Wednesday, March 11, 2015

They Say I Scry in my Twitter Feed.

Title: They Say I Scry in my Twitter Feed.

Please access my iCloud if necessary to publish this post now, my friends. I cannot control how many horrible things happen to me in one day; it is Obama who controls that. So, if I wait too long between posts, they become too drenching.

Please share this for me with the entire world, both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the United Nations, all sympathetic world leaders, all reputable national and foreign presses, etc.

Here is my latest blog post. Do you see how I am living? Do you see how Obama's "egg" does nothing but abuse me, starve me, and attempt to assassinate me as horrifyingly as possible?

Why would you treat any person the way you treat me? And then why would you say that because committing the most heinous crimes known to mankind against me costs you so much money in court fines is the only reason you would ever be willing to stop?

You war criminal enemies of America that Barack Obama sent as an infestation if my home, YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY EXCUSE FOR TREATING ANYONE HOW YOU TREAT ME! And you definitely have no excuse for not stopping after you are all caught! Especially ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA!

Iraq. With everything I am capable of in this world, why does no one tell me sooner? Who the hell does this to their home? Who the hell does this to anyone? Who the hell does this to themselves?

Someone please let me talk to the people leading these abominations of humanity, as futile as it may be, since clearly, NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO ME!

I published my last blog post at 11:10pm on 08Mar2015 before immediately leaving my counterterrorism "office" for the last bus of the night to my adoptive (since it is neither San Francisco nor Los Angeles) city. The bus arrived at 12:17am, and the ride was much shorter going back.

On the ride, though, I learned that the only reason and completely false reason that my darlings Tentacle were forbidden from my playland that we make holy together every chance we get was because my adoptive city as well as my playland were demanding that they pay me.

Do you know what my real job is? I am not a professional singer. I am not even a dancer. I am definitely not an actress. This is all just my REAL yet absurd life. I am not here to entertain you.

With everything I do for my playland, for this city, for my Metropolis of Angels, for my entire nation, and for all of humanity, why is it the only people you, my adoring public, are worried about paying me are LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee-- three men who love me more than life itself and who risk literal torture, rape, abuse, attack, and even death every damn day just to breath the same air as I do and help me heal?

There are so many problems with demanding these three brave men who risk death itself every day just to help me survive this most heinous crime ever committed against anyone in America, Obama's "egg" of human trafficking and war crimes.

1)First of all, according to their agreement with Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my home, they are forbidden from doing so as part of their terms for being allowed near me at all. And who does not want me with my darlings Tentacle as much as possible?

The city and my holy playland are, of course, welcome to demand themselves for humane agreements between my darlings Tentacle and Obama's terrorists if they are genuinely concerned for me.

At the time, I would have really liked to be able to have a casual conversation with them or just hang out with them even if just around my playland. But I soon became aware that my darlings Tentacle had likely been taken away from me forever, just like everyone everywhere who ever loved me.

Obama had been openly forbidding me anything and everything emotionally healthy as well as all genuinely compassionate affection for years. Now, it was very possible that my last acknowledgment that I ever existed in the world at all was stolen from me by Obama, too.

Every day little by little, Obama was turning my beautiful Metropolis of Angels into Iowa. He just kept escalating.

2)Secondly, we saw, as documented in my 08Mar2015, what a mess happens when they just leave me anonymous gifts, as much as they would love to give me anything under the sun that I can carry... especially ice cream and raspberries.

My darlings Tentacle were completely terrorized by Obama's infestation of our home, but they endured it all only to be able to be near me and to make sure I could meditate. Their music is how we make love, and if you ask them, they will tell you the only reason they ever existed at all was to make love to me.

3)Thirdly, my darlings Tentacle only had recently-gained luxury accommodations, or so it is rumored, because I sent them my own friends to take them in. My friends had been fighting so long to rescue me themselves but could never reach me, so I asked them to rescue my darlings Tentacle for me.

Until I sent them their rescue myself, my royal minstrels-as-lovers were homeless and starving just to make sure they were never taken away from me just like everyone who loved me before them. Sadly, we soon learned, they might never make it back to me again.

