Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Progress Out There...?

Are Obama the Oppressor's grumpy pants still in a knot? He is such a bouncy-ball of bad energy. Try being nice to people, Obama! Stop persecuting me and give America back its freedoms and rights!

As for good energy, I saw my chiropractor today. My right shoulder has been killing me lately, but I have been putting off going because I do not want him to get in trouble for giving me actual care. Well, I was in so much pain last night that I broke down and went first thing this afternoon. He fixed up my right shoulder for me and told me to lay off the heavy lifting for a while. He is such a sweetheart. I was lucky. I had just enough money left for the copay.

I just checked the balance on my checking account, and my dad moved just enough money last night in order to cover the overdraft fees he forced me to accrue. No, I am still not allowed any of my own money.

My dad is so evil. He is this black vortex that wanderers around this house sucking away my goodness all day. He broke the law to gain adult guardianship over me from the Polk County District Court when I was not even in the court's jurisdiction. And now that he has adult guardianship over me, he makes my suffering worse.

I think he plans on skipping town soon to avoid getting arrested. No, he has no plans to give me control over any of my own money before he goes. He is going to leave me destitute.

Sigh... and as for you, Ankeny, Iowa, did you clean up the city water, yet? I am pretty sure you cleaned up the milk in town... but what about the bottled and city water? Children drink this milk and water! Why did you allow this to happen?

You need to fix the problem completely. Announce to the public that they should not drink these things. Get rid of the tainted sources and bottles. Tell people when the water and milk are finally clean. Find out who did it, and hold the culpable parties accountable. Most importantly, DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

This is ridiculous. I should not have to tell you how to do this. Keep an eye on the bottled and city water, and do let this happen again. I barely ever drink milk. You are lucky I caught that one.

This would all be solved, Iowa, if you would just refuse to comply with Obama the Terrorist's persecution bubble.

There is NO REASON for anyone to suffer through this. Just stand up and refuse to be a part of this mess. Stand up for yourselves, and demand your rights and freedoms. Refuse to comply.

It looks like the British are starting to stand up. We already know that Gee-Dub and Tony Blair agreed to go into Iraq together before Gee-dub even took office. This article is progress indeed.

Do you remember when I told the Brits I do not want to hear them apologize to me? I want to see them actually fight for something good in this world instead.

I want them to clean up their own mess. I want them to hold their media accountable. I want them to take down the people who put control chips in everyone's heads on that island.

I want them to take in and convict for torture Dr. Helen Reynolds and every last member of the nursing staff who worked in the torture facility in Liverpool (except for Vinnie and Damian) where I was kept. They would not be hard to find. They all took paychecks for it. There is always a paper trail.

That is how the British will redeem themselves. The crimes committed against me there were beyond description and I live with that torture everyday. The entirety of the British people is living with that guilt.

I see from the article that they are slowly coming around to holding people accountable instead of always trying to blame someone else for their own messes. It is progress. It is very good to see.

But, do not let it make you complacent. We still have a lot of work to do to get this bubble of persecution and oppression burst. What did you do today to fight the oppression?

Yes, I know, I know... As long as you, the people who love me, are working on getting me out of this bubble, I promised I would focus on saving the world instead. Here we go...

NATO, I know you are concerned about the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa right now. And I also know you are concerned that the new governments that are forming might be violent in the future. Have you considered helping the people organize peaceful protests in the area now instead of sending troops? If the people continue to see the power of peace now, they will not turn to violence in the future, either. I know you are concerned about the area. It is a good thing to think about.

There is unrest in Nigeria, again. Elections are difficult times. They are simultaneously good news and disappointment for the population. Elections are democracy in action, though, and when they have results, you need to stick to them. Sometimes you might need to reconfirm the vote count, but unhappiness should be no reason for violence. Please, Nigeria, stand by your democratic system. And if you must fight, do not do so violently.

In cases of alleged war crimes, I always say the same thing. End the human rights violations first. After that, you seek justice and talk things through to make sure it never happens again. There is no point in getting lost in political discourse until after the suffering has been ended. War crime trials can take decades... make sure the human rights violations are ended as soon as possible.

Sweetness, I know it is not easy being in love when Obama the Oppressor does not allow us near each other. I know how hard it is for you. Thank you for staying with me through all of this. I would get out of Iowa to be able to meet you somewhere, but my father is being evil. I have almost no money left, and all of the water is poisoned. Whatever you are doing, I think it is helping. Obama the Sociopath really has his grumpy pants on these days. I love you more than words can bear.

P.S. Please tell Pope Benedict XVI happy birthday for me, all y'all! I think I missed it by a couple of days, but I wish it nonetheless.

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