Monday, March 30, 2015

I Have Still Never Met my Darling Mr. David Grohl. But I Know the Moment he Fell in Love with me in Dec2009.

Title: I Have Still Never Met my Darling Mr. David Grohl. But I Know the Moment he Fell in Love with me in Dec2009.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. You are killing me, people. You are killing me. Who the hell is still allowing proven pathologically-lying war criminals to propagate their same old worn out coverups for locking me in a literal torture facility to die still? Who is still allowing that crap in their courtroom?

I published my last blog post at 9:33am on 25Mar2015 before singing my way down the sidewalk to my first sky haven which my locals had built overlooking my playland. I worked online there until 12:23pm despite it being my regularly scheduled time for sleep during those hours. I knew I needed my friends to watch over me before I could sleep again.

I relocated for lunch. And after hours of Obama's war criminal infestation of my own home roofying and drugging me against my will and then their trying to blame me for the fact their roofies that I did not want kept making me fall asleep without my darling loved ones around me to guard me, I was finally fully awake, caffeinated, and told (speciously) to expect my darlings Tentacle at last. Those (expletive)ing (expletive)holes!

Please revisit my 25Mar2015 blog post about how dangerous it is to all of humanity not just immediately to me to drug and roofie me. And, my beautiful world, finally do not just demand that all three of my darlings Tentacle finally be allowed near me with full human rights every time we mutually agree upon spending time together but please finally ACTUALLY CARRY OUT our being together every time we choose with full human rights!

My GENUINE health and physical safety depends on returning everyone's human rights and freedoms, never on escalating human rights abuses against any or all of us, especially quackery as war crime coverups!

I locked my SquidStream and asked for a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals ending at 6:04pm on 25Mar2015. I was sure my not-human-trafficker nerds would circulate it quickly.

I sent as many local lovers and believers as possible ahead of me before watching the NBC Nightly News at 7pm in my first sky haven. (My locals actually built me two sky havens.) My regularly scheduled evening hug from my broadcast journalism colleagues was as warm as the California sun.

I dedicated a song for my very-redeemed sky haven shortly afterwards. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please make sure my music dedications for the night reach my entire beautiful world as verified and unedited recordings with full audio and visuals as soon as possible. And, thank you.

As was my habit, I left my first sky haven before 9pm in search of conversation. Yes, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of myself singing my way out to the fountains.

9:05pm on 25Mar2015: Still PCP in the city water supply. May I ask LA to go through all the waterworks equipment start to finish to find out where it comes from?

At 9:07pm a kind man sitting next to me offered me his hoodie, and I accepted. I had been so cold all night with my sweater coat first stolen from me and then at the dry cleaners. Please read my 27Mar2015 appendix about all crimes against my sweater coat.

The live music did not end on my playland until 11:16pm. After which, I relocated to my favorite place in all the world to work online. I was very busy.

The ocean air was so cold that Southern Californian early spring morning, though, that at 1:51am, I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to secure both of my 24hr convenience stores.

Next, I perched by my fountain to call my mother at 3:30am on 26Mar2015 before trying to find non-drugged, non-poisoned, and non-diseased coffee anywhere possible. I was unlucky in my pursuit of coffee, but I did buy two Rock Star(tm) energy drinks for a very reasonable price. Sadly, I was about to learn they were both heavily tampered with.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, I request a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I poured my Rock Star(tm) energy drink into my cup and ending when I picked up my iPad at 5:23am on 26Mar2015 to check the time. Thx! The REAL local police and I have an understanding that we will tell each other what we need if we need anything.

I actually had time to watch my middle-aged comedians that morning at 6am. It used to be a much more normal part of my life, but my sabotaged iPad battery has made it so difficult lately.

Next, I walked to the sea. My roofied energy drink left me passed out defenseless by the beach for much too long. Luckily, I came to at 10:08am and left for my playland.

By 12noon, though, I had only made it halfway there due to all the drugs and roofies I had already been given against my will all day. Where were my darlings Tentacle to keep me safe? I left what was left of my tampered Rock Star(tm) energy drink with a restaurant run by lovers and believers as evidence.

I sent my selfless support system ahead of me to clean every drug, roofy, poison, disease, etc. off my playland be they in coffee, soda machines, prepackaged food, prepared food, bottled liquids of any sort, etc. by 12:01pm.