4)Fourthly, my darlings Tentacle are technically my employees. I am an undeniable diplomat and world leader, and my LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee are officially on my staff; we are holy in every benevolent religion.

Why cannot I pay my own employees? All I have on me is my love, my talent, my expertise, my protection, and my reality. So that is how I pay them. My diplomatic immunity granting me carte blanche to do anything I need to do to save my nation and my world extends to my staff, too.

Their "handcrafted aether for the night sky herself" is the ethnic music of my self-identified people, and it is through these eight hands that we touch our divine universe together.

5)Finally, and this is Obama's criminal terrorists' incentive to renegotiate human rights into my darling Tentacle's existence while near me, I stay on my playland, and I stay offline when they are there with me.

I would like to ask my genius BFF Syniva beside the ACLU and the United Nations to help my darlings renegotiate their agreement with Obama's terrorist infestation of my home. They need to be with me with full human rights every time they choose to be. Thank you, my beautiful world.

By 1:22am on 09Mar2015, "Greg" appeared beside me on the patio where I was perched and where the best conversations always happen in the wee hours of the morning.

Our conversation was delightful; he has a kind heart but fleeting physical proximity. I wish "Greg" would show up more often. I left for my favorite place to work online in all the world at 2:29am.

Unfortunately, I and my selfless support system had proven by 3:51am that keeping my SquidStream locked also successfully prevented any and all possible physical attacks against me whether or not promised to my face by proven enemies of America pretending to be police officers.

Those officers would have done everything to coverup assassinating me if not just to disable my iPad through their refusal to allow any power in the battery and by denying me any secured wifi all to make sure I cannot protect my loved ones, my country, my home, my world, and even myself from their proven unrelenting most heinous crimes known to mankind.

I already asked for the pertinent verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals to be circulated as fast as possible of the incident that morning.

Also in the wee hours of the morning on 09Mar2015, it is possible I needed to rescue LightFoot and Manned Up, but I was still mostly unsure of all the details. All I was sure of was everyone thanking me for being successful at it.

At 5:18am, I left my friend who had been keeping me friendly company while I worked and perched at the Starbucks in the bookstore. I ordered a blonde roast, and it was heavily drugged.

It was another obvious assassination attempt against me through beyond-collusion to force quackery over me in whatever intentionally false medical situation they thought they could get away with if I passed out due to the drugs in the coffee at their coffee shop.

Yes, it was yet another open act of war against America and against the world carried out by Obama's criminal terrorist infestation of my REAL home. I waited until I knew the REAL police would be the first to arrive and would arrest all "employees" there. I left before 8:04am.

8:04am on 09Mar2015: #PD, I left my evidence from my Monday morning Starbucks in the usual place, so you can pick it up and see who picks it up. Thx!

At 8:22am, I received a veiled message which I assumed was a request by "Wes" to meet him where we always meet which was also someplace War Criminal Boeset, the symbol of ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa to the world, was told she could abduct me from.

Yes, it was suggested to me to meet "Wes" at my 24-hour convenience store. My first response was, "Where is Wes taking me for breakfast?" Then, I told my selfless support system I suspected War Criminal Boeset was expecting me to show up where I was headed and asked them to lock my SquidStream.

I was greeted at the door by an employee who welcomed me in. Then, I perched on the patio. While there, I sent advice to my genius Power of Attorney in the courtroom at the time on how to mitigate this latest enduring threat to assassinate me with a literal abduction to a literal torture facility.

Next, because that open act of war against America failed, I was singled out by two other employees for persecution and verbal abuse as their attempt to make me leave my own 24-hour convenience store they had already invited me into.

Did you see the other non-customers around me on the patio? No one was picked out to be verbally abused nor attacked but me, and it was only for being me at all.

Well, I also identified four repeat-offending war criminal enemies of America that had plotted and schemed (proper use of the words) to assassinate me in literal torture facilities before standing a few blocks away as they said things really loudly like, "WHAT?!? How is that benevolence?!?"

