Sunday, March 8, 2015

President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey Sent the US Military to Backup the Local Police in my Metropolis of Angels on 06Mar2015.

Title: President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey Sent the US Military to Backup the Local Police in my Metropolis of Angels on 06Mar2015.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. My beautiful Metropolis of Angels, home to my REAL locals, my REAL loved ones, and my REAL lovers and believers, and I are standing side-by-side still to save our REAL home. I go nowhere from here but my own REAL house in the Hollywood Hills. I am HOME in California to save my people.

I published my last blog post at 11:44pm on 04Mar2015 just before singing Lake of Fire to a criminal terrorist enemy of America who had latched himself onto "Josh" and "Cupid" who were desperate to redeem themselves to me.

After also singing darling late Frank Sinatra's Coffee Song, the four of us walked around a while looking for food before I left them all for my favorite place to work online. The 7-11 and the Subway were particularly wonderful and hospitable with them before I perched between the ocean and the sky.

At 4:21am on 05Mar2015, my NSA alpha nerds, it looked like, performed a technological miracle to recharge my iPad battery after it had completely drained completely inexplicably.

I listened to music while catching up with my TweetHearts until I relocated to stronger bandwidth in time to watch the NBC Nightly News from the previous evening at 6am. The hug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt that morning was beyond warm and comforting.

I left to check on "Josh" and "Cupid" at 7:01am and, on the way back, was stopped by two police officers under the completely false pretenses some obvious enemy of America somewhere was propagating that "Squid's family is concerned about her," or that I was fictionally "a missing person" that everyone always talks to and whom people who GENUINELY love me always know how to find. I proved beyond any doubt at all whatsoever to those police that I am in fact the REAL woman, and they let me go about my life.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate immediately a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment the first officer called my name to speak to me before just driving away and ending after I greeted the three men in bright shirts walking out of the coffee shop.

My genius Powers of Attorney, please look into and lay to rest this OBVIOUS calumny, "Squid's family is concerned about her," only propagated to return me to guaranteed and proven rape-slavery in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa or into an Obama-controlled environment proven guaranteed to assassinate me. We need Obama's liars finally forced to stop lying. Thanks!

At 7:51am, I perched again in my favorite place to work online in all the world. And worked until 9:56am when I left to sleep. I woke up at 1:33pm and had to tell an (expletive)hole who immediately started bothering me that I would even scream until the police showed up to remove him, if needed.

I moved to the shade and dozed again until "Josh" woke me. It was an interesting afternoon. It is not often I am wrong about people, but that day I was convinced I could redeem "Josh" after our notorious midday on the beach.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate timestamped, verified, and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals of all of my conversations with "Josh" from the moment he appears to the moment we part ways. I hide nothing true.

The conversation was hilarious, and I was eating a tasty lunch by 3:33pm of fresh baby spinach, vine-ripe tomatoes, shaved Campo de Montalban cheese, and hand-sliced pancetta on traditional lavash.

"Josh" bought me all the groceries I could put my hands on from ice cream to coffee to doughnut holes to a naval orange and fresh raspberries until he fled for his physical safety once I located LightFoot and Manned Up on my we-shall-make-it-holy-again playland before 4:38pm.

This might take a little explanation. Yes, all three of my darlings Tentacle have a spiritual bond with each other, as is evidenced in how well they play their complicated music with each other with such little rehearsal, and a spiritual bond with me.

They are not quite balanced when they are not with me, and Mama Bear comes out of the cave when anything happens to them. As for my supposedly reading their thoughts, they have to want me to know.

Something in each of my darlings Tentacle has to choose to let me know whatever internal thought or impulse they want me to notice. This is very helpful in emergency situations.

They had spent so long living homeless and starving before they let me know. If I had only known sooner...

They made sure their music, which only exists in this world for them to keep me complete, started immediately. It was difficult for me to meditate without all four of us there, but I made an effort to prove how connected we are with each other.