We had already proven that EVERY SINGLE DRUG AND ROOFIE was ordered by Obama to enable his systemic rape of me, aid and abet my assassination through quackery forced on me against my will, and escalate every time Obama and his conspiracy's control of my surroundings and environment escalate.

Do you know what Obama's proven enemies of America do to me when I sleep without guards of my own infallible choosing?

The short-term solution to my proven physical safety crisis here inside Obama's "egg" of human rights abuses enforced by his war is giving me my bodyguards OF MY OWN CHOOSING and ENFORCING that drugging, poisoning, and giving diseases through food and drink to ANYONE is illegal. Stop subjecting me to this open persecution at all costs to my nation and to my home.

The long-term solution is allowing me to live in my REAL home with my REAL husband in our mansion in the Hollywood Hills or possibly our ranch in San Diego while I stay to lead my people.

The PERMANENT AND REAL solution is to END ALL OF OBAMAS CRIMES AGAINST AMERICA OF EGG AND RULES FOREVER. Please REREAD my 18Feb2015 post about this immediately. And, thank you.

At 12:40pm, I was perched where my public chose to guard me with a symbolic Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese, a large fries, and a large Coca-Cola with no ice all free of all drugs, poisons, and diseases.

That McDonalds franchise and brand had chosen to be saved in the eyes of the law as long as they turned in every member of Obama's infestation who had made them drug me in the first place and the chain of command that sent those orders to aid and abet the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me and as long as they never hurt me nor my public again.

I quickly sent my lovers and believers in the area to support my sky haven before I arrived there to work online. By 3:14pm (Pi time of day), I was finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts and Facebook friends.

Shortly after 6pm, I found Strummer and Ukulele Weilder. I watched the NBC Nightly News at 7pm; their evening cyberhug was wonderful. I quickly perched upon my conversation patio where Richard eventually appeared for coffee and ridiculous conversation, as was our tradition. Richard is such a sweetheart.

10:44pm on 26Mar2015: Has it been abundantly proven yet that the existence of truth in the world requires I never be silenced ever in ASCAII nor in vox?

At 11:21pm, Richard left and Greg appeared. Then, at 12:13am on 27Mar2015, a sorry excuse for a "man" harassed Greg into abandoning me by demonizing me to his face even where I could hear him say it.

Syn and all of my genius Powers of Attorney, we are all aware that sexually demeaning calumnies about me, no matter how obviously fictional, count as sexual harassment if they create a hostile environment for me to live in.

That man who had a history of sexually degrading me and of physically assaulting me (which he even admitted to my face in our conversation that night) was only there to propagate that environment completely hostile for me to live in with further sexually degrading libel about me to everyone he could find.

Among other things, he said to Greg, "You know she dates like a slut," particularly to make Greg upset with me. My darling Powers of Attorney, every charge possible against that sorry excuse for a "man" please.

I actually caught him inciting hatred against me not just instability in the whole world with such sexually degrading libel. And, thank you.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of all of the conversations I had on my conversation patio on the night of 26Mar2015 beginning when Richard walked up to me and ending when I left the patio. Thanks!

Also, my not-human-trafficker nerds, I am convinced that people will allow me more human rights and safety if my SquidStream is kept locked indefinitely. It is only because it brings me physical safety and because it tells the truth about me that Obama's proven war criminals will spread any lie possible and commit any crime possible to silence it.

After relocating to be able to do as much work in as warm and secure a place as possible, at 1:21am on my marble corner, I needed to send this message... The same redundantly proven enemy of America and of the entirety of humanity who pretended to be some sort of (anti-)security guard inside still took the extra effort to break every law possible from local to international to verbally attack me again and again! What does it take to finally remove these global cultivators of unrest and destabilization from society FOREVER?!? Please!

I worked online very successfully and for hours speaking with friends and colleagues all over the world until 4:42am when I found myself in a completely absurd conversation with a man in a delirium of his own denial of all reality.

Next, I ran errands including my local 7-11 and Starbucks until 9:16am. Basically, I proved to everyone everywhere that not-drugging and not-roofying coffee brings in endless business but committing the crime against our own home of drugging and roofying all of your products only to be able to aid and abet war crimes against me make the entire world take action against you.

