Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wow! A Whole Week Between Blog Posts...

This is long over due... Please help. Where the hell has my mind been for the last nine days?

Well, it is safe to say that my dad was not happy with my last blog post. He tried to have me committed to a psych ward, so I would not be able to take my trip to Chicago to be with friends and loved ones.

Luckily, medical decisions have to be backed with scientific evidence and actual, logical findings... even in restrictive times like these. So, I am again free to roam about the places my money supply allows me to reach.

I plan on taking the exact same trip to Chicago I had been planning. I leave on Monday, 06June2011. I am giving all of my friends and loved ones fair warning to look for me out and about. You know you want buy me a drink... and buy me dinner... and go dancing. YEY!

Good news! Unlike all of the past times I was in a hospital, this time I was actually treated with care, respect, and dignity. It was the first time I had ever experienced that in any psych ward. I have already written the thank-you cards. They will be in the mail tonight.

I was temporarily stored for the weekend at the ward at Mercy Medical Center- North Iowa in Mason City, IA. For once, the ward was a safe place where the staff actually encouraged healing. The torture facility in Liverpool has a whole hell of a lot to learn from them if they ever want to call themselves a hospital.

Sweetness, I am putting a letter in the mail to you tonight. You can expect it Friday or Saturday. It is a little shorter than usual. I was very busy today. But you are still going to love it. It is knowing that I can always count on you that gets me through the hard times. I love and adore you.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Father is a Hater.

We all know my dad is a hater. We all know that he hurts me to make himself feel manly. We all know he is an unfit adult guardian.

We all know he perjured himself in the first place to illegally gain that adult guardianship; that one is cut and dried. I had not been a legal Iowa resident since 2008. He cannot claim he thought I was living in Iowa previous to his lying to the Polk County District Court in 2010 by telling them I was under their jurisdiction. That is a cut and dried fact that cannot be denied. Courts cannot trust a word my father says.

We all know that he uses his illegally obtained adult guardianship to deny me any of my own money, so I cannot run to that arms of my loving husband.

My father does not want me to be happy. He does not want me to live a fulfilling life. He does not want me free of Iowa, so I can have the spy equipment that prevents me from working removed from my head. He does not want me to be with my loving husband.

He wants me confined to his house, unemployed, miserable, desperate, unsafe, and without my husband... exactly the way I am now.

My father is hater. He hurts me to make himself feel important. He does not support me and what I do in this world. If he did, he would give me my freedom.

Mortality, Memories, and my Lack of Physical Safety

These two years of public persecution have left me with a strange view of mortality. Obama the Terrorist has done everything he can think of to throw me away as method to solving his own problems. I have a strange relationship with death, now.

Obama the Dictator has tried torturing me until I would kill myself. He has tried raping me until I would go mad. He tried libeling me until the world would turn on me. Do not let me begin with what he used the speakers in my ear canals to try to hypnotize me into doing.

I was so sure I was going to be killed in that torture facility in Liverpool that I took the flower off my head and mailed it to Sweetness to make sure he would have it when I died.

The things I have faced, the abuse my battered body has endured, and the assaults my incorruptible mind has had to fend off are all things no human should ever have to live through. Defying death so many times has left me with a strange view of mortality.

I have a recurring, once-repressed memory of my time in the hospital in Minnesota two years ago. A man threated me by screaming at me that he could kill me any time he wished. I looked him dead in the face and said, "Just wait and see how many people I can save before you find a way to get away with it." Then they abused me for a long while before injecting me to forget it all ever happened. But a body never forgets... and a mind does reclaim its memories.

It is all coming back to me now because I do not think what I say is going public anymore through the spy equipment still in my head against my will. That feed to the public was all I had for a security system, and we all know Obama the Asshole has no intentions of keeping me physically safe. He is, in fact, the one who has been commanding the attempts on my life for years.

Yes, I want my privacy. But when my only source of any physical safety was removed, it should have been replaced by people tasked with keeping me safe. Obama the Terrorist has been trying to kill me for two years to solve his own problems, and I do not think he is about to stop just because I have called him out.

Yes, I still sleep with my computer staring at me, so benevolent hackers can watch over me. And yes, it was when I slept that was so constantly attacked. Do you not remember all those nights when my body used to refuse to let me sleep? I was always drugged to forget every attack, but as I said, a body never forgets. For months, when I would doze off I would seize as my body would do everything it could to keep me awake to prevent getting abused again.

Did you not think it was weird that they put cameras in my home and hotel rooms to broadcast me against my will, but the cameras never showed them raping me in my sleep? You, my beautiful world, have seen all the bruises. You have all seen me pace and seize in the night.

Obama the Oppressor is one of the terrorists keeping this country stunted and controlled because he does not want to get caught. Once he was done using me, he started the campaign to kill me through whatever way would not point to him.

As I said, he has tried torturing me until I would kill myself. He has tried raping me until I would go mad. He tried libeling me until the world would turn on me. He has tried controlling me through the chips he put in my head. He wants me dead without it pointing to him.

This country stays oppressed because Obama the Dictator wants a way out without getting caught. He believes he is above the law. He believes that he can get away with anything. But there is an authority in this nation that is higher than the US president...

Stand up, people. Do not let Obama the Oppressor get away with this any longer. Demand your Constitutional rights. Refuse to comply with his illegal rules. Write to your Congresswomen and Congressmen and tell them to impeach him for his crimes.

