Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day to Easter

Did everybody celebrate Earth Day yesterday? Why is it the Earth only gets one day? Let us make Earth Day everyday!... you know, like people are supposed to do with Christmas. We should plant trees and recycle all the time. Well, okay, I am trying my best here.

My little sister came to town Thursday, and my mom took the day off yesterday. The three of us went to the Des Moines Art Center for the afternoon for Earth Day. Unlike most of Ankeny, Iowa, which makes a habit of ignoring I exist in the world, the Art Center in Des Moines was actually friendly to me. It was quite the delightful afternoon.

You might have seen us out and about. I had to put my contacts in to be able to see the paintings clearly. I need new glasses.

If you did see us out and about, you must have also seen that Ankeny is like the Twilight Zone. It is a false reality here where people all behave as though I never existed in the world. I am dead to them. The good I have done in this world does not exist to them. They are in denial that I exist at all.

On the upside, I did try the coffee today while I sat at a coffee shop being ignored, and they really did clean up the water since last I posted. At least there is some progress. But why do they insist on being so cold to me?

This is not just about the way I get treated. This goes beyond the fact that no one here, including my family, has any compassion for what I have lived through nor any respect for what I do in this world. The real root of my concern is for their neglect of themselves.

If you had a chance to sit next to me at a coffee shop, what would you ask me about? You would have the chance to talk to me about anything in the world. What pressing concerns would you want to discuss? Education? Global Climate Change? The role of religion on an increasingly scientific planet?

I know I am a big deal to major religions. What are sermons about while I am in town here? Ankeny practically has a church on every city block. Do they know they can talk to me while I am here?

This is not a terrorized population. I know what that looks like. That was the look of San Francisco from mid 2009 to early 2010.

These people must just be ignorant. I know I have been saying it for a long time, but please keep sending the truth in here. No, they are not rude anymore, but they are now very cold. It is like I live in the Twilight Zone.

They do not know what they have got. I will not be here forever. Explain to them that this is their chance to spend time with me.

A bubble is only as strong as the people around me. It is time we popped Iowa wide open. They are an impressionable people. Get them all the truth you can.

I just checked my balance, and despite how sweet Wells Fargo is to me, I still only have $13 as a combined balance on my checking and savings accounts with them. My father is still the world's worst completely unnecessary adult guardian. I really wish lightning would finally fly from the sky and strike him down for his perjury. The only explanation possible for why he is doing this to me is that he is a bad, vicious, and cruel man. Stop him. Stop him if you can.

Sigh,... I know I am not the only person short on funds in the US right now. Did you hear President Incompetent's political mumbo jumbo on the topic of gas prices? He is actually not offering to find a way to fix the problem; he is just going to tie up the Attorney General with an investigation into possible fraud instead.

Why? Obama the Oppressor is probably doing this to distract the Attorney General from investigating why I am in a bubble of persecution, why the public is terrorized, and how city water supplies keep getting poisoned.

Besides, people who know how to do math can tell you, if oil was $134/ barrel in July 2008 and if we are only at $112/ barrel right now, then gas prices should not be close now to where they were in mid 2008. Yes, there is some market speculation going on... but something else is going on, too. It might be inflation. It might be more than that. But an investigation into market speculation would not find it.

Obama the Terrorist is trying to tie up a government official with the task of making the public feel better about not having enough money to buy a tank of gas instead of allowing the Attorney General to investigate his own presidential crimes. Obama the Sociopath is trying to seduce the public, so he can keep on oppressing all of America while keeping me in a bubble of persecution and a lack of human rights. Do not let him get away with it.

America, stay in his face. Keep demanding answers. Show up at his campaign stops and protest outside. Force Obama the Oppressor to answer all of your questions. We know he is responsible for putting me in a bubble so that I could be enslaved. Demand he answer for his crimes.

We are not marching to the speed of President Incompetent's bruised ego. We are marching to the speed of Global Climate Change. We need world leadership immediately to carry humanity through this hard time, but I cannot do if I am left to languish in this bubble. If you, my beautiful world, want me to take care of this, you need to pop this bubble as soon as possible. People need help.

Every house, apartment, yurt, etc. needs an emergency kit. People and communities need to be prepared in case a natural disaster strikes where they live. We need better meteorology. We need to get ahead of the weather. And we need to increase awareness. The weather is only going to become more dramatic. People need to be aware of Global Climate Change and what it means in their area.

I am doing everything I can think of, but I cannot do this effectively from inside this bubble. I cannot even get myself to reliable sources of accurate research. Please, my beautiful world, we all know that this is my job to do. Finally force the corrupt-powers-that-be to allow me to do it.

It requires that I have my full human rights. It requires that we finally get justice for the wrongs committed. It requires that all of you no longer comply with their stupid rules of behavior.

Stand up. Organize. Refuse to comply. I need your help. The world needs your help.

Libya, we all know that I still believe the only way you will succeed is if you return to peaceful protests. Do you remember when you were protesting instead of warring? You had all of Libya in rebel hands except for Tripoli. You were more successful when you were peaceful. You know I care about you. You know I want you to win. All of this said, even if you insist on being violent, do not settle for less than what you deserve. You know I want to see Ghadafi go as much as you do. Do not stop until you win everything you are fighting for. A stalemate is not an option.

Syria, your government has proven its cruelty by firing on peaceful people. Please try to remain peaceful as you fight for democracy. There is more power in peace than there is in war. Please also remember that the world cares about you. Please consider allowing in journalists, so you can tell your stories. We, the people out here, have no other way to know what is going on inside your country... and we care.

Yemen, you have victory in your hands. It is time to show off your powers of and capacity for democracy. Build a beautiful government now that you can. The future is yours as long as you do good and do it well.

As a final note a world news, tomorrow is Easter. My family celebrates; even though, I am an a(e)theist. For all of you who do celebrate, have fun tomorrow! Easter is bad time to be an egg... unless you are an egg that likes wearing fun outfits.

Sweetness, I take it that means I guessed correctly about being invited. I hope you and Lily Rose enjoy yourselves thoroughly. Please tell everyone that I wish I could be at the wedding myself. I love you more than words can bear. I know I keep you very busy, but I like to think I am worth it. Hee-hee... There should be lots of big hats!

P.S. I think I have missed Queen Elizabeth II's 85th birthday by a couple of days. Huh,... Please wish her happy birthday for me, all y'all.

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