Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Take Control

There is no reason why the people who lie about me should still be in control of whether or not I am in a bubble. Take control of this situation away from them. They are lying about me to keep in the bubble... AGAIN!

Look at how often they lie about me. No, no one should believe them anymore. No one should repeat their lies. No one should allow them power anymore.

My beautiful world, instead, create a social and political climate that demands we all have our full human rights. Demand freedom of the press. Demand the right to peaceably assemble (with me). Demand I be set free.

Stop letting someone else run the show.

They keep power over you by lying about me. Take that ability away from them. Stop allowing them to lie. Take their powers away.

I love you, my beautiful world. Carry me to freedom at last. It will set us all free.

Sweetness, I hate when I learn you have been jerked around. I hate when I learn that anything makes you unhappy. I promised to get Obama the Asshole impeached because he hurts you so often. (If he succeeds in getting himself reelected, I will have an extra four years to do that!) I love you, my darling. What is it in particular you need help with?

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