After that, I perched in my first sky haven (My locals have actually built me two.), said hello to my new "investigative friend" who seeks me out there every day before picking up my mail, stopping for sundries at the CVS, picking up my dry cleaning, saving my beige dress, and curling up on a park bench at 12:44pm on 27Mar2015 guarded by Ukulele Wielder until Tentacle could finally make it.

Once my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up finally manifested (here on the Earth among us) on the holy ground that is our playland, I took one look at them and fixed all of their immediate problems as fast as possible.

These men who have braved every fire of hell just to be near enough to me touch the air that crackles around me as I meditate under the sound of their own hands on their own musical instruments were instructed to libel me their fictional "stalker" under the false pretenses that it was the only way for them to keep me in their lives when what it would have led to, if my genius Powers of Attorney had not intervened, my being stolen away from them FOREVER and my being forced under an ANKLE MONITOR as Obama's latest inescapable war crime against me.

My genius friends and I remedied the situation for all of us as fast as possible, and I instructed my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up to tell my Powers of Attorney faster every time they are manipulated into doing anything they do not want to do with their love of me as the tool Obama's enemies of America use to control them.

All we had to do after that was emergency locate General Lee. I had been promised all three of my darlings Tentacle for days, especially "Brian" (or was it "Bryan"?) buying me dinner. His absence was hugely telling of Obama's latest nefarious wrongdoing against me and my loved ones.

I meditated a little to prove to my own darlings Tentacle why we all need to be together. Then, when they took their every-two-hour break, I stopped in a local restaurant to procure a dinner to eat in front of my musician-lovers.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I left my computer bag with my royal consort's band equipment and ending the moment I returned to my musicians as they filled the air with their sounds of love for me.

Yes, I ate in front of them. Do you have any idea what my royal consort LightFoot would do to be able to buy me dinner if not just have a conversation with me over a glass of whiskey?

As fast as possible, I meditated more, so our divine beings could meet inside our music as often as possible. Their next every-two-hour break lead to my putting on my makeup across my playland from them and about fifteen available minutes for me sing duets with a different old friend on the way back.

I actually had to tell TambourineKicker "I gotta go. It's date night!" as I ran back into the night air back to where my Royal Consort (Kris) LightFoot was still waiting for me. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please obtain TambourineKicker's permission to release a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from every camera available of our fleeting minutes together that night. And, thank you.

Then, my royal consort and I had a date night. It was beauty, as forbidden as it was, I needed for a long time.

Why did we still need Manned Up (and even General Lee if ever possible again) there? The more complicated the music, the better it is for my meditation and the stronger it makes the spiritual and undeniable bond between the four of us.

We call a romantic relationship between only two people involved not being allowed to affect a professional ensemble MUSICAL PROFESSIONALISM.

Also, the collective presence of all four of us manifests an experience of human connection with the divine universe that is upheld as holy in every benevolent religion on this good, green world.

Preventing us from being together with full human rights unfettered and uninhibited to experience our divine lives freely is open persecution against all four of us as well as against any self-identified people anywhere who need my darlings Tentacle free to love me and me free to love the world.

At 10:07pm, my musician lovers LightFoot and Manned Up were taken away from me again. It was so reluctantly they left me. But soon, I was on my conversation patio in front of my 24-hour convenience store.

This made it possible for my 27Mar2015 Appendix to finally be published at 11:55pm (close enough).

Shortly afterwards, at 12:43am, I relocated to my favorite place to work online in all the world. I had even successfully spread topical treatments all over my mostly healed skin infection before I was online there where the ocean meets the sky most every night while I speak through the human aether(net).

I had finally caught up with all of my TweetHearts from all over the world by 3:25am. And, at 5:01am, I relocated to where I would watch the NBC Nightly News from the previous night at 6am.

I was online again after my daily cyberhug from my broadcast journalism colleagues to show to the world I was emotionally healthy and calmed down-- the universal sign of this is my sense of humor.

7:08am on 28Mar2015: @foofighters(Dave) Are you my new fictional baby daddy? Ummm... Did you see last night's "Electric Field"? Music cannot impregnate a womb.

7:11am on 28Mar2015: @Madonna Sigh, Pretty Lady,... Giggle. I would wear a pair of pants for you. Giggle. But not for long. Giggle.