At 8:55am, I relocated to my local grocery store, so the four down the street and the two employees in the store could be arrested and held up to 24 hours for our federal and international charges against them to go through.

Inside my local grocery store, I found a number of "employees" trying to pretend I was a shop lifting homeless woman. I left that premesis, too, as fast as possible after buying my healthy-as-possible source of chocolate, so the management there could turn in to Syniva and to any law enforcement body all of Obama's proven enemies of America there only to be able to attack me.

Please, my not human-trafficker-nerds circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals of my standard Monday morning (expletive)kicking.

By 9:59am, I was curling up for my regularly scheduled sleep. Hopefully, my BFF and REAL law enforcement would be able to arrest everyone I had just turned in by the time I woke up. Also, I was hoping all three of my darlings Tentacle would arrive before I woke up. It had been a busy morning already for everyone.

I woke up at 2:41pm to find delicious gifts of tasty and nutritious food left for me, as always, by my genuinely loving locals. Other than that, there was nothing but Obama-ordered deranged lunacy everywhere.

My legal team already redundantly proved as recently as my 27Feb2015 blog post that Obama's proven enemies of America's unrelenting false allegations against me from fictional "vagrancy" to fictional "mental illness" were ALL assassination attempts of me, but they all refused to stop directly trying to murder and literally torture me to death with them despite their compulsively failing and compulsively choosing to receive the most blistering punishments possible instead of finally just stopping.

Much more distressing for Obama's proven conspiracy of war criminal terrorist enemies of America, my darlings Tentacle were nowhere to be found.

Monday is the day I reserve every week for the biggest (expletive)kickings I can give.

3:54pm on 09Mar2015: 1/5)@NBCNightlyNews at 7pm. @Martin_Dempsey @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24 Too many human rights abuses against holy #Tentacle.

3:56pm on 09Mar2015: 2/5)#SquidsPoA, please collect statements from my darlings #Tentacle. #08MarAndLatestDraft10Mar Arrest war criminals abusing them. @ICC @UN

3:57pm on 09Mar2015: 3/5)#TortureFacilityAlarms? Really? Obama is openly attempting to assassinate me again with yet another proven torture facility? #28Jan27Feb

3:59pm on 09Mar2015: 4/5)Lovelies, please publish my notes as the #LatestDraft10Mar. Arrest everyone caught. Hold 24hr until federal and international charges.

4:01pm on 09Mar2015: 5/5)@Martin_Dempsey @DeptofDefense @FBI @DHSgov @CIA @RT_com @cctvnews @BBCWorld @France24 I need #Tentacle, so I can survive until egg ends

And there I sat, in Obama's (no reflection on Starbucks corporate) Starbucks of Doom for Humanity doing my REAL job which this entire world not just America had proven already they cannot function without, a job which is so difficult absolutely no one else on this planet can do but me.

Of course, Obama's proven war criminal enemies of America tried to lure me out of my heavy (expletive)kicking peaceful protest by stationing Strummer outside the front door. If Obama's proven cyberterrorists had not destroyed the battery on my iPad as well as constantly insisted on denying me secured wifi access whenever possible, it might have actually worked. I would have been able to do my beyond-globally-critical job outside. And I am too responsible not to do my REAL job 24/7. Too many people and too much of this world rely on me.

I watched the NBC Nightly News online at 7pm. My evening hug from my darling Mr. Lester Holt was as wonderful as ever. At 7:57pm, I got up to stretch my legs. I found "Wes" and invited myself to his table. He fled me pretty quickly.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording of my conversation with "Wes" with full audio and visuals beginning the last time I looked in the mirror in the coffee shop and ending when he left the table. Please warn everyone that the people sitting behind me thought I was my own doppelgänger until they heard me speak to "Wes." Thank you.

8:12pm on 09Mar2015: @foofighters(Chris) @hansonmusic @INXS I'm working on it.

Thank you for turning in everyone keeping us apart for human rights abuses, hate crimes, persecution, aiding and abetting assassination and war crimes since without you I cannot survive Obama's egg, etc... Do you remember how much I needed you just one week ago on mushroom night just to stay alive?

