Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My life is dull. Everything is denied me. I cannot wait to breathe the fresh air as a free woman.

My beautiful world, start writing down the things you wish you could say. You are all denied freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press; you are not allowed to discuss me openly. Every day, write something about me... from song to short story to letter to speech to news article... good or bad... just get it out in words.

When you are ready, share what you write with each other.

I am worried about all of the social oppression taking away your voices for all topics. Never let them quiet you. When they want to silence us is when we need to speak the loudest.

Sweetness, you should be receiving that letter tomorrow or Thursday. I cannot wait for the day I am free to sit beside you and kiss your waiting face. I love you. I could wait for you the whole rest of my life, but I know we are close. I know we will not have to wait much longer at all.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Queen of Sheba

It seems Obama my Slave Owner has been hitting the campaign trail pretty hard. Be very cautious with what you listen to from President Incompetent. He is an established snake oil salesman. He promised hope and change three years ago and has delivered nothing to the nation he is supposed to be leading but selling out to Wall Street, worsening of all of our nation's problems, and now a re-election campaign full of more snake oil. Be very wary of him. He will always tell you what you want to hear and deliver nothing but more problems and weak leadership.

It is a good thing for the now famous hikers that their story inspired world involvement. President Incompetent never could have gotten them out.

Their story about not being allowed fair due process nor actual legal representation is exactly what I am going through here in Iowa. I also live in a world of lies where they want me to believe no one reads this blog; no one cares about my plight which they claim is all in my head; and no one writes me letters nor tries to call me ever. Yes, the Obama administration behaves much like the government of Iran... Please pardon me, Iran, if you take that as an insult.

There is good news coming out of Saudi Arabia today. Women there have gained the right to vote and hold office. Finally, women are being treated as a resource for the nation.

If you educate your women and allow them a chance to succeed in life, you have that many more qualified doctors, business owners, and community leaders for your people. Women are still an untapped resource in many nations, but allowing them to develop and grow is a great way to also develop and grow your nation itself.

Last night, a drunk young man called me "the Queen of Sheba of telling people what to do" while trying to convince me to walk him to his car. Normally, I would guide a drunk fellow to the nearest place he could call a cab, but his friends were about ten blocks away and across the river... and I was in stilettos. Regardless, I was completely tickled at being likened to the Queen of Sheba. She was dark and comely, you know.

Most impressively, there is absolutely no punishment for exercising your rights and freedoms and acknowledging who I am to my face. It is unconstitutional to say you cannot do any lawful thing you want. Go ahead, Iowa, make yourselves free again. If you all do it together, you will be unstoppable.

Sweetness, I mailed you letter today. It is not as romantic as the last one, but it is still pretty damn good. I saw the "Dark Shadows" article on Entertainment Weekly last night. You have joined the legions of the undead! How does it feel? Look for my letter Wednesday or Thursday, and wish me luck tomorrow!

Friday, September 23, 2011


The tragedy of the Troy Davis story is a also philosophical one. We live in a society in which we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. There should be no situation where someone has to prove he or she is innocent. There should be only legal proceedings in which someone is or is not proven guilty.

It is appalling to me that there are detainees held in Guantanamo who do not even have any charges filed against them and who might still be there indefinitely. This is a failure of our society to maintain on of its fundamental and founding principles. Please refer to the Amendments.

On a much lighter note, why is there a "p" in "raspberry"? What makes them so raspy instead of razzy? Raspberries are my favorite food in all the world, you see, and when I found them on sale at the local grocery store a couple of nights ago and so late in the growing season, I had to indulge. Raspberries are one of the unsung joys of this world.

Sweetness, I really am going to need that lift to get out of here. Things in here do not look so good... despite there being raspberries.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jane Goodall

Good news is everywhere if you are open to it. I cannot wait for good news to come for me finally.

Iran, thank you. Your decision to commute their sentences really means a lot to me and a great deal of other people too around the world. We can create a more understanding world. You are proof of that.

Yes, I am focusing on the positive, but there is still suffering in the world. Yemen, it has already been proven in Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya that a united population can bring about a revolution on behalf of democracy and freedom. You can do this. Stay organized, and be very strategic with your resistance.