It was his job to keep me safe through all of this, but he has enforced that I must be publicly persecuted, instead. Obama the Sociopath commands that I must be attacked with no recourse for safety. America, you need to make sure he gets prosecuted.

Sweetness, my latest letter should reach you tomorrow or Thursday. Will this weekend never come?

P.S. It is completely unrelated, but I promised I would share this.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Longest Week of my Life

This may turn out to be the longest week of my life. This coming Saturday morning, I will leave for Chicago. It is only for a limited engagement, so get me while you can.

Last Saturday came and went without any zombies. There were also no trumpets heralding nor even a flash in the sky. Sigh... Now do you believe me that is just Global Climate Change and not the end of the world?

Here is a good question: What does President Incompetent have against sitting in his office (away from a TV camera) and doing his real job? Well, why would he protect America's Constitutional rights and why would he ensure a particular, innocent, civilian woman's human rights and physical safety at all when he could make taxpayers pay for his and his office's travel and security?

That is not the sort of trip that sounds necessary for ensuring the safety of this nation. How much of the US is a disaster area right now due to flooding and storms? And he chooses now to take a vacation to "look for his roots"... WHILE HE IS STILL IN OFFICE??? Well, it proves that he has no interest in carrying out his obligations to the US and that he has no idea how to be a president.

Oh, and it sounds like they like Obama the Sociopath in that village in Ireland; he must have put chips in their heads.

It actually made sense that the Queen of England wanted to visit Ireland. They are neighbors. It makes me ask... How are the British these days?

I really want to be able to like the British again. Have they convicted every last one of my torturers, yet?... including but not limited to Dr. Helen Reynolds and every single member of the nursing staff that took a paycheck while I was imprisoned in the torture facility (except for Vinnie and Damian)? Have they swept the petty brats that kept openly lying about me nationally out of their media? Have they taken down the people who put chips in all of their heads? The British really need to sort that mess out. I would really like to be able to like them again. I have more than enough things to worry about as it is.

There is war in Sudan. Look at the horrors of what is breaking out. Would it not be nice if there were a "solar-powered Model T" available world-wide? It would prevent land wars over the control of oil-producing regions. It looked like Southern Sudan would have a peaceful break until the conflict broke out over the oil producing region in the middle. It is so much human suffering. I hear that President Incompetent is so worried that he is taking a trip to Ireland to look for his roots.

Syria... My heart is still broken over all of your suffering. I wish nations would send you help with leading and carrying our your peaceful resistance. I do not have enough human rights of my own to be able to help you more. Maybe the world will listen to me. Let us pray the world sends you help. I hear that President Incompetent is so worried that he is taking a trip to Ireland to look for his roots.

Sweetness, do not let them scare you into running... unless you plan on running after me. You are incorruptibly true and loyal, and you fight the good fight. The corrupt-forces-that-be do not like this. This may end up a very long week for you, too, and you can expect Obama the Dictator and his cohorts to be very unhappy with both of us all week. I know I can count on you. My love for you is sweeter than honey, brighter than a supernova, and tasty to the last drop. I love you madly.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Back-up Plan is in Action.

As everyone in the choir to which I preach knows, I am a firm believer in preparedness. Did they specify in which timezone that dinner time is when the world will end? Let us assume it is at 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific and that they only specified that time to Americans. Does everyone have a back-up plan?

My back-up plan is in action.

I am expecting zombies. I expect that zombies will not find my brain very tasty because of how often I use it. I theorize that zombies prefer veal-quality brains. That is, I plan on thinking my way out of this Apocalypse.

I have faith in humanity. I have faith in myself. As a back-up plan, I will not eat dinner today; therefore, there will be no dinner time, and thusly the Apocalypse will never find me.

On the topic of back-up plans, I sometimes have a gut instinct that tells me, as a random example, there is a defined population of people-- or even one particular bespectacled hero in shining armor-- who would come to my rescue if I am ever stranded somewhere with no place to stay, no money, and no food.

Recently when a barista roofied me at a coffee shop in Des Moines, I instinctively found my way to a comic book store with an attached coffee shop to be taken care of and sobered up by nerds and geeks. They even had a conversation with me... something that is very rare in this verbal desolation that has found me in Iowa. It was a definite moment of nerds-to-the-rescue. If you are ever in town, stop in and give them some love.

Heroes show up in some of the oddest places. I went to them. They did the rescuing.

Speaking of showing up, do you remember how I mentioned I have a surprise gift for everyone? I said that I bought it with the first $100 that showed in my account in two months and that you will all receive it on May 28th, 2011. Hee-hee... I bought a train ticket to Chicago, and I arrive there that Saturday.

I will only be there "for a limited engagement." Hee-hee. My nights in Chicago are taken care of, so do not worry about that. May 29th shall be glorious.

As for all of my now age-old friends living in Chicago, if I know where you work, if I know where you live, or if I know where you hang out, you can expect to see me. I will hunt you down as the loyal friends you are. If you are still not allowed to communicate with me directly before I get there, use Facebook to leave me clues.

As for the national and world news, the South is still flooding. The Arab world is still burning with unrest. Obama the Dictator is still as asshole. America is still oppressed.

I could almost write a song about it.

