Thursday, August 25, 2011

Be Responsible.

This is a time for everyone to be responsible. The new Libyan government that is about to emerge needs to choose its influences responsibly just as the world must be responsible in how it deals with the successful rebels. We all want a strong, fair, stable government in Libya. Please be very responsible, all of you, with what you do next.

Here in the States, be very responsible preparing for Hurricane Irene. Be prepared for the worst that could hit your area. Get yourself and your loved ones to safety. Help each other, and keep each other safe. Evacuate if recommended. Stock up on supplies... Follow the advice from the experts and officials. Also, move your travel plans so that you do not go to nor through the East Coast for a few weeks. I hear California is lovely right about now.

Assuming DC survives the weekend, be responsible, America, when considering and questioning 2012 candidates. George W. Bush was evil. Obama the Human Trafficker is the sociopath who sold himself as the supposed hope and change that would save us from that evil but who proved to be nothing but another form of evil himself. This time, America, take great care to choose a strong and gentle leader who can heal a broken nation. Ask the right questions. Make the right demands. And of course, be politically active. Show an interest. Turn this country into what you want it to be.

And finally, be very responsible, my beautiful world, with what you choose to do concerning me. Do not choose to let someone else do the work of rescuing me. Take responsibility and take some initiative, my beautiful world. Organize. Have a master plan. Make contingency plans. Come rescue me.

I am too responsible to allow myself to be persecuted any longer than I can help it. Too many people need me to be free. That is why I always ask for help. I know I need help to get a rescue.

Please, my beautiful world, come get me.

Sweetness, I hope my poem yesterday was not too much love all at once for you. I had a Byron moment, and that is how it manifested. I have so much to give this world. I just need a chance. I know you are leading the charge to rescue me. I know how much I can count on you. Assuming it is soon, I hope we are going West. The East Coast looks like a no-travel-zone for the next few weeks.

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