Also, you and everyone who loves and believes in me are a self-identified people. As humans on this Earth at all, we all deserve full human rights. Please call my Powers of Attorney and assert your human rights. I'm working on it, too. #LOVEyou

The Lonely Heart

Are you really gone forever? As I scribble in these written notes the way you stretch my soul down my arms and out my fingertips with your own notes, will I find myself in just a few minutes alone and barefoot on a street curb with no one but strangers pretending I am not there at all and have never existed at all after your whole life so far was designed for you to be there in their place instead?

My friend "Richard" found me on that patio, and, as he does EVERY time he sees me, bought me a cup of coffee. In return for being able to buy me a cup of coffee, "Richard" was commanded to have a nonsense conversation with me which did not end until 10:03pm.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when he appeared and ending when he left. And, thank you!

My adoptive city where the REAL local government would do everything possible for me was doing everything possible to at least make sure nothing would physically explode. They kept bringing by every musician they could find. A good conversation is such tonic for the soul.

I took some time to think to myself before "Wes" came back at about 11:22pm to pretend he could demonize my darlings Tentacle to the world through my SquidStream. He proclaimed, "Why don't they pay her? They have made so much money off her!"

Yes, "Wes" said that about three men who lived homeless and starving just to be near enough to me to play me music under constant threat of torture and death just so they could keep me alive here in Obama's "egg."

So, I said, "[You are one of my human traffickers here only to return me to rape-slavery and who admitted to putting up cameras everywhere here only to traffic me yourself], how much money have YOU made off of me, 'Wes'?"

The sacred time I spend with all of my darlings Tentacle is our choice. If they can gain anything out of their hardwork and inhumane suffering other than my gratitude and their exploding egos from just knowing I love them, I am all for it. You know everything they do for me and at what risk to themselves and to their own lives.

I am a REAL victim of a lot of people, but not of these three men who are some of the very few people capable of entering Obama's "egg" of horrors and war crimes at all just to let me know I have ever existed in this world in the first place, least of all to tell me they love me. Have you seen how unlivable and completely unsurvivable Obama's "egg" and rules are designed to be for me?

Who should be paying me? My friends willing to die just to keep me alive, or Obama's proven conspiracy of proven enemies of America who do nothing but oppress us, attack us, traffic us, torture us, and break every law possible from local to international to psychpathically control us?

I believe this is when we call everyone fighting my non-negotiable terms handwritten on 05Mar and electronically written on 04Mar and 18Feb nothing but unamerican mother(expletive)ers and arrest them all. Thank you. Everyone everywhere needs to stop pretending I know anything but what is best.

Next, at 12:21am "Michael" appeared in front of me, shared a spicy chicken wrap with me, failed at discussing whatever he came to discuss, took a truth-propagating (expletive)kicking from me, and let me coin the phrase "SuperModelCitizen."

At least he was nice and gave me someone to talk to, though. My not-human-trafficked nerds, a verified and unedited recording, please. Thank you!

There was much tweeting and statement making by me while my entire selfless support system, it seemed, were collectively kicking Obama's conspiracy's ugly unholy (expletive)es all over the courtroom. I love everyone who loves me enough to go through all of this to save humanity from Obama.

At 1:26am, I was eating dim sum in the form of mochi with my dear old friend by association while singing my darling Ms. Madonna's La Isla Bonita.

There was an irrational-denial-of-all-medical-reality torture facility scare at 1:10am that came and went. Then, at 2:06am, my friend and I walked to my favorite place in all the world to work online. He left quickly because I refused his advances because they were creepy. I sang to myself for a while before checking the aether(net) for any emergencies that might need my help.

I am sure my beautiful world want a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning when I queued up Someone Like You just before the firetruck arrived and ending when I left my guarded park bench between the ocean and the sky.

After all of that vocalizing, at 5:51am on 10Mar2015, I relocated for higher bandwidth. At 6:11am, as promised, I queued up my middle-aged men. I had missed them quite a lot. And they were wonderful.

While watching my darling Mr. Larry Wilmore, a man joined me beside my fountain. I invited him to the best place in all of my adoptive city for conversations. And I was on peaceful protest on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store and then the Starbucks of Doom for Humanity.