Sweetness, I have a sneaky feeling that people who do not know what you are up to might not trust you as much as I do. I love and adore you. My heart has been yours for years. Please remember that you do not need to explain yourself to anyone... but if you need help with anything, just ask someone. You are part of me. The world needs to learn to trust you the same way they trust me.

My beautiful world, do anything my Sweetness asks. Oh, and stop pretending you do not know who I am when I buy alcohol; I am not flattered when you card me. Hee-hee.

Jesus will return May 21, 2011.

Obama, you bratty child, I am pretty sure that stealing your ideas for policy from me and not openly and publicly giving me credit for them makes you a slaver. I heard what you have to say now about eduction. I heard what you said yesterday about North Africa and the Middle East. I heard your stance on green energy.

Why do you not always do what I tell you to do? You want to be popular like me, so you steal from me; that is obvious. But if you really want people to like you, why do you refuse to give America back all of our human rights? Why do you lie, cheat, and steal instead?

I also do not think it is working for you. You need to do everything I say, not just pick and choose. For example, aligning yourself with the people fighting for their rights in the Middle East and North Africa is something you clearly got from me, but you did not adopt my stance on Israel and Palestine. Now, both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict neither like nor trust you.

I have always said that of all populations in this world, the Jewish people know better than to commit human rights violations. I have long disliked Netanyahu for all of his human rights violations. I consider Israel and Palestine's current status to be one land with two states. I have never said one damn thing about borders or separating people who need to find a way to live as neighbors.

Clearly, Obama, you terrorist, when you do something good, you steal it from me, and when you think on your own, you create conflict, break international laws, or commit human rights violations against your own people.

In most cases, I think people will choose to do the right thing if they get to the truth and think things through on their own. It clearly does not work for you, President Incompetent. You need to grow up and do as you are told... and give me credit for the good things I do in this world.

How do I come up with so many brilliant things that get stolen from me? My education has been invaluable. But if people compare the things I know now with the things I learned in school at every level, the only conclusion is that I am largely self-taught. The best thing I ever learned was how to think and teach myself. No one should ever let her or his mind slow down.

Do everything you can, my beautiful world, to constantly learn. A diploma is an inanimate object, but knowledge is a source of life. All you really get to keep is what you learned. Even if you have no way to get to a school, learn from everyone and everything you can.

I would be nothing if I were not a constant student of the world.

I learned something recently. I learned that "Jesus will return May 21, 2011." I wonder if they mean it metaphorically. I wonder if they mean a metaphorical Jesus will return to the world after enforced suffering and bleak isolation on Saturday. We can all only hope.

I must agree, though, that the South is flooding like the Apocalypse is on its way. If anyone out there has to abandon and rebuild, rebuild better. Rebuild to survive the next one. And rebuild to survive every one after that.

The planet is getting warmer. We all see the climate changes approaching. We all need to be ready for them. We all need to know the signs of a crisis when it approaches. We all need to have a plan for surviving it. We all need to have a plan for rebuilding after it. Think like a community. Help each other.

I have also been following what has been happening in Syria. Syria, I know this is not an easy time for you, but please stay peaceful. The government has proven its illegitimacy by being violent, and they would shoot you anyway even if you broke down into violence. The difference is more than just the moral high ground. If you become violent, you lose the power that peaceful protest gives you. There is no way to win a violent campaign against a trained army. Peace, solidarity, and organization is your best source of power. I agree, though, it does look like the government will have no one left to govern if things keep going this way.

I also worry about the debt ceiling. It has been breached. It will be exponentially more difficult to pay off our obligations if we allow our debt to continue to grow. This is a real problem. This a real problem that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

I do agree with Mr. Gingrich that social engineering from any source should not be instigated... but that is why Congress forms bipartisan committees to sort these things out. Let us all use our voices to make sure President Incompetent does not get in the way.

This country needs a way to pay off the national debt which implies paying off more every year than the interest it accrues. If we allow the debt to grow, the interest grows exponentially, too. The longer the country waits to pay off our debt, the harder it will be.

Sweetness, my horoscope for the day said that I will get lucky if I wear a cute outfit tonight. Do not worry, I do not plan on going out. On the contrary, I plan on staying home and making a pizza... while I wear a cute outfit. Hee-hee... Did you get my mail?

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign Office

I imagine that Ron Paul will soon be restaffing his entire Iowa campaign office. The twat who greeted me at the door today behaved as an insulting bastard towards me. Considering how much Ron Paul supports me, who I am, and what I stand for, I could only conclude that his employees do not support him.

I went out of my way to stop in the Iowa campaign office for Ron Paul on Monday. I said I would love to meet with him "as a concerned US citizen and former Texan" and to answer any of his questions for me about my opinions on the state of the nation. I said I would be back later this week to see if Mr. Ron Paul did in fact want an appointment with me... seeing as I am "a concerned US citizen and former Texan."

Today, when I went back to his campaign headquarters in Iowa to see if they arranged an appointment for us, I was told by the twat at the door that he would not want to meet with me. You see, "This is a national campaign," he said in the most insulting tone I have endured since being in the torture facility in Liverpool. "Why would he want to meet with any Iowan about anything?" was the implication.

Ron Paul is not going to get anywhere with a campaign staff like that... particularly one that does not even know what I look like. He is going to want to restaff that entire office by the time I go back in on purpose with my contacts in instead of my glasses on. I recommend he do it as soon as possible; I live my life expecting a rescue at any minute.

