Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ron Paul's Iowa Campaign Office

I imagine that Ron Paul will soon be restaffing his entire Iowa campaign office. The twat who greeted me at the door today behaved as an insulting bastard towards me. Considering how much Ron Paul supports me, who I am, and what I stand for, I could only conclude that his employees do not support him.

I went out of my way to stop in the Iowa campaign office for Ron Paul on Monday. I said I would love to meet with him "as a concerned US citizen and former Texan" and to answer any of his questions for me about my opinions on the state of the nation. I said I would be back later this week to see if Mr. Ron Paul did in fact want an appointment with me... seeing as I am "a concerned US citizen and former Texan."

Today, when I went back to his campaign headquarters in Iowa to see if they arranged an appointment for us, I was told by the twat at the door that he would not want to meet with me. You see, "This is a national campaign," he said in the most insulting tone I have endured since being in the torture facility in Liverpool. "Why would he want to meet with any Iowan about anything?" was the implication.

Ron Paul is not going to get anywhere with a campaign staff like that... particularly one that does not even know what I look like. He is going to want to restaff that entire office by the time I go back in on purpose with my contacts in instead of my glasses on. I recommend he do it as soon as possible; I live my life expecting a rescue at any minute.

He made a point of putting his campaign headquarters in Ankeny despite all of the problems with the water. I made a point of going out of my way to make time for him. It was his campaign office that got in the way.

I plan on going back. I plan on going back with my contacts in. They better treat me with respect. Mr. Paul, start kicking their asses into gear. You understand that I am a person of power and influence. Your campaign office does not.

Sweetness, I am toying with the idea of not saving the world until noon everyday, so I can spend all morning every morning lying next to you. I cannot make any promises until we try it... hee-hee. But we both know I am going to be ridiculously busy once this bubble bursts.

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