7:14am on 28Mar2015: @INXS I was told for two nights in a row to expect a man named Bryan to wine me, dine me, and shake my tambourine. Was it you? Are you okay?

7:16am on 28Mar2015: @hansonmusic Sign, Tom, I can't wait for the days I'm old and you're middle aged and we swig whiskey talking about Tiger Beat magazine.

7:18am on 28Mar2015: @KristNovoselic I understand you might be impressively endowed, but you still cannot get me pregnant from across the street. Work on a date.

7:20am on 28Mar2015: @MarkusBlivian Now that I made the big reveal on who you are, which song do you want on my Spotify list? A Foo Fighters greatest hit?

7:29am on 28Mar2015: @SweetnessDepp Did you really build a wobbly kitchen table for my morning coffee-- hot, strong, and on the kitchen table?

Then, I went for snacks and coffee. Musicians were permitted on my playland after 11am. By noon, I had both attempted pressing charges against reckless enemies of America and had curled up to sleep next to Ukulele Wielder to wait safely for my musician-lovers Tentacle.

After many mixed signals from the staff of my playland including but not limited to their demanding troops to save us all, I ate the lunch after I woke up that my loving locals had given me. My royal consort LightFoot arrived just after 2:10pm and tried to station his drum right behind me.

I smiled at him when I saw him, "Welcome to my parlor, said the spider to the fly." Looking for where he finally did set up his musical instruments with which he would sooth my burdened soul, I was crossing the street with the sucker the Salvation Army had given me still in my mouth when LightFoot passed me and just started running.

It was Saturday, 28Mar2015. I put my makeup on for date night and perched next to my worshipful royal consort in time for us to watch the hiphop street dance show in tribute to us. We were still waiting for Manned Up and possibly General Lee. He was going to wait for them until 6pm before playing, so I asked my locals to put an informal guard on him until I could get back from charging up my iPad battery.

And, yes, at 4:58pm, I found my beloved boyfriend exactly where I had left him. Manned Up was right beside him. Our evening mutually in each other's company even involved our watching a young darling late Marc Bolan rock out to Guns'N'Roses.

Yes, LightFoot's real supermodel fake girlfriend whom we all treat like we would like to treat Syniva even joined us. She was sent to us months ago, and I had even asked him at one point to treat her like he would like to treat me-- I told General Lee the same thing about his fake girlfriend, too-- but my royal consort is NOT comfortable getting at all affectionate with anyone else in front of me.

My joke to him about it that day was, "If you are treating her how you would like to treat me, you are NOT kissing her enough. Do I need to teach you how to flirt with women?" Sigh, so all of us, from Manned Up to the gorgeous woman much too young for me herself, despite how she feels about me, all decided we will treat her like we would like to treat Syniva.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and responsibly-edited recording with full audio and visuals from every camera angle available that you want of all of us together watching the (original drummer from T. Rex coach) our darling Marc Bolan look-enough-alike while we all hung out together. And, thank you.

Eventually, I actually had to pick up my iPad and notify the federal government and international community of the scorching level of oppression over my loved ones LightFoot and Manned Up at the time just so they could play me music again-- their self-defined reason for existing in the world at all. And we made music that night.

After hours of our beautifully human experience considered holy in every benevolent religion under constant attack, even if carried out by people who did not know why they were asked to persecute we holy, my darlings Tentacle starting pressing charges (news not yet confirmed nor denied to me) for everything from hate crimes to terrorism against everyone attacking us.

Before they were done arranging their musical instruments right in front of the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity, the one place I knew of where musicians could still play after 10pm, I explained to LightFoot that he, Manned Up, and even myself had Whistleblower Protection under federal laws.

I asked my Powers of Attorney to look into the details for all of us and even asked if Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg would like to explain Whistleblower Protection to Obama's war criminal infestation of my home.

My musician lovers wanted to love me all night long and at least into the wee hours of the morning but had to leave me at 11:10pm for their own sanity due to their screaming earspeakers in their heads against their will. I miss them all so much when they are away, but no one can look at good hearts suffering that much and make them stay as they promised.

They said they would return between 10 and 11am the next morning specifically to be able to watch me sleep, eat, work online, breathe air, and love them back. But we all knew there would be much drama before I ever got them back in my life (for REAL) ever again.