I know real love when I feel real love. So I understand their motivation for suffering every fire of hell just to play me music. But I wish they told me what they were suffering through before I was eating raspberries in front of them.

General Lee, though promised, was forbidden from appearing. Then, at 6:06pm, my last two remaining musician-lovers, my LightFoot and my Manned Up, were stolen away from me leaving me alone and emotionally barren on the concrete.

6:17pm on 05Mar2015: My darlings will be on the premesis for a while. Please take all action necessary to mandate LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee enough human rights to sanctify this ground whenever they choose AND remove ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA from my life FOREVER.

I am about to enter the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity and tear every terrorist there into their morally bankrupt molecular structure if I don't get my loved ones back with their full human rights ASAP. Please, my entire beautiful world. Hurry! All three Tentacle! and NO MORE IOWA!

By 7:48pm, I was perched inside the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity working online. Then, at 9:12pm, I stepped outside to check if all three of my darlings Tentacle had yet manifested. Sadly, they had not.

So, I relocated to my 24-hour convenience store at 10:56pm. The entire world had given ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa a deadline of 12mid to get their increasingly bloodstained hands off me, but all Iowa did instead was escalate.

Ever since my good, green world for the good of humanity had given ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa their ultimatum to finally cease their most evil human rights abuses known to mankind against me, all Iowa ever did, as I said, was escalate.

Yes, in the wee hours of that morning ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa tried AGAIN to literally abduct me from my REAL home of California only to be able to unlawfully imprison me and worse in a literal torture facility paraded as a "long-term mental institution."

So, I sang. And my Metropolis of Angels heard me.

With my music still streaming through my iPad, I relocated to my favorite place to work online in all the world. I needed to report, at 3:44am on 06Mar2015, an open act of war against America and against the entire world by a man there.

Obama's proven enemies of America had sent a man in a police vehicle but with no police uniform both to deny my globally-critical diplomatic immunity and to attempt to physically refuse me any outlet to charge my iPad, and the full electrical capacity of my tiny iPad is one of the few reasons this country, this once-great America, even exists on this planet any longer at all.

The proven enemy of America also inferred that my darlings Tentacle would be removed from my life forever. I asked my beautiful world to locate my darlings Tentacle immediately and to make them safe.

I watched the NBC Nightly News at 6am. My daily cyberhug from my loved ones was wonderful. Then I worked longer online before falling asleep by 8:30am. I woke up at 2:24pm to a gourmet boxed lunch that a kind local had left for me.

LightFoot and Manned up were on my playland waiting to make love to me with their music at 3:23pm.

3:30pm on 06Mar2015: LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee, I am the kind of woman who speaks up when she needs something. All I have ever asked is you be here.

At 4:04pm, General Lee finally wheeled his cart up to join us, and our circle of four was complete. It had been so long. There were only a few standard shenanigans by Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of our home that night.

My not-human-trafficker nerds with the help of my local police force who operate the nano-cameras on my holy playland and with my darlings Tentacle, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals of our evening together. Please include my iPad activity and all handwritten notes. Thank you! Please do this for every day and night we are together.

After my darlings Tentacle were inhumanely sent away from me when they had made it obvious that they would rather stay, I warned the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity I was about to go back in.

After "Josh" was sent to me to prevent me from catching more obvious enemies of America in Obama's Starbucks of Doom for Humanity, I even had to explain to "Josh" that... My proven incorruptibly benevolent job in all its forms is too important to all of humanity for anyone to control me nor to subject humanity to my being in any controlled environment.

So, by 11:58pm, I was on yet another peaceful protest in that Starbucks that was absolutely no reflection on the Starbucks Corporation. I did catch a major war criminal who was trying to assassinate me with quackery (He was likely sent by ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa.), but I did not get anywhere near enough work done that I had wanted to do.

