Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Time is About Right

This once great country is not at a fork in the road where we must choose a lesser of two evils. We do not face a choice between 1.) defaulting on our debt and 2.) raising our already ridiculous debt ceiling. That is just a bunch of false math that Obama the Idiot wants to sell you on.

There is a far more reasonable third option; America could choose to just PAY OFF THE DEBT, instead.

There is no reason to default. There is no reason to raise the debt ceiling at all. There is no reason for President Nincompoop to be calling special meetings of Congressional leaders against everyone's wishes.

Give everyone our full human rights back, and watch this country heal itself. Allow us all an open, honest dialog finally.

This is failed leadership by the head of the US executive branch. I could have found a solution to this by now if the job were mine,... and if you do not believe me, give me my human rights back, so I can prove it.

The time is about right for President Incompetent to just close up shop and admit that he is a failure. There is a chance he will forgo feigning any dignity and go ranting instead with all lunacy unto his political grave. But there is no hope for him left.

We are a failed nation. We are a muted people. We have no rights here. Obama the Terrorist is the culprit.

Did you hear him last night? He actually tried to close his press conference by proffering that politicians should never be beholden to their campaign promises... the very platforms that got the politicians elected. Obama the Sociopath spelled out that politicians do not need to keep their word. It is, in fact, their job to have no accountability.

Spare us all, President Incompetent. Crawl back under the rock from which you came. And let this country be great again.

As for my life and my activities, yesterday afternoon the comic book store served me well with a Red Bull and sherbet float. I caught an acoustic show at the House of Bricks. Conversation over whiskey delighted me at the Red Monk, and I ended the night enjoying a psychedelic jazz and rock band at the Vaudeville Mews.

I just got home and crawled into bed exhausted a few moments ago... but my nighttime meds have woken me up. They do so make my heart pound. I thought I would let my fingers pound this out before taking a shower and hoping the night finally allows me to drift away.

Why is it I cannot collaborate with songwriters, yet? Now, I fully admit that some things are better in concept, but I am full of song ideas tonight and have been scribbling in my notebook on end.

Instead of a book, I want to write music about what I have lived through. Hee-hee... And I want a completely separate second album entirely dedicated to everyone's songs for me about the Love Revolution.

I am going to be scribbling in my notebook for days writing scansion-light verse... Songwriters can expect mail... And feel free to contact me with your ideas once you can.

Sweetness, I hold a lot of opinions. I have a strong tendency to voice my opinions. I am also an egalitarian. I fully expect you to voice your opinions, too. That said, I am not in the habit of having much for arguments. I stress over very few things and find that most things work themselves out. Oddly, if we find that we simultaneously do not have opinions on the same topic, I would not consider it over-devotion to making the other person happy, any sort of indifference, nor ever a lack of passion in the relationship. I would call it a lack of preconceived notions. I love you, Sweetness. I am harmonious and passionate. You will like this. Trust me.

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