He made a point of putting his campaign headquarters in Ankeny despite all of the problems with the water. I made a point of going out of my way to make time for him. It was his campaign office that got in the way.

I plan on going back. I plan on going back with my contacts in. They better treat me with respect. Mr. Paul, start kicking their asses into gear. You understand that I am a person of power and influence. Your campaign office does not.

Sweetness, I am toying with the idea of not saving the world until noon everyday, so I can spend all morning every morning lying next to you. I cannot make any promises until we try it... hee-hee. But we both know I am going to be ridiculously busy once this bubble bursts.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Idealized Cold War Spy

Okay, I admit it. I look (and sometimes behave a little)like an idealized Cold War spy. But let us all be completely honest. Do you not think I have always been far too conspicuous to ever be anyone's field agent?

Ten years ago I walked into the Bourgeois Pig in Los Angeles and made everyone nervous and anxious until the barista finally asked me what I was famous for. I shyly admitted, "I'm not famous; I'm a mathematics grad student." I am a little too memorable-looking to have ever have been a spy.

After all, if I wanted a government job, I would have chosen astronaut. Sigh... I keep hearing people mumble about wanting me to run for president. I guess I would turn 35 in time for Voting Day 2012.

But look at the current asshole with the office right now. Look at the douche bag who held the office before him. It is pretty damn obvious that I am too intelligent and compassionate to take the job. I care too much to end up a US President.

If you insist on writing me in, make me Noam Chomsky's vice president.

Did you yet hear President Incompetent's opinion of reaching the debt ceiling? DID HE NEVER TAKE BASIC HIGH SCHOOL MATH???? He wants the debt ceiling raised.

We need a high school math teacher to go to Washington, DC to give the nation's leaders a lesson on exponential growth and compounding interest. If the debt ceiling is raised, it will be exponentially more difficult to pay off, and the deficit will approach the new debt ceiling at an exponentially faster rate.

Obama the Moron does not want the impending economic meltdown to occur on his watch. He would rather make it exponentially worse and pray that someone else will have to deal with it. This is a real problem. This is a real problem that needs to be fixed now. This is a real problem that needs to be fixed before it gets any worse.

The felonious misconduct while in office of Obama the Terrorist actually does go beyond perpetrating human rights violations against all of America and most heinously against me. It includes murdering Osama bin Laden before putting him on trial. Do not let in include conspiracy to raise the debt ceiling to ensure America's complete and utter future economic meltdown and collapse.

Speaking of money, my father moved $100 into my checking account on Sunday. It is the first of my own money I have seen in two months. What the hell is $100 every two months supposed to get me? Or is that my criminal father's attempt to buy his redemption with my own money? Asshole.

I bought a surprise for all of you with it. Unless I get a miracle rescue first, you will all see my surprise gift to all of you on Saturday, May 28th, 2011. A rescue would be better, but I am doing all I can.

It is the natural order of chemical reactions in the human body to want to support and nurture your own offspring. When presented with a choice between serving an evil dictator hell bent on oppressing all of humanity with human rights violation after human rights violation or doing the right thing and supporting the rights and freedoms of your own child, even a dead beat dad knows that he is supposed to choose his own child over serving a conspiracy of evil.

My father does not even have compassion for me considering the horror after horror I have had to face and live through. He actually goes out of his way to break laws to be able to harm me as much as possible. All of you out there, be grateful for the dads you have. There is no way they could be as bad as mine.

Sweetness, now that I see you in a "Pirates of the Caribbean" commercial at least twice a day, I must admit something dazzlingly true about you. You are a much bigger deal than your sex appeal. I do happen to know how that feels, too. I always said I see myself in you. You never disappoint.

Obama is the Terrorist Threat.

You cannot argue that there is a terrorist threat controlling America with fear to keep all people to set of rules of oppression. That is what terrorism is. It is keeping control over people with fear.

This terrorist threat has taken away human right after human right from all people every place I have been for the last two years. Have you ever wondered how they get away with it?

I live in danger's path because Obama the Terrorist threatens me.

If there were a mysterious entity out there strong enough to frustrate the entire US government with all of its resources to the point we all have to bend to its will and if that entity wanted me dead, I would be dead by now.

In the Western world, we do not humor terrorists. We do not negotiate with terrorists. We do not do anything terrorists want us to do. That has been our policy since Hitler.

Obama the Sociopath has even proven that he kills terrorists without putting them on trial first.

How are they getting away with terrorizing all of America, then? They get away with it because corrupt leaders in our government are part of the mysterious "they" enforcing the oppression of all of America. They get away with it because Obama the Oppressor is a part of the terrorist threat.

In a world where even the President of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, loves and adores me, do you not think it is telling that my persecutors have never been caught or stopped?

This is a threat fabricated to control the world with fear, and they get away with it because Obama the Terrorist is in on it. Obama the Oppressor has no interest in ever giving me back my rights, freedoms, or liberties. He has no interest in my ever being physically safe. He has chosen to oppress all of America to serve his own ends.

After all, he can send Navy SEALs for a 40 minute assassination operation half a world away, but he cannot find a way to keep me physically safe. I am not safe because I am Obama the Terrorist's victim.

The water in Ankeny is poisoned. They poisoned the water in San Francisco, Mexico City, Wigan (UK), and Liverpool (UK) while I was in all of those places, too. But the FBI never thought to keep a lookout over the water in Ankeny... or Des Moines.