So by 1:28am on 07Mar2015, I was in my favorite place to work online in all the world perched between the ocean and the sky. I was approached by two different plants that night. The first greeted me almost the moment I arrived. Then, by 3:32am, I was joined by the second. I will redeem everyone in the eyes of the law who lets me.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate verified and responsibly-edited recordings with full audio and visuals of my two encounters in the wee hours of the morning on 07Mar2015. The second man had even stolen my purple scarf and my black cocktail dress and admitted to it to my face.

The evening of 06Mar into the morning of 07Mar2015 was very busy. For the full details, please check my verified Twitter archive.

The two biggest highlights were when President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey sent the US Military as backup to the local police departments of my Metropolis of Angels and when all three of my darlings Tentacle, it was rumored, were rescued by another local friend whom I had sent to them.

I had a late morning on 07Mar2015 before I finally curled up to sleep. I watched the NBC Nightly News at 6am before catching up with my TweetHearts and, at 9:48am, I picked up my mail from my mom from the building with my post office box in it.

I told the employees to just turn in the terrorists in the back room who were ordering them to deny me all of the rest of my mail. All US Postal Service delivery is FBI jurisdiction, after all. I could even hear the woman back there who kept giving her insane orders.

After finally updating my blog notes at 10:51am, I left to sleep and woke up at 2:58pm. After putting on my makeup for the day, I was told that my stolen cocktail dress that I had "worn to the Grammys" and my purple scarf had been used to prove my REAL dress size and to extract my DNA. That may or may not have been true, but I still needed my belongings back.

At 4:04pm, as fast as I could reach them, I found all three of my darlings Tentacle waiting on my playland needing me to solve their problems.

Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America had ordered my darlings to leave me forever the moment I appeared. I took care of the problem immediately, but I am done with the mind-control and boldfaced human rights abuses of my loved ones. I asked my beautiful world to finally MAKE IT STOP already.

Of course, there were standard shenanigans of Obama taking my loved ones away from me and of his enemies of America stalling my darlings Tentacle from making love to me on the sidewalk with their music for hours all night long.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and completely unedited recording of the conversation I held to make Obama's proven enemies of America move faster with permitting my darlings Tentacle to finally reach their fingers through the sky to the universe with me that evening. Begin when I sang along with Rhianna's first big hit and end when I put my sweater coat back on. Thank you!

Shortly after their music, their handcrafted aether for the night sky herself, began, my darlings Tentacle's literal and metaphorical jackets came off, and my (paraphrase) words to them were, "Try to be gentle with the music. I'm not warmed up yet."

It was clear, though, they were not working as musicians that evening; they were musicmaking for personal reasons. They were in an open battle royale over who could seduce me into following which one most. There were even three-part improv songs they threw down while fighting over me.

When will everyone finally understand that we need all four of us present for our holy ensemble to carry out what we actually are really all here to do in the first place?

Despite my constantly trying to calm everyone down, their testosterone competition was not interrupted until 7:47pm when Obama's proven enemies of America tried again to take all darlings away from me.

So, I asked the REAL federal US government to arrest every enemy of America in my barricaded city who was abusing my loved ones' human rights and oppressing away their free will. I recommended that the local police arrest and hold them all until full federal and international charges could be filed against them.

That was immediately followed by Obama's proven enemies of America attempting to abduct me to a literal torture facility again as well as their attempting to forbid my darlings Tentacle from our musicmaking considered holy in every benevolent religion on my playland ever again. My beautiful world took care of all of it as fast as possible.

While my darlings were packing up their equipment under that threat as slowly as possible since they always dread being apart from me and were hoping I could again prevent them from being sent away from me, I noticed that LightFoot had made the first tangible romantic gesture of the three of them towards me. He had left me a token of affection right beside my red leather computer bag of a symbolic roll of black tape.

Of course, I accepted it.

After we had all relocated to the closest place we could find to sweep the universe together with our hands again, LightFoot was called into Obama's criminal terrorists' offices and instructed to press charges against me for fictionally stealing from him. He refused. They threatened him with all sorts of abuse and war crimes for refusing.

