Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Light Reading for You

I had intentions today to write a light and happy blog post. I was going to talk about my friends' punk band named S.E.R.F. that played Saturday night and about how I just bought a Train and Maroon 5 ticket for the Iowa State Fair. Sadly, I read my mail today before I could write such a happy blog post. Here is some light reading for you... (Just click on the thumbnails to make them readable.)

Yesterday while he was verbally abusing me again, I learned that my father has been making doctor's appointments for me with doctors other than the ones I see and not telling me about them. He is also still clearly perjuring himself. He is still lying and claiming that I do not take my meds, which I take faithfully. This tyrant needs to be stopped.

These documents were sent to the Polk County probate court... the court that granted him adult guardianship over me in the first place a year ago. This is a different court than the one he used to have me committed. Clearly, he would rather have me institutionalized.

Yes, I need your help. Please do everything you can think of. We are on a short time line, my beautiful world. Take action.

I am panicking. My beautiful world, I need a rescue, and I need it fast. I have faith you will save me, but I cannot help but panic right now.

My father is still running rampant doing evil in the world. He needs to be stopped.

Sweetness, I am panicking. I can think of nothing else I can do to save myself than beg and plead for help. I am sending you mail today. My mind is such a mess today. I love you. Please make sure the whole world helps you.

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