Thursday, April 14, 2011

Complying with Obama's Policies is no Way to Make me Like You.

Iowa complies. Bastards...

I know how the argument goes. I will cease to be benevolent if persecuted long enough. Why would you comply and let that happen?

Take a good long look at everything I have done and still do for humanity. Then look at how you treat me. Iowa, you are being evil, and you are fighting hard to make me hate you. Do I really deserve to be this mistreated? Stop complying.

Yes, I do hate on occasion. I learned it from the British in 2010. I still need to heal from that. Justice would really help. Go collect my torturers and convict them already.

While I am on the topic of Iowans and evil, my dad is now flat out refusing me any of my own money. I know you know what he looks like. Take him aside and talk sense into his evil head.

I know what some people would call compliance is really a slough of things out of your control. I know that the government spends a lot of money patrolling what I am allowed to see on the internet. This is what I was allowed to see as news, when I went to this morning. I know it is not CNN's fault.

With everything that is happening in the world, the government that persecutes me is trying to convince me that this is all of the worthy news that is out there. Take a good look at all the things I do for humanity. I deserve a better effort than that. Try harder next time you want to lie to me, corrupt-powers-that-be.

I get to see the news-from-nothing and a whole lot of love-Obama-the-Sociopath propaganda. Where I come from, loving Obama the Oppressor is a sign he put a control chip in your head that feeds you nothing but lies. Let us all get rid of his lie-ridden propaganda before it gets around, okay? That is the last thing this world needs more of. When you hear it, point out the source and call it a liar. That should take care of it.

Obama the Oppressor, in his idiocy, addressed the public again yesterday. I hear he asked Americans to examine what sort of country they want to live in. Did anyone say they want to continue being oppressed? Why is he not impeached yet?

People, yes, you, the American public, you need to liberate yourselves from his oppression. Stop fearing him. Fight him instead. Do you or do you not want your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back?

Well, he is probably not impeached yet because he has driven this country into such a mess that Congress needs to do some clean up first. Yes, I do have views on what happens politically in this country. Yes, I also know how powerful I am. I do not, however, want to fall into the trap of becoming an American dictator. So, I keep a lot of my opinions to myself.

This country is a democracy. And despite all of Obama the Sociopath's efforts to be a reigning dictator, we should really give democracy a chance. Go read the US Constitution and demand your human rights.

Besides, we all know Obama the Asshole is becoming more evil to me because he is jealous of me and my influence on the world. And you all know what I say about those that are jealous of me... Jealous bitches can't dance. (Hee-hee! I could not help it!) No, really, only the petty and superficial are jealous of the horrors Obama the Sociopath forces me to live through everyday.

Obama the Oppressor persecutes me. This is not how this started, but it continues because Obama the Asshole is searching for a way out with being held accountable for his actions. Do not give him a way out. He controls you with fear and terrorism. You cannot negotiate with a terrorist.

Give Obama the Oppressor no way out but down, and make him take all of his cohorts with him. Make them all fall over like a long line of dominoes. I have been pushing on Obama the Oppressor for so long because he is the weakest domino. This country needs justice. Do not give up until we get it.

Once I can finally get to my human rights, I will probably be much more itinerant. I will go where I am needed. I would be much more mobile now if I could be. I hate staying where I am mistreated. Iowa needs to get its brain around that. (Iowa! You are being assholes! Stop complying!)

Why am I being kept from traveling? Well, that is obvious. I am actively kept away from everything I want. I am not allowed anything that gives me safety or happiness. I am persecuted.

I think my husband finally understands that is why we are kept apart. I am not allowed anything I want in this world. That is the policy of the corrupt-powers-that-be.

Now, take a good look at everything I have done and still do in this world, and ask yourself why you choose to comply with Obama's persecution policy. Ask yourself why you choose to go along with it and mistreat me.

He is controlling you with fear. Liberate yourself. Stand up and take your own human rights back. No one should live in fear of doing something completely legal... like speaking the truth, meeting with a friend, or reporting real news.

On the topic of news in the world, how is North Africa and the Middle East doing? I am not able to get news about them today. How goes their fight for human rights? I know that some people have worries that if they become self-sovereign nations, they might start a war with Israel. I, for one, do not want a war anywhere.

I believe that North Africa and the Middle East have learned the power of peaceful protest, peaceful civil disobedience, and peace as a whole. If they keep seeing that violence fails to solve conflicts (Squid clears her throat and points at Obama the Sociopath's policies in the area.), they will not choose violence in the future either. Israel does not fear war; it wants it. If Israel did not want armed conflict, it would not have been committing such heinous civil rights violations for so long. Israel is another example in the region that violence is not the answer.

I heard the other day that a resolution was reached in the Ivory Coast. I, of course, can see no news on the topic today. I hope the violence there will end as soon as possible. I hope the people of the Ivory Coast have the leader they chose for themselves. My hopes are with them as they heal.

My hopes are also with Japan as it heals. I could not even get news on Japan today... but I did see three articles of Obama the Asshole's propaganda. Do the corrupt-forces-that-be really think I would not notice that I cannot get news about any world events?

I call that a huge leak in the system. Clearly, it is the government acknowledging that I really am being persecuted. Obama the Oppressor should be sent to a federal prison for that. Wait, he cannot be sent to prison because it is not illegal to go against my bubble. That is why Obama the Hypocrite is not in trouble for leaking. There is no law broken by refusing to comply.

I hope that the city of Chicago similarly refuses to comply when I go visit them. If I can just convince my father to stop being an asshole long enough to give me enough of my own money to buy a train ticket, I will plan on being in Chicago for two weeks in late May.

Beware, Chicago, Obama the Terrorist will publicly and openly oppress you by virtue of my being there. You will be slapped with human-rights-violating rules of behavior. You will also need to keep an eye on your water supply. Obama the Oppressor is a party to poisoning and drugging both the city and bottled water supplies when I am in an area. If you just refuse to comply with his reign of terror, you will not have to suffer through this.

As for the news that I actually do get to hear, why would anybody believe Lady Gaga had plastic surgery? Some people in this world actually are born beautiful. That is why plastic surgery is so popular. The mediocre-looking people want to look like the beautiful ones. If there were no naturally beautiful people, this would not be an issue. If you run around making petty and superficial accusations like that, your should really look at yourself and administer a 'personality lift'... because you need beautifying.

I also have heard more than a few rumors that Obama the Terrorist is driving us towards a civil war. Do not let him win. Do not let him tear this country apart. The best thing to do would be to force him to end his policies that are causing Americans to fight with each other. He is trying to use me to end this nation. Do not let him win.

Sweetness, I sent you another letter this afternoon. You should get it soon. I wonder if I will feel it the first time I kiss your face or if I will be too glowingly happy to feel my body at all. I know how hard you fight for me. You really are my hero. Please take care, and do not let my enemies hurt you anymore.

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