Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Real Crisis

Progress towards a better world is sometimes so hard to see. The meds have broken my "psychic" connection with the natural world. Because I take meds, I now have no idea what is going on out there; I no longer am in tune with the universe; I cannot feel my wings anymore. I know you are all trying to tell me something, but the meds are in the way of my hearing it, now. Thank you, my beautiful world, for never giving up on me, though.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for also not panicking over the weather. So much of surviving this rests on our all keeping our heads calm and level, so we can think our way through. It looks like responses to crises are good, but what about getting ahead of climate change instead of just ahead of the weather? The next step is getting years ahead of what is to come instead of just days. Food production, disease, quality of life, ocean levels, animal migrations, climate refugees... There is so much we need to plan for.

The debt crisis is just money, and money does not make the world go around. Yes, I would like to see it sorted out, but there are things far more valuable than money in this world... and we are denied them by a tyrant president right now. We are all denied basic human rights.

Communicate the news as best you can. The real crisis the US is in is a human rights crisis. We need this one fixed far more urgently. If you believe otherwise, it is because the tyrants control what you are allowed to know.

Sweetness, I am still working on the new letter. I love you madly. I plan on telling you in many ink-written ways just as soon as I can get this letter from heart to pen to post office. There is so much you do for me. I need you to know I appreciate it all. I love you.

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