Monday, August 1, 2011

100 Years Ago

Approximately 100 years ago, Joyce, Picasso, Stravinsky, and Einstein were bringing intellectual revolution fast and hard upon our society. What are we bringing the world now? What are our revolutions of today?

On a more geographically confined topic: With the debt crisis averted and human rights still on hold, what is America allowed to care about next? We all know, my beautiful world, that the United States is supposed to be fighting to make itself a free nation again, but does anyone give a damn? Here in Iowa, people seem just fine and dandy being brainwashed zombies.

This weekend just when I thought Iowa had finally warmed up to the idea of my being out among them, I was asked my name by a salesclerk actually hoping to make a sale off me. When will Iowa get it through its head that feigning not to know who I am is a deep, unforgivable insult? Yes, doing what Obama the Sociopath wants will make me hate you. Defy him and I will love you forever. (Yes, this multi-year experience of hell has taught me how to hate.)

Okay, the baristas I see every day could possibly make up for it all; they are such sweethearts. But they are the gems in the wilderness around here... the diamonds in the rough, if you will. Coffee never tasted so sweet.

And for the record, harboring jealousy for a slave and torture victim forced against her will to live in a state that chooses to persecute her instead of fight for her proves that the jealous idiot is an ass... It is not the other way around, Chris. And I used to like the Continental.

"...Einstein was considered good looking and sensuous in his youth..." --Time Magazine

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter today. You can expect the typical three-day delivery time. I wish I had better news. I am nothing but emptiness, longing, and heartache these days. Someday I will have more than words to give you... someday.

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