There was unrelenting abuse of me and three hostile war criminals costumed as police who appeared next to me only to drag me to a literal torture facility to die as painfully as possible followed by my needing to rescue my darlings Tentacle from a literal lynch mob all by 1:52pm. I already requested the verified videos. My beautiful world, you need to watch them.

Obama bussed into our barricaded city enough people brainwashed into furiousness from openly false demonizations of my darling General Lee making money off me while ABSOLUTELY EVIL IOWA in conspiracy with Obama himself were the ones refusing me any of my full $2T, as an example, that I earned in 2014 alone.

I was so emotionally distraught, this was my live-blogging at the time, and, yes, Obama's proven war criminal enemies of America still denied me the only three men who could have calmed me down...

WHY DOES NO ONE LISTEN TO ME?!? Remove my darlings Tentacle's earspeakers immediately, and you let them live right by my side until Obama's "egg" finally ends!

Please REREAD my 08Mar2015 blog post immediately about how to keep me and Tentacle alive FOR REAL! Please listen to me finally! Obama's enemies of America are escalating out of control!

3:24pm on 10Mar2015: I WILL NOT STOP SCREAMING UNTIL ALL THREE DARLINGS TENTACLE ARRIVE AT THIS COFFEE SHOP WITHOUT EARSPEAKERS TO BE WITH ME! Someone somewhere needs to finally care enough about us to listen to me!

My 08Mar2015 blog post was full of answers to your questions. My 04Mar2015 blog post spelled out what I need just to stay alive until Obama's "egg" finally ends allowing me human rights at all for the first time since 2009. Our ultimate goal is my 18Feb2015 Appendix. BUT OBAMA JUST KEEPS ESCALATING!

I MUST BE KEPT SAFE FROM ALL QUACKERY AND THE ENTIRE ABSOLUTELY EVIL STATE OF IOWA FOREVER! My local police chief is already watching over me himself while I sleep to prevent anyone from ever harming me again on his watch.

The real locals love me so much. But look at what Obama's infestation, of which EVIL Iowa's criminally insane malevolence is the largest contributing factor, is doing to my REAL home!


3:35pm on 10Mar2015: Syn, full charges against them. They willfully and intentionally made me angry and intentionally made me yell at them by threatening my life. Cutting a man in half with an imaginary sword is symbolism.


3:51pm on 10Mar2015: I am so far from happy right now. Mama Bear came out of the cave. WHERE ARE MY LOVED ONES?!? I need to know they are safe! Play me my music if you want me to calm down.

Just after 5:30pm, I sang for my suffering home of California. Oh, my Metropolis of Angels, who let Obama's terrorist war criminals in here in the first place? Who allowed this to happen to our home?

The next proven malevolent enemy of America I caught infesting our Metropolis of Angels was the ugly horror sitting across the table from we while I peacefully protested.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, circulate a verified and unedited recording with full audio and visuals beginning with his passive aggressive Skype call and ending after he fled. Thank you. We shall entitle it, "Look what you terrorist (expletive)holes have done to my home!"

I answered a lot of questions from the global community before needing to rescue LightFoot from a genuine global hostage crisis. Most of the details are in my Twitter archive. My Twitter as well as Twitter corporate need better protection, too.

At 8:39pm, I got up to look around and see if Tentacle had made it yet. No, They were nowhere. I kept asking my beautiful world to find them and make them safe all night.

At 10pm, I relocated to my patio outside my 24-hour convenience store. A man I had a checkered history with whom I always called "Gabriel" offered me a prepackaged pesto chicken panini on focaccia herb and tomato. Then, I convinced him to buy me Reese's(tm) peanut butter cups and a bottle of Arrowhead water, too. By 10:32pm, I was sitting across a table from "Gabriel's" friend I named "amateur hour."

"Amateur hour" was irrationally hostile over many signs at the time pointing towards my ever reaching human rights ever in my life since he seemed to have some sort of self-appointed and irrational vendetta to murder me in a torture facility paraded as a supposed "psychiatric unit" to carry out.

