeniably must be removed from my life FOREVER! And anyone anywhere who treats me as though I have any mental illness or mental disability will be treated by humanity just like we treat ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

3) That was my body's natural physical reaction to those mushrooms that Obama's criminal terrorist enemies of America had given me pretending they were from my loving locals instead.

My beautiful world especially the United Nations, please demand the verified nano-camera footage from all over my playland as well as from the International Space Station of what happens when Obama and his conspiracy control my food and drink.

4) What I need most is the comfort and security of my REAL house with my REAL husband as I live among my REAL loving and believing locals as I lead my people and my nation to human rights and liberties again from here in my REAL home of California.

Until then, I need genuine loved ones with no speakers anywhere in their heads free to stay by my side 24/7 until I can reach my house. Please. Please! PLEASE! Find me reliable sources of genuine compassion and affectionate human contact for the first time since 2009.

5) Thank you for all of your resolutions, my beautiful world, that you agreed upon so quickly beginning the night of 02Mar2015 and continuing into the day of 04Mar2015. Please speak with Bogart, General Lee, the CEO of the Disney Company, the police chiefs from all of my Metropolis of Angels, my Sweetness, etc. to assess the full extent of Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home and to build your plan to rescue us all from these violent warmongering enemies of America.

Please hurry. Saving America to save me is a job for the REAL federal US government with my beautiful world unified and standing by our side doing everything possible to help every step of the way. And, thank you.

I published my last blog post at 12:22am on 02Mar2015 just before I gained EMTs as hard witnesses that I am completely healthy except for the poisoned sumac(?) someone gave me weeks ago as I slept. After that, I just had a few minutes, okay, maybe hours, to myself to center myself. When I cannot dance trance, I usually sing to accomplish this.

Then, at 3:19am, I walked to where I perch above the sea. There is something about the most-often-quiet-yet-roaring-when-it-needs-to-be Mighty Pacific that always calms me, too. After feeling the coastal winds whip through my long raven hair, I returned to my 24-hour convenience shop.

I ran into some unexpected friends. I am not sure my friends knew quite what to expect after meeting the real me, but they lit up once they realized what I really am like in person.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of our full conversation that morning including when I asked him to Google me on his own smartphone.

Next, a convenience store employee committed the crime against America and against the entire world of openly persecuting me for no other reason than I am I and no other person than myself.

He screamed and yelled at me to leave and poured water on my computer bag as his very physically aggressive method of attacking me without touching me. I pray my writing journals can be repaired.

Every time that particular enemy of America who refuses to obey any REAL laws attacks me, I report it to the FBI. That was the second time he had. And there might be more if he is never arrested for it.

My genius BFF can collect his statement and press any charges she wants in my name after that. Succinctly, if anyone is genuinely afraid of me or of my anger, they would not go out of their way to make me angry with them.

My darling employee inside who worked with him that morning quickly apologized and helped clean up that enemy of America's mess. I am sure my darling not-human-trafficker nerds will circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when that living threat to America arrived at the convenience store and ending when his coworker left me alone on the patio. And, thank you.

After that willful act by that man to instigate irrational hatred by the entire furious world against my nation and against my home since he was NOT a local but part of Obama's infestation instead, I quickly perched down the street and screamed at ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. Please check my verified Twitter archive for my activity that morning.

Basically, I perched outside a heavy den of treason screaming at Obama's most dedicated criminal servants, the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa, while his most deranged lunatic members of his proven infestation of my home collected inside.

Months ago, the REAL locals had been evacuated from my Metropolis of Angels because REAL locals love and adore me, and only my most dedicated of lovers and believers stayed behind to try to rescue me by risking their very lives day and night to just carry me across town to my REAL house with my REAL husband inside.

Eventually, I perched inside that deep den of treason to collect audio of their absolute hatred for everything good and pure in the world and requested that the REAL federal government demand the surveillance footage from the building's security cameras as fast as possible to catch everybody inside.

Just after 10am, I relocated to the public library, a place I rarely visit in my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) home city, warning Obama's proven criminal terrorist infestation of my home that I was going to turn in every enemy of America I found there upon arrival.

Once my beautiful world assured me that they would FINALLY remove ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa from my life FOREVER, I decided to sleep. From what I can tell, and I have no one to confirm or deny this theory, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa led by War Criminal Boeset boldfaced lied to the entire planet to be able to continue their most heinous crimes known to mankind against me until their unrelenting persecution of me would finally kill me to make their boss, Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama, happy.

