Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama is Just a Man. He has Normal Human Failings... like Greed.

Obama the Oppressor is just a man. He is just a terrorist. His power ends when you stop fearing him.

Bursting the bubble would only remove problems and end suffering. There is no catastrophe looming if I should happen to regain my human rights. That was one of their old lies to keep the public terrorized and controlled.

I have faith people will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth. I have faith in humanity. Please get to the truth and spread it around.

Is Mrs. Michele Bachmann really the only woman willing to run in 2012? Why is it we cannot fill the ballots with capable women? If they are so worried about Republicans and their 'War on Women,' then Democrats should turn on Obama the Oppressor and run a woman for president in 2012. We already know President Incompetent is more Bush than Gee-Dub ever was.

When I am normally very hands-off with the political process in the US, why do I care so much about this? Let me put it succinctly, if we would have elected a woman to the presidency in 2008, I would not be an enslaved rape and torture victim living in a bubble of persecution. This ill-gotten, ill-serving bubble needs to burst.

On a related note, I am losing hearing but only in my left ear. It is either the constant screaming or all of the earwax from the equipment no one is willing to acknowledge. I know the speakers are there. I have seen how nervous doctors get after the look in my ear.

Similarly, my left eye no longer sees strange floating objects moving around its periphery. Only my right eye sees those now. It is a symptom common with an object being lodged in the eye.

Does anyone know the purpose of the bubble in which I live? Has anyone ever been able to justify it... without lying... and while making rational sense based in the truth? No. No one can justify this bubble.

It serves no purpose except for helping Obama the Asshole and those that pull his strings quest for money and power. You, America, are an oppressed nation at my expense for no reason except Obama the Sociopath's greed.

Spread the truth around. Demand answers. Stand up and fight. Better still, just refuse to comply with the bubble. There is no reason to allow this to go on.

Obama the Sociopath is just a man. If you stop fearing him, you take his power away.

Machiavelli was partly right. There are only two effective ways to influence the world: love and fear. He was wrong about rule-by-fear being the better way to go.

I prefer to quote Voltaire.

Sweetness, do people know about us, or are they full of questions? I agree that our epic love story is the best part of this real-life drama... I wonder sometimes what people actually know about us. If people want answers, they are just going to have to get over their irrational fear of Obama the Oppressor's wrath and speak to me frankly. We all know that you do not answer to anybody. If people have questions, they are going to have to come to me.

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