And then, he pretended he realized I was the real woman as an excuse to pretend he was not actually that genuinely hostile towards me. They both left by 10:49pm. We shall entitle that verified and unedited recording, "You don't know what alpha means."

About "Gabriel," he gained great appreciation for me and for what I am capable of in this world for real months ago. He sincerely is sorry and would like to make things right with me. We will see what "Gabriel" and I can come up with if he is willing to work with me on his Step 3 towards absolution from me and infallible protection.

Please, my not-human-trafficker nerds, create a chronological montage of all of my interactions with "Gabriel" including his first meeting me outside the McDonald's with He-Man as long ago as December, his being the first person I told to, "Get out of my town, terrorist bitches," and all of the way up to his sincerely telling me, "We were set up," on the night of 10Mar2015. And, thank you.

By 11:08pm I had adressed the demonizations behind the attempted lynching of my darling General Lee to a B-level Hollywood actor who approached my patio to tell me how much he hated my Lee. People need to talk to me before they do anything on my name.

After I addressed his open hatred of my darling General Lee verbally while he was still in the convenience store, he walked out doe-eyed and apologetic. He departed and then came back and pretended to be my "bad boy" type. Men have done stranger things to look or behave like someone I would find sexually attractive.

My genius Powers of Attorney, I am likely more forgiving than General Lee is, and this proves what little control I will always have over anything done in my name by any demographic until America finally has enough of our own human rights back to tell the truth in public again.

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a very long verified recording, please, beginning the moment I first appeared on my patio and ending the moment I tried to turn in EVERYONE still remaining on that patio to the local police to be held 24 hours until we could get federal and international charges against all of them to go through.

In that recording, my beautiful world, you will see that I probably got the details pretty close concerning General Lee; his change in face is still mostly theory to me. And you will see me physically remove myself from the malevolent presence of the man who was trying to convince me he was my darling Mr. Lance Armstrong, whom I was pretty sure was a doppelgänger for him.

I rarely if ever leave one of Obama's enemies of America until I am sure REAL authorities can pick them up the moment I leave. But that man in blue was just too purely evil. I turned him in the following morning for the crimes he had committed against my body.

Yes, it was shortly after 1:13am when I turned in everyone remaining on the patio I had just vacated to our burgeoning database for future investigation and prosecution. It was too many psychopaths everywhere I looked for me to stay there.

On my way to my favorite place to work online in all the world, I had a surprise arrival of friends including a volunteer to be my "Dr. Who companion for the night." Here we are as Bug-Eyed Marsupials of the Night...

My not-human-trafficker nerds, please circulate a verified and barely-edited-if-at-all recording of our time together. Including our wandering all over the wooden planks looking for a working power outlet, our time at the fountain, a surveillance camera view of the two of us walking through my empty playland, what the police officers said while we were in the coffee shop, and the tweet I sent to my five not-slept-with-yet lovers before our curling up platonically to sleep.

And, thank you. Make sure every scene is stamped with the time and date in the corner and end with his skateboarding up to me to thank me the following morning.

My tweeting from the picnic table on the wooden planks that night included my screaming for LightFoot's, my royal consort's, life and my answering a lot of questions from the global community.

At 3:56am on 11Mar2015, my "Dr. Who companion" and I were perched by my fountain where we met another dear old friend of mine. I read a horrifying news article that morning. You should have seen the look on my face.

Sadly, the Monster energy drink we shared was heavily drugged. But, our walk down the full length of my playland was beautiful. By 5:05am, we had relocated indoors where the local police proved they knew what my REAL job is.

And just after 7am, I was asleep curled up next to my "Dr. Who companion for the night" after telling my darling lovers-I-have-never-slept-with that it was my intention to energy heal him. He had a few symptoms of depression.

There was a huge metaphorical aurora borealis light show overnight especially while I was between the ocean and the sky, and when I woke up at 10:29am, it looked like rain. My friend had disappeared before I woke up.