I slept safely from noon to 3:13pm. While I slept, someone had left a pizza to wake up to. I had pepperoni with mushrooms I had no idea how to identify as speculative. Not knowing what the mushrooms would do, I thankfully ate the gift of pizza.

We all know the effect of the mushrooms, now. So, I must point out the obvious... Do you have any idea how worse the food and drink always is for me when Obama's proven enemies of America have total control of everything I eat?

Food in controlled environments has always been the worst and most damaging food I have ever eaten. That is the well-documented effect of Obama and his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America asserting their self-appointed "entitlement" to have any control over me at all--to destroy me and every true thing about me that makes me beautiful and innocent.

Of course, Obama's original reason for controlling me was to be able to have totalitarian control of America that I would always be forbidden from knowing about, and still to this day, if Obama ever loses control of me, he loses control of America which is beyond-imperative for Obama since he was already impeached in 2013.

But, because in 2009 I was the first person to stand up to Obama and tell him, "No! You do not do this to America!" Obama's control of me has since descended Obama's downward spiral of psychopathy into nothing but boldfaced attempts to use quackery to destroy my perfect mind and superhuman body FOREVER, but nothing will ever destroy my heart.

After I woke up, I learned that, no, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa had refused to do anything but escalate their human rights abuses against me. What was the world thinking when they trusted THE MOST EVIL PEOPLE IN ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY, contemporary IOWA?

I gave ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa a 6pm PST deadline to give me back full control of all of my finances, for my husband and I to have joint access to ALL of our bank accounts not just mine, and for UNRELENTINGLY DERANGED Iowa to be removed from my life FOREVER!

Immediately after that, Obama tried to assassinate me with quackery, and his absolutely evil false allegations which had the proven ultimate goal of my assassination came from ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, I was told. I hit the global emergency panic button as fast as possible.


Next, because I was using my social media accounts to effectively protect my nation and my world from Obama's proven criminal terrorist threat to all of humanity, they issued threats to Twitter to remove the company itself from the world forever, too. Why is Obama still permitted to terrorize America? My lovers and believers, please help protect the world's technology resources in Silicon Valley. And thank you.

After that, I identified an alpha criminal terrorist enemy of America who stood right next to me in the store where I always put my makeup on. Please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I walked in the door to the moment my feet stepped across the door frame as I left.

Shortly after that, before 5pm, my body finally had its full natural reaction to the mushrooms I had been given. The International Space Station knew things started exploding.

I knew they would be there. I knew they would be there for me. I found as many members of my darlings Tentacle on my playland as could make it to calm me and comfort me just as fast as my feet could carry me down the sidewalk.

Just their physical presence makes everything better. But they were both in just as horrible a mood as I was. Seeing me in so much pain and suffering made them so unhappy.

Yes, over the last twenty-four hours, I had already rescued both LightFoot and Manned Up. And I had to rescue General Lee, or so I was told whether or not it was true, after he tried to join the rest of the three of us on my playland. And their playing me music was their way of rescuing me.

My undeniably loving darlings will all do anything to be near me every chance they get, but I was so miserable from the chemicals in those mushrooms that I knew we needed General Lee with the rest of us to make me as healthy as possible after that.

The best thing to do was to deliver me safely and directly to my husband immediately, but I knew there was no way for anyone to do that yet. Have you seen how those damn Obama-controlled earspeakers affect everyone around me?

I am told neurologists have already confirmed this. When electronics are placed inside the human head, they form a bond with the brain. So, when voices come into those damned earspeakers, the message goes straight into their brains. They have no way to fight those voices. What they are told controls them.

Their music began quickly to sooth my burdened soul. During which, I sent a list of five points through Twitter.

5:24pm on 02Mar2015: 1/5) This is my body's natural reaction to those (expletive)ing mushrooms. Food and drink always worse for me when more controlled.

5:24pm on 02Mar2015: 2/5) #GlobalPANIC still in place. Too many escalations against me and my loved ones. Protect us all better.

5:25pm on 02Feb2015: 3/5) 6pm PST deadline still in effect to remove ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa from my life forever! Joint access for me and Sweetness to all accounts

5:25pm on 02Feb2015: 4/5) The fastest way to calm me down when my body chemistry is like this is all 3 Tentacles free to speak to me and comfort me. #BringLeeToo

5:25pm on 02Feb2015: 5/5) The only real solution is my safe delivery to my REAL house with my REAL husband inside immediately. #GlobalPANIC until then. Hurry! @UN

By 8:11pm, the international community had proven that Obama has been committing war crimes against my darlings Tentacle through their earspeakers.