The government refuses to keep America safe. The government, at Obama the Terrorist's wishes, enforces that American citizens give up their rights and freedoms. The government is corrupt. It is a big part of what persecutes me. It, in fact, enforces the persecution.

Do you remember all of the lies they told about me? Obama the Sociopath has called me a hooker. He has called me a stripper. He has called me mentally ill. He has claimed I am dead.

Why and how do you trust anything that man says?

It sounds a lot like "They found pornography is Osama bin Laden's compound," if you ask me.

I have been tortured, battered, abused, raped, libeled, never allowed to defend myself, and never allowed to hear the lies.

The ability of the public to discuss this situation openly with me or with each other has been prevented from the start. The situation was built this way, so that you could all be controlled with lies. It has been and still is nothing but lies used to control you.

Obama the Asshole is the weakest domino in the line up. It is his job to never negotiate with or even humor a terrorist threat. It is his job to uphold all American's full human rights. It is his job to keep me safe. He chose to pick me out, use me, and then throw me away as a disposable, Brown girl.

Obama the Terrorist is the weakest domino in the line up. If you push on him, they will all fall down.

Push, my beautiful world. Push, now. All together. Push until it all falls down.

The threat I face is Obama the Conspirator and his cohorts. Go get'em. Get them and tear them to shreds.

Sweetness, I have no idea what you are up to, but thank you. I hugely need a rescue from this place. I have been so drugged lately that I have been sleeping fourteen or so hours at a time. Just as always, they are still putting the drugs in my food and drink. I know you are my hero.

My beautiful world, do anything my husband needs. And keep him safe.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Black is the New Black.

If you are a regular reader of my little ole blog, you might notice that I have been delayed in writing this newest entry. It has been almost a week since I put fingers to keyboard, and you might be wondering why this has taken so long. That is a good thing to wonder.

Well, I wanted to be able to say something happy. Unfortunately, happy news is rare in my sad and miserable life. Do you want to know what happy thing finally made it from out there into this bubble of persecution? Well here it is...

Black is the new black.

Yes, I am talking about pirates... But before I go more in depth about pirates... and eyeliner... I must share a little bit about a different great love in my life. One that travels everywhere I go and loves to pose for photos.



Secret Military Installation

Yes, I am talking about my Kermit doll. I once considered getting him a passport. I once joked about convincing my increasingly understanding husband to adopt him.

And sometimes two of the great loves of my life appear in the same place at the same time. I agree. It was so cute I wanted to explode.

As for pirates... You can measure the greatness of a pirate by the magnitude of his eyeliner.

While we are looking at photos... Can you identify which one of these creatures with giant, brown eyes is an urbanite instead of a small woodland creature?

slow loris


archituethis terrestris spledidis (the splendid giant land squid)

Yes, we all have giant, brown eyes, but we have a few other things in common as well. We are all in danger.

It has reached the point I cannot trust anyone who complies with the rules Obama the Oppressor has set out just to persecute me. This goes beyond my parents who ignore what I mean to the world. This goes beyond Ankeny who still refuses to clean up its water. This goes beyond the doctors who deny me necessary care, and rape and torture victims need serious care.

This goes beyond the British. Have the British cleaned up the members of their media? Did they take down all of the officials who stuck chips in everyone's heads? Did they convict every last one of my tortures, including but not limited to Dr. Helen Reynolds and every member of the nursing staff at the torture facility (except for Vinnie and Damian)?

If we let people run around breaking whatever laws they want, the entirety of humanity degrades into the Wild West.

This includes murdering terrorists without putting them on trial first. I cannot believe Obama the Sociopath actually wants credit for that particular international crime. I suppose, though, that he started walking down the path of social ruin and public injustice, so now he cannot stop.

It is not only what Obama the Terrorist does, like threatening all of America into giving up human rights and liberties, but it is also what he fails to do that makes President Incompetent a menace to all of humanity.

I am a big deal. I have been a big deal for a long time now. While I am inside the jurisdiction of the United States of America, it is America's responsibility to uphold my human rights and keep me safe.

However, ever since he took office, Obama the Asshole has refused to keep me safe. From his insisting from the start that I have no way to protect myself or even know what dangers I face, through everything that happened to me in that hospital in Minneapolis in May 2009, through being raped and tortured in this bedroom at my parents' house in the following months, through the torture, slavery, and public humiliation following me to San Francisco, through my being forced to flee the country on a hunt for some sort of physical safety at all, through the horrors that followed me abroad, and to my still having no rights but my freedom of speech now, Obama the Oppressor has chosen not to support my human rights but instead to enforce my persecution.

He does this at the expense of everything, including all of America's freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and liberty.

We all know that I have done nothing to him to deserve this sort of personal vendetta from him. We all know that he has committed crime after international crime. We all know there is no justification for doing this to anyone for any reason. We all know he has lied to cover it all up from the start.

We also all know that every last thing he has done to me is an impeachable offense.

Do not fall for his charms. He is a sociopath. He is attempting to seduce you into liking him, so he can continue harming all of us. Resist him.

It is time for you all, yes, all of America, to reclaim your human rights. I am fighting for mine. Are you exercising yours?