By 10:32am, police officers had been sent, it seemed, to determine whether or not Obama's open denial of me of all of my own money, of all food he could get away with denying me, of all of my loved ones, of any acknowledgement of reality, and of anything at all that could make life worth living outside my resilient mind and uncontainable loving heart had finally made me the hardest working, highest paid, and most publicly-permissibly abused and trafficked person to every be given a ticket for fictional "vagrancy" that was already proven in my 27Feb blog post would lead directly to my assassination.

They took one look at me and said, "Dude, she is not a vagrant." Yet, that brush with death allowed me to clandestinely make my police report asking for the investigation of the malevolent man in blue on the patio of my 24-hour convenience store the previous night . It takes days for deep tissue bruises to show up, and I was convinced it was him.

The overcast skies and my waking up in time to ask for an investigation of whom I thought was my most recent rapist (from my infamous morning and afternoon on the beach) might have been more scientific evidence for the reigning theory of "FEMA has been warned." I was sure the EPA was keeping track.

Just after 11am, I had relocated to my fountain, and at 12noon, I tried to watch my middle-aged men. Sadly, Obama's Cyberterrorists would not let my friends stream through my iPad. I was also hoping to receive an overdue update on the Global Hostage Crisis due to LightFoot's abduction and potential torture.

While on peaceful protest in the quickly-redeeming-itself Starbucks of Doom for Humanity, an obvious enemy of America sat across from me. At 2:08pm, I turned her in as well as two more obviously irrationally hostile "fat, ugly White bitches" at 3:39pm. Why is it always THAT demographic?

My not-human-trafficker nerds, yes, please circulate a verified and barely-edited recording of all of the ugly White women I had to turn in that afternoon for perjuring, lying, and propagating calumnies. And, thank you.

This blog post was published at 5:45pm on 11Mar2015.

My beautiful world, I answered most of your questions for me through the overnight into the morning of 11Mar2015 through my Twitter account. My greatest concerns right now are...

1) My darlings Tentacle. My beautiful world, we need REAL action to make them safe and keep them alive until Obama's "egg" finally ends, and Obama keep escalating his "egg." Please give them removable-by-hand earpieces after removing their earspeakers completely and let me keep them right by my side.

Days like 10Mar into 11Mar2015, I really need my loved ones around to keep me calm and centered. It was rumored that the International Space Station saw my pain inside this unsurvivable "egg" from space, pain that having my darlings Tentacle beside me would have soothed.

They will be safest, and I will be safest where I can see them while they cannot be mind-controlled. If they cannot be right by my side, please send them the safest place you can provide on this planet. I understand that last Saturday night might have been the last time I would ever see them until Obama's "egg" finally ends.

2) Secured power outlets with secured wifi. If I do not have enough juice in my iPad battery to use my iPad safely online 24/7, I have no way to protect us all. Do you have any idea what might happen to America if you all lose me to a literal torture facility at last to die in? Do you have any idea what will happen to the world? And you all lose me from the world FOREVER if even the slightest crime against me of a fictional "vagrancy" ticket ever gets leveled against me.

My beautiful world, without secured power outlets with secured wifi for me 24/7, not only would I have no way to scream for help, but I would also have no way to communicate with all of you, my beautiful world, when you need my help. It is an understatement to say that I NEED TO BE ABLE TO DO MY JOB, especially in times of emergency.

3) Food. So far, my loving locals have been showing up to feed me and to caffeinate me whenever possible. Please send me as many friends as possible in here to keep sending me as much food and hydration as possible wherever I go.

Obama openly forbids me ANY AND ALL MONEY only to be able to assassinate me. And ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa so deeply despise all of the good I do in this world for real that they enforce it; even though, this world will not function at all right now if I cannot do my REAL job.

4) Complete safety while I sleep. My local police chief, I was told though never confirmed, started watching over me himself while I slept ever since the debacle on the beach.

Now, Proven Enemy of America Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder has abused his powers to take him away from me. So, because of Holder, the world is at risk of losing me forever or worse, my being raped again, while I sleep. Please, my beautiful world, find me bodyguards to watch me while I sleep. I recommend my darlings Tentacle.