My beautiful world, I am always asking you for something. As always, resist the oppression imposed by the US government, and do your best to keep my darling Sweetness safe. What you have been doing lately seems to be working, please keep up all of the good hard work. There seems to be a lot of destiny and promise in the air these days. The winds of change are blowing. Please keep the fight alive until we win this. Oh, and do not forget your helmet on Friday.

When was the last time you thought of Jane Goodall and everything she has done for this planet? Yes, this is part of my only-say-positive-things kick. Saving the world is largely a thankless job, so why not stop and take a moment to thank Ms. Goodall for her decades of work on behalf of mankind? Follow the link and leave a comment box, or better yet, write her a letter. Spread around some love.

Sweetness, I must shyly admit that Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" always makes me think of you. Was that the theme from the movie "Mannequin"? I think it was. I love you. I adore you. I worry about you. I wait for you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Dull Life

I lead a really dull life. I am living proof that an illegally enforced boring lifestyle makes the victim fight exciting battles. I go out for coffee every day, and on occasion I write a blog post. That is my life right now. Obama the Tyrant does not allow me anything more.

The United Nations General Assembly is convening in New York right now. I wish I were there. My high school choir sang in the UN building's lobby during my junior year. I would love to see the pale blue walkway again.

While I was in Mexico City last year, it was suggested to me that I take my case to the UN. I think they are fully aware of me, now. There is a lot in this world that my dull life is responsible for.

I would like to finish what I start. I would like to do more (if not enough) for the world, but it will require the UN to stand up and demand I be set free. I wonder how many of them care.

Someone not leading a dull life right now is Tony Bennett. Happy Birthday, and WOW, Tony, you sure know how to make the news. What? The Bush family is trying to hide the truth? Is anyone surprised?

Please, President Karzai, do not let this become an impediment. The peace process is much too important. We all want to see a peaceful, stable, and secure Afghanistan. Please do not allow anything to fall apart. Yes, it is a horrible loss, but do not allow it to stop your government from negotiating peace with the Taliban.

Sweetness, do I get to squeeze you, hug you, and love you soon? Sigh... It is okay to say you are still working on it. I am, after all, still working on it myself. I love you, darling, and I wait with baited breath for the moment I finally get to kiss your waiting face.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Positive and a Little Fluffy

This blog post is going to be a little light and fluffy. I am trying to concentrate on the positive things in the world. I am trying to only say good things... We will see if I have anything to say at all.

I just had lunch at China Moon, my favorite restaurant in the area. Not only do they serve tasty Chinese cuisine, but they also have a full tiki bar... you know, just in case you need a Scorpion Bowl or a Singapore Sling. They even have a daily drink special, in case you want to try them all in moderation. The only other tiki bar I know of in the area is Fong's down on 4th and Court Ave. in Des Moines, but they mostly serve pizza.

I love a good tiki bar. The Tonga Room is my favorite. Not only does the band there play in a floating hut, but their dance floor is the deck of a ship still with full rigging. I recommend the Pineapple Royale.

Speaking of ships, my mom and my little sister were once given a tour of the USS Nimitz back when my uncle worked on it. I was not there with them to go on the tour, but I would love to see the ship someday.

What? What does a preaching pacifist want to do on a tour of a gargantuan battleship? Well, let me tell you. I still like to marvel, you know, at wonders of technology in the (post- post-) modern age we live in. Well, that and the fact the military and I get along. I would love to marvel at a wonder of the military world as a thank you for everything. We'll see when I am finally set free if I can finagle a tour.

I was surprised to learn something today. Did you know that Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" was written by Shel Silverstein? (Did anyone else think Shel Silverstein's "The Missing Piece" was about lesbianism? I had that theory in high school.)

I should have sung along with it when I heard it on the radio today. I have resolved to sing more often. Singing really cheers me up. I am horribly uninspired these days, but I am trying to get in a few songs every day. I sang some Madonna and some Traveling Wilburys today. Yes, I am trying to exercise my voice a little more.

Libya, you should be exercising your voices, too. I know you are in a mad rush right now to finally root out Gadhafi, but you as a people need to be preparing for leading your peaceful and democratic future once you can finally bring him to trial. There is no better time than now for building the government you as a people want for your country. You have done so much good work; do not it slip away by not being ready to bring self-sovereign order to your country.