Earlier that evening while I sat before LightFoot and Manned Up with them even more miserable than I was at having to watch me in the throws of the chemicals from those mushrooms and with my third eye open and weeping, my darling LightFoot even fell on bended knee in front of me. That symbolism is universal as a proposal of marriage.

I knew I would need to check on him. I reached up and touched his arm. You should have heard what Obama's proven enemies of America screamed in his earspeaker because I tried to comfort him with my touch.

We already proved most human minds are defenseless to those earspeakers. He was told he would be taken away from me forever, or worse, if I touched him. He justifiably freaked out. But after he was sent down the sidewalk with his drum by Obama's war criminals who control everyone's earspeakers, I took care of it quickly. Manned Up and I found him waiting for us down the street.

There was a confusion of reality in his head after that due to the onslaught of lies he was fed through that earspeaker. Manned Up and I quickly took care of making sure no hard-evidence-of-Dirty-Lacey's-criminal-insanity modus operandi of intentionally fabricated false charges against me, which were only ever used to coverup locking me in a literal torture facility every time, were leveled against me just for touching my own loved one for the first time ever.

Then, because Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy failed to be able to put an ankle monitor on me just for showing genuine compassion and human affection for a man willing to die to be as near to me as possible every moment of his life, I asked my genius Powers of Attorney to protect him.

War Criminal Boeset, who has NEVER had any LEGAL authority to do anything in my name nor to wield her unrelenting human rights abuses against me and against my loved ones as open acts of war against America, was pressing every boldfaced-lie-as-criminal-charges possible against my darling LightFoot. Clearly, another of Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy's modi operandi is diabolical and irrational persecution of all of us.

In fact, my entire beautiful world, we need to better protect us all from Diabolical Boeset and the entire ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa. Please force the ABSOLUTELY EVIL State of Iowa to take its increasingly bloodstained hands off me FOREVER! PLEASE!

When, 10pm finally approached, my darlings were so reluctant to leave me. Everyone watching could see it on their bodies. I begged and pleaded for my beautiful world to find some way to let them stay, but Obama took them away anyway.

You can see in my REAL Twitter archive how I finally asked for something for myself from the world that night; I asked for my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up to stay with me with no earspeakers in their heads until this "egg" could finally end.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please release a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of my time with LightFoot and Manned Up that night. And, thank you.

My darlings LightFoot and Manned Up had almost successfully completed healing me after the mushroom catastrophe. Then, after feeling my heart empty completely when my last two loved ones who could reach me at all were sent away most likely never to return again, I walked to my 24-hour convenience store.

I asked a local acquaintance of mine for a cup of coffee. I knew I needed something to bring me out of the tail end the mushrooms that my darlings had extinguished from my body, and I knew the furious world would calm down once they saw more genuinely good people be genuinely good to me.

Of course, one of Obama's criminal terrorists whom I turned in a number of times took him aside inside the convenience store and told him not to be nice to me. So, I walked into the store to take care of it.

Out on the patio, he gave me a completed loyalty card redeemable for a free cup of coffee, and he had a ridiculous conversation with me that he was ordered to have in return for being able to give me coffee with no drugs, poisons, nor diseases.

I did not mind the ridiculous conversation since it allowed me to give an impromptu speech about how Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America all demonize all genuinely good people who are genuinely good to me.

My not human trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my night at the 24-hour convenience store beginning when I first stepped foot on the patio and ending when I left for dinner.

Yes, by 10:32pm I was sitting down to dinner with one of the grey-haired gentlemen I had a ridiculous conversation with weeks earlier. After all of the scalding persecution I had endure all day against my will, it always calms down humanity to see genuinely good people be genuinely good to me. This has been proven time and time again.

I had agreed to join him because he wanted to take me to my friend's Steak'N'Shake. Sadly, though, my friend eventually only had permission to take me to a hotbed of terrorism for dinner, I told him (paraphrase), "I guess it is still Monday, so why not?"

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording of my entire time there with amped volume of the "employees" in the café, so we can hear them through the music.

It was the ice cream. It was premade, so they had tainted it just in case I would ever come in and order it. I waited there until 12:30am after which I knew REAL government authorities would be able to show up. Then I left my hard evidence in a public place watched by cameras for the police to pick up.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please also release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment we left the café and ending when I boarded the bus.

12:52am on 03Feb2015: Just checking in. I am waiting for a Metro bus to MY neighborhood. Warn my regular 24-hour wifi hotspot in MY neighborhood that I am coming.