Refuse to comply with his illegal rules. It is only illegal to enforce them, not to defy them. I want this nation to become a place I can trust. For that to happen, you have to refuse to comply with the oppression you are enduring. Make America the land of the free again. It is not too late to save this country.

Sweetness, I will be mailing you two letters today. They should reach Los Angeles on Thursday. I have been sorely heartbroken lately with you so far away from me. Writing to you always cheers me up. Dream of me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Did you Forget?

I just checked my balance, and I am still not allowed any of my own money. It would really help if all of you would work towards having my father arrested for perjury. The crimes he commits against me daily make this situation worse than hell to live through.

I was roofied yesterday at a coffee house in Des Moines called Java Joe's. I am still trying to recover from it. I sought safety at the closest safe place I could think of, but a whole twenty-four hours later, my head has still not cleared from the incident.

Things around here are getting worse.

To quote myself...

"Thank you for saying you want to help me, my beautiful world. This is what I need help with...

1.) I need a place to go where no one complies with the rules that persecute me.

2.) I need a way to get there.

3.) I need my husband to meet me there.

It is quite obvious that Sweetness is not allowed to come here to get me. I need help, my beautiful world. I need you to make this possible for me.

Do you know of any places that are already refusing to comply? Do you know of any that are willing to refuse to comply so that I can live there? Can you think of any ways to get me there?

For obvious reasons of security, I cannot trust just anyone who shows up on my doorstep. I know you will take care of it all.

Stay organized. There is no reason to run around duplicating efforts. Your time and energy is as precious as mine.

Thank you."

There must be some way to get me to safety.

There must be some people somewhere that actually want to be my neighbors... that actually want to join me when I go out for coffee... that actually want to be able to chat with me or ask me for advice. I am a very funny person who has lived a very full life. I create fabulous conversation.

There must be some way to get me there. I was serious about putting a kiss up for sale. Think, people. I have no idea what could ever compel anyone to abide by those rules of persecution and oppression. I have no idea what you are living with. But there is a way to do this. Just help each other find a way.

I know that most of you out there expect someone else to help me, but this takes all of us. Each and every one of you has to do something to save me.

Yes, whatever my husband needs to get me to safety, please take care of it... Do anything he asks. But also, it is okay to lead a way to save me yourselves. Just stay organized out there. Communicate. This requires help from all of you.

The crimes committed against me just keep multiplying.

Thank you, my beautiful world. I know you will keep your promise. I know you will rescue me.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter yesterday. It should arrive in LA on Thursday. I know how hard you work. If you need anything, just ask. People will help you. When I close my eyes, I feel like I can kiss your face. Why must we be so far apart?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kiss For Sale

I am about to take a calculated slip off of my chaste, unerring, carefully-constructed moral high ground and risk harming mere mortal hearts. I rarely if ever risk toying with any person's heart or emotions, so this is your chance. You better take it. I am putting a kiss up for sale.

I vow to fully kiss the first person who can transport me from where I am now to my husband's arms in a place that refuses to comply with all of the rules that persecute me.

This does not mean that you merely get to kiss me. Oh, no, this means that I will actually lean in and kiss you. If you kiss me back, that is your choice. On the lips... tongue if you taste good... I will kiss you.

I know what the non-corrupt parts of the government are thinking... Would it not be all-American if it were a brave member of the military or a meek farm boy who rescues her? I, on the other hand, am demographic blind.

I know those that know me well are probably imagining legions of motorcycle-riding, part-time bartender, part-time musician types with arm tattoos going online by the droves to buy me a plane ticket from DSM- Des Moines International Airport in the name still on my ID of "Tanya H. A. Varilek," but this is open to everyone.

You could be a mild-mannered, curly red-haired lesbian from Detroit who likes Vegemite and lamb chops. You could be a balding, middle-aged, ex-hockey player who has pined after me ever since we went to kindergarten together. You could be an open comic-book fanatic who wears superhero t-shirts and underoos and who dreams of saving the galaxy every day by dinner time.

It does not matter who you are; if you are the one to send me to meet my husband in a land that does not comply, I will kiss you.

Right about now, I bet a CPA in a blue button-down and khaki pants just made a silent prayer that it will be Oprah. That is the demographic I imagine wants to see me kiss Oprah on national television.

The race is on. Who will win the kiss? It could be anyone. It could be you.

Sweetness, if you really are planning to push at rescuing me until federal agents have to take you in just so you can prove that defying Obama the Oppressor is not illegal and so you will be super-free to rescue me after, choose your company with your audience in mind. Bring along your lawyers AND some die-hard Squid supporters that could melt any federal agent... Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie... Bring along some friends that Feds cannot help but help. They would all love to be my hero.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Love is not a Crime.

There is no justification for treating any human the way I am treated. Obama the Sociopath is the one enforcing that I must be persecuted, tortured, abused, enslaved, defamed, and raped with no recourse for rescue or justice. This has been my reality for two years-- a hell with no goodness, no light, and no human rights.

For two years the only thing I have been allowed is pain and misery. From San Francisco while it was terrorized to the torture facility in Liverpool to this house of my criminal father (May he rot in prison as soon as humanly possible!), this has been nothing but one hell after another.

Once Obama the Slave Driver is rotting in a prison cell, I will dance in the streets chanting "USA! USA! USA!"

It is not illegal to defy his oppression. It is American to demand your human rights. If you let Obama the Oppressor get away with his crimes, you ruin this nation along with him.