Sweetness, I am pretty good with words, but I do not think even I can find the right words for expressing just how much I love you. Look at everything you do for me. When was the last time I could do anything but give you my words? At least you have everything I have to give. You should have received my latest letter yesterday or today. I love you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Latest from Iran

Yes, I had yet another day of life with absolutely everything on hold. I am not allowed to have a job. I am not allowed to have a husband. I am not allowed to travel. I am not allowed to speak with my friends. I am not allowed to have my basic human rights. I am not allowed to discuss this with anyone. I am not allowed to do anything with my days but drink coffee and write anguished blog posts.

I had a day of staring up at the sky and dreaming... dreaming of the days I get to touch those skies as a free woman again.

At least we are making progress somewhere on this planet. Thank you, Iran. I know that relations between the US and Iranian governments is still strained, and this will go a long way to creating a more understanding world. I know you are not very popular here President Ahmadinejad, but do not worry about that. Even the current president of the United States is not popular in this country these days. We will see a better world one day.

Speaking of Obama my Persecutor, I have long said that the Democratic party should not allow him to run in 2012 to save themselves. He is the dead albatross around the neck of the party. How long has he been bought out by Wall Street? Why did he not try saving America's jobless until after he decided to run again? How much of this failure of a president can this country take?

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter today. It was so long it barely fit in the envelope. I wanted to include some pressed flowers, but there was no room for them. You will have to settle for my improvised alternative token of affection. Until the days I am free to kiss your face...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Day of this Hell has Passed...

... I am trying to look at the good side of things. It was a day of hell I will never have to repeat. It is gone forever.

I wonder deeply what went on out there outside of my bubble today. Here, stuck in this hell, I trudged through explanations of how my father is ruining my life and actively removing any ability for me to have a job or any semblance of a normal life. I have no idea what is going on out there. I am grateful for all messages from the "beyond," but I could have really used some context for the one I received today.

I have taken to watching movies at The Lift on Sunday nights. Ignore the hours on their website. They are open Sundays from 7pm to 2am and show movies all night. Tip your bartender well.

I was there chatting things up until the wee hours of the morning last night. September 11th anniversaries are odd things. They make me want to be social and connected. I direly miss all of my old neighborhood and still await the day I have the freedoms and rights to spend time with my own friends.

The US Open was particularly exciting this year. I am a tennis addict, as you all probably well know. As horrible as I am at playing the sport, I love to watch it. It gives me an escape from the maddening doldrums that have become my life.

I am constantly threatened. I am constantly persecuted. It is not glamorous being denied doing anything with my days but drinking coffee and writing anguished blog posts; it is boring. Think of everything I could be doing for this world with my intelligence and talents if this bubble would just burst.

And what are the rules on what other people do and do not get to acknowledge under the bubble, again? How is there supposed to be any honest legal proceeding if the truth is not allowed to be addressed? I am caught in a looking glass where reality is suspended for everyone but me, and they are trying to claim I am the one who is confused. If the state of Iowa would just have honest conversations about reality, for once, and travel outside of their bubble more often, they might not be so lost and confused all of the time.

Please, my beautiful world, get the truth into Iowa. Most Iowans have a backwoods view of travel. They never do it and think it is a sign of mental illness. We are going to have to package up truth and bombard the people here with it. The hearing for terminating my father's adult guardianship was moved to 26Sep2011.

Sweetness, I have no idea what has been going on, but is everyone okay? It is okay, whatever it is; I have a camera to keep safe when I sleep at night. Do what you need to do. Just keep trying new things to get me out of this anguished holding facility they call Iowa. I have no idea what you are facing out there; otherwise, I would be more helpful. I honestly have no idea how or why the public is being a party to this bubble. I have no idea what battles you need to fight to get me out. Whatever you need, just ask. I love you.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Tomorrow is a big anniversary. It marks ten years since the biggest event to change this nation forever. It is time we looked at ourselves and asked some big questions. Are we a better people now? Are we a safer people now? Are we a freer people today than we were then? The answers might surprise you.

Are we a better people now? We are definitely a different people. When I hear about the conflict over whether or not a mosque has the freedom to be built near ground zero, I wonder. I believe we still need to work on including more people and singling out fewer. If we rise from the ashes of 9/11 to build a nation of love instead of war, then, yes, we are a better people.

