Sunday, August 14, 2011

Think Big. Do Big.

By my father's own admission, he does not allow me enough of my money to live on to make sure I cannot hire a lawyer to hold him accountable for not giving me enough of my own money to live on. If my father were sane, intelligent, or even slightly morally good, he would just cease committing all of the crimes he has made a pattern of committing against me instead of propagating them thinking it will save him.

Evil begets evil, dad, and you have been sowing the seeds of evil for well over a year now. Evil will get you in the end.

We need to stop my father from being able to hurt me anymore. Do everything you can, my beautiful world. Think big, and take him down like the hot-air-blowing blimp he is. Please, save me from my father.

Now, as for things in the news... The US courts seem split over the health care Obamination.

As I have said a million times, everybody wants to have health insurance. The only thing that stops people from obtaining health insurance is its prohibitive cost. If you want the entire country to have health coverage, all you have to do is make coverage affordable. That last thing you should do is make it illegal to be too poor to afford it. That solves nothing.

There are mixed opinions on whether or not the health care Obamination affects the economy, but I know for sure that there is only one thing that can bring a country out of a recession-- confidence in the nation and the economy. It is the people who turn an economy around. And the people need confidence to do it, and that confidence comes from leadership.

But have you seen what America's leadership looks like these days? Obama my Slaver's approval rating is through the floor right now because he would rather shift blame and campaign for re-election than lead this once great nation. The United States of America needs a leader. But all we have is President Incompetent who enforces the entire nation give up our First Amendment rights rather than be a free and prosperous nation.

My beautiful country, you need to think big if you want to save America. You have to think bigger than the president. We have to create a social and political climate that mandates the president set us all free again. We have to go over Obama the Oppressor's head to the people of America to end all of this oppression. Once we are all free people again, we will have confidence, and turning this economy around will be easy.

My beautiful world, we have to think big and act big. We have to do big things right now. We have to act on an epic scale in order to get me to my freedom and human rights.

Yes, my beautiful world, take the initiative and act grandly. We all know my Sweetness is leading the charge to rescue me, but he needs all of you out doing everything you can in order to make this happen. Think big. Do big. And thank you, my beautiful world. I know you will rescue me.

Sweetness, are you getting the help you need? I am doing everything I can think of. You should not have to do this alone. Yes, I have been trying to cheer myself up lately by seeing a lot of live music. All you need to do is bring the rescue. Let me worry about bearing all of this misery until the rescue comes. I love you. That alone is enough to keep me waking up every day.

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