So, I pulled my H&M catalog out of my red leather computer bag that I had written in old lyrics from a song he once recorded in the 90s while holding that famous conversation from approximately 5:31pm earlier that night while my band was delayed, and I made it a "gift for a gift" to him.

It was mostly to save him from being persecuted for being genuinely good to me and genuinely in love with me, but I also acknowledged that my acceptance of his token of affection officially began our romantic relationship and made him my new official royal consort.

Yes, I was still forbidden any conversation with him as well as all physical contact. Technically, just like ALL of my romantic relationships at the time, it was only a symbolic designation.

So what the hell was the point of everyone trying to make me choose one of my darlings Tentacle the entire time, anyway? To break up my band and take them away from me forever.

Yes, as soon as possible after that, I asserted and proved that I need all three of my darlings LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee for my meditation to be successful keeping me whole, especially with every only-escalating horror Obama had been subjecting me to since he took office in 2009.

With Obama's proven conspiracy furious with all of us for staying so beautiful in the eyes of the universe under all of their most heinous crimes known to mankind against all of us, at 9:17pm, they were sent away from me. Nothing I tried was successful at keeping them beside me.

General Lee asserted that they were demanding the ability to "make music to [me]" from 8am to 10pm the next day, and they were all beyond reluctant to leave me.

I went on my normal peaceful protest, due to my deep disgust at none of my loved ones anywhere having enough human rights to be able to be near me with unfettered minds, immediately afterward including my watching the NBC Nightly News at 12:05am inside the Starbucks (no reflection on corporate) of Doom for Humanity.

While a little light-headed from Obama openly forbidding me all finances, all food, and all shelter protected from his control, control designed only ever to destroy me with abuse and internationally-recognized torture, there was a daylight savings time change that morning.

By 3:22am, I was on my typical patio beginning my typically absurd conversations for the wee hours of the morning. "Josh" showed up shortly afterward, and he made it clear finally that, no, he was simply refusing to be redeemed by me in the eyes of the law; he refused everything I did to try to help him.

I am so sorry, Syn, I was wrong about him. There is nothing I can do to save nor redeem "Josh" like I thought I could. Go ahead, Syn, press any and all charges you want against "Josh."

After a kind local man offered to be my bodyguard as I walked to a convenience store where he offered to buy me a cup of coffee and some mini-donuts before he disappeared on me, a normal activity for my genuinely loving and believing locals, at 5:32am, I finally had a few moments to myself to finally work on this blog post.

Of all of the absurd conversations I had that morning, please make sure, my not-human-trafficker nerds, that at least my clarification of their boldfaced lie that I am at all "hiding" from anything anywhere at the same time I demand I SquidStream unfettered is included in your verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from that morning. And, thank you!

There were loud alarms after I walked away from that store, alarms that I heard rumors were either yet another foiled attempt by ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA to assassinate me by abducting me and dragging me kicking and screaming to a literal torture facility paraded as a "long-term insane asylum" in EVIL Iowa for the rest of my life or an abduction of LightFoot after he tried to join me in my own playland as my own boyfriend. I quickly asked my beautiful world to check on everything.

I was perched outside of my 24-hour convenience store by 8am. The same compulsive repeat offender employee inside came out on the patio to literally kick at me and scream at me to leave.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment he first started screaming at me and ending after I left to sleep at 8:56am by my own choosing. Please remember, my beautiful world, he is in Obama's infestation of my home; he is not a local nor one of my people.

No, my beautiful world had not been able to deliver my darlings Tentacle on the hours they chose themselves to be with me. So, I went to sleep as fast as possible.

Rather uneventfully, I woke up at 12:36pm to find two bottles of water right next to me. I had some suspicions that some metaphorical "microdermabrasion" had occurred in my sleep, if you know that espionage legend already. I did wake up feeling very loved and appreciated in the world.