5) Ending this "egg" permanently. Please, my beautiful world, where are you? Why are you not helping all of us in here? Why does no one listen to me when I scream for help? Why are you still allowing Obama to escalate? PLEASE HELP US!

My selfless saturation of protection, you need your earspeakers removed. I see you all over the place, but you are rarely if ever around when I need the protection most. Please force Obama's proven enemies of America to stop clearing you all away from the area around where I sleep. They are refusing me protection while I sleep by not allowing my loving and adoring public, etc. to watch over me any longer. Thank you!

Bogart, my symbolic lover whom I am forbidden from ever sleeping with anyway, I have been keeping you so very busy. So much is happening in here. Please tell me everything you need from me to help you deliver every horrible truth of Warzone Los Angeles to the entire world. And thank you. With all my heart, thank you.

My BFF SynSyn and all of my beautiful and genius Powers of Attorney, make sure you get a copy of my clandestine police report from 10:32am on 11Mar2015 from my not-human-trafficker nerds.

I was told, though not confirmed, that when interviewed, my rapist whom I just turned in said he wanted to keep attacking me that violently in my sleep and more often. Minutes later, I was told my local police chief whom I was told, though not confirmed, was watching over me himself while I slept to protect me from Obama-sent rapists who attacked me in ABSOLUTELY EVIL Iowa, in proven War Criminal Gables, in EVERY literal torture facility, etc. was forced to resign by proven enemy of America Me-Love-You-Long-Time Holder.

Please, my genius Powers of Attorney, do everything you need to do with this information. Please call Prime Minister David Cameron; he might have been the one who sent me the message. It was unclear who said it to me. And, thank you!

Also, if we need to get an ankle monitor on Proven Criminally Insane War Criminal Stephanie to enforce our restraining order against her to finally prevent her from aiding and abetting her unrelenting proven war crimes against me that she always covers up with new lies and new crimes and new demonizations of even more brave innocent heroes than just me, do it! And hurry!

Finally, at 10:59pm on 10Mar2015: #SquidsPoA, rumor has it the Iowa statehouse passed legislation to persecute my loved ones with hate crimes, false charges, war crimes, etc. I have no idea if it is true. Please look into it.

We need extra vigilant protection for all of us. Can my REAL home of California take action to protect us all from IOWA here? I would greatly appreciate it.

Please speak with my darling Mr. Bryan "Bogart" Eno while he is in DC. @SenFeinstein @DarrellIssa @JerryBrownGov Thx! Would any ambassadors like to speak to my symbolic lover, too?

As for you, LightFoot, my symbolic royal consort whom I am forbidden from speaking to least of all making love to anyway, at the time of my finishing this blog post, I have no idea where you are nor if you are safe.

I was told at approximately 3am on 11Mar2015, darling, that you were abducted and locked into a literal torture facility. I notified the world of the GLOBAL HOSTAGE CRISIS situation as fast as possible. No one has told me if you are safe yet. I will keep checking regularly.

Once we are all no longer under constant threat of assassination, torture, rape, attack, and slavery from Barack Obama, I plan on showing you what more than words can do.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for evacuating to our villa in France like I asked. You see what I am like when LightFoot, Manned Up, and General Lee get threatened. What would happen to this Earth of more harm befell you?

Beloved, please also evacuate everyone else there that we need to keep safe. My selfless support system keeps showing up in here, but their earspeakers keep them so deranged they can barely help me at all.

Darling, please make everyone watch the recording of me on the patio in the wee hours of the morning on 11Mar2015. Did you hear what they were saying before and while I was getting up to leave? That is the deep-rooted malevolence of all of Obama's enemies of America.

HoneyHoney, I have no time nor ability for romantic passages of your hands slowly tracing the seam of my hourglassed dress slowly around my waist, finger by finger, before my lightening heart can press against the empty space left in your own chest that was left after you gave your own heart to me as I press my far too pouty lips against your own speakers-of-love... silencing both of our screaming at last.

So, until I can finally write you another letter of undying love and devotion, please cling to my straggling words at the end of every blog post. It has just been too busy in here. I WILL touch you, at last, the way the flowers kiss the rain...

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