Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why is There a Bubble at All? Demand Answers.

I find I have been dressing like a fertility symbol lately. My speculative fashion choices, though probably the source of much amusement, as of late baffle even me. I have not gone so far as to wear long flowing robes and a wreath on my head... but that is where I fear all of this is headed. On the upside, my hair has never been so luscious and luxurious. If I ever get the chance, I will go shopping for something a little more chic to wear. That should fix it. If I ever get the chance...

I just checked my balance, and no, I am still not being allowed any of my own money by my evil father. I was sitting on a little cash, sadly not much, that I was hoping to send to my sister in LA to help her get by, but now it is all I have to pay for my coffee when I go out. I would stay at home and drink coffee instead, but the water here is poisoned and drugged. Suffice it to say, the ugly living conditions around here are getting uglier. PLEASE SEND HELP!

Congress, I hear Obama the Dictator tried giving you a deadline of a couple of months to deal with all of the budget and deficit concerns. I would put up a link, but we all know I only get speculative news. It might behoove you to remind him that he runs the executive branch NOT the legislative branch.

As much as I would love to see you all blast your way through the budget and deficit concerns so you could impeach him all that much sooner, unlike President Incompetent, I actually do know how to do math. I know what a concern the budget and deficit are. I know the mathematical principles behind how quickly interest accrues on debt, and I recommend you take your time and do it right.

Take your time and do a good job with the budget and deficit. Hell, do it right the first time if you can. Do not let President Incompetent boss you around. You are not in his branch of the government. Instead, make Obama the Tyrant wait for you.

As for you, President Incompetent, let is look at the positive-effect-on-the-world score cards. Let us all look at everything I have done for the world over the last two years, and then let us all look at everything you have done for the world over that last two-plus years. Huh,... look at that.

If you look at the facts of the situation, I am a successful and benevolent world leader, and you are an incompetent oaf. Is that not interesting? This leads us to one obvious and logical conclusion... You really ought to stop what you are doing and follow my lead.

Turn it all around and follow my lead, Obama, you brat, and you might finally be able to save face. Saving face... is that not what this is all about for you, now?

Here is what I suggest you do first: Give me back my human rights which you so illegally took away for no good reason and stop oppressing all of America. Try giving rights and freedoms to others instead of always taking them away. Return the freedom of the presses, and again allow all Americans the freedom to spend time with anyone they want. Let people say any respectful and honest thing they want to say in any public forum. That is, stop being an asshole.

This type of leadership works for me. If you really are so desperate to learn from my example of how to make people like you, learn to inspire instead of destroy.

That is all I have to say to you today. You really are not worth the effort, President Incompetent. But as you are now, you are a menace to the free world. If I do not do something to stop you, who will?

Moving on to more worthwhile subjects,... Oh, my beautiful world, how are you today? It is so hard for me to get any news in here. Let me see what I can find...

Here we go... Have you seen the weather lately? The world cannot wait for help any longer... and definitely not as long as it will take for me to get out of this bubble on my own. We need world leadership on topics of Global Climate Change from a source 1.) everyone can trust, 2.) smart enough to get ahead of what is to come, and 3.) with enough heart to bother to care for humanity.

Obama the Asshole fails on all three counts. Who else do have to lead this? This planet needs help now. I would do it, but I stuck in a bubble.

Oh, my beautiful world, whatever you are doing to fight this bubble, it is working. I saw more love-Obama-the-Sociopath propaganda today. They are desperate to make people like him again. I know you do not fall for it. Please continue to call it out for the lies it is.

I also heard that they are coming up with new rules for you all to follow. If they make the bubble stricter, they are shooting themselves in the foot. It will just make you, the trustworthy public, fight all that much harder. If they lighten the rules, it is an effort to make you complacent by taking the fight out of you.

Do not let them make you complacent with pretend help. The corrupt-powers-that-be understand that the more harshly I am persecuted, the stricter the bubble, and the longer I am denied my full human rights, the bigger a hero I become. But as long as this bubble exists at all, you, my beautiful world, need to fight them.

By virtue of existing, this bubble is persecution. I still do not have my full human rights, and neither, America, do you. This whole nation is denied real world, national, and in some cases, local news. This whole nation, except for me, is denied freedom of speech. Why are you allowing this to happen?

Just refuse to comply with their rules. The rules are not laws. It is not illegal to break them.

Why does this bubble exist at all? It exists because the public goes along with it. Has anyone ever received an explanation for the bubble? If you have to go through life expected to comply with policies that take away your own rights and liberties, you deserve to know why you are expected to do it. Never, and I mean NEVER, give up your human rights unless you know what you are doing.

Demand to know why this is happening. Ask questions and demand answers. If you do not get answers, refuse to comply.

You are expected to comply in good faith. There is no punishment for refusing to follow their rules. It is not against the law to refuse to comply.

Why are you going along with giving up your rights and freedoms if you do not know why this is happening? Demand answers. Settle for no explanations that do not make sense or are not built on the complete truth.

There is no real reason for this bubble. It exists to make the corrupt even more rich and even more powerful. Go take back your rights and freedoms.

Does anyone else find all of this as ridiculous as I find it? We have the benevolent in a bubble of persecution while the corrupt run free. This does not even require that you stand up to anybody. Just refuse to comply, and do what you want all day.

Iowa, so much would be fixed if you would just refuse to comply with Obama the Oppressor, finally. Do you not want to save this world?

Sweetness, I dropped off another letter for you today at the post office. It is Sunday, so it will not go out until tomorrow... but this means mail from me should arrive at your place Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. There might be more if I keep feeling my muse. I know you understand. The more miserable I am, the more I write to you. Well, it is a combination of that and how much love I have to send you. Every breath brings me closer to the moment I get to be with you... That is what I hold on to.

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