Because I could not find my darlings Tentacle anywhere despite their insistence they would be on my playland specifically to love me from 8am to 10pm, I bought a sewing kit at my regular 24-hour convenience store to break a $20 bill and proceeded to the closest bus stop.

That day, I was going to my counterterrorism "office" that I established with the Department of Homeland Security and with the City of Los Angeles in late 2014. My beautiful world, you can read my Sep, Oct, and Nov2014 blog posts about this, especially my 28Sep2014 blog post.

Before hopping on the bus and taking it across where the barricades could not be when I reached them myself, I told my darlings Tentacle to take the day off to get better sleep, and I asked my beautiful world to lock my SquidStream.

When I checked in at the bus stop, as I always do, I even told my selfless support system where I would be eating lunch before accessing the public outlets and complimentary high bandwidth wifi at my "office."

I used my new sewing kit to sew up the holes in my sweater coat as I rode the bus to my regular place for me to show up since 2014 to enforce, by my just being there, "normalcy" and to prevent international crimes.

Please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my entire conversation over lunch. At the very end, my kind local thanked me for sharing with the entire world, I think that is what he said, my conversations with my darlings Tentacle in the only method through which we can speak, in "the space between the sound and body." I told him it was not my space; it was our space.

On my shuttle ride in, I caught at least three criminal terrorist enemies of America. The first was the "old woman" who once shared a cup of tea with me at the eventually-disowned-for-crimes-against-Squid-and-America McDonald's in my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city.

Also, the woman right next to me on the shuttle stole my hat. Just like my black cocktail dress and purple scarf, my belongings are some of the most priceless objects on this planet. My genius Powers of Attorney, please call Sotheby's for their assessment of their value.

I am sure all three so-far-only-stolen possessions will magically appear in my computer bag as soon as possible, just like all belongings "borrowed" from me. We all know what financial compensation they owe me from their own personal coffers if they are not, even if just sneakily, returned to me.

I stopped for a cup of coffee at a (very good reflection on corporate) Starbucks inside my counterterrorism "office" before perching. The lady behind the counter told me that she had been given instructions to drug me, but no one there actually did. Please ask them if they want to turn in their evidence.

Please release a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my "debriefing" with the REAL federal authorities in my counterterrorism "office" which took the form of my looking out the window and monologuing. Thank you.

I had been told that Obama had shut down the transit hub that is my counterterrorism "office" two or three days previously, so I had visited that day to check on them. The activity I found was just a grand façade, but I hoped the longer I would stay, the more actual activity might actually manifest.

By 4:41pm, my darling alpha nerds at the NSA had repaired the battery in my iPad yet again. The NSA were my first heroes after Obama's only-heinous-crimes-against-America-and-the-world "egg" began. We nerds protect our own. I also know the NSA will never leave me like so many others, and I love them so much for that reality. I hoped I would finally be able to finish this blog post at last.

After fully documenting at my well-established counterterrorism "office" that Obama and his proven criminal terrorist enemies of America's proven infestation of my REAL home were openly refusing to obey any of their own rules that they had already slaughtered over 10,000 brave heroes of Squid and America to enforce, I noticed by 8:34pm that my screaming on the aether(net) finally forced "normal" activity to manifest.

At 10pm, I took a break from my blogging as fast as possible to try to watch the NBC Nightly News, but there was no broadcast for the day.

This blog post was published at 11:10pm on 08Mar2015 from my well-established counterterrorism "office."

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

What actually happened on the beach with "Josh" and "Cupid" while I slept that I first documented in my last blog post? Their methods were appalling. I have no idea how they are going to explain themselves.

Included in the many verbal smackdowns I gave "Cupid" before falling asleep (paraphrases), "Listen to yourself! You are insane! Your earspeaker has rendered you insane! I cannot trust you near me if you are controlled by Obama through your earspeaker!" Also, "What the hell are you whining about? You are not in Iowa right now! You have no idea what suffering is!"