Are we a safer people now? We are more vigilant everyday citizens; we are more aware of each other and our surroundings. I believe both the people and the government learned a big lesson on that fateful day ten years ago. When we stop instigating hatred in other nations and in other peoples, then there will be no fuel for the terrorism. Our safety depends on our role in the global community. Are we creating good in the world?

Are we a freer people today than we were then? You know my answer to that one. Our freedoms and rights are exactly what terrorists want to take away from us. The problem with no longer being a free people is that it means the terrorists have won. Why did we allow the terrorists to win? Ask yourself that. Ask yourself that every day until you fight the oppression poisoning America today.

We have allowed 9/11 to make us vengeful and angry. We have allowed terrorism to take away our freedoms and rights. When will we fix the real problems? When will we change from a weapon in the world to a creature of love? Please, America, consider the big picture when you look at our once-great nation tomorrow. We can rise out of these ashes, but we have to bother to do it.

Sweetness, what are your plans for tomorrow? I plan on having a quiet day and going out for a movie at night. I love and adore you. How much longer is it until we have the rights and freedoms to be together?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It is an Eventuality...

My beautiful world, you all know what sort of enemies I have. You all know what dangers I face. You all know how quickly you need to save me if you want me to be able to see this world as a free woman ever again.

They are intent on killing me.

My enemies have resources. They have corruption running all of the way from President Incompetent to my father. They are also deeply frustrated right now by my tenacious grasp on life and are getting a little desperate.

Yes, keep pushing with everything you have to end this completely once and for all. Do not worry about their retaliation against me. I have been taking the brunt of their rape, torture, and abuse for almost three years, now. Just push with everything you have to make it end. If you can burst the bubble, I will be allowed to have a security team finally.

Most importantly, stop doing what they want.

Just plain exercise your freedom of the press. It is necessary for the public to get the news and the truth on current events in order to be a free and functioning society. Journalists, you are doing the world an unforgivable disservice if you are denying the public information they need and deserve. Ask yourself whom you serve. Do you serve the president who oppresses us all, or do you serve the greater good?

It is US policy not to negotiate with terrorists. We never pay ransoms. We never cave to the demands of those that threaten our nation.

This should extend to the people of America as well. Simply stop being an oppressed nation. En masse, just stop doing what they want.

Do you, my beautiful world, answer to the president who oppresses this great world, or do you answer to the greater good? Make your choice.

Sweetness, do not worry so much. My enemies know that if they martyr me, I win all that much faster. They know that if they kill me, the world will rise up and tear them all down with a vengence. That is why they invested so much time and energy on the lost cause of defaming me. The world saw through it. The world will know who killed me if anything but old age gets me. You just need to get me into your arms before they get desperate(r) and stupid(er). Please ask my beautiful world to get me to safety before this gets uglier.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Where is the World Leadership?

I was watching television the other day, and I felt the itch. Does anyone else think it is a horrid waste of my talents and abilities that I am locked in the bubble? I felt the itch to do something great for the world.

Look at everything I can accomplish while in a bubble; now think of everything I could be capable of as a free force for good in this world. I am not even allowed a part-time job under the rules of the bubble. It has now almost been three years with the great nothing-but-persecution enforced over me, and I long to rejoin society as a free and contributing member of the community.

It it not only that I am due my basic human and Constitutional rights. It is also that the world needs me to be free. The world honestly needs me.

I can do more than dance.

Meanwhile, the man who is supposed to be the Leader of the Free World is still suspending the basic and Constitutional rights of this entire once-great nation. How is that leading the free world? When will President Incompetent lead anything but oppression?

There is no acceptable excuse for taking rights away from the people especially by a government that was built to protect those rights. The government is, in fact, designed to intervene to protect all rights and freedoms. If our freedoms, rights, and liberties are not intact, then we have been protected from nothing by the actions of our government.

Instead of a strong Leader of the Free World right now out leading nations to save the world, we have an international force leading oppressed masses to fight for their freedom. Where is the world leadership right now? The world leadership is with the oppressed fighting for freedom.

We came very close to having another Cold War world order between Western nations and the Arab world. Each culture has been taught to demonize the other for so long. Somehow, a Western woman has touched the Arab world and shown that Americans can be something other than hate-mongerers. Similarly miraculously, the Middle Eastern and North African people risking slaughter to rise up and fight for their rights and freedoms has humanized Muslims of the world to Westerners.

