Monday, August 15, 2011

The News was Inspiring.

Obama the Slave Driver is out campaigning instead of doing his real job and leading the nation. Exercise your freedom of speech. Spite him by exercising your right to peaceably assemble and associate. Show up at his appearances to protest and heckle. Out-voice his sycophants and force President Incompetent to confront America's true opinion of him.

Yes, my beautiful world, stand up and stand proud. Organize and act... the bigger the better. Take control of this nation away from the corrupt. Peaceful protest is so powerful it clearly makes them scared.

Justice comes in so many forms. But it will not come at all unless the people demand it. This is no time to take supposedly "God-given" rights for granted. We actually have to organize and act if we want to see justice in today's world.

Human rights are the beginning of civilized society. It is only after mutual respect for each other as living creatures with rights and liberties is established that our society can blossom and flourish. Without the basic human rights guaranteed by the Amendments to the US Constitution, we cannot be a prosperous nation.

My beautiful world, I know you listen to me. I know you are planning a way to get around Obama the Oppressor to rescue me. Do not forget to think as big as possible to be able to do this. You know what sort of enemies I have, and you know you need to keep yourselves in large enough number to ensure your own safety and influence. Thank you, my beautiful world, thank you.

Sweetness, I started you a new letter today. Let us pray I am in your arms before this next letter is. No, that does not mean I will slow down my writing of it.

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