Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Father is a Hater.

We all know my dad is a hater. We all know that he hurts me to make himself feel manly. We all know he is an unfit adult guardian.

We all know he perjured himself in the first place to illegally gain that adult guardianship; that one is cut and dried. I had not been a legal Iowa resident since 2008. He cannot claim he thought I was living in Iowa previous to his lying to the Polk County District Court in 2010 by telling them I was under their jurisdiction. That is a cut and dried fact that cannot be denied. Courts cannot trust a word my father says.

We all know that he uses his illegally obtained adult guardianship to deny me any of my own money, so I cannot run to that arms of my loving husband.

My father does not want me to be happy. He does not want me to live a fulfilling life. He does not want me free of Iowa, so I can have the spy equipment that prevents me from working removed from my head. He does not want me to be with my loving husband.

He wants me confined to his house, unemployed, miserable, desperate, unsafe, and without my husband... exactly the way I am now.

My father is hater. He hurts me to make himself feel important. He does not support me and what I do in this world. If he did, he would give me my freedom.

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