We need an authority in this world higher than the US president for times like these when he is only corrupt and evil. The only authority I can think of is the American people. For the sake of the entire population of this one world, let us all pray this nation grows a backbone and stands up... as soon as humanly possible.

Obama the Terrorist is a menace to the once-free world. It is time you all organize, rise up, and stop him.

I have tried finding a safe place to live. I have tried standing up and fighting. I have tried screaming for help.

I am one woman. I cannot do this alone.

It is possible, though, that the entire world really does believe that I am just a disposable, Brown girl. It is possible that despite all of my efforts, I actually do nothing in this world but take up space and use breathable air. Maybe I do only exist the way Obama the Oppressor dictates, to be shat on by everyone.

That is all I see, after all. All I see is people doing what Obama the Asshole wants and shitting on me. If this is not really the case, put blame where blame is actually due, and take down President Asshole.

I have reached the end of what I can endure. Something has to give, and I have given too much already.

Sweetness, have you considered pushing and pushing and pushing at rescuing me until the Feds have to take you in? Then, they will have to admit that you broke no laws, and you will be super-free to rescue me. If you choose to do this, I recommend you bring a lot of friends with you, and know the numbers of some good lawyers. I do not think you would want to go through it alone. Love is not a crime... but being President Obama is.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day at the Museum

In an effort to cheer up, I spent the afternoon at a museum in Des Moines looking at art, architecture, and antique books. Here is the slave girl at the Salisbury House...

I was the only person who signed up for the 1pm Nooks & Crannies Tour today. My tour guide was named Mr. David Ross, and he was an absolute sweetheart. He even let me play their custom Steinway. The antique and rare book collection in the library made my heart jump.

After the museum I stopped off for some coffee at Zanzibar on Ingersoll. Des Moines is actually not so bad. A man tried to clean the sidewalk before I could step on it. I have not had that since Mexico City.

Ankeny is another story. I was carded in Ankeny tonight after I ordered a margarita. And they still have not cleaned up the city water. Drink nothing in Ankeny. Bring all of your liquids in with you.

Sweetness, I feel I should warn you that when we meet you will render me shy and awkward. Not many forces in this world can do that. It is not my natural state. It is not even my basic state. It is something I am very unfamiliar with. Please do not make me ask if it is okay to kiss you. I will likely be unable to speak. I love you so completely.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Day in this Stinkhole

I try to stay as positive as possible, but I just spent another day in the bubble that persecutes me. I am always amazed at how mean people can be.

There is no way that Iowa does not know who I actually am in this world.

On the wall in Cafe Diem, there hangs a print of the same Van Gogh painting that is on the cover of my famous creative writing journal. I noticed it when I came to Iowa in December 2010. I know they know there who I really am and what I really do in this great world.

Today, the barista (one who once roofied me) chose to be an idiot instead of doing anything compassionate. She made a show of asking me if I what I do all day is study at the local community college. She knows who I am. She knows what I actually do all day.

They only comply with Obama the Asshole in order to hurt me. I am very sensitive to people's intentions. That is only one minor example.

Please, my beautiful world, send help... and set me free.

On the upside, my parents were out of the house for a prolonged period of time today... at the same time. This gave me enough privacy to get a little dancing done. Oh, I miss that spiritual freedom, but I hate prying eyes.

Sweetness, I will probably live until I am 137 and will pass away before you do. After all, I have had a very hard life. 137 + 14 = 151 You will be the Bacardi age when I go. There is only one thing in this world I will ever forbid you from. You are not allowed to throw yourself on my funeral pyre. I cannot die after you do; I would never survive the heartbreak. With all my heart and soul...

The Terrorist

I meant to put this post up yesterday, but the chanting in the streets made my stomach churn. I wanted to know why before I said anything. Osama bin Laden is dead.

A lot of intelligent people have said a great many things on this topic already. I agree that it is fabulous news that Osama bin Laden has been stopped, and I believe this for many reasons. I will not celebrate death, though. And I will not glorify violence.

For years, leaders of the Western world have been trying to paint Muslims as the boogeyman. Osama bin Laden loved it and was happy to oblige. While the corrupt-powers-that-be were building a new Cold War economy by spreading irrational and racist fears, Osama did his best to paint the money-hungry West as the enemy of all of Islam.

A miracle happened, though, that kept the impending racist violence at bay. Some sort of influence from the West made in through to the Muslim world, like water through a cultural, semi-permeable membrane. And the Arab nations humanized themselves to the West by rising up and fighting for reforms and their human rights.

Let us hope the death of Osama bin Laden only helps bring an end to the violence in the world. Let us hope it ends the war. Let us hope it brings the troops home.

This is one planet. We have enough problems. We cannot allow racism and religious differences to drive us to fight.

It was not Bush moving troops to areas where Osama bin Laden was not nor was it Obama carrying out the agendas of the previous Republican administration that found bin Laden's whereabouts and killed him. The credit is due to the CIA and the military's Special Forces. Obama the Oppressor happened to be the president when Osama bin Laden's hiding place was found, and the world is lucky that he did what any president would have done if it happened on his or her term.

Honestly, I did not want to see him assassinated. I wanted to see him stand trial.

(Funny, if you ask me my opinion of President Incompetent, I might say the same thing. I do not want to see Obama the Terrorist assassinated; I want to see him stand trial.)

