Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My First Breath of Peace of Mind Awaits Me

I just checked my balance, and is still telling me that my combined savings and checking account balance is $13.39. No, my father is still not allowing me any of my own money. If someone had not snuck me some cash over the weekend, I would have become penniless by now. My father needs to be stopped.

I simply cannot wait for the moment I finally get to be with my husband. I mean, really, let us all be honest... I am nothing but vulnerable and at-risk as long as I am in this bubble. Look at everything people have done to me because I am in a bubble. I have been poisoned, battered, drugged, raped, tortured, abused, and assaulted in every place I have been since this started two years ago... especially at the torture facility in Liverpool and here in the house I am confined to now.

If I could just be with my husband, I would not only have financial stability for once-- which is an odd thing to say considering I would have enough money to get by now if my evil father would just let me control my own funds-- but that financial stability would afford me enough security to finally have physical safety. Could you imagine it? Me? Finally with physical safety!... I would also finally be free to have the spy equipment removed from my head... which would give me my first breath of privacy in two years.

Yes, my finally having enough freedom to be with my husband would give me love, security, safety, privacy, and peace of mind for the first time in years. Being continuously drugged and tortured does a number on the brain and on my sanity. I would finally have a chance to heal if this bubble burst open.

The people who say otherwise are the ones who want me tortured and enslaved for the rest of my life. That is the only purpose of the bubble-- suffering and torment. We all know, bare minimum, it is not safe for me to stay in this house.

No, I do not think that the people who insist on attacking we will suddenly stop poisoning and drugging the food and water around me. But if we get rid of the bubble, it will be easier to clean up, fix, and prevent.

This bubble is more than a source of persecution for me; it is also a menace to the entire free world. No one has their full rights and freedoms- such as freedom of speech, the right to assemble and associate, or the freedom of the press-- as long as I am in it. The only people who want it to continue are the ones who want to menace, oppress, and ravage the world.

As for things that actually make the news... Let us hope that President Incompetent is finally over being jealous of his birth certificate for making more news than he does.

He would make news if he would just give back the freedom of the press. He cannot command reporters over what is and is not newsworthy. If he were not a terrorist, he would not be able to control the presses at all.

Stop oppressing all of America, Obama, you brat, and then see what the headlines are. Besides, it is not like someone called you a hooker... or even called you a dead hooker.

Sweetness, I love you so thoroughly. Thank you for being my infallible source of stability through all of this. They might have succeeded in driving me mad if it were not for you. Keep spouting the truth, and never let them win a thing. I cannot wait to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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