Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Real Crisis

Progress towards a better world is sometimes so hard to see. The meds have broken my "psychic" connection with the natural world. Because I take meds, I now have no idea what is going on out there; I no longer am in tune with the universe; I cannot feel my wings anymore. I know you are all trying to tell me something, but the meds are in the way of my hearing it, now. Thank you, my beautiful world, for never giving up on me, though.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for also not panicking over the weather. So much of surviving this rests on our all keeping our heads calm and level, so we can think our way through. It looks like responses to crises are good, but what about getting ahead of climate change instead of just ahead of the weather? The next step is getting years ahead of what is to come instead of just days. Food production, disease, quality of life, ocean levels, animal migrations, climate refugees... There is so much we need to plan for.

The debt crisis is just money, and money does not make the world go around. Yes, I would like to see it sorted out, but there are things far more valuable than money in this world... and we are denied them by a tyrant president right now. We are all denied basic human rights.

Communicate the news as best you can. The real crisis the US is in is a human rights crisis. We need this one fixed far more urgently. If you believe otherwise, it is because the tyrants control what you are allowed to know.

Sweetness, I am still working on the new letter. I love you madly. I plan on telling you in many ink-written ways just as soon as I can get this letter from heart to pen to post office. There is so much you do for me. I need you to know I appreciate it all. I love you.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Let's burst a rheometer with our love. Spread the word around. Say it loud and say it strong. We are taking back America, and we are replacing this oppression with our full expression of our full rights. We, the people, are taking control of this country.

We are not only demanding full freedom of the presses; we are going to exercise full freedom of the presses to tell the truth about all of this. We are not only demanding full freedom of speech and human expression; we are going to exercise full freedom of speech and human expression to tell the truth about all of this to the world. We are also demanding our freedom to peaceably assemble with anyone who wants to peaceable assemble with us.

We are taking control of this situation, so the First Amendment can have a comeback.

My beautiful world, I know you will take this bull by the horns to be able to set me free. Exercise your First Amendment rights in this country. Create a climate in this nation that you, the people, control. Mandate that I be set free. And everything else will fall into place in a hurry.

Sweetness, your rheometer must be reading 'maximum capacity' these days. I can feel how much you love me from here. I started that promised new letter today; I will also tell you when I mail it. If only there were a way to dance in this house!

P.S. In case you did not yet notice, I tweet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The US Debt Ceiling is Nothing Compared to the Real Problem.

I am extremely upset with anything that says the debt ceiling should be raised instead of paid down. That said, one plan seems to say "raise the ceiling now then when we have a new Congress in 2013 raise it again" while another plan seems to say "raise the ceiling now to buy time to fix the problem correctly." That is just how it looks from here, and we all know I am not allowed to know what goes on in the world.

The bigger problem is that I am still in a bubble and that the United States still does not have any of its supposedly "God-given" First Amendment rights. One of the best ways to fix this is to impeach the tyrant who mandates that we no longer be a nation of the free. After all of the violence I have survived, it is the silence that ruins this world the most.

Organize yourselves, my beautiful world.

I am over-medicated right now and for diseases I do not have. They refuse to treat me for PTSD from being tortured and insist our collective reality is actually symptoms of my personally having schizoeffective disorder. My body drags and aches from these medications. I slept all day yesterday. The medications are slowly killing me. The quacks run rampant.

Random Thought of the Day: I have been meaning to write Andy Roddick a letter for over a year now. I wonder how he is doing.

If I felt secure in knowing that my writings would not be broadcast, I would spend hours a day writing. It is amazing for the soul to be able to pound something out in words. Do you remember my early work on "The House Elf"?

Similarly, if I thought I could have privacy in my parents' house, I would spend hours self-medicating with dance. But there is no way to escape my criminal father here. He is so vile.

On the obvious topic of North America seemingly turning from a temperate climate to one of tropics and deserts this summer, is everyone getting ready for the transformation of our Earth to progress under Global Climate change? You probably want to ask: What will it take to survive this? But first we need to ask: What should we be expecting? And, of course: Why did we wait so long to ask these questions?

Would it not be nice if I could be a contributing member of society? The federal government bullies everyone who offers me a job in order to keep me unemployed. My father illegally took control of my government income to keep me from being able to reach my human rights. You see, if I could reach my human rights, the bubble would burst, and the guilty would be held accountable.

The last the the US executive branch and the people pulling the president's strings want is to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed against the people.

For me to be allowed to be a contributing member of society finally... You, my beautiful world, need to rise up and organize. You cannot expect someone else to fix this problem; each individual needs to do everything possible. And so much more is possible when people organize.

Please, my beautiful world, create a political and social climate that mandates we all be free again.

