Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doesn't he Have a Job?

I hear that Obama the Sociopath is currently on a propaganda tour. That is all it is, you know. The campaign season for primaries is not for another six months at the least, and he does not even have to compete in a primary. He is the incumbent. There is, in fact, no one running against him yet at all, and there will not be for at least another year. What is he doing, then? He is questing for money and power.

If there is no reason for him to be campaigning right now, why is he not in his office doing his job? We already know he does not care about being the supposed leader of the free world. Where else would he be than out trying to collect money for his own purposes?

The best thing about this propaganda tour, though, is that it gives the public a chance to get in his face and demand answers. Go to his supposed campaign rallies, and voice your real opinions. Ask him the big questions about why you are not allowed free speech and about why I am enslaved by him. Demand answers.

Go to his appearances and protest outside. Get in his face and prove that the public does not like him. He is clearly on the defensive. Speak the truth and loudly call out all of his lies.

Obama the Terrorist is out among the people. The people need to show him who is boss in a democracy.

Speaking of calling out lies, I just checked my balance. I still have $13 collectively between my checking and savings accounts. Clearly my father is not good at being an adult guardian. Not only am I truly mentally competent and not only did he perjure himself by claiming I was under the jurisdiction of the Polk County District Court, but he uses his ill-gotten adult guardianship to mistreat me further. He needs to be stopped.

Iowa, you are proving to be good people. If you can, take him aside and tell him to treat me with respect for once. Sadly, he does know the truth. He is just a bad person.

I learned today that my father is lying about me. He claims I have history of "running away." He is such an asshole. I do have history of NOT living in Iowa. I do have a history of world travel. And I do have a history of having freedoms and rights. I do not have a history of running away from anything; although, I do refuse to stay places I am this severely abused and mistreated.

My father is an established liar, perjurer, and criminal. Do not fall for anything he says.

The rest of Iowa seems to be coming around. Thank you for sending the truth in here. Please keep sending it in, and also do not forget to spread the truth among yourselves out there. Communication is so important.

I know you have no freedom of speech or freedom of the presses, America. Please do the best you can to get the truth around. Speak to each other. People everywhere will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth. I have faith in humanity.

Sweetness, I suppose for thoroughness I should say this... Though, I doubt it is a real problem that needs to be addressed. If on the off chance we were invited to the royal wedding, please RSVP that I am regretfully still enslaved, actively kept away from you, and living in a bubble of persecution. If we really were invited and you still want to go, please take your daughter in my place. I am sure she would love to experience all of the majesty. I am not a mean person, and I know the British are making progress taking care of the real problems over there. Please tell them I would love to be there myself. I love you, Sweetness.

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