Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Water

I just checked my account balances with Wells Fargo, and my savings account is now overdrawn. They just took out the monthly fees for having accounts with no money in them. I now have a combined balance of about $3 with the bank.

Clearly, my father is still being evil. Does anyone find this acceptable behavior for a supposed adult guardian? When will those powers he holds finally be revoked? He is thoroughly irresponsible, untrustworthy, and cruel.

I meant to put this blog post up yesterday, but I think I got roofied again. It was either the second glass of water I drank or something the waitress put in the second glass of water I drank yesterday at the Ankeny Diner. Either way, I feel I must give this warning... Do not command a vehicle nor operate heavy machinery after drinking city water in Ankeny, Iowa.

Why have they not fixed it yet? I have no idea. Children drink this water. Not all people in Ankeny can afford to drink and cook with only bottled water all day every day. Besides, they drug the bottled water, too. When is this town going to bother to fix this problem? They would not have this problem if they would finally refuse to comply.

Oh, and just to clarify... I am not asking anybody to break the law. I am asking you all to ignore the rules of oppression laid down by Obama the Terrorist and his minions. It is only against the law to enforce their rules not to ignore them, and we need to hold the authorities accountable for laying down their illegal rules.

If we let the authorities get away with breaking all of the laws, the US will degrade into the Wild West. It it illegal of them to lay down and enforce their oppressive rules of persecution because they create human rights violations. It is not illegal to refuse to be held by the law-breaking rules.

Stand up, people. And refuse to be victims anymore. Organize if you have to. And definitely refuse to comply.

It is not illegal to exercise your human and Constitutional rights.

As for other topics, I have been saying a lot about the weather lately. Looking at the tornadoes in the American South, at the flooding that drowned so much of Australia, at the devastation in Japan... When you rebuild after a disaster, rebuild so that you can survive if it happens again.

We are only at the beginning of Global Climate Change. The weather will become more dramatic. We need to be ready for it.

I have been thinking about the rising ocean waters and Venice, again. Does Venice know how much I love them? (Cover art by Syniva Whitney) On second thought, maybe we should not make Venice float... I think we should pick up the ground beneath the whole city-- canals and all-- by about two feet ... That way the buildings will be dry, and the gondoliers will not need longer poles. Sigh... My suggested plans are a work in progress.

San Francisco, how are you my mighty City by the Bay? No, I will not abandon you completely when I go live in Venice. I heard that you are standing up and demanding your rights. YEY! If it is true, you are my hero city AGAIN! You never should have been terrorized into suffering as much as you had to suffer. Do you remember when they put methadone in the water? Give'em hell.

And now for the paragraph you have all been waiting for! Yesterday was the Royal Wedding. What a beautiful dress! I wish the happy couple only the good parts of normalcy and only the good parts of royalty as they spend their long, stable, happy and drama-free lives living together. May they only give the press good news to feed on. I wish I could have been there.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter today. It should get to LA on Wednesday. Sometimes my mail does get there sooner, though, doesn't it? I plan on mailing you a package on Monday. I would have mailed it today, but the automated postage machine only takes cards... and I am so close to completely broke. Plan on getting lots of love in the mail! Yey!

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