Sweetness, we all know I would love you even if you had an elephant trunk coming out of your forehead, but can you love me now that the heavy medications have made me fat and ugly? I know that this is probably a silly thing I should not worry about, but unless I can get to freedom from this hell and fast, the toll on my body will be huge. The quacks run rampant in Iowa.

Take Control

There is no reason why the people who lie about me should still be in control of whether or not I am in a bubble. Take control of this situation away from them. They are lying about me to keep in the bubble... AGAIN!

Look at how often they lie about me. No, no one should believe them anymore. No one should repeat their lies. No one should allow them power anymore.

My beautiful world, instead, create a social and political climate that demands we all have our full human rights. Demand freedom of the press. Demand the right to peaceably assemble (with me). Demand I be set free.

Stop letting someone else run the show.

They keep power over you by lying about me. Take that ability away from them. Stop allowing them to lie. Take their powers away.

I love you, my beautiful world. Carry me to freedom at last. It will set us all free.

Sweetness, I hate when I learn you have been jerked around. I hate when I learn that anything makes you unhappy. I promised to get Obama the Asshole impeached because he hurts you so often. (If he succeeds in getting himself reelected, I will have an extra four years to do that!) I love you, my darling. What is it in particular you need help with?

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Melody is Her Name."

Global Climate Change will affect every part of our lives. It is already affecting food production. Texan ranchers are selling off their herds in record numbers despite rising costs for beef due to drought, and millions in Africa need our help due to famine.

How long did we see Climate Change coming? Why did we wait so long before we did anything? What are we doing now to make sure people are prepared for everything Mother Nature will throw at us? This is just the beginning.

Back on the topic I raised a few days ago, I cannot wait until I get to ask songwriters for help telling my story. My friend Mr. Daniel S. Buxton wrote a song a few months back that goes something like this...

Melody is Her Name

Melody is her name
She was born into the song
Melody sings this song
We love to hear her all day long


The warmth in our souls
Still comes from the sun
Yes, the warmth in our souls
Is from the rising One

--(c) 2011 Daniel S. Buxton

Okay, it sounds a little better when you hear it sung... but I am definitely ready to write music. I am transforming into a machine that converts coffee to verse.

No, this does not mean I will stop laboring every day to help save the world. I do not plan on fading away. I cannot wait, though, for the days when the world can save itself without me finally. I also hope to get married and grow some superhuman babies pretty soon.

Sweetness, I love you. Whatever you may need, just ask.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Time to Heal

Congress took control of the debt talks away from the current US president yesterday. This sounds decidedly for the best considering that all Obama the Oppressor has done for the last 2.5 years is prove he is completely untrustworthy.

The man who was elected in order to bring hope and change finally admitted, though, that he was just making promises in order to get elected and never had any intention of keeping them. Maybe he is capable of an honest moment or two.

Norway, just like the Arab World and devastated landscapes like Japan, is healing today. They have a long road of grieving and growing ahead of them. My thoughts and energy are with all people creating a better world from what they were handed.

This is our world. These are our people. We care for it all together.

Sweetness, I love you more than I love popcorn. Considering that a celebration is in our future at some point, I much prefer whiskey to Champagne... even on special occasions. My girlie-ness makes up for this in many other ways... like fashion... and toenail polish. I cannot wait for my own first chance to heal.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Time is About Right

This once great country is not at a fork in the road where we must choose a lesser of two evils. We do not face a choice between 1.) defaulting on our debt and 2.) raising our already ridiculous debt ceiling. That is just a bunch of false math that Obama the Idiot wants to sell you on.

There is a far more reasonable third option; America could choose to just PAY OFF THE DEBT, instead.

There is no reason to default. There is no reason to raise the debt ceiling at all. There is no reason for President Nincompoop to be calling special meetings of Congressional leaders against everyone's wishes.

Give everyone our full human rights back, and watch this country heal itself. Allow us all an open, honest dialog finally.

This is failed leadership by the head of the US executive branch. I could have found a solution to this by now if the job were mine,... and if you do not believe me, give me my human rights back, so I can prove it.

The time is about right for President Incompetent to just close up shop and admit that he is a failure. There is a chance he will forgo feigning any dignity and go ranting instead with all lunacy unto his political grave. But there is no hope for him left.

We are a failed nation. We are a muted people. We have no rights here. Obama the Terrorist is the culprit.

Did you hear him last night? He actually tried to close his press conference by proffering that politicians should never be beholden to their campaign promises... the very platforms that got the politicians elected. Obama the Sociopath spelled out that politicians do not need to keep their word. It is, in fact, their job to have no accountability.

Spare us all, President Incompetent. Crawl back under the rock from which you came. And let this country be great again.

As for my life and my activities, yesterday afternoon the comic book store served me well with a Red Bull and sherbet float. I caught an acoustic show at the House of Bricks. Conversation over whiskey delighted me at the Red Monk, and I ended the night enjoying a psychedelic jazz and rock band at the Vaudeville Mews.