As much as people like to give credit, good or bad, to the president at the time for all things that happen while he or she is in office, I do not think Obama the Sociopath will want to claim credit. There are many reasons for this. For one, assassination is not a popular pastime of most Nobel Peace Prize winners. But as much as I would never steal credit for anything from the CIA or the military, we all know I am also smarter than the president.

People are also very worried about retaliation these days. Violence begets violence, after all. I am proud to hear that the police are out and about keeping places like New York City safe.

As for you, the people who made my stomach churn with your public display of the cruel nature of the West. If you love America so much, do something to make the nation great again. Help your neighbor. Do something good in this world.

When there is finally an end to the US's wars abroad, then fill the streets with revelry.

Sweetness, you can expect two letters and one package to arrive somehow distributed between tomorrow and Thursday. Some of the content might seem a little out of date, now. They are three days old, after all. I love you with every essence of my passionate soul. I know you would follow me to the very ends of the Earth. But are you really capable of coming for me in middle America? They comply here.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Help I Need

Thank you for saying you want to help me, my beautiful world. This is what I need help with...

1.) I need a place to go where no one complies with the rules that persecute me.

2.) I need a way to get there.

3.) I need my husband to meet me there.

It is quite obvious that Sweetness is not allowed to come here to get me. I need help, my beautiful world. I need you to make this possible for me.

Do you know of any places that are already refusing to comply? Do you know of any that are willing to refuse to comply so that I can live there? Can you think of any ways to get me there?

For obvious reasons of security, I cannot trust just anyone who shows up on my doorstep. I know you will take care of it all.

Stay organized. There is no reason to run around duplicating efforts. Your time and energy is as precious as mine.

Thank you.

I do not Need Money. I Need Help.

Yawn... stretch... I have been having a pretty lazy Sunday today. I wish I could be out and active, but I do not have the rights or freedoms to do anything more. I am doing all I can for you while I am in here. I know you understand that. Please send help.

I just checked my balance with Wells Fargo again, and I still have $3.39 as my combined savings and checking accounts total. It is safe to assume my father is only capable of being evil. Do not let him get away with it.

My mom made me eggs for breakfast. I snacked on a little yogurt. Then after a noontime shower, I spent the afternoon lying on the deck soaking up some Vitamin D. Do you have any idea what I could have accomplished in that time if I had my human rights?

They say Vitamin D helps cheer people up. I could really use some cheering these days. The fresh breeze also helped clear my head.

I was thinking about the tax breaks that Big Oil gets. I know in actuality is just politicians giving tax breaks to their friends... but they rationalize it by saying Big Oil employs a lot of people right here in the US.

I am not trying to say we should take the tax breaks away. I would never jeopardize American workers. But I do think we should make Big Oil earn their tax breaks.

Big Oil needs to start planning for the future in order to be able to keep all of its workers employed on the long term. This country is going to get off of fossil fuels with or without Big Oil on board. Change is a reality in our world. Big Oil needs to plan for the days no one uses petroleum products anymore.

Stay ahead of the curve, Big Oil. Earn your tax breaks by protecting your workers by preventing your companies from becoming obsolete. There are many ways to do this.

You could develop biodegradable plastic alternatives. You could take the lead in developing better and more affordable solar cells. You could build the necessary facilities to harness the energy of the rising ocean tides to power our cities.

We would all like to live in a dreamland where we fuel the family car off of the energy released from composting grass clippings and kitchen waste. If we keep striving for our dreams, we will see a lot of miracles along the way. And let us all be honest; this world needs miracles.

Big Oil, you will get left behind if you do not get on the bandwagon. This is your chance to save yourself. I suggest you do it. Get ahead of the curve instead of staying shackled to the obsolete.

We also need to stay ahead of the weather. I know the US is still getting its brain around tornado season... but do not to forget, my beautiful world, to plan for hurricanes and monsoons. The summer is just warming up.

New Orleans, I know you are still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina. Are you also planning for the rising ocean levels? You are a massive seat of American culture and traditions. The world cannot thrive without you. Please take care of yourselves... for all of us.

Libya, I do not know if you have noticed, but no one knows what to do to help you. No one, including NATO, wants anymore violence in the area. You know your country better than anyone else. Can you think of a way to remove Ghaddafi from power without using guns? I am a firm believer that peaceful protests are the only thing that will work. Regardless of whether or not you believe me, you need new tactics. This armed conflict is not working for you.

Syria, the world knows what you are going through. Please stay peaceful. The power of peaceful protest is an amazing thing. The world is only beginning to learn how to send peaceful support to aid citizens in conflicts. I wish people would at least send more humanitarian aid to you. Do not give up until you win. Your government cannot be trusted to protect you anymore.

Sweetness, I want to curl up under a tree with you, rest against your body, and watch the sun set over the ocean. Someday I will be able to do something for myself. I get so unhappy, lonely, and miserable inside this land of persecution. They allow nothing in to make this at all bearable.

Sometimes, I am grateful for everything my beautiful world does for me. Sadly, though, I am surrounded by people that make it obvious that cannot be bothered to care. And those are the only people I get to see.

My mother is still trying to convince me that I do not live in a bubble at all but am, instead, crazy. She is the only person in the entire state of Iowa willing to have a conversation with me.

Please, Sweetness, tell people to send help. This is intolerable.