I sat in front of my 24-hour convenience store on my conversation patio after that right where my loving public always knew they could reach me. A conveniently located woman immediately offered me a chicken wing even before I sat down. I tore the chicken's flesh from its bone with my teeth as I bought a snack inside.

The night brought me a really lame conversation between "Wes" and a woman falsely named "Sarah" who was pretending around town to be many prominent lies about me. My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning the moment I greeted "Wes" and ending when "Sarah" finally fled.

Before going, "Wes" offered me the same witness's last fried chicken wing. I admit I should not have accepted that second one. I would not figure that out until later.

I wanted to get this much-too-delayed blog post written, so I walked to my local 7-11 for what my loving locals had deemed just a few mornings previously as the least-drugged coffee in town. It was the clerk who liked to lecture people when I was not around on how to treat me properly. I love that guy.

I delightfully ran into the same what-Dirty-Lacey-would-willfully-libel-a-stalker three times as I carried my coffee on my way to my favorite place to work online in all the world. The third time, I was resting on a wall where I could hear the ocean because all of the still-not-ended chemicals forced on me through everything out of my control had exhausted my mortal body.

The second time I had seen him, he admitted to my face that he had just peed in the alley we just passed, and I recognized that he looked similar to the way the bassist(?) from INXS looked at my full age of thirty-seven years old. Most pertinently, I could tell he was either a police officer or federal agent in real life and very trustworthy.

After curling up innocently in his arms on the steps outside of a building shaking bodily as my human frame burned off the horrifying chemicals in the chicken wing "Wes" had given me (Do you remember what the mushrooms looked like in my body?) I woke up very safely guarded a little after 4am.

Among other things, by just being myself, I had proved beyond a shadow of a doubt 1) the dangers to all of humanity that come from drugging and poisoning me, 2) the importance of guarding me while I sleep, 3) the importance of not allowing anyone but people I trust myself with power or control over my food or my body, 4) that just innocently guarding me all night while offering me the genuinely compassionate human contact of even just an arm around me will always earn a man or woman a peck on the lips from me while hugging me goodbye, and 5) quite overwhelmingly, no one can even put a hand on my body anywhere without my permission since I am strong enough to defend myself and do so gently and affectionately when appropriate.

My bodyguard du nuit made sure he would be able to find me again and was even on the verge of buying me breakfast by the time he wandered off to file an official police report against "Wes" before 6am that morning.

I was in a local café devouring an everything bagel with butter by 6:38am. I had so much work to do online talking to friends and colleagues around the world that I relocated to my loving sky haven at 8:04am.

I waited there safely still working on the aether(net) until 10:37am when I relocated to a park bench on my playland completely physically exhausted. I eventually dozed off there wishing my own boyfriend, my official royal consort, could be the one to keep me safe as I slept that day. All I could do was trust my local selfless support system.

I woke up that afternoon both medicine-headed and suffering under the direct harassment as collusion to assassinate me (Please reread my 27Feb2015 blog post about this.) of degrading my human existence in the world for no other reason than being myself from a man I had been trying to press charges against for three days already. I pray that proven enemy of America was finally arrested.

There were no signs of my loved ones anywhere. At 4:07pm, I perched on my conversation patio with hopes of finally finishing this blog post. It was a little unclear, but at 4:56pm, Tentacle might have tried to send me a message. I went to check. And I ended up perched in my sky haven for hours doing my REAL globally-critical job of selfless and reliable service to all of humanity.

After my once-daily hug from the NBC Nightly News at 7pm, my sky haven tried to convince me they closed at 8pm on Sundays instead of the normal 9pm when I always leave them, so they could usher me out the door in time to see my darlings LightFoot and Manned Up and see for myself they were okay.

After they wheeled away, I was not sure if I would ever see them again. But I was sure if they required my help to see me again, they would tell me. I was convinced they had a lot of work to do that night, most likely in a courtroom, and I needed to finish this blog post finally.

I proceeded to my conversation patio as fast as possible where a new and very regular friend offered me tea and tangerines and where a truly vile sorry excuse for a human soul destabilized the entire planet with open hostility towards me while I did everything possible to finish this blog post as fast as possible.

