Sunday, April 10, 2011

Not Everything has to be Creative Genius.

Not everything in this world has to be creative genius. I know and understand this. But I am full of ideas these days... ideas that all have to wait until I get my human rights. It is like getting any medical attention or having a job or pursuing justice or having any privacy or being with my husband or saving the world... it all has to wait until I have my human rights. My life is intolerable and miserable.

Iowa is not a safe place for me. They keep poisoning the water. I am forced to live with my evil parents (plural) who refuse to support who I am and what I do in this world. I am denied contact with all of my friends. And the public just goes along with persecuting me. No one here is standing up and fighting. There is no support for me in Iowa. Iowa, like my parents, cannot be trusted until they refuse to comply.

I make exception for my Cafe Diem baristas. I think I make them genuinely shy. I believe they are actually doing their best.

In the news...

We all know I would have voted for Mrs. Hillary Clinton and probably would still if she ran for President. But it is still good to see that Mrs. Sarah Palin is still politically alive and kicking. I was worried for a while there that she retired. Can you believe Mrs. Michelle Bachman might be the only woman running in 2012?

It was one of my New Years Resolutions to do a little something every day to fight human rights violations. Modern-day slavery is an ugly thing. I know this from the inside. It is Obama the Asshole who refuses to allow me to have the spy equipment removed from my head. It is Obama the Asshole who refuses to give me any human rights. (The only one I have successfully reclaimed so far is my freedom of speech.) It is Obama the Asshole who took human and Constitutional rights away from all Americans to enforce his enslavement of me. It is time for him to be stopped. If you are not in the fight for freedom, you are part of the problem.

I need an HIV test. I was attacked, abused, battered, raped, and injected so many times in that torture facility in the UK that I know I need to be tested. It has finally been three months. Unfortunately, I cannot trust doctors in Iowa... They all comply with Obama's rape-and-torture policy of persecuting and enslaving me. Even if a test came up positive, they would never tell me because it would violate Obama's bubble. I need medical attention. I need it badly. And Obama is not allowing it through his bubble. We need to impeach that asshole.

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