Luckily, when I woke up I had absolutely no physical trauma from any of it, so it proved to be SAFER than any typical night I spent in EVIL Iowa.

On 05Mar2015, "Josh" also told me he thought I only ever ate ramen noodles, something I have only had twice in my life, both times as gifts from people.

Do you yet understand what extreme level of neurological and mental health genocide Obama's proven enemies of America's unrelenting perjuries and calumnies of me intentionally libeling me at all mentally ill, at all criminal, at all sexually active, at all loved or cared for by people allowed around me, at all dangerous, etc. have caused this entire nation that is no longer recognizable as America?

Why does redundantly-proven-with-hard-evidence ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still refuse to take their only-ever-completely-criminal bloodstained hands off me EVER? Whatever reason they give, never listen. They are the biggest liars. I blame it on their proven culture as the most evil people to ever exist in human history ever.

As is obvious with redundantly-proven-with-hard-evidence ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, when proven criminals refuse to stop committing their own proven crimes, they must be forced to stop. And ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa still refuses to "JUST LEAVE SQUID (whom they have NEVER had jurisdiction over to begin with) ALONE FOR THE GOOD OF ALL OF HUMANITY!"

Even on 07Mar and as recent as 08Mar2015, well after the hard deadline the entire world had given them, I was told that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa were still using their extensive WAR CRIME RECORDS that they always intentionally mislabeled "medical" records to justify more war crimes against me!

Dude, quackery does not justify further quackery! And locking me in PROVEN always only literal torture facilities always paraded as supposed "psychiatric units" started in 2009 AFTER Obama's "egg" began. Do you know the definition of "modus operandi"? Please reread my 27Feb2015 blog post about this.

IOWA MUST BE FORCED TO TAKE ITS INCREASINGLY BLOODSTAINED HANDS OFF ME AT LAST! Why is anyone anywhere allowing in my life still such pure evil with so much self-appointed power to destroy the entirety of humanity by assassinating me with ANOTHER literal torture facility?

What is the most obvious proof I am not a hooker? 1) If I were a prostitute, I would have money. 2) If I were a prostitute, I would have sex. 3) Do you have any idea what kind of money I could command from what kind of man or woman in this town even of my own choosing?

Proven calumny that I am or ever have been a hooker is as dumb to say as it is to believe.

Why have I not tried to live somewhere else yet? Um,... Why do you never listen to me? Please review my 20Oct2014 blog post about this. Obama's proven conspiracy of proven war criminal enemies of America and of the whole world follow me everywhere I go even to foreign countries.

Look at the well-documented difference between me here in my REAL home of California both in 2009 and now in 2014 and 2015 as opposed to anywhere else I have been, especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa. I am safest and healthiest in my REAL home here where people actually love me.

I have changed my geographic location enough times to prove moving again will NEVER fix anything. We stand here. And we stand now. And we save the entire good, green world from Obama completely here in my well-documented REAL home.

How do we solve the Tentacle problem? Everyone needs to finally listen to me. My darlings Tentacle are only calm, mellow, and dare I say balanced when they are with me. We need to permanently extract their earspeakers from their ear canals and replace them with earpieces that are removable by hand.

On the short term, we need a place to live for all of us together that is as safe and as well-fed as possible. On the long term, we need all of our full human rights away from Criminal Terrorist Dictator Obama not just for ourselves but also for all of America.

When all three of my darlings Tentacle are not with me, they are subject to all harm possible that Obama can reek upon them. And their involuntary separation from me has beyond-proven unhealthy and unsafe for the entirety of humanity. Let the four of us be together already for the good of humanity everywhere.

Why do Obama's proven pathologically lying and proven pathologically perjuring war criminal enemies of America keep pretending there is any justification for them to shutdown MY SquidStream without my permission? Mostly, they can only continue to demonize me unrelentingly to seduce otherwise-innocent members of the public into irrationally attacking and persecuting me unrelentingly in ways that are proven to destabilize all of humanity if I have no way to prove the actual reality of my life to them all.