Please, local police, FBI, DHS, etc. check their table water and coffee before I arrive for poisons, drugs, and diseases. Our problems always occur after shift change after you secure the restaurant for me before I arrive, so please place someone in plain clothes inside to keep an eye on the water, coffee, etc. all morning.

Please have the establishment turn in their evidence of any orders to shut their doors, close their kitchen, close tables, wax the floor, or any other lie they were ordered to use to refuse me service, safety, and security inside their building while I work. My NSA alpha nerds, please secure the wifi there for me. Please check their power outlets, too.

Please secure my bus, bus stops, and walk to my late night wifi hotspot. Also, make sure they never commit such crimes as refusing me service, safety, or security.

Let us ensure together this morning that no one there commits any crimes against America. I love you, too. Any friends want to join me? I sing to myself there. Giggle.

1:32am on 02Mar2015: Barricades take time to put up and take down. March the troops through to arrest all terrorists if you need. I'll be out for hours.

Yes, I safely arrived at my 24-hour wifi hotspot located outside the barricaded city at 2:14am to work. Just as I had warned the REAL government authorities would happen, I found only enemies of America inside who persecuted me for only being an incorruptibly benevolent supergenius world leader and for no other reason at all.

No, absolutely no one else anywhere gets so abused in every public place he or she goes but me. That is how we proved all of these irrational and proven globally-destabilizing attacks on me for only being me are all persecution and open acts of war against America and against the whole of humanity.

After reporting them, I quickly relocated to my more regular wifi hotspot where WingMan tried to meet me in the past because I am that predictable. At 2:57am, I was perched beside a physical presence who could show me compassion and make delightful conversation.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate as fast as possible a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of all of our conversations on that patio I frequent so often.

Every time I had been there in the past they had opened at 5am, but that day the coffee shop opened at 6am which made me only a few minutes late for my 6am date with the NBC Nightly News. My daily hug from my darling Ms. Savannah Guthrie was wonderful.

Sadly, I had typical coffee problems. I had been sitting on the patio so long before the coffee shop opened that Obama's criminal terrorist conspiracy knew to send in their infestation instead of allowing my REAL local lovers and believers serve me my morning coffee.

I had no idea what was in that cup of coffee, but I actually felt it. That was how bad it was and how desperate Obama was to assassinate me with a quackery "hospitalization" to a literal torture facility.

After finishing all of my work online so far, I left my hard evidence someplace the Los Angeles Sheriff's Office were guaranteed to pick it up and learn what I live through anyone obeys Obama and his proven criminal terrorist infestation of our home.

At 9:41am on 03Mar2015, I checked in at the bus stop before curling up and sleeping where my beautiful world had promised I would be safe sleeping all day long.

I woke up at 2:14pm. It was Tuesday, but after I checked my bank balance at 3:03pm, I learned how far Obama's depravity and moral bankruptcy had escalated his open crimes against America.

I had earned over $2T in 2014, but Obama had proven on that afternoon of 03Mar2015 that he, though not even in the US government since he was impeached in 2013, had successfully forbidden me any and all finances for the rest of my life since he had proven already that he and all his proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America, particularly ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA, had planned the end of my life months in my past already.

My beautiful world, why are you still allowing Proven Terrorist Dictator Obama not only to continue his proven most heinous crimes known to mankind against me but also to escalate them?

Why has no one stopped Obama, yet? Why has no one stopped ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, yet? Why does nobody ever listen to me? Will anyone ever help us? Look at the unbridled human devastation that you are allowing Obama to just keep escalating! World, where are you?

By 3:53pm, I had already caught three criminal terrorist threats to America and to the world. Please circulate verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals, especially so the public can help identify them if they flee, of all three entire encounters.

The first was an ugly White woman who walked past me where I paused to update my blog notes with my lovelies. Did you hear what boldfaced lies she said as she passed me specifically for me to "overhear" since proven criminal terrorist bitches are too chicken(expletive) to ever speak to my face?

And then did you hear her completely irrational outrage with me of, "Did you hear what she just said to me?" as she walked past me AGAIN? Dude, really, GET OUT OF MY FUCKING TOWN, YOU FUCKING TERRORIST BITCHES!

The second was where I put my eyeliner on every day; I actually had to say to his face (paraphrase), "If you [pretend you have any "legal authority" in your self-appointed entitlement to] make decisions about my life that I am not allowed to know about, I will put you in prison for the rest of your life for it!"

