Friday, April 15, 2011

A Separation of Responsibilities

I just checked the balance on my checking account (that my father perjured himself to gain control over), and I am still overdrafted. My father is actively refusing to give me ANY of my own money... at all.

Even if he had legally gained adult guardianship over me-- which he did not do-- he and the Polk County District Court clearly do not know what adult guardianship is actually for. It is meant to provide guidance to adults with permanent mental disabilities that cannot care for themselves. It is not meant to abuse, mistreat, and persecute a perfectly competent adult. My father is such a criminal.

If you see him, try to talk some sense into his evil head for me. I know you know what he looks like. Take him aside, and make him stop harming me. My father is evil and must be stopped.

I know how the song goes, "Even this shall pass away..." but my dad, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, Iowa, actually goes out of his way everyday to shit on me.

I promise that should I ever be blessed with super-human children of my own, I will never treat them as cruelly as my parents treat me. I will, instead, love them. I will support them. I will help them be every beautiful thing in this world that they are meant to be. I promise I will never turn into my parents.

Speaking of evil, I wonder sometimes if Obama the Sociopath is questing for money and power or celebrity and popularity more. I know for a fact that if he put a chip in someone's head, he filled that head with lies about how he is the savior of all of humanity. That is still one of the fastest ways to recognize someone with a control chip in her or his head.

He also does many celebrity-related things like appearing on frequent magazine covers and sucking up to celebrities. It is really very pathetic of him.

Obama, you bratty child, if you want so much to be popular with celebrities and the media, I suggest you give them back their freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press. I suggest you let them spend time with anyone they want to spend time with, especially me. Until then, you are only their oppressor. Stop throwing tantrums and demanding that they like you. It makes you look like a sociopath.

I saw the footage of you at the Lincoln Memorial the other day desperate to feel approved of by the public. Do you really want to be like by the masses? Then I suggest you try being good to people instead of lying to, oppressing, and terrorizing the public. Repent, Obama, and you might still save yourself. Mend your horrible ways, stop persecuting me, and give America back all of its human rights.

Obama, you tantrum-driven child, we all know you are jealous of how beloved I am, but do you know where my power and influence come from? I tell the truth. I am capable of math. I make sense. And I do good things in this world.

It is easy to be hero when there is a villain. Obama, you are the villain. I would not be the hero-of-the-people that I am if you did not insist on persecuting me. Do you want to take the source of my power away? Stop being an asshole, and give me my human rights. You have already proven you cannot stop me from being benevolent.

Clearly, I have nothing better to do all day than profess the truth and fight you. Your persecution policy does not even allow me enough money every day to buy a cup of coffee. What else would I do all day than labor to liberate this country from your blatant oppression?

You put yourself in this position. You committed your own crimes. You cannot complain now that harming people has made you unpopular.

Speaking of the high level of persecution I am enduring right now, there is now a separation of responsibilities here. I am leaving the campaign to rescue me in the hands of the people who love me. If you all focus on saving me, I will focus on saving the world. Are we agreed?

I cannot lead my own rescue efforts. The corrupt-powers-that-be stand in the way of everything I want and do in this world. You will have to rescue me without my help. I know you can do it. There are enough of you. Just organize, and help each other. Please send help and rescue me.

Now, I will get back to my responsibilities according to our agreement. Do you think I can inspire Big Oil to take up research and design on a solar-powered Model T? T. Boone Pickens, what are you up to these days?

The technology will come whether or not Big Oil is the one to develop it. But this way, Big Oil, who employ a great many people, will be able to stay ahead of the curve and not go under when the technology comes around. You need to plan for the future, Big Oil. The world will find its way off of fossil fuels no matter what you do. Save yourselves. Develop solar power.

Sweetness, I mailed you yet another letter today. When you can, come get me. I will be here. Except for my freedom of speech, I am not allowed anything that even slightly resembles human rights, freedoms, or liberties. I do not even have physical safety here, and Iowa is still complying.

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