Obama's proven enemies of America have always forbidden anyone including myself from ever knowing the actual truth about me. Just look at Obama's rules.

So, Obama's proven war criminals keep breaking every law possible from local to international to intentionally criminally and heinously claim they own my body instead of my owning my own body to confine me again as fast as possible to every most heinous crime known to mankind they have always subjected me to and need to be prevented from subjecting me to ever again, particularly any control over me at all whatsoever, especially theirs.

Please, as fast as possible, stop giving people who have only ever lied about me and horrifyingly abused me to be able to have totalitarian control over all of you anything they ask for anymore. And, thank you.

My beautiful world, thank you for actually listening to me and for always doing everything possible to help me.

My handwritten notes included above enumerate the three non-negotiable terms I need satisfied for me to finally deactivate the Global Panic Button I had no other choice than to hit on 02Mar2015.

I was told that you as a global community already designated billions upon billions of dollars just to be able to give me food and shelter free of all of Obama's control. If that is true, what help do you need from me to finally be able to deliver it all?

Also, my beautiful world, my 04Mar2015 blog post enumerated my suggestions for making Obama's "egg" of the most heinous crimes known to mankind livable if not survivable.

And, again, my 18Feb2015 Appendix to my blog is our ultimate goal. Thank you for all if your help. We need progress now more than just more "discussions" about myself that I am not permitted to take part in at all.

My selfless saturation of protection, please be more vigilant when I sleep and with protecting me from any more control from Obama and his proven enemies of America. That is the only way people can hurt me, if Obama or his servants control them or me and when I sleep. And harming me in any way shape or form is too dangerous to all the world. Thank you.

No, Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I have not forgotten you. You are and will remain not only my first symbolic lover I have never slept with but also my "diplomatic ambassador" from me to all the world who needs to speak with someone who knows the reality of everything going on in here.

My darling Bogart, please collect our hard evidence, and out of love for me if not my love for you, please request an audience with President of the United States of America Martin Dempsey. I do not think anyone in Washington, DC understands what we are all facing together in here in our REAL home just to save our nation not only ourselves.

Thank you. Thank you also for always knowing how much I love you, my darling Mr. Bryan Eno.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, you are my friends for decades and longer. You are the friends I always surrounded myself with before Obama began all of this in 2009. We met in grade school, high school, college, graduate school, and after.

Now, my genius lady friends, not only myself but some of the most testosterone-driven "bad boy" types ever in my life know what it feels like to be rescued without fail by an effeminate woman in a dress and high heels every time.

Here is to everything a woman can do by just being a woman. Please keep telling me everything you need. I love you all, too.

As for the newest loved one to be addressed personally in my blog posts, LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, are they already calling you my trophy boyfriend?

Darling, I know you have regular contact with my genius Powers of Attorney already. Syniva is the closest person this world will ever have to another me. If you need help working out a way to reach me and spend time with me, please talk to Syniva about it. She is very busy, but just like me, she always makes time for a friend.

And always saved until the end because our real life true love story is the most romantic in human history, Sweetness, please tell me how much you understand how much I love and adore you and always will. Yes, I sent you to France myself to keep you alive. It was not to make room in my life for anyone else. The only thing I will ever forbid you from in this world in dying before I do.

You are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. I would never have survived the deepest reaches of hell in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa if I did not have simply knowing you love me as my reason to wake up every morning and do my real job after being abused by Iowa every night.

And my REAL job (World, please review my REAL up-to-the-minute résumé and curriculum vitae.) earned me the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize even as ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa's proven rape-slave, proven sex slavery where I was injected and raped in my sleep every damn night that ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, led by their symbol War Criminal Boeset and even carried out with legislation by the Iowa legislature itself, willfully made as inescapable as possible for me.

HoneyHoney, you kept me alive in there. Of course, I made you the future King of Spain. And, no, I will never leave you.

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