Imagine what I would be capable of if I were only treated as I deserve by the US government... as a fellow human in need of having her full human and Constitutional rights protected and defended.

Just imagine how bright I could shine.

Sweetness, I wonder sometimes if I would fight so hard if I at least had the freedom to be with you. Being kept away from you drives me; it drives me with fire, rage, and desperation. I blogged in October 2009 that the government should have made me complacent if they truly wanted to control me. Sadly, all they know and understand is violence and cruelty. This world has been in need of a loving, strong, and gentle leader for a long, long time. I love you more with every passing moment. Dream of me.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Epic Love

Sweetness, I know the look of love. It was on your face. How does it feel to be caught up in the greatest true love story ever? I find it miserable, beautiful, and empowering all at once.

In many ways, I could have chosen anyone. So many people were throwing themselves at my feet back then. Sigh,... the things that an wrongful bad reputation does for a woman's popularity... Yet in just as many ways, I was helpless but to choose you.

I cannot fight what we are meant to be.

It was when you passed me on the motorcycle... That was when I knew you were ready. I just needed that sign. When I was ready, I wrote you that first letter. I should have done it sooner. If I only knew then what I know now.

The best part is... in choosing you I chose an equal. Are you feeling that, yet? Have you yet come to terms with what you are capable of?

Now, imagine us together. Imagine all of the good we could do in this world.

I would move heaven and earth to be with you. You would move the stars and the planets to be with me. Nothing can stand in the way of this kind of love. That is what I saw on your face all those years ago.

I was helpless but to choose you. It was always you. I never had a choice.

Never let me hear of any "pain of being in love." Your love is all I have to get me out of bed most days to face the world that ignores or mistreats me. You are the lightness in my being. I never want to hear our love causes you pain.

Yes, it hurts that we cannot be together. And yes, it hurts how much I have been punished for professing my love for you. And yes, it hurts how much we must fight to soon be together.

But it is not our love that hurts me. It is our love that carries me through the pain.

Until the last mountain is moved, my heart and soul live in your hands. And after that, when I am no longer with this world, they will follow you forever granting you blessings where they may. I cannot fight what we are meant to be.

My beautiful world, please take care of my beloved Sweetness. Do what he asks. Help him, and keep him safe. Get to any problem you can before he has to face it. Trust him the way you trust me.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Risk? Risk of What? Impeaching Obama to get to Freedom?

Pray tell, what could anyone possibly claim I am at risk of? If there were some entity in the world that could threaten me (other than the US government that mandates the bubble), that entity would not be stopped by a mere bubble... a bubble, I might add, that enforces I am not allowed to have a privatized security team keeping me safe at all times. If there were some great, awful, peace-and-love-hating threat to me out there in the world, refusing to allow my beloved Love of my Life near me would not stop that threat from harming me.

Look at how I have been treated because of this bubble. Clearly, the bubble is the threat to me.

I have been tortured, abused, raped, drugged, and etc... to appease this bubble. The horrid mistreatment of me in the English torture facility is what taught me how to hate.

Yes, I am at risk. I am at risk of learning to hate all of humanity because I am stored in this bubble.

I have yet to figure out how the public was brainwashed into abiding by the bubble in the first place. By mere existence, a bubble cannot serve the greater good. If we all have to live without our "God-given," inherent, human, and Constitutional rights, what could anyone possibly claim this bubble is protecting?

It is not protecting me from anything... It just prevents me from better helping the world. And no one can argue I do not do that. No one can argue that is not my dharma, my calling in life.

What am I at risk of? I am at risk of leading this once great nation to impeach President Incompetent, so I can finally be treated as a human in this world. I am a force for good in this world, and since this world needs me to be free, this world also needs this sort of intervention.

Obama, you bratty child, you seem to have a chance to save yourself right now. I recommend you do what is right for once and set me free... I would hate to see what would come and get you if you did not. What goes around comes around tenfold in this world (Or was it sevenfold?)... Have you ever read the Bible?

Sweetness, once we are together we will be an unstoppable force for good in this world. What kind of person stands in the way of that? You are right, the evil are the only ones who could ever stand in the way of that. What does this tell us about the people spreading lies to be able to hurt me with their bubble? Your latest letter should be in LA by Saturday. I love you so (ironically enough) madly.