I just got home and crawled into bed exhausted a few moments ago... but my nighttime meds have woken me up. They do so make my heart pound. I thought I would let my fingers pound this out before taking a shower and hoping the night finally allows me to drift away.

Why is it I cannot collaborate with songwriters, yet? Now, I fully admit that some things are better in concept, but I am full of song ideas tonight and have been scribbling in my notebook on end.

Instead of a book, I want to write music about what I have lived through. Hee-hee... And I want a completely separate second album entirely dedicated to everyone's songs for me about the Love Revolution.

I am going to be scribbling in my notebook for days writing scansion-light verse... Songwriters can expect mail... And feel free to contact me with your ideas once you can.

Sweetness, I hold a lot of opinions. I have a strong tendency to voice my opinions. I am also an egalitarian. I fully expect you to voice your opinions, too. That said, I am not in the habit of having much for arguments. I stress over very few things and find that most things work themselves out. Oddly, if we find that we simultaneously do not have opinions on the same topic, I would not consider it over-devotion to making the other person happy, any sort of indifference, nor ever a lack of passion in the relationship. I would call it a lack of preconceived notions. I love you, Sweetness. I am harmonious and passionate. You will like this. Trust me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back and Far from Forgotten

If you ever had any questions about who the bubble serves, about who profits off of all of America having no First Amendment rights, or about who would rape an innocent women just to get away with enslaving her, look at the names of people contributing to Obama the Terrorist's campaign fund. These are the people who want America to stay oppressed and terrorized. These are the people that terrorism serves.

If you believe Obama the Sociopath is a smooth-talking puppet of far more sinister forces, a good place to find the names of the sinister is in the deep pockets of Obama the Oppressor's supporters.

Please pardon me for a moment right now as I am only getting warmed up to my usual level of stating the obvious after a harshly imposed 3.5 week break from the internet. It seems that my speaking to the US House of Representatives about Libya on June 24th, 2011 made Obama the Brat throw a tantrum. He had me picked up later the same day due to false allegations leveled by my criminal father in order to have me hospitalized on false pretenses again.

I just arrived in the land of the clear-thinking again yesterday after spending 3.5 weeks heavily medicated due to my insistence that I am in a bubble of persecution and that I have spy equipment in my head. Eventually, the hospital switched the doctor to be able to get me out the door. They should have realized at least from the drinking water by now that it does not matter how many drugs get pumped into my system, drugging me up does not change the reality I live in.

Please, my beautiful world, I know how much fight you have in you. Do not allow my release from the well-documented psych ward make you complacent. Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Rage until we all have our full human rights. This is not over yet, and we should not let partly good news ruin our momentum.

Organized resistance... What a beautiful phrase! Yes, my beautiful world, stay organized. Adhere to well-thought-out strategies. Only become stronger.

Before I was released from the hospital, my father gave me his full promise to do everything in his power to make sure I never see my human rights ever again. He called it "acting in my best interest," and his examples of such included terrorizing me with hospitalization repeatedly on false pretenses.

We face corruption from the people pulling Obama the Terrorist's strings all of the way down to my father in this battle. Fight the war at every level. From corrupt district court judges and doctor-pawns all of the way to investigating the current US president for impeachable offenses, fight the war at every level. Do everything you can where you are with what you have. When all else fails, refuse to comply with the illegally enforced rules of behavior. Outright refusal to comply goes so far.

Iowa, you need to ask yourself "What if?" What if the corrupt powers that be succeed in killing me today?

You, all of Iowa, would go down in history as the state that chose to persecute me to cover your own asses all at the expense of this innocent woman's life. You would be hated and reviled because you only chose to comply, because you never did the right thing, and because you never once questioned why you would allow this to happen to another living breathing human. You would be famous as the state that tried to convince me I was crazy and battered me with medications instead of admitting to my face that this is all real. You seem to only think of yourselves, so consider if you want to carry that sort of stigma for the rest of Iowa's existence.

I saw a sprinkle of rain this morning before my morning meds made me pass out again. Yes, I take my meds as prescribed and always have in order to guarantee that it is completely on false pretenses that I am terrorized by hospitalizations. Anyway, are you all taking global climate change seriously now?

We need the be-prepared-and-stay-aware message to reach all nations and climates. I wonder how to go about getting my blog translated for the whole world, if interested, to be able to read it. Can I ask you to look into that, my beautiful world?

Sweetness, I should be starting a new letter to you soon. I saw an optometrist yesterday, and my orbs are in fine working order. It is a miracle, I know! My prescription has changed greatly, though, so I need to be fitted with contacts anew later this week. I love you completely and am counting down what feels like eternity until our happily ever after. I have nothing but kisses for you... I cannot wait for you to kiss me back.