Syn, please, she is a compulsive offender. Please remove this vile-mouthed pond scum from my presence FOREVER! I love you, too, my BFF.

This blog post was published at 12:41am on 30Mar2015. It would have been sooner, but Obama ordered I be too incapacitated with his own open persecution if me.

And now, my beautiful world, I answer all of your questions for me. Please keep collecting all questions and concerns from all your friends and loved ones and sending them to me through whatever means possible.

Does God exist? Whatever your religion, if you are truly faithful, your God will be there for you when you need him or her. That should be proof enough of existence for all of us.

What has been disrupting my once-regular blogging schedule? Mostly the escalated drugs and roofies. To maintain the integrity of my blog, I simply cannot write while my mind is compromised.

Also, ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa has abused its completely-illegal never-had-jurisdiction powers only ever used to systemically rape and literally torture me to make sure I am now forbidden ALL money to live on at all whatsoever. I have been existing on the kindness of strangers and loved ones since 01Mar2015. Due to low blood sugar, my brain does not function as highly as I prefer when I have not eaten. Thank the atheist heavens I live in a REAL home state now where REAL locals love me for REAL.

Obama's cyberterrorists have been refusing any reliable electrical charge at all whatsoever in my iPad battery for much too long for me to get anything done without a power outlet. I am being refused daily meditation again. And, I have also been much more busy than usual; Obama has escalated his inhumane persecution of me too far for me to blog regularly. The only thing worse would be another literal torture facility for me to just die in completely silenced this time.

The only REAL solution is to end Obama's rules defining Obama's human rights abuses against all of America as enforced by Obama's war. At least, my beautiful world, finally stop Obama from unrelentingly escalating.

My beautiful world, do you remember the definition of reductio ad absurdum? If you start with a false premise, everything will reduce to absurdity. Do not just look at the lack of all reality inside Obama's "egg" where I have been internationally criminally shackled to suffer inhumanely with no possible escape EVER but also look at America and the world right now.

How is any of this an acceptable "new normal" for anyone? How could anyone agree to or even propagate any agreement to maintain this status quo? My beautiful world, look at all of this human devastation! Where are you?

Look at what we are living through! All I could afford to eat today 29Mar2015 was a bagel before my remaining money was stolen from me while I slept. All any kind locals have given me since is two tangerines and a cup of tea.

My beautiful world, where are you? Why are you not doing anything that helps, yet?

Also, where the hell has my darling Mr. Brian "General Lee" Dennehy (sp?) been confined to lately? I have only heard unconfirmed rumors.

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, are you okay out there? I feel like you have been one of the greatest victims of Obama-ordered irrational demonizations lately. Please ask my genius Powers of Attorney to help me any time you need it. Just tell them the whole story in all its ugliness and beauty every time. They will tell me if they need me to help.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, yes, we know what an infestation is. We hold each individual accountable, in here and in DC, for each of their own crimes. But we also need to put together Obama's infestation's power structure, so we can take down each criminal's chain of command. That is the part we need actual government authorities to take care of. You are all busy enough.

Synny, in particular, you are so much like me. You are the closest this world will ever have to another me. It is a war out there. Of course, it is dangerous. We have never been the people endangering anyone. We have been delivering the hard facts and the hard truths to the world, so people can make their own independent decisions about what to do.

And it is very well-documented that we protect everyone in every way we can who needs us after and even sometimes before they stand up with us. Syn, we have always been the only infallible moral high ground on either side of this fight for the soul of America. It is only we heroes that Obama's proven anti-reality-as-social-instability machine demonizes so.

Speaking of which, LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, did you explain to Syniva every lie Obama has been pumping into your head to manipulate you into committing crimes against me yet? Calm down. We can fix everything, as long as the entirety of humanity never loses me to a final literal torture facility. Just tell us sooner.

As far as I am concerned, you should all have the full human rights to do everything you want in the world. So, please tell us sooner everything they do to stop you or to make you do something else. Thank you!

As for you, Sweetness, I love and adore you. If I could press my lonely lips against your waiting face at last, my mouth would finally successfully be silenced. I would wait an entire star-crossed lifetime for you. And I will scream the truth of my miserable existence without you online and across the sky herself until I reach you. I WILL touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain...

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