Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back and Far from Forgotten

If you ever had any questions about who the bubble serves, about who profits off of all of America having no First Amendment rights, or about who would rape an innocent women just to get away with enslaving her, look at the names of people contributing to Obama the Terrorist's campaign fund. These are the people who want America to stay oppressed and terrorized. These are the people that terrorism serves.

If you believe Obama the Sociopath is a smooth-talking puppet of far more sinister forces, a good place to find the names of the sinister is in the deep pockets of Obama the Oppressor's supporters.

Please pardon me for a moment right now as I am only getting warmed up to my usual level of stating the obvious after a harshly imposed 3.5 week break from the internet. It seems that my speaking to the US House of Representatives about Libya on June 24th, 2011 made Obama the Brat throw a tantrum. He had me picked up later the same day due to false allegations leveled by my criminal father in order to have me hospitalized on false pretenses again.

I just arrived in the land of the clear-thinking again yesterday after spending 3.5 weeks heavily medicated due to my insistence that I am in a bubble of persecution and that I have spy equipment in my head. Eventually, the hospital switched the doctor to be able to get me out the door. They should have realized at least from the drinking water by now that it does not matter how many drugs get pumped into my system, drugging me up does not change the reality I live in.

Please, my beautiful world, I know how much fight you have in you. Do not allow my release from the well-documented psych ward make you complacent. Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Rage until we all have our full human rights. This is not over yet, and we should not let partly good news ruin our momentum.

Organized resistance... What a beautiful phrase! Yes, my beautiful world, stay organized. Adhere to well-thought-out strategies. Only become stronger.

Before I was released from the hospital, my father gave me his full promise to do everything in his power to make sure I never see my human rights ever again. He called it "acting in my best interest," and his examples of such included terrorizing me with hospitalization repeatedly on false pretenses.

We face corruption from the people pulling Obama the Terrorist's strings all of the way down to my father in this battle. Fight the war at every level. From corrupt district court judges and doctor-pawns all of the way to investigating the current US president for impeachable offenses, fight the war at every level. Do everything you can where you are with what you have. When all else fails, refuse to comply with the illegally enforced rules of behavior. Outright refusal to comply goes so far.

Iowa, you need to ask yourself "What if?" What if the corrupt powers that be succeed in killing me today?

You, all of Iowa, would go down in history as the state that chose to persecute me to cover your own asses all at the expense of this innocent woman's life. You would be hated and reviled because you only chose to comply, because you never did the right thing, and because you never once questioned why you would allow this to happen to another living breathing human. You would be famous as the state that tried to convince me I was crazy and battered me with medications instead of admitting to my face that this is all real. You seem to only think of yourselves, so consider if you want to carry that sort of stigma for the rest of Iowa's existence.

I saw a sprinkle of rain this morning before my morning meds made me pass out again. Yes, I take my meds as prescribed and always have in order to guarantee that it is completely on false pretenses that I am terrorized by hospitalizations. Anyway, are you all taking global climate change seriously now?

We need the be-prepared-and-stay-aware message to reach all nations and climates. I wonder how to go about getting my blog translated for the whole world, if interested, to be able to read it. Can I ask you to look into that, my beautiful world?

Sweetness, I should be starting a new letter to you soon. I saw an optometrist yesterday, and my orbs are in fine working order. It is a miracle, I know! My prescription has changed greatly, though, so I need to be fitted with contacts anew later this week. I love you completely and am counting down what feels like eternity until our happily ever after. I have nothing but kisses for you... I cannot wait for you to kiss me back.

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