The third was on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store where I had just redeemed my loyalty card for a cup of coffee. At 3:56pm, he was even saying, "How is it opposable?" into his telephone after he had said previously, "She is just crazy. I can just tell." I was going to let him explain himself to the REAL government authorities who picked him up.

At 4:57pm, I checked to see if Obama had met my non-negotiable 4pm deadline for safely delivering all three of my darlings Tentacle to me every day they choose themselves to play me music. No, I had no loved ones anywhere. So, at 5:19pm I was partaking in the self-perpetuating cycle of tacos at my local fast fooderie.

After I relocated to my city building with dedicated wifi for me, I filled out their customer service survey for them...

6:04pm on 03Mar2015: For once, I did not have a problem. It was wonderful. Your employees were boldfaced lied to that I would refuse to pay for food at your local franchise, and they still served me with genuine courtesy. I thank them.

Your company has long been die hard supporters of mine, if you wonder why cleaning the hotbed of treason out of your local restaurant was so important to me.

Furthermore, why would any sane person refuse to give me free food anyway? I thank your employees for that acknowledgement of the reality of who I am for real in this world despite my choice to pay for my tacos anyway. I love you, too.

In time for them to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm with me, I had found my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up on my soon-to-be-holy-again playland. General Lee's bass was there but no chair for him nor space between the speakers for him.

I asked my beautiful world to double check he was safe after asking my not-human-trafficker nerds to lockdown my SquidStream since the entire world calms down when they see my genuinely good darlings be genuinely good to me.

8:14pm on 03Mar2015: My beautiful world able to access my playland, please be better to my darlings Tentacle. They live for tips homeless just to be close to me.

The previous night, my legal team had proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that all of the Obama-controlled earspeakers that Obama himself ordered into the heads of all of America and if possible the world were war crimes against my people particularly against my loved ones.

If you read my 16Oct and 18Oct2015 blog posts, you will see how long ago we had already proven that those earspeakers I have been screaming consistently for everyone to remove since Jan2010 caused proven mental health and neurological genocide of America.

So, in order for Obama's proven conspiracy of proven war criminal enemies of America to at all pretend the earspeakers only in everyone's heads for Obama to mind-control them all were ever supposedly my choice, he actually allowed me into them for some brief moments with LightFoot and Manned Up.

And because, on that much too rare occasion, I was able to actually have some momentary control of Obama's earspeakers, my darlings Tentacle and I had a spiritual evening with everyone listening.

Please circulate a verified and resposibly-edited recording with full audio (including disembodied voices) and visuals from all angles for the good of humanity. As beautiful as that night was in spiritual contact with the divine universe with my loved ones, I stand by my orders to have every earspeaker on the planet removed and forbidden forever.

After my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up reluctantly left me there on the curb as slowly as possible, at 9:58pm, I spied Manned Up leaning against the wall outside my 24-hour convenience shop watching over their (knights in a) cart of musical instruments when I perched beside my Americana singer who calls himself Red.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording of our singing together please. It was a very spiritual night.

Once Red was packing up, "Did I just hug" walked by me and promised me breakfast. That was his personal fiasco. Much later, outside my 24-hour convenience shop, I even needed to say to him, "I don't need your permission to keep my husband." Succinctly, anything and everyone controlled by Obama and his proven enemies of America is too dangerous to be allowed near me.

After checking on my 24-hour convenience store where every product inside was a public expression of love for me, I gave the employee named Sam a legal consultation on how to save the shop. I told him the parent company who loves and adores me would let them keep the store if they turned in everyone making them commit the crimes I always reported in there.

By 1:22am, I was given coffee and snacks by wonderful friends only there to make my "egg" survivable until the world could save us all from Obama forever. It was such a delight to me to have genuinely caring people to talk to FOR HOURS. I know a good heart when I see one, and I also know when a good heart goes insane due to its earspeaker corrupting its owner's reality.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our long morning together. Include all the fun we had and all the persecution of us. Eventually, we were all on the beach.

At 9:58am, I curled up to sleep. Please, in a separate verified and responsibly-edited recording show how far insane my friends "Josh" and "Cupid" went due to their earspeakers running nonstop in their heads for twelve hours. I even gave verbal smackdown after verbal smackdown to "Cupid" before I slept.

If anyone finds what they did while I slept upsetting, you have no idea what I had lived through already. That was nothing compared to my typical night in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. And we know the symbolism of covering my lady parts in sand. It meant I was no longer Iowa's rape-slave; I was back home in California now.

