Sunday, April 3, 2011

Do you Really Call me a Visionary?... But I Actually Get Stuff Done.

Back on education reform... I did not seem to fully articulate my point in my last blog post. When was the last time a student you know went to the public library, did research, and wrote an essay that had nothing to do with her or his homework? We need to teach our children to value knowledge more than grades or any other distraction. The school administration will keep up with the students as best they can. They love autonomous learners. If you teach a student to value the power of knowledge, that student will be unstoppable.

Yes, in many cases good grades are the key to getting a scholarship and a possibility for upward social mobility. But a truly intelligent child seeking knowledge can change the world... and one some day will remove the barriers to social mobility completely. Good grades can solve problems; true knowledge can end them.

Speaking of ending problems, do you remember October 2009 when I told the corrupt-powers-that-be that they should have made me complacent if they wanted to get away with all of this? It is an example of one of the times I gave out stellar unsolicited advice. I have a tendency to do that. Oddly, though, I hate having to tell people what to do. I have no problems with asking nicely for something I want, but if I have to stand up, act like an adult, and tell someone what to do, that person is in serious trouble.... OBAMA, YOU BRAT, GIVE ME MY HUMAN RIGHTS AND STOP OPPRESSING ALL OF AMERICA!

I hear Obama the Oppressor wants to fundraise a billion dollars for his 2012 run to stay President Incompetent. My first impression of the statement was to pity his bruised, screaming ego. The brat-as-president is throwing a tantrum and demanding attention, so his ego can be stroked. Yet, as always, his efforts will work towards his own demise.

If he can convince the Democratic Party not to turn its back on him (And we all must admit they would rather save themselves.), pay close attention to where his campaign money comes from. You will find his co-conspirators. You will find the people that have been pulling President Incompetent's puppet strings and want to keep him in power to continue their corruption and mass, public oppression.

If Obama the Asshole thinks he can sway the public with more broken promises, he is having delusions of grandeur. If he thinks Democrats are not considering refusing to allow him to run again, he is having delusions of adequacy. Obama the Oppressor will lean on his corruption to try to stay in power. Keep an eye on what he does and where his money comes from. The paper trail will point the way to the culpable.

As for things Obama the Asshole does, are you still wondering why we have armed forces in Libya? We already know he is a liar and does not care about protecting innocents (Squid clears her throat and points at herself.), so we can disregard everything President Incompetent has said on the topic. We can also safely assume Obama the Oppressor does not care about the Libyan people. They cannot give him power or money; they are not something he cares about.

We know for sure that Europe, including France and the UK, wanted to send armed forces to Libya. Nobody likes violence in their own backyard... and Libya is where a lot of their oil comes from. We can also safely assume Europe could have taken care of this just fine without us. It is an air attack, and they are a competent people when it comes to knowing how to fly a plane... (When will the British prove their social competence and clean up their own mess by trying and convicting all of my torturers?)

I think we all failed to take into consideration the actual enormity of President Incompetent's ego. He did not want to acknowledge that Europe can do anything militarily without him. What kind of president would he be if he allowed the whole of Europe, a people not in his jurisdiction, to do something without his bossing them around? Okay, it was either his ego speaking or his desperate need to make friends with somebody somewhere... Why not France?... Maybe then he could convince the French not to prefer me over him anymore.

So, without consulting Congress, without doing any budgetary math, without considering the (political, personal, or spiritual) implications of a military engagement in a third Muslim nation, without any concern for human suffering or loss of human life, and without trying to convince the Libyan people to go back to peaceful resistance, he casually made the decision while on a trip to Latin America with his family to begin a military engagement. I really think the decision was all ego. It was born of ego and executed by ego.

How is Haliburton's ego feeling these days? I know the crimes committed in all of this are bigger than just crimes against me. But after all of the criminal charges go through against all of the people who conspired and acted to wrong me with torture, rape, abuse, persecution, and war-crime-level libel, I do plan on bringing civil charges as well.

And what do I want as my settlement? The same thing I have always said I wanted. They are going to be responsible for pulling the plastics out of the oceans worldwide at their own expense. Let us be honest. Defense contractors and other entities that make money off of war have the means and the capacity for the technology to actually take care of this problem and to take care of it safely. But what will they do with all of the plastic? They will build sustainable housing, playgrounds, and other community resources for the impoverished. I will have my way on this one.

I came to this conclusion only after long personal debate. I am pretty sure I can inspire a solar-powered Model T for the masses without forcing the corrupt that wronged me to help. So far electric cars can only be afforded by the elite, but the people who need the most help avoiding rising oil costs and who can reduce the most carbon emissions are the masses. What car company or big oil company does not want to be the inventor of the first solar Model T? It was the affordability of the Model T that made Ford the success he was... Just think about having one in every garage.

Yes, I am also planning on demanding full compensation for their complete enslavement and exploitation of me, my body, and all of my intellectual property from choreography to the pizza recipe. I am pretty sure payment for slavery comes out of a criminal trial and payment for trauma comes out of a civil one... but I might be wrong. That money will be used to help me carry humanity through Global Climate Change. I can do more than just be a symbol of human endurance and resourcefulness. And this is going to take more than just making Venice float. (I am still working on that one.) For once it is not so bad having stinking rich enemies. Right about now, it is actually really damn good for the world.

When I get to my human rights, it is just the beginning. First, we end the human rights violations. Good-bye oppression and persecution! Second, we demand justice. Let us be honest, the whole world is a witness. Third, we save the world. What can go wrong? You have me to help you.

Sweetness, I saw Saturday Night Live last night. Is that really all people think of me? Well, okay, in all fairness, that is probably all people have to poke fun at in me. It was pretty funny. I think the media, in all its forms, underestimates its ability to educate the masses on important topics. Human expression is so important. I know you understand this better than most.

If the public can get to the truth about us, I really think we are the most romantic story in human history, my Mr. Love-of-my-Life. Can the world handle our actually being together? There might be explosions.

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