Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The US Debt Ceiling is Nothing Compared to the Real Problem.

I am extremely upset with anything that says the debt ceiling should be raised instead of paid down. That said, one plan seems to say "raise the ceiling now then when we have a new Congress in 2013 raise it again" while another plan seems to say "raise the ceiling now to buy time to fix the problem correctly." That is just how it looks from here, and we all know I am not allowed to know what goes on in the world.

The bigger problem is that I am still in a bubble and that the United States still does not have any of its supposedly "God-given" First Amendment rights. One of the best ways to fix this is to impeach the tyrant who mandates that we no longer be a nation of the free. After all of the violence I have survived, it is the silence that ruins this world the most.

Organize yourselves, my beautiful world.

I am over-medicated right now and for diseases I do not have. They refuse to treat me for PTSD from being tortured and insist our collective reality is actually symptoms of my personally having schizoeffective disorder. My body drags and aches from these medications. I slept all day yesterday. The medications are slowly killing me. The quacks run rampant.

Random Thought of the Day: I have been meaning to write Andy Roddick a letter for over a year now. I wonder how he is doing.

If I felt secure in knowing that my writings would not be broadcast, I would spend hours a day writing. It is amazing for the soul to be able to pound something out in words. Do you remember my early work on "The House Elf"?

Similarly, if I thought I could have privacy in my parents' house, I would spend hours self-medicating with dance. But there is no way to escape my criminal father here. He is so vile.

On the obvious topic of North America seemingly turning from a temperate climate to one of tropics and deserts this summer, is everyone getting ready for the transformation of our Earth to progress under Global Climate change? You probably want to ask: What will it take to survive this? But first we need to ask: What should we be expecting? And, of course: Why did we wait so long to ask these questions?

Would it not be nice if I could be a contributing member of society? The federal government bullies everyone who offers me a job in order to keep me unemployed. My father illegally took control of my government income to keep me from being able to reach my human rights. You see, if I could reach my human rights, the bubble would burst, and the guilty would be held accountable.

The last the the US executive branch and the people pulling the president's strings want is to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed against the people.

For me to be allowed to be a contributing member of society finally... You, my beautiful world, need to rise up and organize. You cannot expect someone else to fix this problem; each individual needs to do everything possible. And so much more is possible when people organize.

Please, my beautiful world, create a political and social climate that mandates we all be free again.

Sweetness, we all know I would love you even if you had an elephant trunk coming out of your forehead, but can you love me now that the heavy medications have made me fat and ugly? I know that this is probably a silly thing I should not worry about, but unless I can get to freedom from this hell and fast, the toll on my body will be huge. The quacks run rampant in Iowa.

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