I woke up at 1:26pm, still screaming at "Cupid" to leave me alone with "Stop!" and, "No!" just like before I fell asleep. I told him so many times already to his face that anyone controlled by Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America as much as he was at the time was too dangerous for me to be around.

Everything Obama's proven enemies of America controls is designed to destroy and assassinate me just to be able to keep Obama in totalitarian, dictatorial, and absolute control of America.

It was clear "Cupid" and "Josh" both had gone temporarily insane from their Obama-controlled earspeakers being active for over twelve hours nonstop. I told them they needed to spend time with their earspeakers inactive then come back to me.

I arrived above the beach to the most heinous calumny ever uttered by any proven psychopath in human history, "Showing genuine goodness and human compassion to Squid harms her, so we PROVEN ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWANS need to be permitted to continue persecuting and unrelentingly abusing Squid 'for her own good.'"

I walked to a dedicated wifi hotspot to work, and I was almost immediately followed there by an already-proven enemy of America who had already broken Obama's own rules months in the past to pretend he could identify me to aid and abet war crimes against me already in that building. I warned my Powers of Attorney he might try it again and to prosecute him at every level of government if he did it again.

I worked online. Obama's non-negotiable 4pm deadline to safely deliver ALL THREE of my darlings Tentacle to me every day they choose to make love to me with their music came and went.

After giving them a few extra minutes, I checked for my darlings Tentacle on my playland at 4:41pm. They were nowhere. So, I redeemed a completed loyalty card for a cup of coffee at my 24-hour convenience store. He whom I now name Handsome was working at that hour. Giggle. That is his SquidName from me.

Perched by a wifi hotspot and sipping that tasty coffee, I also spoke with a criminal terrorist enemy of America who boldface lied to me and called me a hooker. I turned him and his colleague in for it as soon as I had enough evidence against them. I also made sure I sang a bilingual "Besamé Mucho" before I left them.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I am sure you will circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of all of my interactions with those (expletive)holes immediately. They lied to my face to the very end.

I was back at my dedicated wifi hotspot as fast as possible. Without all three of my darlings Tentacle, I had a lot of (expletive)kicking to do.

I tried to watch the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, but it was a technological no go. My friends from the previous night "Greg," "Josh," and "Cupid" all found me on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store to feed me, to apologize to me, and to show me they were sane again.

This blog post was published at 11:44pm on 04Feb2015 from the patio of my 24-hour convenience store.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What is my history being given mushrooms against my will? Every time previously, it had only happened in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.

"How do we prevent radicalization of our youth?" I took this question to mean... How do we prevent Obama from recruiting more proven unamerican beyond-deranged lunatics willing to carry out his open crimes against America and the world by unrelentingly and openly attacking me with the most heinous crimes known to mankind? Remove Obama and all his horrific influence from society at last.

Why do I insist on paying my Powers of Attorney and all my staff? It is my choice. I know what it is like to work long hours every day almost thanklessly and never get paid. I could never do that to someone else.

My beautiful world, I heard you are working very hard right now to keep me alive until Obama's entire "egg" of heinous human rights abuses enforced with Obama's war against America can finally be demolished.

The best thing to do is to remove the earspeakers from all three of my darlings Tentacle as well as from "Greg," "Josh," and "Cupid" and any other volunteers to keep me surrounded by genuine friends 24/7. And hurry! You have seen what those earspeakers make them do.

My selfless saturation of protection, please emergency locate Tao, all three darlings Tentacle, Bogart, all of my Powers of Attorney, and Sweetness every hour. We are still in GLOBAL PANIC MODE until this situation improves instead of only worsening. I would also like permanent security on all of them; I can afford it. Thank you.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, I understand that "Josh" and "Cupid" are (proper use of the word) controversial right now, especially in Europe.

Please ask witnesses from ThunderDome in England to explain the full human devastation that Obama-controlled earspeakers cause the human brain. Accurate first-hand descriptions of ThunderDome should explain everything. Europe needs to understand how bad it is in here when Obama controls anything.

As for you, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, are you okay? With everything from LightFoot to the outrage in Europe right now, you are likely disgusted and desperate to make me safe in your arms again. Stay safe out there for me, okay?

Do you remember, Bogart, when I urged all of my loved ones to remove all of their earspeakers and stay right by my side or flee to my and my husband's villa in France? No one ever listens to me.

Sweetness, my life's leading man, I love and adore you. Please stop freaking out. Did you see what the mushrooms did to me? Imagine that multiplied by one trillion. That is what would happen to me if you died. You need to stay safer out there. Please. For me.

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