Sunday, May 1, 2011

I do not Need Money. I Need Help.

Yawn... stretch... I have been having a pretty lazy Sunday today. I wish I could be out and active, but I do not have the rights or freedoms to do anything more. I am doing all I can for you while I am in here. I know you understand that. Please send help.

I just checked my balance with Wells Fargo again, and I still have $3.39 as my combined savings and checking accounts total. It is safe to assume my father is only capable of being evil. Do not let him get away with it.

My mom made me eggs for breakfast. I snacked on a little yogurt. Then after a noontime shower, I spent the afternoon lying on the deck soaking up some Vitamin D. Do you have any idea what I could have accomplished in that time if I had my human rights?

They say Vitamin D helps cheer people up. I could really use some cheering these days. The fresh breeze also helped clear my head.

I was thinking about the tax breaks that Big Oil gets. I know in actuality is just politicians giving tax breaks to their friends... but they rationalize it by saying Big Oil employs a lot of people right here in the US.

I am not trying to say we should take the tax breaks away. I would never jeopardize American workers. But I do think we should make Big Oil earn their tax breaks.

Big Oil needs to start planning for the future in order to be able to keep all of its workers employed on the long term. This country is going to get off of fossil fuels with or without Big Oil on board. Change is a reality in our world. Big Oil needs to plan for the days no one uses petroleum products anymore.

Stay ahead of the curve, Big Oil. Earn your tax breaks by protecting your workers by preventing your companies from becoming obsolete. There are many ways to do this.

You could develop biodegradable plastic alternatives. You could take the lead in developing better and more affordable solar cells. You could build the necessary facilities to harness the energy of the rising ocean tides to power our cities.

We would all like to live in a dreamland where we fuel the family car off of the energy released from composting grass clippings and kitchen waste. If we keep striving for our dreams, we will see a lot of miracles along the way. And let us all be honest; this world needs miracles.

Big Oil, you will get left behind if you do not get on the bandwagon. This is your chance to save yourself. I suggest you do it. Get ahead of the curve instead of staying shackled to the obsolete.

We also need to stay ahead of the weather. I know the US is still getting its brain around tornado season... but do not to forget, my beautiful world, to plan for hurricanes and monsoons. The summer is just warming up.

New Orleans, I know you are still rebuilding from Hurricane Katrina. Are you also planning for the rising ocean levels? You are a massive seat of American culture and traditions. The world cannot thrive without you. Please take care of yourselves... for all of us.

Libya, I do not know if you have noticed, but no one knows what to do to help you. No one, including NATO, wants anymore violence in the area. You know your country better than anyone else. Can you think of a way to remove Ghaddafi from power without using guns? I am a firm believer that peaceful protests are the only thing that will work. Regardless of whether or not you believe me, you need new tactics. This armed conflict is not working for you.

Syria, the world knows what you are going through. Please stay peaceful. The power of peaceful protest is an amazing thing. The world is only beginning to learn how to send peaceful support to aid citizens in conflicts. I wish people would at least send more humanitarian aid to you. Do not give up until you win. Your government cannot be trusted to protect you anymore.

Sweetness, I want to curl up under a tree with you, rest against your body, and watch the sun set over the ocean. Someday I will be able to do something for myself. I get so unhappy, lonely, and miserable inside this land of persecution. They allow nothing in to make this at all bearable.

Sometimes, I am grateful for everything my beautiful world does for me. Sadly, though, I am surrounded by people that make it obvious that cannot be bothered to care. And those are the only people I get to see.

My mother is still trying to convince me that I do not live in a bubble at all but am, instead, crazy. She is the only person in the entire state of Iowa willing to have a conversation with me.

Please, Sweetness, tell people to send help. This is intolerable.

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