Friday, August 12, 2011

Take a Good Long Look

Do you recall how many times I warned you all that the corrupt powers that torture and enslave me just want to create chaos and ruin in the world in order to profit off it?

Now, take a good long look at the world. Take a good long look at Europe. Look at the UK's riots and look at the conditions of the international banks. Look at how close the US came to a financial meltdown... a threat that still looms because we are not yet paying off our debt. Look at the racism-driven wars that still rage between East and West in the Arab World.

We need more than just Obama's slave girl doing everything possible to stand in the way of their conspiracy for world ruin.

Sweetness, you know what we are up against. The corruption leaches all of the way from Obama the Human Trafficker to my evil father. This is why you need to think in huge and epic terms. If you never give up on me, I will never give up on you. As always, if you are dedicated to saving me, I will stay dedicated to saving the world. Just make sure the world knows what to do to help you.

My beautiful world, please help. Fight. They have had generations to plan their path towards world chaos and ruin, but they have to get through us first. Do everything you can at every level to create peace and understanding in this world.

Help each other. Help me. Help my Sweetness. Do good out there. I will fight for you even if you do not rescue me, but I could really use your help right about now. Organize. United we can do anything. Create a plan to rescue me, my beautiful world, and I will stay dedicated to saving all of you.

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