Saturday, August 20, 2011

Are you Standing up Against the Oppression, Yet?

I owe Train and Maroon 5 a huge THANK YOU for the show they put on last night at the fair. I had no idea you guys could rock so hard... nor that both of your voices are naturally so high. It was a damn good show. Thank you. It felt damn good to get my dance on.

In sad news, my father is again no longer allowing me any of my own money. For the last month, most likely out of guilt for his actions, he actually allowed me enough of my own money to go out, drink coffee, listen to music, and buy necessities. Now, he has returned to allowing me NONE of my own funds for ANYTHING. At least I could buy some underwear for the first time in six months last month. I finally have more than just one bra now.

Do we see an end to the oppressive reign of Obama the Tyrant, yet? I cannot believe they are not impeaching him yet over his policies concerning me. Obama the Terrorist is the one enforcing that I have no human rights. He is the one taking away all of America's First Amendment rights.

How did he sell it to the public to get away with it? Why does the public allow it to continue? Iowa is like a mass of brainwashed zombies doing everything they are told instead of thinking for themselves. I was just at the Iowa State Fair last night, and not one person acknowledged me.

Iowa, WAKE UP! It is the federal government that OPPRESSES you! They do NOT protect you! They do NOT protect me! They take away all of our rights for no reason but to get away with the wrongs they already committed. If we have no rights, what could they possibly be protecting?

If you do not have the freedom to approach me on the street and tell me your honest opinion of me, good or bad, you are oppressed.

Iowa, you need to fight for your rights and freedoms. Have you seen the flag of the state of Iowa lately? Are you truly maintaining your rights and liberties? No, you are not. When was the last time you can remember having full freedom of the press in Des Moines? You need to stand up and make yourselves free.

I can see it in your eyes, Iowa. You want to be able to say you are good people. You want to be able to say you do the right thing. But you are why I am persecuted. Look at your courts. Look at my father running rampant and free to hurt me. Look at how the public ignores me when I am out among them.

If you truly are a people that does the right thing, you will pick me up and deliver me to my waiting Sweetness to be loved at last. You will not expect someone else to do a job that is yours. You will accept your responsibility. You will treat me with the respect I am due. And, you will set me free.

Come now, Iowa, we know you want to. Let nothing stop you from doing what is right in this world.

Sweetness, I feel so loved these days. You do such an amazing job of making me feel loved. When my psychic connection with the universe went away from my taking my new meds, I thought I would never feel your heart beating next to mine again. Now I know that it will soon be a real heartbeat next to my body that I feel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, my love.

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